My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 134

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 134

Chapter 134: The Cat Awakening Top-Class Bloodline The airplane landed on the quadrangle, and more than 10 figures alighted from the plane.

Li Tong led the way and walked towards Wang Liang and the group.

When he was near, he politely greeted, “Hello, Sir Wang Liang, Sir Wang Shan.

” “Hello,” Wang Liang spoke solemnly in Mandarin.

Wang Shan only nodded, feeling a little impatient.

If only Big Brother hadn’t instructed so, he wouldn’t be accompanying Old Second in hosting these people.

“Sir Wang Liang, may I introduce you to these people,” Li Tong said.

He looked at the people behind him and continued in English, “Everyone, this is the Tiger King’s Third Brother Wang Liang, and this is the Tiger King’s Second Brother Wang Shan… “The Tiger King and Tiger Queen are currently in seclusion.

They entrusted Sir Wang Liang and Sir Wang Shan to host everyone.

” He turned and looked at Wang Liang to say, “Sir Wang Liang, Sir Wang Shan, this is the Leader of India, Te Bajing.

“This is the diplomat from Russia… “This is the diplomat from Iran… “This is…” .



Hearing the series of names being introduced made Wang Shan a little dizzy.

Why were the names so strange? Wang Liang, on the other hand, remembered it all; especially the name of one of them.

He paused and said, “Since our King and Queen are now in seclusion, I will be hosting everyone on your trip here to the Tiger King’s Cave.

” The voice was laced with telepathic power.

Even if the person did not understand Mandarin, they understood what was said.

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COM Meanwhile, these senior government officials were feeling displeased.

They specially made their way here, yet the Tiger King refused to meet them! They did not believe in the reason for the two going into seclusion.

How could it be so coincidental that the Tiger King and Tiger Queen went into seclusion together the moment they were coming? Even if it was because the Tiger King just finished a battle so he went into seclusion, what about the Tiger Queen? Hence, they were unconvinced and insisted on coming over to pay a visit.

However, they did not expect that the two had no intentions of showing up even after they had arrived.

Even the Indian Leader was here personally! Did the Chinese try to make things difficult for them? Some of them looked at Li Tong.

They had such thoughts since the beginning, and this just confirmed their assumptions more.

If not, why would the Tiger King not meet them? What bad would it cause to meet them? They thought to themselves and saw that Wang Liang had turned around to walk towards the huge cave not far away.

They decided to follow after the tigers.

After all, they were already here.

No matter what, they couldn’t be rude.

Otherwise, instead of befriending, they might offend the tigers.

They entered the cave and were brought into the drawing room.

They immediately noticed that apart from the two chairs placed in front, there was no other furniture for them to sit on.

Wang Liang did not think that it was strange.

He turned around, looked at the group, and said, “What do you want by coming to our Tiger King’s Cave? Just tell us.

Our tiger species are used to being straightforward, and we do not like to beat around the bush.

” The group felt awkward.

They had never been treated like this before.

No matter what their relationships were, they were always treated with courtesy.

At the very least, they should be seated and be served with drinks.

They felt unnatural with how frank Wang Liang was.

In the group, Li Tong was used to it.

In fact, he wanted to laugh.

 That’s right, this should be the way it is.

“Cough, cough… Sir Wang Liang.

” The Indian Leader Te Bajing took the initiative to speak after being silent for a second.

“We are all here for the same reasons.

We want to meet the Tiger King and build good relations between our countries and the tiger species.

” When he finished, the small tool in his hand automatically translated the sentence into Mandarin.

Te Bajing and the others had originally wanted to bring an interpreter with them.

However, they decided it would not be appropriate since there would be too many people.

On top of that, most of them knew how to speak Mandarin, and all of them knew English.

Technology was also advanced, so they only brought along a machine.

Wang Liang listened to the translation from the machine and spoke calmly, “As I mentioned, the King and Queen are in seclusion, so they cannot meet you in person.

