My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 157

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 157

Chapter 157: An Interesting Little Girl The incident that night was as if it had never once happened.

The whole world continued to argue amid chaos as they went on.

It didn’t have even the slightest impact on the Tiger King’s Cave either.

This day, in the hall of Tiger King’s Cave, Wang Hu sat by himself at the top, while Wang Liang, Wang Shan, Jun Wen, Jun Yong, Ling Shuang, and Su Ling stood at the bottom.

To the current Tiger King’s Cave, the six of them were middle and higher management officials.

As per usual, they reported all the recent matters to Wang Hu.

At present, the number of Transformation Realm animals under the Tiger King’s Cave’s command had already reached a total of 75.

Although the growth rate was nowhere near China’s, once one compared the two’s respective base populationso, the growth rate would immediately seem very fast.

This was the outcome that a combination of various factors had led to—such as the many things that Wang Hu had done in advance, their current increasingly improving environment, the tigers’ naturally gifted aptitudes, and so on.

One could totally say that their steady accumulation had paid off.

In the future, the speed would even become relatively faster and faster.

This would continue until the day that Transformation Realm animals were nothing except foot soldiers to the Tiger King’s Cave and could only stay in the forests because they weren’t worthy of entering the Tiger King’s Cave anymore.

However, as of now, that day was still quite some ways off.




After reporting all the various matters that had greatly increased compared to in the past, Jun Wen mused for a moment before he stepped forward.

He said respectfully, “My lord, I still have something that I’d like to report.

” “Say it.

” A calm and dispassionate Wang Hu said.

Every action of his had become even more imposing than before as he faced the animals.


” After responding, Jun Wen said solemnly, “My lord, the number of Transformation Realm animals in the Tiger King’s Cave is increasing further and further.

Together with their family members, they number close to 200.

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COM “One can imagine that this number will increase exponentially in the near future.

Once the number becomes too great, it’ll definitely cause a huge impact in the vicinity of Tiger King’s Cave, my lord.

“This place is too near to the Chinese humans’ habitat.

A lot of inconveniences will arise.

” Wang Liang and most others looked thoughtful at his statements.

A placid Wang Hu asked dispassionately, “What are you trying to say?” “My lord, I feel that it’s time to consider a new abode.

” Jun Wen voiced his objective.

At once, varying expressions came over Wang Liang and the others’ countenances.

Wang Shan was the first to step forward.

He said loudly and scornfully, “That’s ridiculous.

Are you suggesting that we have to move, Jun Wen?” Jun Wen looked at him calmly and serenely.

Although he remained quiet, that was indeed exactly what he meant.

Wang Shan became even more scornful, and his attitude worsened.

“What are we supposed to do about the dinosaur world if we move? What is everyone supposed to eat?” Jun Wen remained as calm as ever.

Evidently, he had already considered all of these a long time ago.

He replied calmly, “Firstly, what I said is that we should start considering the idea so that we can prepare a new place in advance, rather than moving away immediately.

“Secondly, the dinosaur world is indeed essential to us at the moment.

However, this is limited to just the present.

As the Tiger King’s Cave becomes stronger and stronger, the dinosaur world will eventually become unable to meet our needs.

We’ll definitely have to look for a new source of food.

“Therefore, while we certainly should value the dinosaur world, we mustn’t view it as our sole foundation.

“Thirdly, it is undeniable that this place is indeed too near to the humans’ habitat.

As the number of animals in the Tiger King’s Cave increases, a lot of inconveniences and even conflicts will arise.

“Fourthly, including our newfound territory, our total territories currently roughly form the shape of a ‘7’.

As Earth expands, our territories will also expand accordingly.

The Tiger King’s Cave’s current location isn’t the best spot to manage our territories.

” His orderly and methodical response put Wang Shan at a loss for words all at once.

No matter how hard he thought about it, he simply couldn’t come up with any sort of rebuttal.

In fact, he felt that the guy was even making a lot of sense.

Somewhat vexed, he glared fiercely and hostilely at him.

Then, as though right and justified, he barked, “Hmph.

You said so much that I’m not going to argue with you.

” After saying that, he stood where he was without an ounce of embarrassment and still feeling as right and justified as before.

It was as though the one that failed to win the argument wasn’t him, but Jun Wen.

No one among those present cast any further looks at him.

It had already been so long; was there anyone that still didn’t know what kind of person Wang Shan was? Apart from the King and the Queen, it was impossible for anyone to get that fellow whose brain seemed to be entirely made of muscle to give in.

Continuing to argue with him was something that only fools would do.

Jun Wen, on the other hand, was a very clever one.

Not bothered at all, he kept his head slightly lowered and looked at the top, waiting for Wang Hu to make a decision.

“What do the others think?” Wang Hu glanced at the others and asked calmly.

“We’ll do whatever the lord thinks we should do.

