My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 146

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Spiritual Energy Suddenly Increases, Unification into One Plan Di Baijun listened carefully and had to admit that what this rascal said was teeny tiny right.

Having been exposed to humans for a few years now, she was clear that even though the different countries always said that everyone wants the best for the human species, there were still things like nationalism and racism.

Those things continued to persist.

It would be impossible to merge all countries into one without the world going through an upheaval and the existence of an extremely powerful country.

Currently, the requirements were not met in the least.

However, if this was out of the option, then how would the different countries resolve the problem? There were way too many world passages leading to different alternate worlds; so many that it was incredulous.

A new one could appear at any time.

There was no solution at all.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Di Baijun’s head.

She said, “Why not let the smaller countries give up their current territories, relocate, and concentrate on the major countries? “Give up some territories and let the alternate worlds fight for it among themselves.




“The Earth is becoming bigger every day.

There will be ample space for the small countries to survive.

” Wang Hu was still thinking when he heard her, and he said, “There are many problems.

Firstly, what would happen if it was a world like the Deep Abyss? “For a world like the Deep Abyss, you must never let them gain a foothold on Earth.

Their numbers were too large, and the threat was too high.

“And how much effort and money would be required to relocate all the small and mid-sized countries? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “These countries will also not agree… because that’s also a form of being absorbed by another country.

“Once they relocate to a place near the major countries, as time passes by, they might just end up getting absorbed by the major countries.

“The major countries may not agree as well.

Firstly, the costs would be humongous.

They are now focused on development and would not have the energy to do something like this where they can only see rewards in the longer term.

“Secondly, they wouldn’t want to let go of Earth’s resources.

“These are just some reasons; there are many other problems, and it’s very complicated.

“In any case, if they have other options, the humans would not relinquish control over space on Earth.

” “If they want to merge all the countries into one, relocating is a must.

“The major countries don’t even want to spend effort on relocating, much less discuss a merger,” Di Baijun frowned and said.

“Yes, but that’s an issue that comes after the merger.

We don’t know what will happen in the future, so adopting different strategies based on different circumstances is the most important thing.

“Even though people always say we need to look to the future, the most important thing will forever be the present.

“If we can’t even survive now, then what future do we have?” Wang Hu pondered.

He paused for a moment, narrowed his eyes, and continued to say, “Come to think of it, is there no one in the different countries who thinks this way? “Would those powerful major countries not think this way? “Perhaps, they are just slowly accumulating resources and power now while waiting for the right timing.

” Di Baijun immediately nodded.

She did not believe that those major countries had not considered absorbing other countries.

Wang Hu took a long look at the north and exclaimed, “This is an era full of uncertainties and opportunities.

The major countries will definitely consider many things more than we can imagine.

“So it’s pointless for us to think too much.

Let’s just watch and see to what extent human countries will cause a ruckus.

“The humans would never change if they don’t go through an upheaval or experience pain themselves.

“If they don’t change, then what they will face is being absorbed by alternate worlds one day.

“An ally like that would be useless to us.

They will even drag us down.

” As he said, he turned solemn.

Di Baijun understood that the rascal probably already set his mind.

He wanted to wait and see, to observe if the human countries can be an ally.

Di Baijun had no objections about this; she also agreed.

There’s a saying that she saw in China: ‘what’s scary is not a formidable opponent but a terrible teammate.

’ She felt that it made a lot of sense.

No matter how dangerous and tough the future might be, she would rather fight alone than team up with a bunch of troublesome allies.

“Forget about this.

Let’s focus on cultivating.

Oh, right, Baijun, how long do you need to fully recuperate from your injury?” Wang Hu’s heart felt lighter, and he asked Silly Girl in a gentle voice.

“I need about two more years,” Di Baijun replied with a rough estimation.

In the past few months, she consumed all the pills and finished all the meat of those Third Realms.

Her soul had recovered so much, and the time had shortened from a few years to two years.

Wang Hu nodded, and he sighed to himself.

 Two more years.

Two years was not long in terms of their lifespan.

However, in terms of the rapidly changing Earth, two years was a long time.

There was another very important point—he still had to tolerate it for two more years.