“As for building good relations, our King has mentioned before that, as long as humans do not harm our tiger species, we would not make you our enemy.

” Te Bajing felt frustrated.

Since becoming the leader of India, this was the first time he was flat-out rejected after asking to meet someone.

He had even made the trip personally! If it was someone from other countries, no matter who it was, he would have turned around and walked away… and then thought of a way to get revenge.

However, it was Tiger King—the Earth’s number-one—so he did not have such thoughts.

It was because they were not humans; it was normal if they did not know the way of humans.

Of course, more importantly, it was because it wasn’t worth it.

Hence, he could only hold in his frustration.

“Excuse me, can we really not meet the Tiger King? Meeting the Tiger Queen will also do.

We all have something very important to discuss with the Tiger King and Tiger Queen.

It’s something very, very important,” Just then, the Russian diplomat said.

“Like I said—impossible.

No matter how important the thing is, it’s not as important as the King and Queen being in seclusion.

” Wang Liang looked at the diplomat and said with a slight impatience.

The Russian diplomat was speechless.

He felt a little furious, but he knew he could not show it.

He thought of the same reasons as Te Bajing—the other party was not human—so they could not handle the issue with their old concepts or communication methods.

Moreover, Te Bajing did not lose his temper, all the more he couldn’t as well.

He was only a diplomat from Russia after all.

What Wang Liang said completely dashed the hopes of this group of people.

Seemed like the Tiger King would not come out and meet them at all.

“Sir Wang Liang, in that case, we will leave our contact numbers behind.

After the Tiger King comes out from his seclusion, let’s communicate through the phone, is that alright?” Te Bajing said.

“Okay, leave your phone numbers with me,” Wang Liang said coolly.

The group was left with no other choice, so they all left their name cards.

Afterward, they did not say much and began to leave.

The Tiger King and Tiger Queen have decided not to meet them.

There was no point in waiting any longer.

What would they say to Wang Liang? He was not qualified at all.

Moreover, there wasn’t even a chair for them to sit on; there was no place for them to wait.

The helicopter took off again.

Wang Liang sent them off, and he was lost in thoughts.

Roar~! “They are finally gone.

So troublesome.

” Wang Shan said, feeling relieved.

He walked away leisurely.

Su Ling, who had been silent all along, nodded her head at Wang Liang and went back to the Tiger King’s Cave.

Wang Liang thought silently for a moment and gave Wang Hu a call.

In the amusement park, Wang Hu put down the phone.

He looked at Silly Girl and said, “The troublesome people are gone.

They should not be bothering us for the time being.

” Di Baijun replied with a light ‘mmhm’ and did not think much.

She was not interested in such matters and was never concerned.

“Daddy! Little Treasure wants to play on that big hammer!” Little Treasure tugged Wang Hu’s hand and pointed at the pendulum ride.

“Okay, let’s go!” Without hesitation, Wang Hu carried the two little fellows and walked into the entrance of the ride, with onlookers looking weirdly at them.

“Mister, this ride is not for children.

” “It’s alright, I will be responsible if anything happens.

” Wang Hu easily convinced the workers by using a little mental power.

So far, he managed to convince the workers like this at most rides that the two little fellows played.

Di Baijun looked at the three of them exasperatedly, but she did not stop them.

Based on the two little fellows’ current physical fitness and the jerk’s abilities, it was not dangerous for them to have fun in these rides.

Wang Hu and Di Baijun accompanied the two little fellows and had fun for the entire day.

They tried out most rides in the amusement park.

When the night fell, it was time for the amusement park to close.

The two little fellows looked on longingly, and Wang Hu changed his mind.

They shall spend another day at the amusement park tomorrow before going back.

After voicing his decision, the two little fellows cheered, “Daddy is the best! Daddy is the best!” Di Baijun glared huffily at the two little fellows and Wang Hu, but she did not stop them.

At night time, they filled the two little fellows’ stomachs and coaxed them to sleep.

