My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 180

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Battle between Two Dragons Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “That is a dragon! Dragon! Run, quickly run!” “They are dragons from the alternate world! A world passage has emerged here! We are not sure how many more powerful creatures from the alternate world will appear! Everyone, run!” ​  “Ahhh! Someone, help me! Help me!” “Damn it! Where are our Divine Body Realms? Where is Master Ryu Sikyung?!” “Damn these two vicious dragons! Our South Korea’s number-one cultivator Master Ryu Sikyung will defeat them with his martial arts!” Various voices could be heard in the chaos.

At the same time, the senior government officials of South Korea were panicking.




The leader of South Korea breathed heavily as he stared fixedly at the video in front of him.

He snapped, “What is going on?! Why did two dragons appear in our capital? “Didn’t they say there was no world passage in our capital? He lashed out furiously.

The people present did not dare to speak, and they maintained a grave expression.

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COM The video was proof that there was a world passage in the capital or in the vicinity, which they did not discover.

Clearly, a large number of people would have to be responsible for this matter.

They would be denounced by the entire nation and have to step down from their positions.

However, the most important thing at the moment was to handle these two ruthless dragons fighting at their capital.

“Leader, should we inform Master Ryu and Master Lee to stop the dragons?” A person asked.

The leader of South Korea turned even more furious.

He shot daggers at the man who spoke, causing the latter to lower his head and feel afraid to look at the leader straight in the eyes.

The South Korean leader paused for two seconds before finally saying, “Inform the two masters and ask them to stop the two dragons.

” “Yes,” a man beside him immediately responded.

“Activate all the weapons and lock onto these two evil dragons.

And immediately call the leader of India,” the South Korean leader continued to instruct.

The South Korean leader signaled for everyone to leave the room.

He phoned Te Bajing.


Leader, something huge happened in Seoul.

Evil dragons appeared from nowhere and were now fighting here.

“We ask Mr.

Leader to send reinforcements quickly, and please stop the other countries from using nuclear weapons,” the South Korean leader said anxiously, with a hint of reverence.

Te Bajing, who was situated in India, said calmly, “I already know about the incident in Seoul.

Don’t worry, I will stop other countries from firing nuclear weapons at Seoul.

“About reinforcements, I think that you should lure those two evil dragons out of Seoul, after which, we can follow by firing nuclear weapons to kill them in one shot.

” The South Korean leader was speechless for a moment.

After watching the two evil dragons fight, he was not confident that South Korea’s own power alone was capable of luring them out of Seoul.

He became even meeker and pleaded.


Leader, as you know, our country is not powerful, and we are not well-armed… we also only have two Third Realms.

“One of them belongs to the Lee family and doesn’t follow my commands.

“So, I’m really not confident.

” “Try first.

I will be paying attention to the live updates.

If it doesn’t work, then we can think of something else together.

“Don’t worry, India will not let Seoul be destroyed by those two evil dragons.

“The South Korea Alliance must go on.

” Te Bajing’s voice was firm and seemed to be implying something.

The South Korea leader finally breathed a sigh of relief.

 That’s right, India will not let South Korea perish.

“Thank you, Mr.


” Despite being alone in the room, the South Korean leader still bowed reverently.

In two different places in Seoul… In a martial arts training hall, a middle-aged man hung up a call and looked gravely at the two dragons fighting in the distance.

A few seconds later, determination flashed across his eyes, and his figure dashed towards the dragons.

In a high-rise building far away from the battleground… Four people sat in a spacious office, and all of them looked gravely at each other.

One of them, a middle-aged man with a forbidding presence, hung up the phone, and said sternly, “Big Brother, you guys heard the call.

The leader called and asked me to stop those two evil dragons.

” Immediately, a young man shook his head and said, “Uncle, no! Those two dragons are very powerful.

“You are only one of the two Third Realms in South Korea.

What if something bad happens?” After he spoke, the middle-aged man looked at the young man.

His gaze was calm, and he did not reply.

Meanwhile, a man in his fifties or sixties—who sat on the office chair—frowned and glared discontentedly at the young man.

He berated, “Enough, Boksan.

Nothing has happened yet; what are you talking about?” The young man also noticed that he said something wrong.

Nothing had happened yet; how could he say that something bad might happen to his uncle? With a remorseful expression, he immediately bowed and said, “Sorry, Uncle, that’s not what I mean.

