My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 131

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 131

Chapter 131: The Senior Officials from Various Countries Want to Pay a Visit “Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!” He kissed them quite a few times in succession, leaving behind some saliva on the two little faces that had already blanked out.

At last, Di Baijun couldn’t stand watching anymore.

She came forward and snatched the two little fellows from him.

She wiped off the saliva in disdain and asked somewhat exasperatedly, “What are you doing?” She dressed the two little fellows as she spoke.

After all, they were only in the Transformation Realm and weren’t truly in the Divine Body Realm yet.

Without divine power, they couldn’t transform their fur into clothes.

Wang Hu gave her a sheepish smile before immediately reaching out and giving her a hand while controlling his joy.

Soon, two pretty little sets of clothing were put on the two little fellows.

Unlike Wang Hu and Di Baijun’s period clothing, what they wore were adorable clothes like those that Chinese kids wore.

Two sets of nearly identical clothing—one in black, one in white—made the two little fellows even cuter.

Their adorable appearances gave Wang Hu the urge to hold them in his arms and give them another few kisses again.

Di Baijun pointed with her long, slender finger, and two enormous waves of data entered the two little fellows’ minds.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Little Treasure immediately called out in a young, childish voice—she was speaking Tiger Language.

“Mommy, Daddy,” Big Treasure also called out.





” After responding, Wang Hu couldn’t help leaning forward, intending to kiss the two little fellows again.

“No, don’t.

” With an expression full of resistance, Big Treasure pushed his father’s face away with his two small hands.

Little Treasure also reached out her little hands to help.

Even her lips had turned upward into a pout.

Unfortunately, their resistance was too weak.

However, just as Wang Hu was about to kiss them again, Di Baijun made her move.

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COM Her graceful, elegant hand caught Wang Hu by the ear and pinched it along the way.

“Stop kissing them! Stand aside.

” With her eyes brimming with displeasure and disdain as she glared at him, she pulled him by the ear and dragged him far away from the two little fellows.

Wang Hu didn’t put up any resistance.

He just felt somewhat regretful that he hadn’t managed to kiss them.

However, he recovered in an instant.

They were his children anyway.

He had lots of chances to do so in the future and could just kiss them as many times as he wanted.

After a while, Wang Hu also gained a thorough understanding of the two little fellows’ conditions.

They could transform into their Dao forms as and when they wanted to.

As long as they hadn’t exhausted their Blood Qi, they would be able to continuously sustain the Dao form.

As for exhausting their Blood Qi, under the circumstances where they didn’t fight and even ate full meals every time, it was impossible for something like that to ever happen.

Silly Girl chased him out after that.

The reason for doing so was very simple: she wanted to impart the two little fellows the cultivation method, and his presence got in her way.

The next day came.

Half of the 50-odd divine bodies were already gone.

They had become concentrated flesh and had been stored away.

Barring any accidents, they—as well as the remainder—would all become Di Baijun’s supplements for her recovery.

In the quadrangle, the two little fellows were currently playing with a bunch of other little fellows.

They were still in their Dao forms and looked incredibly adorable.

It was just that they had become much stronger in terms of their strength and speed, resulting in a great contrast between their appearance and their behavior.

The bunch of little fellows originally already no match for them had lost even more ground now.

At noon, Wang Hu received a call from Li Aimin.

A few minutes later, he personally came to Hu County.

Li Aimin and Lieutenant General Wang received him outside.

“Your Excellency, we’ve put all the Second Realm Huis into order.

There are a total of 38,568 Huis.

According to our agreement, Your Excellency can take 3,857 carcasses anytime you want.

” Li Aimin skipped the civilities and said straightforwardly.

Wang Hu was fairly satisfied with such a way of interaction.

At his current position, unless necessary, he was becoming more and more reluctant to engage in so much civility and speak in riddles with the Chinese senior officials.


” He responded and gave a slight nod.

His cool and aloof gaze shifted to Li Aimin, indicating for him to lead the way.

Li Aimin immediately understood what Wang Hu meant.

He said with a smile, “This way, please, Your Excellency.

We’ll bring you over right away.

” A silent Wang Hu strode forward.

Next to them, Lieutenant General Wang was staring at them rather blankly.

What swift progress in things! It was so clean and direct that even a soldier like him wasn’t quite used to it.

However, he naturally wouldn’t comment much about it.

He turned around and followed them.

“Your Excellency, putting aside these 3,000-odd carcasses’ flesh for now, if Your Excellency doesn’t need their bones, claws, and other things like that; you can sell them to us.

We’ll definitely offer you a reasonable price,” said Li Aimin amicably after taking a few steps.

Wang Hu nodded slightly.

“I’ll contact you again if I have no need for them.

” “Sure, any time.

” Li Aimin nodded in satisfaction right away.

A slight pause later, he continued to say with a smile, “Your Excellency, there’s also another matter.

To be honest, you can say that I’m asking this on behalf of someone else.

” Wang Hu’s gaze shifted slightly to the side as he stayed silent, indicating for the other to continue.

Beside them, Lieutenant General Wang—who was watching them—was secretly shocked.

The Tiger King was indeed like what he had heard.

Terribly cold and arrogant, there were probably very few things that could garner his interest.

Li Aimin’s voice turned a little graver as he said, “The senior officials of more than ten countries have confirmed that they’ll be visiting China soon.

“All of them have requested to personally pay Your Excellency a visit.

This concerns Your Excellency, so we, China, naturally cannot take the liberty of making the decision.

Therefore, I’d like to ask if Your Excellency wishes to meet them.

” Wang Hu’s brows subtly furrowed.

After a two-second pause, he replied dispassionately, “I need to go into seclusion recently and am not in the mood to receive guests.

If they are willing to come, I will send my tigers to receive them instead.

” The smile in Li Aimin’s eyes deepened, and he nodded and said, “Alright.

I’ll faithfully relay your response to them.

” Without saying anything else, Li Aimin and Lieutenant General Wang brought Wang Hu to a plaza.

The place was already fully laid with Second Realm Hui carcasses at this point.

Wang Hu’s gaze roughly swept across them.

Then, vast, majestic divine power surged out of him.

He lifted the carcasses that weighed tens of thousands of tons into the air at one go and flew straight toward Tiger King’s Cave.

When the astounding sight—which looked as though a convergence of thunderclouds or a hand lifting a mountain—went far into the distance, Lieutenant General Wang couldn’t stop himself from sighing.

He remarked, “That power is honestly terrifying.

The Third Realm is too powerful.

” “The Third Realm is indeed powerful, but the more powerful one is still the Tiger King,” Beside him, Li Aimin replied meaningfully.

Lieutenant General Wang thought back to the massacre yesterday.

At once, he nodded in full agreement.

… When Wang Hu returned to Tiger King’s Cave with the carcasses that weighed tens of thousands of tons, he set them down at the foot of the mountain and immediately summoned the many Transformation Realm animals over.

When the animals arrived, Wang Hu said, “From now on, these Hui carcasses will be food for all of you.

The hunting team doesn’t need to hunt for now.

“There are too many Hui carcasses here, and they can’t be stored for long either.

All of you are to bring some with you and send them to the tigers.

“Wang Liang is in charge of the concrete planning.

He will make the necessary arrangements next.

” Roar~! “Understood.

” All the animals answered.

Then, Wang Hu dismissed the animals, keeping only Wang Liang there.

He brought out 18 space bags and started to give Wang Liang instructions.