My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 186

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Ask the Tiger King to Fight Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Remember what I said.

Do not go out of the waters if it’s not necessary.

“The humans of this world are very weak, but they have a powerful weapon.

​  “If any of us gets hit, we will definitely die.

“Therefore, to be safe, we must not emerge from the waters.

Better yet, stay invisible at all times so that the weapon is unable to lock down on us.

“This time, we must stay in the ocean.

We shall destroy the humans of this world using the Overturn Oceans Formation, and let the humans know the prowess of our Dragon Clan.

” Jin Qiong said, feeling high-spirited.

The dozens of golden dragons immediately answered.

On command, an innumerable amount of the marine species troops headed towards South Korea.

At the same time, seven senior officials from the 12 alliances looked gravely at the screen.

They bore into the massive troops of the marine species underwater through the screen.

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COM Their hearts sank as they watched the events take place.

Their worry had ultimately still happened—an invasion from the ocean.

This mysterious place, which the humans were unable to subdue even before the awakening of spiritual energy, remained at the top of their concerns even now.

Ultimately, an alternate world still invaded Earth from the bottom of the ocean.

If they didn’t find out about this world passage in advance, the Dragon Clan world would have entered Earth without anyone knowing.

The consequences would be disastrous.

The world passage was so near to China, South Korea, and Japan.

Their target would definitely be humans.

This meant that, in the face of this alternate world, they could not give up part of Earth like they did for other alternate worlds further away from the human settlements.

They had to aggressively fight back, just as they did with the Deep Abyss world.

However, looking at the densely packed marine species troops, the dozens of golden dragons that were obviously at the Third Realm, and an unknown amount of other Third Realms… The most severe question was… how should they fight these invaders? Activating nuclear weapons underwater was fine since it was not the time to be thinking about pollution or marine ecosystems.

However, the marine species troops were massive and had so many Third Realms… how many nuclear weapons would be required? Most importantly, it was so close to the China Alliance and two other alliances.

Once they use nuclear weapons, the three alliances would definitely be greatly affected.

The coastal areas would definitely be swallowed up by the waves generated by nuclear weapons.

Considering the ocean that grew increasingly massive, if they used excessive nuclear weapons—enough to annihilate all the Third Realms—more than half of South Korea and Japan would likely be wiped out.

Even China would suffer heavy losses.

The Tiger King’s territory and the tiger species would also suffer tremendously.

The South Korea Alliance was nothing, but the Japan Alliance’s opinions could not be ignored.

As for the China Alliance and the Tiger King… even Te Bajing and Bay would quickly dismiss the idea.

They couldn’t, and more importantly, they didn’t dare.

The leaders of the 12 alliances held a meeting.

The leaders of the 12 alliances appeared in front of the screen, and all of them appeared grave after being informed about the situation.

Especially the South Korean leader, who was already looking exhausted.

After understanding the gravity of the situation, he felt dizzy.

What massive marine species troops… and it was even headed towards their country South Korea! The South Korean leader almost stopped breathing.

“Everyone, this Dragon Clan world has sent their marine species troops for an invasion, and they are traveling underwater towards South Korea.

“This concerns the whole of humanity.

How should we deal with them now?” The Japanese leader said while looking at all the other leaders, especially at Dong Pingtao and Te Bajing.

It was a matter that concerned him because the position of the Dragon Clan world passage was located near the Japan Alliance, South Korea Alliance, and the China Alliance.

It was also very powerful.

Defeating it was a must for the three alliances.

Putting South Korea aside, Japan thought nothing of them and also held the opinion that they wouldn’t be very useful.

China was powerful, and the pioneer of all the countries, so they had the confidence to not be anxious.

Hence, the most anxious country would be his country, Japan.

“Currently, the combat power of our human cultivators is not enough to fight with such massive marine species troops.

We can only use nuclear weapons,” the US leader said.

He looked at the expressionless Dong Pingtao and continued to say, “Of course, we use nuclear weapons not when they’re in the ocean.

“But when they land on the coast.

” Apart from the South Korean leader, everyone else was not surprised.

This was the only good idea.

If anyone dared to suggest that they annihilate the marine species troops in the ocean, China would probably single that person out to give him a beating first.

Then, the information would be spread to the Tiger King who would give an even harsher beating.

That Tiger King did not have as many reservations as China.