Two years! Never mind… he was already used to it.

He collected his thoughts and began cultivating with Silly Girl.

At the world conference, after another half a month of heated discussion, a solution that satisfied all the countries was still not found.

Gradually, around the world, on the Internet and in real life; most places began to experience unrest.

Thereafter, the debates went on, as well as the chaos in some places.

The citizens in some major countries even started becoming desensitized and got used to it.

Events where certain small countries suffer a great deal of loss also continued to take place occasionally.

A year passed by just like that.

Life in Tiger King’s Cave was peaceful in the past year.

Around 45 tigers broke through the Transformation Realm.

The total population of the tiger species including the tiger cubs reached about 3,600.

Transformation Realms of other species did not emerge in Wang Hu’s territory during this time.

It could be that the other animals did not have the talent, and so they ran to other territories… or that they died.

This was the direct result of having tigers dominate this territory.

As the other species were nothing but just food for tigers… This was the biggest conflict of interest between species that Wang Hu did not produce.

Wang Hu wanted to quickly develop the tiger species, and that resulted in the inevitable infringement of living space and even the endangerment of lives of other species.

Hence, he did not specially groom the other species at all.

If he encountered strong creatures of other species, he either roped them in or chased them away.

This was also a very huge problem in trying to form an organization that led all the major species.

If Wang Hu wanted to keep strengthening the tiger species, then he would have to keep encroaching on the interests of other species.

Unless there were endless territories and interests that could allow all the species to be satisfied and developed at the same time.

The countless alternate worlds could be one of the options, but clearly, Wang Hu was not capable enough yet.

Hence, he could only take care of his own tiger species first and decide on other matters in the future.

On this day, while Wang Hu was cultivating, he was suddenly awakened by Silly Girl.

He opened his eyes, and Silly Girl immediately passed him the phone.

She said seriously, “Look.

” Wang Hu took the phone from her, looked at it, and saw comments from places outside of China.

“I don’t know why, but my cultivation speed increased.

” “I think the density of spiritual energy increased.

What happened?” “I think so, too; the density of spiritual energy increased over here, too.

” “OMG, could it be that the spiritual energy increased all over the world? And it reached the Third Realm?” … … Wang Hu’s expression turned solemn as he read the comments.

His heart felt heavy.

He looked up at Silly Girl and said, “Seems like the Earth will be even busier now.

” Di Baijun nodded, and her flawless face also turned solemn.

Meanwhile— The senior officials of governments all over the world were shocked.

In India… “Why? How did this happen? Why did the spiritual energy suddenly increase by so much that it reached the Third Realm? Didn’t you say it would take another two years?” The Indian leader spoke solemnly and worriedly into the phone.

“Leader, we are also not sure why.

The density of spiritual energy suddenly increased tremendously and reached half the first stage of the Third Realm.

” On the other side of the phone, a helpless voice was heard.

“What about the spiritual power nourishment?” The Indian leader barely suppressed his grave thoughts and asked expectantly.

“I’m sorry, Leader, we did not detect any occurrence of spiritual power nourishment,” the voice over the phone said helplessly.


” The Indian leader was quite certain that spiritual power nourishment did not happen as he did not sense it himself, yet he still could not help himself from cursing out of the stress after hearing the negative reply.

“Why? Why did China have it but not us? Did God really abandon the believers in India?” The voice over the phone was lost for words and did not know what to say in return.

A few seconds later, the Indian leader barely controlled his emotions, and he said solemnly, “Is the news out yet?” “It was impossible to hide since the density of spiritual energy suddenly increased by so much.

The news should already be out everywhere on the Internet.

” The Indian leader clenched his teeth and ended the call.

He immediately phoned another number.

“Shift the defense readiness to the highest level right now.

” … In Russia… The leader had a similar grave expression.

He immediately issued a series of orders.

The defense was strengthened at all the world passages that led to Grade A alternate worlds.

In Iran… In the US… Countries all over the world started taking actions rapidly.

A furor swept the Internet and in real life.

In the capital of China… A video conference with the cabinet was held immediately.