Wang Hu was about to bring Silly Girl out again to show off to others who might be single… when he raised his brows and looked curiously in a direction.

Di Baijun had not fully recovered and had a slower reaction.

She looked in the same direction, raised her brows, and exclaimed, “The fluctuation of spiritual energy… is someone breaking through the Third Realm?” “Not sure.

” Wang Hu shook his head.

Although this level of spiritual energy fluctuation could not compare to theirs when they broke through, a level like this was already good enough for most people when they broke through the Third Realm.

After all, he has not come across anyone who was on par with him and his wife so far.

Soon, another thought came to his mind.

He was surprised that someone in China was already breaking through the Third Realm so quickly.

Most importantly, he was certain that this was not the first person in China to break through.

The nation’s strength was unimaginable.

If there was already one person breaking through here, much less across the country.

As expected of the king of cheats… “Should we go and have a look?” Suddenly, Di Baijun said while maintaining her cold exterior.

Wang Hu looked weirdly at her.

He thought for a moment and said, “What is there to look at?” “Then, will you go or not?” Di Baijun said coolly as she turned her head to the side.

“Of course,” Wang Hu said without hesitation, and he started walking while holding Silly Girl’s hand.

Di Baijun smiled, but soon after, she looked suspiciously in that direction.

The uncomfortable feeling she felt just now, was similar to the one she felt yesterday… what was going on? In a barely visible golden flash, Wang Hu and Di Baijun traveled more than 3,000 meters.

Immediately, his brows furrowed as he seemed to sense something, and he looked suspiciously at the destination.

He did not speak and continued to fly for more than 1,000 meters with Di Baijun… before finally coming to a stop.

At this distance, he was still able to look after Big Treasure and Little Treasure with his divine senses.

His divine senses were able to reach a 3,000-meter radius and 6,000 meters in any one direction.

They reached their destination.

They landed on a rooftop.

Wang Hu and Di Baijun looked with surprise at a point not far away.

It was under a bridge.

In the darkness of the night, a very adorable kitten was laying on the ground.

The spiritual energy fluctuation that was akin to the breaking through of the Third Realm was caused by her.

Moreover, this kitten was the same one that they saw the previous night.

Her milky-white fur coat was loose, fluffy, and neat.

It appeared very adorable and pretty.

“She is only breaking through the Transformation Realm, yet she is already causing such a huge commotion.

“And she barely has any impurities in her body.

Baijun, can you tell what her bloodline is?” Wang Hu asked as his curiosity increased.

He only took a brief glance yesterday and just thought that the little kitten looked very adorable.

After taking a closer look now, he discovered that she was something extraordinary.

She was only breaking through the Transformation Realm but managed to cause such a huge impact.

He scanned with his divine senses and noticed that her body had very few impurities, which further proves that she was exceptional.

It even reminded him of Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

Di Baijun looked carefully for a few seconds and said seriously, “Her bloodline is very powerful.

She seems to be taking the opportunity of her breakthrough to fully awaken her bloodline.

” “She has not fully awakened yet? How powerful would she be if she had fully awakened?” Wang Hu was surprised and also tempted.

Such a powerful bloodline… if he brought her back and made her a subordinate, it wouldn’t be long before he welcomed his first Divine Body Realm being subordinate.

Di Baijun considered for a while and said sternly, “This bloodline is very powerful.

Although I have never seen it before, it is definitely considered top-class.

” Wang Hu became even more tempted.

What did Silly Girl mean by ‘top-class’? That would be on the level of the White Tiger and the True Dragon.

Suddenly, Di Baijun looked at Wang Hu and said seriously, “The Earth is indeed extraordinary… or, to put it another way, China is extraordinary.

“Otherwise, it should be impossible for a world that has just experienced the awakening of spiritual energy to have such top-class bloodlines.

” Wang Hu’s gaze also turned serious.

He was clear that Silly Girl was reminding him to be even more cautious when dealing with China.

He nodded to show that he understood.

At the same time, he also thought about the strangeness of China.