My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 127

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Golden Lightning Wang Hu’s gaze shifted, and he gave Old Second a long, hard look; causing Old Second to avoid his gaze and lower his own head.


” Wang Hu chuckled and asked aloofly, “What’s inappropriate about it?” Wang Liang opened his mouth.

He was about to speak when Wang Hu smacked him on the head, causing him to cry out in pain.

“Playing little tricks with me, are you? What exactly do you want to say?” Wang Hu’s voice deepened a little.

Wang Liang secretly curled his lip.

Then, he said with a smile, “Big Brother, it seems like Jun Wen has some pretty lofty ambitions all this time! I feel that his actions aren’t just for the tigers’ sake—but also for his own sake.

” As he spoke, his tone became fairly serious.

Wang Hu cast a couple of glances at Old Second.

Seemingly unconcerned, he asked calmly, “So what even if that’s the case?” For a moment, Wang Liang found himself somewhat at a loss for words as he stared at his eldest brother’s indifferent demeanor.

It was as though he was saying some kind of superfluous rubbish.

His expression turned completely serious, and he said, “Big Brother, I feel that Jun Wen isn’t such a simple person.

He may not really be that loyal to you, Big Brother.

” Wang Hu couldn’t help but smile.

The corners of his lips curled upward, and he said calmly but confidently, “No, he’s very loyal.

” Wang Liang stared blankly at his brother for a moment.

Then, he frowned, lowered his voice, and said, “Big Brother, you mustn’t let him hoodwink you.

” .



Wang Hu’s calm and composed gaze shifted momentarily toward the outside of the cave.

Then, he said meaningfully, “I told you, he’s very loyal.

That’s because I’m stronger than he is.

It’s just like all the animals outside the cave.

” Then, he turned and walked into the depths of the cave.

Wang Liang stood blankly on the spot.

‘That’s because I’m stronger than he is.

It’s just like all the animals outside the cave…’ A sort of understanding surged up in the depths of his mind.

It was just that as though it was covered by a layer of gauze, it felt like it was a little short of something.

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COM A long while later, the furrows in his brows slowly relaxed, and he let out a chuckle.

So, that was what it was.

As expected, his scoundrel of a Big Brother saw things the clearest after all.

Indeed, as long as Big Brother was stronger than Jun Wen and all the animals outside the cave, all of them would have to submit to him.

If Big Brother became weaker than them one day… the outcome naturally didn’t need any further explanation.

Big Brother had long since been aware that Jun Wen wasn’t loyal; neither did he care.

He treated Jun Wen the same way as how he treated every other member of the species.

Big Brother probably didn’t care how loyal they were at all.

What he wanted were strong and capable subordinates.

This was Big Brother’s confidence.

As long as he was still around, Jun Wen would have to behave and serve under him.

Wang Liang felt greatly relieved.

Then, a hint of contempt arose in him.

 Well, that makes sense too.

Even I can’t get out of that scoundrel of a Big Brother’s clutches, let alone Jun Wen.

But I should still fight for the things that I should fight for.

That scoundrel of a Big Brother would never show me any favoritism in this aspect.

It’s better that I trample on Jun Wen, regardless.

He walked toward the exit of the cave as he thought to himself.

Wang Hu didn’t take Old Second’s words to heart.

He returned to the room to see that Silly Girl was in the midst of circulating her energy and recuperating.

He didn’t disturb her and started to cultivate instead.

More than four months had passed since his breakthrough to the Third Realm.

Due to various reasons causing delays, he hadn’t been able to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his cultivation during the last few months.

However, his divine body had nevertheless reached a shoulder height of 15 meters.

His strength had also roughly doubled as compared to when he had first broken through.

His other attributes had also become stronger and undergone significant improvements.

In terms of his special abilities, he was now able to coordinate and use his three major special abilities even more smoothly.

His Power of the Wind special ability hadn’t improved much.

As for the White Tiger Battle Art and Wind-Riding Divine Art, despite not having spent much time cultivating, both had entered the rudimentary stage.

Wang Hu reckoned that—even with an aptitude like his, without any special circumstances—he would still need a few years to attain the first stage.

This had also allowed him to personally experience the special abilities’ formidability.

Putting aside how hard it was to even obtain powerful special abilities, even if he had obtained them, cultivating them would also be a huge problem.

Take these two divine arts for example.

Even if Wang Hu imparted them to the other tigers, would they be able to cultivate these when they reached the Third Realm? Wang Hu was sure that only a scant few could attain the first stage while they were in the Third Realm.

As for attaining the second stage, he wasn’t sure if anyone could achieve it.

He wasn’t looking down on the other tigers.

Rather, this was the truth.

From this, one could tell how extraordinary the two special abilities were, as well as how important special abilities were.

During the next few days, Wang Hu stayed home and cultivated diligently, entrusting everything else to Old Second and Jun Wen.

Meanwhile, he also quietly waited for news from China.

At the same time, the whole of China was experiencing changes—both big and small, but all truly existing—that had arisen from the possible Hu County alternate world war.

