My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 148

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Atomic Bombs are the Strongest Di Baijun thought about it a little and immediately also realized the complicated situation involved.

At once, she lost interest in thinking any further about it.

She was only interested in what the fellow had said at the end.

He was right.

What was the point of thinking so deeply about it? They could think about it again after they pocketed the benefits that had been offered right up to them.

Of course, underlying that thought was also a mindset that gave her absolute confidence: ‘That mean fellow will figure everything out anyway, so I don’t have to think about all those troublesome issues.

’ The moment the thought occurred to her, she felt incredibly warm and at ease.

After a moment’s pause, she asked in a somewhat puzzled manner, “Why did you ask for the world passage, then? We don’t really know any details about the situation yet.

If we take over the world passage so hastily…” Wang Hu gave her a smile filled with a kind of confidence and domineeringness.

“It’s fine.

One of China’s conditions is that we have to deal with those alternate world experts anyway, so we might as well just straight up take full control over it.

“Alternate worlds may be dangerous, but they are also filled with opportunities.

If we want the tigers to become stronger as soon as possible, it’s inevitable that we’ll eventually have to take control of alternate worlds.

“As for how strong the other party is, as long as we’re on Earth, I’m invincible.

No matter how many of them come out of the world passage, they are but nourishment for us tigers.

” A sense of pride came over Di Baijun the moment she heard what he said.

A smile formed on her lips, and she wanted to say something in response.

However, the moment she spoke, the words that left her mouth were instead filled with great disdain.

“How boastful.

” .



Wang Hu didn’t argue with her.

He knew that this was purely just the harebrained Silly Girl’s competitive nature at work.

“Alright, let’s not talk too much about it anymore.

I’ll head over to North Korea’s capital first.

The upcoming matter about splitting North Korea will be very troublesome.

Saving a few more people now will be pretty beneficial to us.

“After I set off, get Old Second, Jun Wen, and the others over and tell them to get ready a plan in preparation for taking over new territories.

” Di Baijun nodded seriously to indicate that she had understood.

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COM Without saying anything else, Wang Hu transformed into golden light and left Tiger King’s Cave, heading into the east at high speed.

Come to think of it, his territory neighbored North Korea.

The current linear distance between Tiger King’s Cave and North Korea’s capital approximated 1,000 kilometers.

Given Wang Hu’s speed, and under the circumstances where his subsequent condition in attacking wouldn’t be affected, ten to twenty minutes were more than enough for him to reach the place.

… Meanwhile, 1,000-odd kilometers away at North Korea’s capital that had a population of several million inhabitants, the place was already filled with anguished wailing and fear.

There was chaos, screaming, fleeing, and slaughter everywhere.

Innumerable black humanoid alternate world creatures with long tails were wreaking havoc in the city.

Every one of them sported an excited and delighted look on their faces.

They constantly captured humans and dragged them in a certain direction.

The booming of cannons in the city became less and less frequent.

This was because every time the booming of cannons sounded, shadows would fly over and destroy everything there shortly after.

The humans’ resistance was disappearing at an extremely quick rate.

The aura of despair spread throughout the city as though hell on Earth.

Ruins, wreckage, and the blinding scarlet of blood were everywhere.

More and more related videos and comments were also starting to appear on the Internet.

“Save me! Where’s our army?” “Our city of Gyeongmyeong is under attack by alternate worlds.

Save us! There are millions of people here!” “What the heck? North Korea’s capital, the city of Gyeongmyeong, has been invaded by alternate worlds, and there are a lot of Third Realm experts there!” “Look at this video that someone risked their life to record.

Gyeongmyeong is finished!” “Gyeongmyeong is finished.

The major countries will definitely fire nuclear weapons to destroy the invaders.

When that happens, those millions of people will really be dead!” “Surely, it won’t be that scary? Those are millions of people we’re talking about.

” “Hah, do you know how much harm allowing those invaders to spread will bring? The major countries will never be that softhearted and merciful.

” “Exactly.

It’s not like only one or two small countries were destroyed during the last few years because of the same reason, let alone when there are even Third Realm existences there now.

The big countries will definitely destroy them at all costs.

” “There are millions of people there.

” “Yeah, those are humans we’re talking about.

” “What other solution is there? There is an unknown number of Third Realm experts there.

How are they supposed to deal with those if they don’t use nuclear weapons? Even in China, how many Third Realm experts are there only?” “This is exactly the sad reality of a small country.

There’s no way around it.

” “Just run.

It’s only when you can escape that you’ll have a shot at survival.

They likely don’t have much time left.

” “Everyone, hurry and run.

Our country’s finished.

The big countries will never take us into consideration.

” “It’s over.