” Wang Shan was the first to give a loud reply.

As he spoke, his gaze even swept across the others as though he would form a feud with whoever disagreed with him.

Wang Hu didn’t pay any attention to the boor that was increasingly using his brain less and less and also had no concept of shame at all.

That fellow’s function in meetings like this was mostly just to make up the numbers.

“My lord, I think we can give it some consideration in advance, so that we can make preparations for the future Tiger King’s Cave.

” Wang Liang took the initiative and said.

Although he didn’t get along with Jun Wen, there was a rapport between the two of them.

Business was business, and this kind of business was the most important.

Everything else could be placed aside for the time being.

Since Wang Liang felt that Jun Wen’s suggestion was right, he naturally supported it.

“I think it’s doable,” said Ling Shuang, the second to speak up, frostily.

“I don’t have any objections, my lord.

” This was Su Ling’s response.

“I don’t have any objections either, my lord.

” This was Jun Yong’s response.


Since you’re the one that brought it up, I’ll hand this matter to you, Jun Wen.

Choose a good location for the new Tiger King’s Cave.

“As for the guards, Wang Liang will handle it for now.

” After listening to everyone’s opinions, Wang Hu immediately gave his orders without any hesitation.

Jun Wen was right.

As Tiger King’s Cave became stronger and stronger, their current location would undoubtedly eventually become unsuitable.

The only reason why he hadn’t mentioned it in the past was that it wasn’t time yet.

Now that Jun Wen had brought it up, then Wang Hu would let him make the preparations first.

“Understood,” said Jun Wen after a bow.

Now that more than a year had passed, a long time had already passed since the second martial arts tournament.

The ones that had shown the most outstanding performances were none other than the five in the hall, other than the cowardly fox.

Some adjustments in their posts were made.

The captain of the hunting team was Ling Shuang, while the vice-captain was Jun Yong.

The captain of the guards was Jun Wen, while the vice-captain was Wang Liang.

The captain of the law enforcement team was Wang Shan.

There was no vice-captain.

Rather, he had dragged two other tigers into the team, and they supervised various places every day.

Putting aside their efficiency, on the surface, they were surprisingly the most conscientious in carrying out their duties.

As for the cowardly fox, she was still in charge of education and housekeeping.

Disregarding her personality on the inside, on the surface, due to managing and lecturing the many Transformation Realm animals for extended periods; she had surprisingly become a lot more confident and cocky.

“If there’s nothing else, all of you are dismissed,” said Wang Hu with a wave.

“Yes,” answered the few of them.

Then, they walked out of the hall together.

Wang Hu didn’t stay longer either.

After taking a few looks at Big Treasure and Little Treasure who were having fun in the quadrangle, he returned to the room to accompany Silly Girl and cultivate.

… In a small city in the central region of China, and in a seemingly normal family in the morning… “Dad, Mom, I’ve done the dishes and also mopped the floor.

I’m going to school now.

” A little girl, who looked to be about twelve to thirteen years old, sported a rather careful expression on her fairly delicate and pretty little face.

With some hope on her face, she looked at the two people sitting on the sofa.

Both of them looked middle-aged.

They didn’t look at the little girl even after hearing what she said.

The woman was the only one that nodded.

Then, she continued to cajole the little boy in her arms.

Meanwhile, as though he hadn’t heard anything at all, the man merely continued staring at the television.

The little girl lowered her head, clumsily hiding her disappointment.

She slowly turned around, picked up her school bag, and walked out the door.

A day of school passed very quickly.

After school was out, the little girl started to walk back home alone.

She walked very quickly as though she was in a hurry.

When she reached a place still far from home, she glanced around her.

Then, she carefully turned and walked toward an empty small alley.

She jogged the whole way there with an anticipative look on her little face as though she was dreaming of something beautiful.

It was as if she was about to do something that made her very happy.

A short two to three minutes later, the alley became even quieter and even more remote and desolate.

The little girl wasn’t scared at all, however.

Her gait was light and relaxed; evidently, she was very familiar with the place.

Soon, she stopped behind a house that looked obviously like no one had lived there for a very long time.

She looked around her carefully.

When she was sure that there wasn’t anyone around, she squatted down and shifted aside a big rock at a corner of the wall.

Behind the rock was a small hole.

Inside were some posters, photographs, newspapers, and a rather old and shabby cell phone.

An innocent and blissful smile formed on her little face.

She examined the posters carefully.

When she was sure that they were undamaged, she picked up the old and shabby cell phone and searched for some news.

Her eyes and the corners of her lips were all smiles as though this was the happiest and most relaxed time of her life.

Suddenly, the little girl frowned, and some nervousness came over her features.

Her head swung around, and she hid the posters, the cell phone, and everything else behind her.

She kept her gaze strictly ahead of her—even if there wasn’t anything in front of her.