Even the ordinary masses had slowly realized that something was amiss because large-scale evacuation had started again in the few county cities around Hu County.

There was naturally no way that such a huge commotion could be kept hush-hush.

All sorts of rumors and speculations were already making their rounds on the Internet.

However, thanks to an intangible force, this didn’t attract too much attention within Chinese borders.

Surprisingly, it was some other countries that were more nervous.

There was no way that China would be able to keep the commotion a secret from them, of course.

Neither did China think of keeping a secret from them.

In fact, they even specially informed them about it beforehand.

Those countries were very much well aware of something—if China couldn’t hold them back, then disaster might really befall Earth.

Who knew how many Third Realm experts would descend upon Earth? In India… India’s leader had a deep frown on his face.

In front of him, someone was currently solemnly giving him a report.

“Sir, China has officially made a request to the council.

They are going to use the first batch of weapons for the world allied forces that they’ve prepared in this war.

“They hope that the other countries in the council can help to make up for what China lacks.

They will compensate us for it after the war.

” India’s leader’s frown deepened.

After some consideration, he said coldly, “Agree to their request.

Get ready to discuss an equal split with the other three countries.

” “Understood.

” … The other four countries in the council all agreed to China’s request.

Although they hadn’t said anything, their stances were very clear; they had to try their best to fight back against the invading alternate world.

They absolutely mustn’t allow them to break through China’s defenses.

For a while, every major country’s attention was focused on China.

An air of grimness and tension pervaded the atmosphere.

Every one of them knew that given the firearms in each human country’s possession at the moment, the alternate worlds would never be able to invade Earth with Second Realm cultivators.

They needed cultivators of Third Realm-level combat power at the minimum.

Only then would it be possible.

However, the spiritual energy density level in every part of Earth hadn’t reached the Third Realm yet.

Thus, Third Realm experts had no way of entering at all.

Only the Third Realm cultivators from the alternate worlds in China could enter Earth.

In the eyes of the various countries around the world, China was the cultivation mecca on the whole of Earth.

At the same time, they were also Earth’s biggest loophole.

At this current point in time, most of them weren’t even worried about alternate worlds invading their own countries.

What they were worried about was alternate worlds invading China instead.

Should that happen, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Numerous satellites from every major country kept round-the-clock surveillance on the Hu County alternate world.

China was well aware of it.

However, they didn’t voice any dissatisfaction but only stepped up their war preparations.

Today, in the Hu County alternate world, the original peace and quiet in the area where the world passage was… was suddenly shattered.

Several Huis flapped their wings and flew over from afar.

Among them was an indeterminate number of Transformation Realm Huis, and leading them at the forefront were large numbers of Divine Body Realm Huis.

As though they knew the precise location, they made a beeline for the world passage.

At the world passage, horror filled the tiny eyes of an ordinary-looking little bird as it stared at the innumerable Huis.

Its wings flapped at extreme speed, and it flew toward the world passage.

There were but just a few meters between the two, and it took only a split-second for them to reach the bird.

However, it was exactly during this split-second that the little bird exploded into a mist of blood with a loud bang.

Then, an extremely vast and majestic wave of power swept across it, leaving behind absolutely nothing.

Several thousand feet above the world passage, a Hui had appeared at some point.

Its wings were spread, and it measured a whole several hundred meters.

Its physique was as though a mountain.

Its incredibly powerful aura made even the whole place abnormally quiet.

A faint look of interest surfaced in its eyes.

“A body possession technique! How interesting.

Judging from how it was keeping watch here, it looks like they’ve already completed their war preparations.

” Then, an arrogant and contemptuous look appeared on its face.

So what even if a world that had only just experienced a so-called awakening of spiritual energy had completed their war preparations? It reached out its long claws and swiped right at the world passage.

Silent explosions erupted in the dimension, and a gigantic claw formed from vast, mighty power appeared.

Looks of reverence appeared on the faces of all the Huis flying over.

The next instant, the claw collided with the world passage, passing right through it and smashing hard onto the ground.

Boom! Reverberations went through the forests.

All the mountains, rocks, and trees within several hundred meters were reduced to dust, and the ground level was lowered by several meters.

A surprised look came over the Hui’s countenance.

As expected of a world passage.

Was it because it didn’t exist in this world that no one could strike it? He changed his mind and swooped down toward the world passage.

Seemingly in just an instant, the Hui had entered the world passage and then exited.

It was frowning slightly and somewhat displeased.

Its icy gaze shifted toward the other Huis that had already flown near.

“Greetings, Patriarch!” As though an earth-shattering boom, neat, organized voices filled with reverence dispersed the white clouds within 50 kilometers of where they were.

All the Huis, including the Divine Body Realm ones, lowered their heads.

As the Hui overlooked its brethren in front of it, its icy and somewhat violent and savage voice rang out.

“At the other side of this world passage is a tiny world with only two Divine Body Realm cultivators.

Countless benefits are hidden there.

“And now, all those that can enter are to go in, enslave, and seize everything in that world.

” Roar~! Brutal and fervent roars and growls instantly shot right through the clouds.