As for the effect of nuclear weapons on the Tiger King since the fight at the Hu County alternate world, all the countries had a tacit understanding not to discuss this issue.

Immediately after, all of them looked at the South Korean leader.

The South Korean leader finally realized what the person meant by using nuclear weapons when the marine species troops finally landed on the coast.

The marine species troops were headed towards South Korea.

Clearly, they would also be landing in South Korea.

Such massive marine species troops, so many Third Realms… how many nuclear weapons would be required to annihilate them? Then, what would the outcome of South Korea be after that? Would the South Korea Alliance still exist? Just the thought of it made his head spin.

His breathing turned heavy, and he gritted his teeth, “Impossible.

” Everyone else was not surprised.

They continued to look quietly at him, and their looks made him feel a chill down his spine.

A rage surged within him, and he couldn’t help but yell, “How many nuclear weapons would be required to kill all of them once they land on the coast? “How many people in the South Korea Alliance would die from it? “Previously, our country already had millions of fatalities.

“Absolutely not this time.

” As he finished, he took a long deep look at Te Bajing.

The meeting was quiet.

Of all the attendees, some of them looked at Dong Pingtao, some looked at the leader of South Korea, and some lowered their gazes.

However, none of them felt anything about what was said.

This was the cruelty of war; moreover, this was a war between species.

The South Korea Alliance was weak and had bad luck.

Nothing he said could change it.

The outcome was already fated to be.

There was no other choice.

If they fired nuclear weapons at the ocean, the direct damage caused to South Korea may be slightly reduced, but China, the Tiger King’s Cave, and Japan would definitely be hurt.

No one would be willing to offend these three parties to help South Korea.

Even Te Bajing was silent.

Furthermore, they were not confident of killing off all the Divine Body Realms by firing nuclear weapons at the ocean.

They had more confidence if it was fired after the troops landed.

Due to various factors, the outcome was already fated to be.

It was silent for a few seconds.

The South Korean leader looked at everyone, including the soundless Te Bajing, and almost lost all hope.

He gritted his teeth and looked at Dong Pingtao.

He bowed and said seriously, “Mr.

Leader, the world passage leading to the Dragon Clan world is located there.

Even if we defeated their invasion this time, their invasion would still continue.

“This time, they are headed towards South Korea.

“Next time, what if they head towards China? “What would you do then? “Use nuclear weapons as well? “Mr.

Leader, using nuclear weapons is definitely not a good idea.

“Russia and Japan’s coastlines are not too far from the world passage either.

The Dragon Clan may be headed towards you two next time as well.

” Bay and the Japanese leader remained expressionless as if they did not hear anything.

Dong Pingtao stayed silent for a while before he said firmly, “Mr.

Park, you are quite right.

“This was indeed not a solution to resolve the root cause of the problem.

However, what other means do we have now?” The South Korean leader froze.

He opened his mouth to say something, but he did not know what to say.

Or to gather the Divine Body Realms of all the countries to fight with the dragons? It was impossible, and all the countries would not agree.

Thoughts raced through his mind and his eyes turned red.

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he said, “We still have the Tiger King! We can ask the Tiger King to fight.

“The Tiger King is strong; combined with the support of our alliances, these marine species troops would be no match to us.

” Of all the 11 people, some remained expressionless, while a few became deep in thought.

Dong Pingtao was one of the expressionless people.

He said, “Is Leader Park confident in convincing the Tiger King to fight?” The South Korean leader frowned and said, “China and the Tiger King have such a good relation; wouldn’t it be better for China to convince the Tiger King?” After he ended his sentence, disdain flashed across the eyes of some other leaders.

It was not without reason that Park Gookchang was violently opposed by the people in his country.

It was unbelievable that he could even bring himself to say this.

In particular, Bay—the Russian leader—even snorted as though he recalled something.

Dong Pingtao’s voice remained the same as he said, “You must be kidding, Leader Park.

The Tiger King only works with China in certain areas.

If you wish to ask the Tiger King to fight, you would have to show sincerity.

This sincerity should be expressed by Leader Park yourself.

” Park Gookchang, the South Korean leader, realized what he just said.

He silently swore at himself for being foolish and saying something so inappropriate.

The sincerity required to convince that Tiger King might appear to be something that the few countries should express together; however, the country in most danger now was South Korea.