However, the little girl instead became more and more nervous, and she tensed up all over as though she had seen something.

A few seconds later, a soft expression of surprise rang out, followed by a cool voice that carried a bewitching quality.

“You can see me?” The little girl’s eyes flickered.

There was obviously fear in her eyes, and her breathing was unusual.

However, this lasted only for two to three seconds before she pressed her lips together and shook her head.

“What are you looking at, then?” The unique-sounding voice, which was as if unforgettable the moment one heard it, rang out once more.

Little by little, the little girl’s breathing returned to normal.

She replied softly, “I can feel it.

” The voice fell silent for a while before it slowly rang out again.

“What surprisingly sharp senses.

” The little girl lowered her head slightly and did nothing.

After two seconds of silence, the voice rang out again.

“Aren’t you scared?” “I am.

” The little girl nodded.

“You don’t really seem like you are.

” The voice was as if a gentle breeze that slowly blew past, yet it also carried a chilly quality to it.

“It’s useless no matter what I do,” whispered the little girl who kept her head down the whole time.

The voice paused for a few seconds.

Then, as though saying something trivial and insignificant, it said, “A little girl like you is hiding identical posters, photographs, and newspapers here.

The content you were looking up just now was also about the same thing.

Can you tell me why?” Instantly, as though the immediate reaction of someone whose shameful secret had been discovered, a sliver of fear flashed across the eyes of the little girl whose head was lowered.

It was just that what should have been nervousness had turned into fear instead.

Then, as though the little girl realized something, she whispered, “I idolize him.

” “A human like you… a little girl who hasn’t experienced anything at all idolizes a tiger that much?” Some intrigue surfaced in the voice.


” The little girl nodded, unusually firm and determined.

With her head still lowered, she said, “The Tiger King is a great hero.

” Another pause ensued as though the voice was musing over something.

After it was done, it asked, “Why are you behaving so sneakily like that, then?” “My family doesn’t allow me to do it,” replied the little girl.

As she spoke, an unconcealable hint of fear and nervousness flashed across her lowered eyes again.

It seemed like this was exactly what she feared the most.

“Hah, a little girl like you has really made me take an interest in you.

” The little girl kept quiet.

“Never mind, you can go.

Remember not to tell anyone about me.

If you do, then Big Sister will have to be ruthless.

” A beam of red light suddenly appeared and entered the little girl’s body.

“Since you’re so clever, then you should know what this is, right?” The little girl trembled, and fear couldn’t help but surface on her countenance.

In spite of that, she vaguely still gave off a sense of stubbornness and perseverance.

She gritted her teeth and asked softly, “May I know if… you’re an alternate world expert?” “Yes.

” The voice didn’t intend to hide anything.

“Then… are you going to harm us?” asked the little girl again.

“Little girl, it’s really not good to know that much,” replied the voice coldly and indifferently.

The stubborn and determined look on the little girl’s face became even stronger.

She shook her head and said, “If Big Sister intends to harm us, then I’ll have to tell someone.

” “Hahahaha.

” The voice chuckled softly.

Then, it said aloofly, “Do you know what you’re saying? You may die, you know.

” “I know.

” The little girl nodded.

However, her voice had become even calmer and even more serene.

It was just that there was sadness and disappointment in her eyes.

She couldn’t help but think to herself.

 If I die, no one will probably care.

Mom and Dad will probably even be happy.

He… has probably also forgotten about it a long time ago.

“Yet, you still dare to say that?” The voice turned cold all at once.

The little girl fell silent and kept quiet—because she knew that it was useless to say anything.

How it would turn out ultimately depended on the other party.

As for leaving and pretending nothing had ever happened, putting aside whether the other party might be lying to her or not and whether this other party might be intending to make use of her to do something or not; just the fact alone that an alternate world expert had appeared in China might already cause very serious consequences if she were to keep mum about it.

She couldn’t do that.

After an unknown duration of silence, the emotionless voice said, “Alright, you can go.

I’m not interested in China.

However, if I don’t do anything within three days about the energy in your body, it’ll rip you apart.

Nobody will be able to save you.

“So, clever little girl, do you know what to do?” The little girl finally lifted her head.

After a moment of contemplation, she mustered up her courage and said, “I will do my best to come over every day.

I will also keep watch over you.

” “Hah, sure.

” The voice laughed, seemingly scornful yet also intrigued.

Then, it thoroughly faded away.

The little girl remained where she was.

After she calmed herself down, she placed the cell phone and everything else back properly and shifted the rock back to its original position.

Only then did she leave in a gait that was neither too fast nor too slow.

About half a minute later, the rock was shifted aside by an intangible power as though an invisible person was there.

The person examined closely the posters and the other things in there before checking the cell phone as well.

A brief moment later, a fairly intrigued murmur rang out.

“What an interesting little girl.