” “It’s fine.

You were thinking of my safety.

Those two dragons are indeed powerful.

I don’t feel confident at all just by watching them fight.

” The middle-aged man shook his head.

He looked at the huge commotion in the distance and said dejectedly.

“Then, don’t go?” The young man looked at his father and his uncle… and said with uncertainty.

As the head of the number-one family clan in South Korea, Lee Jaemyung did not look at his son.

He looked at his younger brother and said, “Jaeyi, what do you think? If it’s too dangerous, then let’s not go.

” Lee Jaeyi—one of the two Third Realms of South Korea—was silent for a moment, and he firmly said, “I’ll go.

This is our country after all.

” Lee Jaemyung sighed and did not oppose.

“Big Brother, although we are quite far away from the battleground, to be safe; you, Boksan, and Bokbyul should leave this place and head to the safe house.

” After leaving a grave message, Lee Jaeyi morphed into a flash and disappeared.

“Uncle… Dad, this…” Lee Boksan said anxiously.

“Fool!” Lee Jaemyung’s expression went dark, and he berated.


Don’t you know better than to panic when something happens? Your younger sister is doing better than you! Look at her and learn from her!” Lee Jaemyung reprimanded.

Lee Boksan looked indignantly at the young woman who sat beside him.

The woman was elegant and graceful, and her makeup was exquisitely done.

Although her brows frowned, she still appeared to be composed.

He pursed his lips and hid his disdain.

As the fight between the two huge dragons grew increasingly intense, the destruction they caused grew huger as well.

The dragons’ growls became increasingly vicious and loud.

The advantage of the golden dragon was also more obvious, and its eyes were full of savageness.

The black dragon kept losing ground, and he moved further back.

It was not known whether it was intentional or not, but when the black dragon retreated, it also caused the golden dragon to destroy all the high-rise buildings in the path, directly and indirectly killing an innumerable number of people.

“Hmph, damned beast! You can’t run away from me.

Surrender and give up your treasures and secrets, and I can consider sparing your life!” The golden dragon snarled as he caused a gash on the black dragon with its claw attack.

“Let me consider.

And you have to swear that you will let me go,” the black dragon said.

The golden dragon sneered and said, “You want to stall for time? Do you think that I would fall for it?” “You want to trick me into giving up the treasure.

Even if I gave you the treasure, you will still kill me.

Do you think you could fool me?” The black dragon scorned.

The pupils of the golden dragon dilated, and his intent to kill became palpable.

I must not let this damned beast escape again.

This damned beast was just a mixed-blood, but he was able to reach his current level in just two short years.

Furthermore, he grew stronger and stronger despite being hunted down by me for months.

Until now, I even have to go through a tough process to subdue him.

I am sure that he is possessing a remarkable treasure.

If I let him go, he might surpass me.

I can’t allow that! The ferocious and savage growl sounded, and a golden light blasted as it surged forward at the black dragon.

The black dragon did not back down, and he faced the attack head-on.

However, deep in his heart, he was panicking.

Why aren’t the people of South Korea appearing yet? I’ve already caused so much destruction, yet still, no one is here to deal with him.

I’ve really made the wrong move.

I can’t last much longer if no one is coming.

Although he looked down on this Jin Qiong, that being was indeed powerful.

The time he had to strengthen himself was still too short.

He was no match for his opponent.

Damn it, if only I had a few more months, I would be absolutely confident in killing Jin Qiong.

The two enormous creatures collided with one another again.

Blood from the dragons splattered across the sky, and their dragon scales scattered all over.

The high-rise buildings in the surroundings kept collapsing one after another, and more wails sounded.

At the same time, the events in Seoul were already spread through the use of advanced technology.

The information was spread not only in Seoul and South Korea, but people from other alliances also found out.

Suddenly, a ray of light appeared, coming from a distance.

“I ask the both of you to please stop.

” In the ray of light, a stern voice was sounded.

Although it was in Korean, both dragons could understand as telepathic power was added to it.

The countless desperately crying and screaming South Koreans on the ground also heard it, and it raised their hopes.

“Master Ryu is here! Good! We are finally safe!” “Master Ryu, kill the vicious dragons!” “Master Ryu is the most powerful being in South Korea, and he is also the third most powerful human in the world.

