My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 189

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Submit to the Tiger King, Ji Nation Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Since the human alliances already made their choice, he had no qualms either.

He continued to cultivate.

​  A few hours later, in Seoul, South Korea which has already fallen into chaos… A scheme that could decide the fate of South Korea’s future was being planned.

“Dad, Second Uncle, we don’t have any more time,” Lee Bokbyul of the Lee family said solemnly.

Lee Jaemyung was hesitant, so was Lee Jaeyi who was by his side.

“But if we submit to… we are still humans after all,” Lee Jaemyung said with uncertainty.


” Lee Bokbyul snickered and said contemptuously, “Dad, did the alliances treat us as humans? They have abandoned us and are treating us as an experiment.

“This is the only chance that South Korea could continue to survive and the only chance that our Lee family can get to survive.

” .



Lee Boksan frowned.

Feeling reluctant, he said, “Putting aside South Korea, we have branches in all the different alliances.

As long as we live and Second Uncle is around, our family will continue to survive.

” Lee Bokbyul’s contempt intensified.

She took a look at her elder brother and looked away in disdain.

She continued to say, “How long can the Lee family continue to survive without our homeland? “Even if Second Uncle is around, are we really able to preserve our massive fortune? How is that possible?” Lee Boksan wanted to refute, but he lacked confidence.

He could only say indignantly, “But that means we will betray the humans and can only submit to the Tiger King forever.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “The humans betrayed us first,” Lee Bokbyul said solemnly.

Her tone became more resolute, and she said, “This is our only solution.

So what if we can only submit to the Tiger King in the future? “At least we won’t have to live precariously anymore.

Is there a place safer than the Tiger King’s territory in this world? “Moreover, we only have to submit to the Tiger King and do not have to be at the mercy of the major countries.

If our Lee family went to other countries, we would need to abide by even more people.

” She paused, took a deep breath, and continued to say, “Dad, Second Uncle, one-tenth of South Korea is already gone.

All the citizens are running away frantically and venting their emotions.

The entire South Korea is in shambles.

“Yet, we are still hesitating.

The more we hesitate, the more we are wasting the strength we have in the future and exhausting the chips that we have for bargaining.

” After she finished, she remained quiet.

Lee Jaemyung and Lee Jaeyi looked at each other, and they could see the different emotions that flashed across each other’s eyes.

The silence lasted for about half a minute.

Lee Jaemyung finally gritted his teeth and firmly said, “Fine, let’s do this.

Bokbyul is right.

This is the only way out for South Korea and our Lee Corporation.

” Lee Bokbyul broke into a faint smile, and Lee Boksan was unable to say anything.

Lee Jaeyi nodded and agreed.

He immediately said, “Since we’ve decided, then let’s start.

I will communicate with Ryu Sikyung.

“Those senior officials would be easy to deal with since those afraid to die have left.

We would be able to easily control all the remaining power if we say that we have a solution.

“However, it might not be so easy with the Tiger King and the allied countries.

” “Yes, the allied countries won’t agree to it easily.

After all, we are humans no matter what.

” “I’m afraid none of them will agree,” Lee Jaemyung said solemnly.

“We don’t have to do anything to convince the allied countries.

As long as the Tiger King agrees, the allied countries can’t oppose no matter how unwilling they are.

“They are unable to refuse the Tiger King,” Lee Bokbyul said with confidence.

She paused and continued to say, “The key is with the Tiger King.

Only if he agrees can this plan work.

Hence, we need to offer our everything to convince the Tiger King.

“This is our only shot.

” Lee Jaemyung and the other two nodded gravely.

They must offer everything they have.

“Then, start immediately.

We don’t have much time left.

“Jaeyi, go and convince Ryu Sikyung now.

“Boksan, you shall stabilize the corporation and get ready to follow instructions anytime.

“Bokbyul, you shall follow me to visit the leaders.

“We must unify all the opinions in the country ASAP.

” Lee Jaemyung instructed one by one.

His experience as the chairman of a huge company was displayed at this moment.

Lee Jaeyi and the other two immediately complied.

The four of them split up and began their missions separately.

After slightly more than half an hour, Lee Jaemyung and Lee Bokbyul met Park Gookchang and other South Korean leaders who have yet to leave.

Ten minutes later, Park Gookchang—who was desperate—nodded and agreed.

Another few minutes later, Lee Jaeyi called to say that Ryu Sikyung agreed.

Immediately, Park Gookchang called that number once again.