“We have confirmed that the Earth’s spiritual energy density outside of China suddenly increased rapidly, reaching about half the first stage of the Third Realm.

“This is faster by one or two years than what was estimated, and it completely changes the situation now.

“All the countries should have shifted their defense readiness to the highest level by now,” an elderly said sternly.

“Any reasons why it happened?” Another elderly said.

“From what we can see now, no.

There were also no reports of spiritual power nourishment,” the elderly said solemnly.

All the elderly were quiet for a moment.

The density of spiritual energy suddenly increased in China because of those two tombs.

What was the reason that the spiritual energy density suddenly increased overseas? Were there really no reasons? Or have they not found out? Dong Pingtao blinked, and his composed voice was heard.

“With the increase of spiritual energy to the Third Realm outside of China, the threat of powerful beings from the alternate worlds also increased exponentially.

“The world situation will drastically change as a result, and the Earth will, unfortunately, be entering a phase of calamities.

“We have to shift our defense readiness to the highest as well.

” The elderlies looked at one another and slowly nodded.

Very soon, all of them voiced their agreement.

Although China was not directly affected this time, the indirect effects were equally huge.

Once the defenses in various countries get destroyed, China would also be implicated; it was something that they did not want to see happening.

“Countries all over the world—especially the smaller countries—will not back down easily this time, what should we do?” Another elderly said.

In the past year, although the different countries were still making a ruckus, the issue was also dragged out.

Now, the matter could not be dragged out any further.

All the elderlies’ expressions turned grave.

This was such a troublesome matter.

They couldn’t do much, but they also could not not-do anything.

They were silent for a few seconds until Dong Pingtao gradually said, “Let’s activate the Unification into One Plan in advance.

” The elderlies were shocked, and one of them said, “But we are not ready for that yet, and we have not completed many things around the country.

“The Unification Plan may drag down our development in the next five years.

” “I have different opinions.

I think that it might be tough in the beginning, but if we do it step by step, the effects would not be huge, and the ultimate outcome would still be good.

“I think that we can propose this plan at the world conference.

This is the only solution.

“We do it openly and hide nothing from them.

They get to choose for themselves,” Chen Jianguo said firmly.

Everyone went silent for a moment, and eventually, all of them agreed.

They decided to activate the plan in advance, which made all of them incredibly excited yet stressed.

At this point, a middle-aged man quickly walked into Dong Pingtao’s office; his face was grave.

Dong Pingtao looked at him.

“Leader, something happened,” the middle-aged man quickly said.

“What is it?” Dong Pingtao said without hesitation.

“We just received news that a huge amount of alternate world beings emerged in North Korea’s capital just three minutes ago.

“There are beings from the First Realm to the Third Realm.

The world passage was located in an abandoned building, and the other party was well-prepared.

Once they sensed that the spiritual energy density increased, they immediately launched an invasion into North Korea,” the middle-aged man said.

All the elderly in the video call also heard the man, and they were shocked by the news.

Although they already knew that the Earth would be facing disasters soon, none of them could remain calm after hearing that it happened so quickly and in a place so near to China.

“Lock onto their Third Realms immediately,” Dong Pingtao issued an order right away.


” “Link us to the live,” Dong Pingtao continued to say.

He picked up the phone and instructed, “Lock onto those Third Realms in North Korea’s capital with missiles and standby to await orders.

“We must not let them enter our territories at all.

” “Understood.

” Dong Pingtao issued a few more orders and finally stopped.

He turned to look at the live footage that was being shown on the screen.

In the video, the North Korean capital was already in chaos.

All the elderlies looked on seriously.

Dong Pingtao’s gaze turned solemn, and he slowly said, “The North Korean leader and other countries will be calling soon.

Immediately instruct the secretariat to start planning the Unification Plan with North Korea as the beginning.

” No one opposed.

After half a minute, Dong Pingtao first received a call from the North Korean leader.

“Leader Dong, I implore the five major countries not to fire nuclear weapons.

” This was the first sentence that the North Korean leader said in a devastated voice after the call went through.

Dong Pingtao was silent for a moment.

Under the signal of the middle-aged man, he said, “Leader Kim, the other four major countries have called.

Let’s talk together.