My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 150

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 150

Chapter 150: We Mustn’t Sit and Wait to Die The moment the massacre stopped, the screams and anguished wailing also disappeared along with it.

It seemed like everything had ended as it did.

The furor on the Internet continued.

Countless speculations and comments were constantly being made.

An incredibly powerful storm seemed to be brewing, and there was no way of knowing when it would explode.

The city of Gyeongmyeong also started to lick its own wounds.

Innumerable people searched for their family and friends.

There were people crying, people kneeling and offering their thanks, people who still wanted to leave because they were so fearful, and so on.

Nothing reflected the many facets of life more than this.

In the underground fortress, Kim Hyangmyeong and the others steadied their emotions with some difficulty and started to attend to the aftermath of the disaster.

“Leader, that expert is over there!” Someone looked at Kim Hyangmyeong and said somewhat hesitantly.

Kim Hyangmyeong thought for a moment before he said seriously, “I’ll go over personally and give him my thanks.

” The other party had nearly saved his entire country.

No matter what, he should go over and thank him.


” … .



At the top of Gyeongmyeong’s tallest building, Wang Hu agilely packed up his first batch of war spoils.

Among the 13 space bags, the biggest measured roughly 50 cubic meters.

Evidently, this particular species was very wealthy—or at least, they were much wealthier than the Huis.

There were even 20.

5 kilograms worth of spirit stones and all sorts of things among them.

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COM Apart from the two on their last breaths, he had already purified all the other divine bodies and stored them into the space bags.

Those two on their last breaths were next.

Because Wang Hu had deliberately held back, those two had managed to keep on to their last breath all this time thanks to their powerful divine bodies.

At the sight of Wang Hu walking over, despite the fear on the leader’s face, he nevertheless said furiously after some effort, “J-just you wait.

We, Guis, w-won’t stop here just like that.

“Y-your death will come when the experts of our species f-find a way to enter this world.

” He spoke in an unfamiliar language, but because he had added telepathic power to it, Wang Hu understood what he was saying very clearly.

Without any change in expression, he said dispassionately, “I’ll wait for it.

Let’s see whether your people will be the ones to invade this world, or will I be the one to invade your world instead?” The other party revealed an icy, mocking smile at his words.

Disdainful and haughty, he scoffed, “You’re certainly very strong, but my species is far stronger than you are.

You’ll definitely be the one who’ll die.

” Wang Hu wasn’t interested in arguing with someone on their deathbed.

A peculiar light flashed in his eyes, and his voice turned somewhat vague and unworldly.

He ordered, “Tell me everything about your species and that world.

” The Gui was already weak and listless from the start.

His consciousness—which was holding on only through sheer willpower—immediately became even weaker and powerless, and he instinctively started to recall those matters in his mind.

Wang Hu’s palm was already pressed against his head by this point.

Divine power mixed with mental power forcibly invaded his mind and browsed through his memories.

This was the soul-searching technique that he had learned from Silly Girl.

It was a kind of technique that forced one into a confession.

The soul-searching technique involved both parties’ souls, and one might even hurt themselves if anything went wrong.

Given Wang Hu’s current mastery of the technique, he couldn’t forcibly perform soul-searching on a Third Realm expert yet.

He had to beat up the other party until they were half-dead and then verbally evoke their memories to search their souls.

The other Gui on his last breath realized Wang Hu’s intentions.

Fearful and furious, his eyes widened big and round.

The other party had left only the two of them alive because he wanted to search their souls! He had only just thought of shouting to wake his comrade up when he realized that he couldn’t speak anymore.

He couldn’t even budge an inch.

All he could do was glare powerlessly.

A few minutes later, Wang Hu retracted his palm.

After roughly organizing the new information, he started to do the same thing to the other Gui.

Another few minutes later, Wang Hu cut off their last breaths.

Then, he started to organize in detail the memories that he had seen.

The Guis! The Ancient God Continent! The Fourth Realm! There were a lot of memories, but the most important ones were information about the Guis and the alternate world.

The Guis were very strong and were a first-class powerful species in that world.

Although they didn’t have any Fourth Realm experts, they had quite a number of Third Realm experts.

They numbered as many as 100 of them.

In that alternate world, the Ancient God Continent was the core.

The only ones with Fourth Realm experts there were the top-class forces or species.

After thinking about it carefully for a while, he became sure of something.

Putting aside the matter of invading the alternate world for now, standing guard over the world passage wasn’t much of an issue for him.

The vast majority of Divine Body Realm Guis was unable to cross over.

Even if they could, it seemed like, at his current level, they couldn’t do anything about him either.

A hint of strong confidence flashed across his countenance.

Of course, he would never recklessly enter the alternate world to deal with the Guis because of this either.

In his eyes, the Guis might be strong, but to be honest, they were nothing more than that either.

However, at the moment, the top-class forces weren’t something he could deal with yet.

He still needed quite a bit of time if he wished to officially counter-invade the alternate world on all fronts.

After another short while, a helicopter flew straight toward Wang Hu while he was still contemplating some other matters.

At once, his gaze became more stern and imposing, as well as a few notches colder and more aloof.

He continued to give off a subtle golden light, preventing anyone from seeing what he really looked like.

Soon, the helicopter reached him and landed on the rooftop.

A chubby figure disembarked from the helicopter.

Two men followed after him.

“Your Excellency!” Kim Hyangmyeong walked over to a spot several meters behind Wang Hu and stopped in his tracks.

Gratitude and some reverence came over his features.