In the Tiger King’s Cave… Wang Hu’s phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

He picked it up, and a rather familiar voice was heard.

“Your Excellency, I’m Park Gookchang, the leader of South Korea.

” Wang Hu immediately felt slightly displeased.

How dare this fool call him again? Just as he was about to hang up, a nervous and solemn voice was heard, “Your Excellency, I am very sorry to interrupt you.

I’m calling to give you a present.

” Wang Hu was slightly interested.

He wanted to see what South Korea, which was already about to be wiped out, would do.

“Speak,” he said in an unassailable tone.

Feeling extremely nervous under the gazes of Lee Jaemyung, Lee Bokbyul, and a few senior officials; Park Gookchang’s palms were sweaty.

He tried hard to repress his emotions, and he said solemnly, “Your Excellency, we would like to present you with the whole South Korea Alliance.

” Wang Hu’s gaze flickered, and he turned slightly more serious.

His tone remained the same as he said, “What do you mean?” “Your Excellency, we want to give you the entire South Korea.

” Park Gookchang was feeling much relieved, appearing to have completely made up his mind.

His tone became more determined when he said, “From now on, South Korea and the South Korea Alliance will be your personal fortune and will no longer belong to the human alliance.

“You shall be our master, and we will follow your orders unconditionally.

” Wang Hu was silent, and his brows furrowed together.

Di Baijun, who was not quite interested initially, stopped her cultivation and listened intently.

After a few seconds, Wang Hu’s voice was filled with authority and dominance, “Send me everything that happened—the initial cause and effects.

” The phone call ended, and Park Gookchang and the others were imbued with optimism.

That meant that the Tiger King must be tempted.

They might have a chance! They immediately organized all the details, including the part about being abandoned by the other human countries, as well as how they came up with the solution.

In a desperate attempt to save themselves, they did not dare to conceal anything and shared every bit truthfully.

In the Tiger King’s Cave… Wang Hu looked at Di Baijun, and Di Baijun looked back at Wang Hu.

Both of them were surprised.

South Korea said they want to submit to Wang Hu and make Wang Hu their master.

If it wasn’t because Wang Hu was certain from the voice that the other party was indeed Park Gookchang, he almost suspected that someone was impersonating the South Korean leader.

“What he meant just now is they will give up their identities as human and submit to us.

“They were abandoned by the allied countries, so it’s quite normal that they give up everything to seek help from us,” Wang Hu said while feeling slightly confused.

“You’re tempted?” Di Baijun raised her eyebrows.

Wang Hu did not respond; he was unable to describe the emotions that he felt.

“What do we need them for?” Di Baijun was rather reluctant.

“If there really was such a human country that submitted to us and belonged to us, it would still be quite useful.

” Wang Hu frowned, and it was unsure if he was replying to Di Baijun or talking to himself.

Di Baijun thought about the food and amusement park of humans and stopped herself from shaking her head.

She merely said, “They need to plead us for a favor, so they would certainly abide by us now.

“But how do we make sure that they are loyal after the calamity? We won’t be governing South Korea by ourselves.

“And would the other human countries and alliances agree?” If the alliances were weak, she certainly wouldn’t ask this question.

There was no problem in having other species submit to them.

However, the humans were powerful, which posed a huge problem.

For example, if she saw that her fellow tigers submitted to other species, she would be unhappy and would definitely interfere.

She would rather see those tigers die than let them submit to another species.

The humans would certainly think the same, too.

Simply put, everything was still about how strong one was at the end of the day.

Wang Hu was not too bothered, and he said with confidence, “They abandoned South Korea themselves.

Moreover, it did not matter whether they agreed or not.

As long as we maintain supremacy over them in terms of power, they won’t dare to say anything.

“The basis of our relationship has always been about power and nothing else.

” “Loyalty is also not an issue.

South Korea would be burning bridges with all of humanity by submitting to us.

If they dare to go back on their promise, their outcome will only be death, and the other humans can’t interfere either.

” Di Baijun gave it a thought and couldn’t find a reason to oppose it.

The two questions that she just raised were something that she wrecked her brain thinking about.

To be honest, she wasn’t even fully convinced herself.

Since when did she start to consider what the humans thought when she wanted to do something? She was just expressing her unwillingness and reluctance.

However, this rascal seemed to have made up his mind.

She was a little displeased, and she said, “You have decided?” On the contrary, Wang Hu became silent.

He looked at Silly Girl who appeared unhappy for a moment and pulled her into an embrace.

He smiled and said, “Not really, I just think that it would be very useful to have a human country submit to us.