The other countries would not be willing to help share the burden of this ‘sincerity’.

Neither would China waste their goodwill with the Tiger King for South Korea.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, Mr.


South Korea will convince the Tiger King.

“If South Korea managed to convince the Tiger King, what happens next?” “When both parties are engaging in battle, of course, we will listen to the Tiger King’s orders,” Dong Pingtao said calmly and seriously.

Park Gookchang breathed a small sigh of relief and looked at the other 10 people on the screen.

The other 10 people nodded one after another to express their approval.


Park, I have to remind you that the marine species troops would be landing in a few more hours based on their travel speed now.

“Hence, the time you have left is only a few hours,” the Japanese leader suddenly said.

Park Gookchang’s expression turned grim.

He nodded and said, “I will take my leave first.

” The others did not mind, and Park Gookchang left the video conference.

The remaining 11 people continued with it.

After a brief moment of silence, one of the men asked, “Mr.

Dong, do you think that the Tiger King would agree to fight?” As he finished, everyone became curious.

To be honest, if it didn’t harm their interests, they naturally wished for the Tiger King to help in fighting.

It was simple.

If it could allow them to fire one less nuclear weapon, it might prevent an ally country from being wiped out and prevent heavy losses—even if the ally country was insignificant.

It concerned the whole of humanity after all.

Dong Pingtao was silent for a moment, and he said, “That will depend on South Korea’s sincerity.

” “Alright, everyone, let’s start getting ready,” Dong Pingtao said again.

The video conference ended.

All the countries started getting ready.

They were getting ready to use a large number of nuclear weapons to attack the marine species troops when they landed on the coast.

In the capital of South Korea… After leaving the video conference, Park Gookchang immediately gathered all the senior officials and informed them about everything.

The senior officials were shocked, and they were terrified.


We don’t have a second option now.

We need to ask the Tiger King to fight immediately,” Park Gookchang said solemnly.

All the senior officials nodded; this was indeed the most important thing for South Korea now.

“I will give the Tiger King a call later to ask him to fight.

At the same time, Vice-leader Sang, leave for the Tiger King’s Cave now to express our sincerity,” Park Gookchang said solemnly.

Sang Gookssang, the Vice-Leader of South Korea, lowered his head and said with determination, “I will complete my task.

” As he finished, he immediately turned and walked away.

They didn’t have much time left; they need to set off now.

Park Gookchang instructed a few more things again… before picking up his phone and making the call in front of everyone’s expectant gazes.

In the Tiger King’s Cave… Wang Hu was doing his daily cultivation when he received a call from an unfamiliar number.

He took a look at the number and picked up the call.

After all, the people who knew this number and were able to make the call would not be common.

They were qualified to make him pick up the call.

“Hello, Your Excellency.

I am the leader of the South Korea Alliance, Park Gookchang.

I’m very honored to speak with you.

” Immediately as the call went through, a highly passionate voice was heard.

Wang Hu raised his brows—leader of the South Korea Alliance.

Di Baijun also stopped her cultivation and looked over.

Thoughts raced through his mind, and he spoke with a cold tone, “Yes?” “Your Excellency, thank you for listening.

Please allow me to explain,” Park Gookchang was direct.

He also knew some things about the Tiger King’s personality: aloof and dislikes beating about the bush.

Wang Hu did not reply and only listened quietly.

This was a signal for the other party to speak quickly.

Park Gookchang was not foolish, and he quickly elaborated.

The marine species troops were headed towards South Korea, and the humans had no other choice but to seek help from the Tiger King.

That was the rough idea of the message.

“Your Excellency, please save South Korea.

As long as the Tiger King is willing to help, name any requests, and we will definitely do our best,” Park Gookchang concluded by pleading.

Immediately after he said this, Wang Hu—who was thinking about the matter—frowned and sneered.

He hung up the call without saying a word.

Park Gookchang was taken aback.

What happened? Did he say something wrong? Just then, a man said, “Leader, Leader Te Bajing called.

” Park Gookchang quickly picked up the phone.

Te Bajing said some things in a solemn voice.

He told Park Gookchang to ask the Tiger King to help no matter what price he was required to pay, or else the South Korea Alliance would really be wiped out.

Park Gookchang acquiesced to him.

He thought for a while and shared about what happened earlier.