He will definitely kill these two evil dragons and avenge the death of fellow South Koreans.

” “Quick! Master Ryu is finally here! Start the livestream!” An innumerable number of South Koreans—either near or far away—began to feel uplifted.

They yelled and looked furiously at the two huge dragons.

Ryu Sikyung’s expression was grave, and he did not pay attention to the voices beneath.

The closer he was to these two dragons, the pressure he felt became greater.

His instincts were telling him that he was no match for these dragons.

Just then, another ray of light appeared.

It was Lee Jaeyi.

Immediately, the innumerable amount of South Koreans below them became even more fanatical, and their yelling—chanting for the dragons to be killed—became even louder.

The South Korean leader, who had been transferred to a safe location, looked at the events through the surveillance monitor and felt immensely exasperated.

“Foolish! It was alright to be arrogant on a normal basis as it helped to increase our national confidence, but don’t they know a better timing than this?! “Why aren’t they running away yet? They’re so foolish! “Are their usually conceited brains gone?!” He couldn’t help himself but berate, and he quickly ordered, “Quickly send people to evacuate these citizens! Evacuate all the citizens!” On the other hand, the two fighting dragons ignored what Ryu Sikyung said.

The golden dragon was contemptuous, and he dismissed it.

While the black dragon’s brows furrowed, he continued to wait.

He could tell that these two humans were not that powerful.

He still needed to wait.

He had to wait for a more powerful human to come and fight him and Jin Qiong, which would then give him a chance to exploit the situation and escape from Jin Qiong’s hunt.

Seeing that the two dragons did not pay attention to him, Ryu Sikyung looked at Lee Jaeyi, nodded at him, and yelled, “Aren’t the two of you being too impudent? This is South Korea! The two of you have caused huge damage to our country by fighting here.

“Please leave right now! We do not welcome you.

” After he spoke, the South Koreans beneath them immediately sensed that something was wrong.

There was no way he was planning to let the dragons leave after causing so much destruction?! All the countless people who have died wouldn’t get avenged?! Of course, there were also smarter ones who have started to run far away.

The black dragon, who was struggling to fend off the attacks from the golden dragon, also sensed something amiss.

We have caused so much destruction to your country, and you only want us to leave? He had a bad premonition.

 Could this South Korea only be this strong? That’s why they’re only asking us to leave? Once he thought about it that way, he was flabbergasted.

He gritted his teeth and snarled in between attacks, “How dare you ask us to leave?!” The golden dragon did not speak.

It was still feeling contemptuous of humans.

Ryu Sikyung’s heart sank.

As expected, these two dragons would not leave so easily.

He took a deep breath and yelled, “The two of you may be strong, but we have countless powerful cultivators in our 12 alliances, and we even have powerful weapons.

“If the two of you won’t leave, then we won’t be civil anymore.

” The black dragon was completely disappointed.

This South Korea Alliance must be really weak; he was fooled by the so-called 12 alliances! Still, he held on to the last hope.

He risked being attacked and said contemptuously, “Won’t be civil? I would like to see how you won’t be civil! “Jin Qiong, don’t you wish to see it, too?” The golden dragon called Jin Qiong looked pensively at the black dragon.

Suddenly, a realization dawned on him.

“Ha! You damned beast! You want to bait this so-called South Korea into attacking, so you could find an opportunity to escape.

” He snickered, and he continued to say, “It’s not a bad idea.

“However, you made the wrong decision.

These so-called South Korea, South Korea Alliance, 12 alliances… they are nothing but a bunch of useless humans.

“How dare they fight against me?!” As he said with disdain, he was also feeling annoyed.

Previously, when he was hunting down this damned beast, he was also worried that the 12 alliances would impede him, so he remained invisible to avoid alerting the 12 alliances.

However, he knew that the so-called ’12 alliances’ was nothing but trash just by looking at the South Korea Alliance.

Even if some of them were stronger, they wouldn’t be much stronger.

His worries were in vain.

After hearing what Jin Qiong said, the black dragon’s expression turned dark.

Now, he really couldn’t escape.

He overestimated these humans! Ryu Sikyung’s and Lee Jaeyi’s expressions turned even darker.

There was no way they didn’t understand that their country South Korea was being used and suffered unfairly after hearing the conversation.