Without saying anything more, under the lead of several Divine Body Realm Huis, the Huis charged toward the world passage.

… At Hu County… Another normal day dawned.

Suddenly, blood drained from the face of a young man in the military camp as though his soul had suffered heavy damage.

However, he didn’t have the leisure of giving any attention to his agony.

He hastily looked at another soldier next to him and said with great difficulty, “The part of my soul that I’ve left in a little bird has been destroyed.

I can’t tell what has happened at all.

” The soldier’s expression immediately turned incredibly grave.

After nodding, he immediately reported the situation to top-level management.

Lieutenant General Wang, who was in charge of the Hu County war troops, received the report after just a few seconds.

He, who had been staying in the command room every moment of the day, had an even more serious look on his face now.

He looked like he was in his forties or fifties.

With a look filled with resolute determination on his face, he said loudly without any hesitation, “Prepare to go to war immediately!” “Understood.

” The dozens of people in the command room responded at once, and several commands were given to all the troops at the fastest speed.

At this point, Lieutenant General Wang had already gotten through to Dong Pingtao’s phone.

He said quickly, “Leader, the Huis have likely come.

War may break out any moment.

” Dong Pingtao’s pupils contracted severely.

Then, his steady and strong voice rang out.

“Contact the Tiger King and ask him to go over.

” “Understood,” answered Lieutenant General Wang loudly.

He looked at Li Tong, who had been with him since a few days ago, and nodded.

Li Tong was already holding on to a cell phone a long time ago.

On the screen was none other than that phone number.

He pressed down hard with his thumb.

In Tiger King’s Cave, Wang Hu—who was in the midst of cultivating—was awakened by the ringing of the phone.

He picked up the call.

“Your Excellency, the Huis may be here,” said Li Tong quickly and straightforwardly without bothering with any civilities.

Wang Hu raised an eyebrow.

Without saying anything, he hung up.

Then, he smiled at Silly Girl—who had also been alarmed—next to him and said, “Wait here.

I’ll be back soon.

” A golden streak of light rushed out of Tiger King’s Cave right after he spoke and shot toward the south.

Di Baijun’s graceful brows furrowed slightly, and a look of worry surfaced uncontrollably in her cool eyes.

… At Hu County… The whole army sprung to action like a torrent.

Several kilometers, up to even dozens of kilometers, away from the world passage; innumerable muzzles assumed their positions within one second and took aim at every single nook and cranny in the dimension within five kilometers of the world passage.

Innumerable pairs of tense and determined eyes bore hard into the world passage.

With their ears cocked, they followed their orders.

For a while, the whole world there seemed to have fallen dead silent.

Suddenly— Roar~! A roar filled with ruthlessness and excitement broke the dead silence with a loud rumble.

Inside the world passage, an enormous creature flapping its wings flew out and let out a long roar into the sky.

As though the floodgates had been opened and the deluge that had accumulated within was all gushing out, Huis fought against each other to surge out of the world passage.

Huis numbering a few to over ten of them came out of the world passage each time.

At this instant, the whole army at Hu County was tense all over.

The elderly faces of the cabinet members in front of the screen were filled with determination and frostiness.

Meanwhile, all the major countries’ surveillance centers also promptly reported the situation.

The horrifying scenes were immediately presented to the senior officials of every country.

“Are those the Third Realm Huis? They look just like demons!” “So many Third Realm Huis!” “The Huis! There are so many Third Realm ones!” … Exclamations rang out uncontrollably in every part of the world.

In the command room, Lieutenant General Wang clenched his fists tightly.

His mouth was ajar so that he could yell ‘Open fire!’ any moment.

When 100 Huis that looked just like several small mountains appeared, Lieutenant General Wang stared hard at the screen.

Just as he was about to yell those two words, suddenly—! “Chief, the Tiger King has arrived!” An exclamation rang out, causing Lieutenant General Wang and the others to look over.

The person hastily said, “I saw golden light arriving in the video just now.

” Lieutenant General Wang was just about to say something when an astounding sight on the main screen caught them off-guard like lightning in fair skies the next instant.

Above the world passage, the 100 Huis were roaring and growling excitedly.

Their terrifying momentum blotted out the skies like dark thunderclouds.

All of a sudden, a golden lightning bolt cut across the sky.

As though a sword, it ripped apart everything standing in its path.

A streak of golden light had only just flashed across the vision of the many Divine Body Realm Huis there when the same golden light streak weaved right through them in the middle the next instant.

Bam! Very, very soft thuds much like the sound of pebbles striking the water surface rang out seven times in succession.

Yet, it was also as if it had only rung out once.

The aura around the seven Divine Body Realm Huis blocking the golden light’s path rapidly weakened.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into dead silence.

Their faces were full of incredulity and horror as their enormous bodies slammed heavily onto the ground at the same time.

Boom! As though mountains had crashed onto the ground, seven huge pits formed.

Blood filled the pits in a split-second.

As though someone had tightened their grip around the Huis’ throats, those roars and growls filled with excitement came to an abrupt stop.