Humans are probably really going to be finished.

They’re just the first.

There’ll be more and more countries facing situations like this in the future.

North Korea is just the first.

” “Don’t those innumerable talents in powerful countries have any solution? Are they just going to watch as more and more people die? What kind of goddamn age are we already living in? No, I’ll apply to immigrate to other countries now.

I absolutely mustn’t stay as a citizen of a small country anymore.

” “That’s right.

Great changes are starting to take place in the world again.

The threat that alternate worlds pose has increased immeasurably all at once.

I’ll die sooner or later if I continue to be a citizen of a small country.

” “Yes, yes, immigration.

I’m going to China.

I’m going to spare no costs to go to China.

That’s the safest place on Earth.

” “That’s right, let’s go to China.

I want to be a Chinese citizen.

” … On the Internet, all sorts of cruel videos, as well as comments in various languages, surged fiercer and fiercer.

Nobody had ever thought that such horrifying and astounding events would immediately take place when the spiritual energy density level in places outside of China had only just reached the Third Realm.

People hadn’t even adjusted to it yet.

Fear, shock, tension, bewilderment, sympathy, and other emotions spread from the Internet to the whole world.

The impact was greater than any other time in the past because millions of people and a great number of Third Realm experts were involved this time.

This was on a different level compared to the small countries in the past.

On the Internet, people that had initially congregated due to the sudden rise in spiritual energy density level steadily increased in numbers.

They constantly used every method at their disposal to closely follow the incident.

Within a short while, it could be said that the whole world had become aware of the incident.

In the most well-hidden underground fortress for military use in Gyeongmyeong, Kim Hyangmyeong was still as dazed and despondent as before.

He stared at the large screen in front of him with blank eyes.

Depicted on the large screen were scenes currently taking place in the chaotic, hell-like city of Gyeongmyeong.

However, he was in no mood to watch at the moment—because he knew that North Korea really was finished.

It would cease to exist very soon.

The incredibly huge blow robbed him of the ability to muster up any strength in his whole body, let alone the courage to put up any resistance.

The phone call just now had destroyed all of his resolve and courage.

He had no confidence to refute the other party at all, especially when his gaze made contact with the various cruel scenes playing on the large screen.

North Korea was lost.

“Leader, the five military branches have already been routed.

It is estimated that our resistance efforts will only last for a maximum of ten minutes before they are completely defeated.

” A middle-aged man quickly walked over and said gravely at this point.

Rudely awakened, Kim Hyangmyeong stared blankly at him.

It was only a few seconds later that, as though something had occurred to him, he finally took a deep breath and bucked up.

No matter what, he was still the leader of the country.

He had to take responsibility for it until the very end.

“Inform all the citizens to do everything they can to protect themselves and ensure their own safety for now.

Reinforcements will arrive very soon.

” The moment the middle-aged man heard what the leader said, shock and horror filled him instead of joy.

His voice trembled as he asked, “Leader, i-is it nuclear weapons?” “No,” replied Kim Hyangmyeong definitively.

Hesitation flashed across his eyes.

Then, he gritted his teeth and said seriously, “It’s China.

They’ll come and save us and take care of the invaders very soon.

” Although the middle-aged man was very perplexed as to why China would do something like that, immense joy nevertheless involuntarily erupted in him.

“That’s wonderful.

That’s wonderful.

There’s hope for North Korea now.

“Leader, should we also announce that China will be sending reinforcements? It’ll definitely greatly comfort the people, boost their confidence, and give them hope to resist till the end.

“In a situation like ours right now, whether there’s hope or not is extremely important.

“Who knows how many will die if they really can’t see even a glimmer of hope?” Kim Hyangmyeong was rather hesitant, but he became firm and resolute very soon.


Since you want North Korea, then I’ll give you a chance.

It’ll depend on your own performance after this.

“Announce it.

” “Understood.

” The middle-aged man responded with high spirits and got down to it right away.

Although the army had already lost most of its resistance capabilities and the infrastructure had suffered serious damage, they were nevertheless still capable of announcing the news to the vast majority of the citizens.

Two minutes later, the same voice saying the same thing played from innumerable audio equipment in the city filled with fear.

“Everyone, please don’t give up hope.

Reinforcements will arrive very soon.

It’s not nuclear weapons.

I repeat, it’s not nuclear weapons.

It’s China.

China has sent us reinforcements.

They are currently rushing over as quickly as they can.

“The public is to protect themselves and ensure their own safety.

Do not give up hope.

” … The announcements on repeat almost covered the entire city.

Gradually, more and more people heard it.

Like a sharp sword, the voice slashed through the heavy, pitch-black thunderclouds and revealed a sliver of sunlight.