“Baijun, why are you reluctant?” “I just think it will be very troublesome,” Di Baijun said without thinking.

Wang Hu laughed soundlessly.

This was Silly Girl’s personality indeed.

However, it would certainly be troublesome now and in the future if he accepted South Korea.

Just then, he received a document on his phone.

Wang Hu opened the file and read it with Silly Girl.

After a while, Wang Hu laughed and said, “This Lee Corporation is gutsy to gamble.

” Di Baijun was silent.

She did not want to care about it anymore.

She was unwilling to pay attention to these troublesome matters.

She’d just let the rascal handle it.

The worst that could happen was if they started over from zero again.

Wang Hu pondered for a few minutes and looked at Silly Girl to say, “Baijun, I will agree to this.

I think that this South Korea would be useful.

” “Fine, whatever you decide,” Di Baijun said dismissively.

Wang Hu smiled gently.

The feeling of being supported by his wife no matter what he did was really good.

He collected his thoughts and dialed a number.

Park Gookchang and the rest have been waiting for the call.

Their hopes increased once they saw the phone ring.

Park Gookchang picked up the call and said reverently, “Your Excellency.

” “I agree,” Wang Hu did not beat about the bush said directly.

“Yes, Your Excellency.

” Park Gookchang was delighted.

South Korea was saved! The others who stood by his side broke into smiles.

Although they had to lose many things, they saved the country, and many citizens would also be saved.

“Leader, it’s Your Majesty,” Lee Bokbyul reminded.

Realization dawned on Park Gookchang.

He immediately repressed his last traces of complicated thoughts and immediately said, “Yes, Your Majesty.

” Wang Hu’s hearing was powerful, and that reminder certainly did not escape his ears.

He became more certain of the idea he had.

His tone became even more unassailable, “From now on, South Korea will be renamed as ‘Ji’.

“Lee Bokbyul will be appointed the leader; Park Gookchang will be the assistant leader.

” The people over the other side of the phone were taken aback.

Their eyes grew wide, and they did not imagine that they would hear these two instructions.

Even Lee Jaemyung and Lee Bokbyul were stunned.

They felt a complicated emotion of both being taken lightly and seriously.

They sensed it was taken lightly because the country’s name was changed just like that? A new leader of a country was appointed? They felt it was serious because this was something that the Tiger King himself said.

His unassailable tone made it clear that he was being serious.

“Do you hear me?” Wang Hu’s voice turned cold after he got no reply.

Park Gookchang and the others in Seoul trembled, and they did not dare to hesitate.

“Yes, Your Majesty.

We will carry out your orders immediately.

South Korea will be renamed ‘Ji’, and the new leader will be Miss Lee Bokbyul,” Park Gookchang said decisively.

Regardless if it was taken lightly or not, he was clear that the moment they accepted this suggestion and once the Tiger King also agreed to accept them, they no longer had the right to refuse.

As he finished, he looked at the rather helpless Lee Bokbyul with a complicated emotion and passed her the phone.

Now, this 20-odd young lady was the leader of South Korea… no, she was the leader of Ji.

Lee Bokbyul received the phone with trembling hands.

Her eyes wandered, and she looked nervously at Lee Jaemyung.

There was nothing that Lee Jaemyung could do except to look at her encouragingly.

Lee Bokbyul had no other choice.

She gritted her teeth, mustered her greatest courage, and said with a slightly trembling voice, “Your Majesty, I… I am Lee… Lee Bokbyul.

” In the Tiger King’s Cave, a slight smile formed at the corners of Wang Hu’s lips.

Indeed, young people were easier to control.

He said with a cold voice, “Alright, immediately contact the leaders of the human alliances in my name.

” “Yes,” Lee Bokbyul immediately replied.

The call ended.

The senior officials of Ji looked at each other wordlessly for a moment and started moving.

In the Tiger King’s Cave, Wang Hu received a weird look from Di Baijun.

She said nonchalantly, “Why did you make a young woman be the leader?” Wang Hu smiled, and he said confidently, “We definitely won’t be governing Ji by ourselves.

In that case, we can’t let the leaders of Ji be united.

“This Lee Bokbyul is from the Lee family.

The Lee family is the biggest private entity in Ji, and they are on bad terms with Park Gookchang.

“I appointed Lee Bokbyul as the leader because—first, to solidify my authority and second, a young lady is easier to control.

“Lastly, I want her and the Lee family that she represented to continue to disagree with Park Gookchang.

Only then can we control Ji even better.