In fluent Mandarin, he said sincerely, “I, Kim Hyangmyeong, thank you on behalf of the whole of North Korea.

Thank you for saving our whole country.

” As he spoke, he, as well as the two men behind him, bowed.

Wang Hu stood with his back toward them without any intention of turning around.

Apathetic and indifferent, his voice carried a sense of aloofness and haughtiness that kept people at arm’s length.

He said, “I merely made a deal with China.

You don’t need to thank me.

” A forlorn look couldn’t help but appear on Kim Hyangmyeong’s face.

He knew what this man meant.

Dong Pingtao had told him everything clearly in the phone call, including the deal that China was going to make with the Tiger King.

He blinked and calmed his emotions.

Then, he said seriously, “Regardless, Your Excellency has still saved the lives of millions of people in North Korea.

This is the truth.

“I hereby promise Your Excellency that the tigers will always be our esteemed friends.

” There was no change in Wang Hu’s expression.

He wasn’t interested in saying much to Kim Hyangmyeong.

It wasn’t suitable for him to make any further appearances or do anything else after this.

That was China’s job.

“You can leave if there’s nothing else.

” Kim Hyangmyeong was disappointed.

He had wanted to take the opportunity to befriend the Tiger King.

This would benefit them regardless of what happened in the future.

Unfortunately, the Tiger King was too aloof and haughty.

It felt as if he found it beneath him to pay the North Korean leader any heed.

Yet, he couldn’t even be angry about it because the shocking massacre just now had already shattered all of his pride and resolution.

In front of the Tiger King, he couldn’t get angry at all.

He could only nod and, with a dejected look on his face, say seriously, “Alright.

We’ll leave for now, then.

Please feel free to let us know if there’s anything you need.

” Wang Hu didn’t respond.

Kim Hyangmyeong left together with the two men behind him.

Wang Hu didn’t take the trivial matter to heart.

After thinking about the alternate world again, a fairly anticipative Wang Hu took out his cell phone.

China likely had already gotten down to it.

As he browsed through various major websites, very soon, Wang Hu discovered that—apart from comments and discussions about his identity—there were also more and more comments saying that they would like to immigrate to China.

One of the countries with the most number of such comments was none other than North Korea.

“The disaster this time may have been resolved by His Majesty the Tiger King, but what about the next time? This country is no longer safe.

I’m not being unpatriotic; rather, I have no other choice.

I want to immigrate.

“Even if I can’t, I will still make my way to China no matter what, even if it means that I have to be an illegal immigrant.

That’s the safest place in the world.

Even the Tiger King is in China, too.

” “I completely agree with the poster above.

I’m Indian, but even someone like me also wants to immigrate to China.

” “I’m Russian, and I also want to.

But there’s no way to do it.

” “What are we, people from small and medium countries, supposed to do when even people from the big countries would like to immigrate? Are we supposed to sit and wait for death to come? The spiritual energy density level has reached the Third Realm, and the world is becoming more and more dangerous.

North Korea is only the first.

“It’s only because China has intervened this time—they’re likely the ones who managed to get the Tiger King to do something—that millions of North Korean citizens survived.

But what about the other small and medium countries? “All they can do is probably just wait for death to befall them.

They’ll either be killed by alternate world invaders or killed by the big countries’ nuclear weapons.

“I can’t do this anymore.

I really can’t stand this atmosphere where it feels like my whole family is next in line to die.

I’m going to fight back.

Guys, we must work together and fight back.

We can’t just wait for death to befall us!” “He’s right.

We can’t just wait for death to come just like that, absolutely not.

People from small and medium countries like us must band together and fight back.

We must get the big countries to give us an explanation.

” “That’s right, especially China.

Why? Why should their immigration application process be this difficult? All I want is just to be a Chinese citizen.

Why can’t they allow it? They’re bullying us too much.

” “Yes, I oppose these difficulties in immigration.

” … More and more similar comments appeared on the Internet that had long since been connected worldwide.

Even Wang Hu found some comments fairly interesting.

Even though he couldn’t be sure whether China had done something about it or not, he felt that they likely had.

As an outsider looking in and a collaborator, he had also largely guessed how they were going to integrate North Korea into China.

How could taking the initiative to forcibly swallow up the other party possibly be comparable to having the other party beg them to swallow them up? Who knew how much trouble that would involve? He could already imagine all the exciting drama breaking out one after another very soon, on the Internet as well as in real life.

After another hour or so, the Chinese arrived.

The leader was an elderly cabinet official.

His entourage included nine Third Realm cultivators and 300 advanced-level or higher Second Realm cultivators.

They met with Kim Hyangmyeong the moment they arrived at Gyeongmyeong.

Then, the elderly official brought the nine Third Realm cultivators with him and went over to Wang Hu.

The elderly official in the lead hadn’t even stopped walking yet when he said with a sincerity-filled smile, “Your Excellency, my name is Zhang Jianye.

I’m so happy to be able to meet you in person.

” It was only at this point that Wang Hu finally dispersed the golden light around himself, leaving only a bit at the top of his head to block out satellites from recording him.

He said aloofly, “Hello.

” Zhang Jianye evidently also knew Wang Hu’s personality very well.

After he nodded with a smile, he gestured at the nine people behind him and said, “Your Excellency, these are people from China who have broken through to the Third Realm.

All of them are youngsters that look up to Your Excellency very much and are keen to meet you.

Sorry to impose upon you.

” All nine people standing behind him sported serious expressions, and they were watching the figure in front of them with a rather fervent look in their eyes.