“Reinforcements from China!” “China has sent people to save us!” “I knew it! I knew China was the best! It’s just like back then!” “Long live, China! We must persevere.

Persevere!” … Millions of people’s spirits were roused as a whole, and they really saw some hope.

Even if it wasn’t a lot, it was still real, actual hope.

At once, they also finally managed to barely pull themselves together amidst their fear.

They tried everything they could to protect themselves and hide from the alternate world invaders’ capture and slaughter.

At the same time, the news also very quickly made its way to the Internet, causing great commotion and furor.

“China has agreed to help!” “To think it’s actually not nuclear weapons.

How is China sending reinforcements, then?” “How impressive of China.

If they really succeed, I’ll take my hat off to them!” “Our great China is the most awesome.

Not gonna explain why.

” “May God bless them that the news is real.

” “It’s likely true.

Otherwise, would North Korea dare to say that?” “The number-one country in the world is just so impressive.

Why is it so hard to immigrate there, though? I’m worth almost a hundred million, yet I simply don’t have any way to do so.

” “Hah, thinking of immigrating to our great China? Go and eat sh*t instead.

” … At the top of the tallest building in Gyeongmyeong, an invader over 30 meters tall was currently overlooking the whole city.

There was pleasure, enjoyment, and greed in his eyes.

He had also heard the announcements.

However, due to the language difference, he didn’t understand what they meant.

After a moment of contemplation, he ordered gravely, “Find out what the announcement means.

” A similarly-sized invader behind him was rather puzzled.

Then, he scoffed, “Who cares what it means? These millions of people are ours now.

It’s not like they can put up any resistance.

” “How foolish.

” The first invader’s voice turned frosty, and he reprimanded the other.

“We’ve plotted the invasion for almost half a month for the sake of getting these humans.

This is an invasion of a world.

How can we afford any carelessness? “The humans here are indeed very weak, but you’ve never tried to find out if there are any powerful human countries in this world.

“Those atomic bombs of theirs or whatnot are likely very powerful.

If it hits us, even we may not necessarily be able to withstand it.

We mustn’t be careless.

” Although he was still rather disdainful despite the first invader’s words, he seemed to have reservations about something and didn’t refute him.

Instead, he flew down and carried out his instructions.

A few minutes later, he understood the announcement’s content and related it as-is to the first invader.

The first invader frowned.

Somewhat puzzled, he said, “The humans’ strongest weapons are the nuclear weapons known as the atomic bombs.

Yet, they’re actually not using those against us.

“Are they just being foolish? Or is something really giving them confidence?” “Who cares? It’s obvious from the spiritual energy density level here that this is just a world whose spiritual energy density level has just leveled up for some reason.

There isn’t even a single Divine Body Realm cultivator here.

What’s there to fear?” The second invader couldn’t help but scoff scornfully.

Upon hearing his response, the first invader secretly nodded.

That was indeed the case.

This particular world’s spiritual energy density level had just leveled up, and there wasn’t even a single Divine Body Realm cultivator here.

Although it was rather strange that stronger entities couldn’t enter, it likely wasn’t a big deal.

Once he thought about it that way, he didn’t say much else anymore.

He ordered gravely, “Speed up.

We must collect all the information about this world as soon as possible.

” The second invader responded.

He was just about to transmit the orders when a cold and imposing voice seemed to suddenly ring out right beside his ear.

Intangible pressure instantly weighed down on him.

“So, you guys are the leaders?” A high and mighty feeling as though one was overlooking mere weeds arose in their hearts.

However, they didn’t have the leisure to become enraged at all in this instant.

Shock and fear that drenched them in cold sweat took over their bodies from head to toe in a split second.

“Who’s there?!” Divine power surged out of the first invader as he shouted in alarm.

The next moment, a palm made of golden light covered his vision and smacked right toward his face.

Boundless pressure caused him to find it somewhat hard to breathe, and extreme shock and fear caused all of his strength to erupt in defense.

Bam! The two forces collided.

It was as though a hand was smacking a fly—even though the hand wasn’t particularly big and the fly was as large as a hill.

However, the outcome was the same.

The fly was easily sent flying.

Upon suffering a blow beyond his body’s limits all at once, his body shattered, and blood sprayed from him.

He was thrown to the sky while on his last breath.

The sight filled the second invader with immense fear, and he immediately flew into the distance in a flash.

Wang Hu appeared on the rooftop.

As his cold gaze looked over, he reached out and made a casual grabbing motion.

At once, the figure fleeing at high speed involuntarily flew back toward the rooftop.

It was as though the seemingly casual grasp had squeezed his divine body with Herculean strength.

A great half of his body broke, and his breathing died down rapidly, leaving him also on his last breath.