My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 125

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 125

Chapter 125: A Common but Powerful Man Wang Hu’s eyes narrowed slightly—Dong Pingtao wanted to see him! Immediately, he understood that the situation at the Hu County alternate world might be worse than what Li Aimin said.

It was headed towards war.

He thought briefly for less than a minute and said without changing his tone, “Okay.

” Li Aimin breathed a small sigh of relief and quickly said, “Tomorrow, 10 in the morning, in the Ming County 150 kilometers away from Hu County; we shall wait for Your Excellency there.

What do you think?” “Sure.

” Wang Hu agreed without hesitation.

After the call ended, Wang Hu’s brows furrowed.

Di Baijun, who had been beside him all along, was also frowning.

She heard the call from beginning to end, and she knew what the situation was like.

“War is coming?” She spoke with a hint of worry.

She worried not about herself but about ‘Tiger King’s Cave’, their newly established organization.

Once war broke out with the Hu County alternate world, their territory would definitely be affected since they were so near.

It might even… Di Baijun looked at the jerk.

She had a feeling that if war truly broke out, this jerk would be involved, too.




Wang Hu nodded his head.

He thought about what the meeting tomorrow would be like.

What would Dong Pingtao say? What would his bottom line requirements be? ‘Till what extent could he do? He was so deep in his thoughts that he was not in the mood to talk to Silly Girl.

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COM Di Baijun noticed; she pursed her lips but did not interrupt him.

She pondered over it herself as she waited.

An unknown amount of time later, after having a rough idea, Wang Hu came back to his senses and immediately noticed that Silly Girl was looking at him without even blinking.

His heart, which was originally feeling heavy, immediately felt a sense of warmth and inexplicable confidence—he felt a strong power supporting him.

He extended his hands and pulled Silly Girl into a hug—ignoring the struggle that was more for show than actual resistance.

He smelled the faint scent of her hair and spoke softly, “Baijun, I’m so lucky to have you.

” Di Baijun’s nose wrinkled, her eyes looking at him with displeasure, seeming to say ‘as if it wasn’t obvious’.

She raised her chin haughtily, and hesitation flickered before her eyes as she felt an unwillingness to be lagging behind.

She spoke seriously, “Why think so much? At most, we just have to hold it in for a few years until I recover.

Then, we don’t have to worry about anything.

” Her confident and bossy voice made Wang Hu laugh—this Silly Girl.

He looked at her serious expression, and his eyes turned even more loving.

Silly, in terms of combat power, was there a need to wait for you? Your husband is the strongest on this Earth! However… There were many things that could not be resolved using strength alone.

Based on what he expected, he might have to collaborate with China again.

However, he did not think that collaboration on this level would come so quickly.

The strength of Tiger King’s Cave now was still lacking.

However, things didn’t always go as planned.

It was no use lamenting about things that were out of control.

The thing that made his heart feel heavy was… how should he react to this collaboration? His mind was only half-preoccupied with the possible invasion by the alternate world.

The other half was thinking about the current and aftereffects of the matter and how they should respond.

He paused and said softly, “Don’t worry, your husband will handle it well.

Our Baijun can just rest well at home.

” Even though it was incompatible with her personality, Di Baijun still felt a little touched and happy to hear that.

It felt similar to the days that her father and mother were still around and she did not have to worry about anything.

She frowned, thought for a moment, and then spoke in a serious voice, “Don’t overestimate yourself.

” “Ha! I won’t overestimate myself! I still have you, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure to think about.

No matter what, I won’t die.

“I want to be with you all forever.

” Wang Hu kept on thinking of the sweet-nothings that he could say to Silly Girl, so he could see her shy and bashful expression.

Di Baijun glared bashfully at the jerk and chose to change the topic to something serious.

“Then, do we have to move homes?” Wang Hu pondered for a while.

Even though he was confident, he couldn’t be completely sure that their home wouldn’t be affected.

He said gently, “You can start thinking about how to move.

I will also inform Old Second and Jun Wen to let them be prepared.

Put the other matters aside first… let’s wait and see.

“Who knows? Maybe things won’t end up in a war.

” “Okay.

” Di Baijun nodded and agreed.

“If it eventually ends in war, I will be focused on the battlefield.

I entrust our home in your hands.

“We have already laid the rules; those cannot be changed and must be resolutely carried out.

Old Second and Jun Wen are not authoritative enough, so it is all up to you.

” Wang Hu thought for a while and decided to tell her these.

He was afraid that, once the situation got out of control, she might forget about it.

“Don’t worry, I will handle it better than you.

” Di Baijun said disapprovingly, feeling that she was looked down upon.

Wang Hu immediately smiled and nodded his head.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Of course, our Baijun would do better than me.

” “Why do I feel that you are just trying to appease me?” Di Baijun’s eyes narrowed, and she looked at Wang Hu.

“I am being so serious that I can’t be more serious, I swear.

” Wang Hu’s expression immediately turned serious.

Di Baijun looked at him a few more times, feeling doubtful.

She wanted to say something, but Wang Hu could no longer hold in his urge.

This Silly Girl… she did not know how tempting she looked when her normally aloof yet beautiful face made those little expressions.

It was tempting him to be a sinner.

“Let’s not talk anymore.

Let Hubby kiss you.

” As he said, he laid kisses on her.


” ····· At this point, Li Aimin and other cabinet members were having a video conference.

“As everyone has heard, the Tiger King has agreed to the meeting tomorrow,” Li Aimin spoke solemnly after ending the call.

He paused and continued.

“However, I still disagree about Leader personally going to Ming County tomorrow.

Ming County was too close to Hu County.

” Among the other Cabinet Elders, some also wanted to speak.

However, Dong Pingtao raised his hand and stopped them.

He spoke calmly, but his tone carried a palpable sense of authority and dominance.

“The situation at Hu County happened so suddenly, and a war may break out anytime.

“We don’t have much time left.

We need to prepare for the worst.

“We also don’t have the time to drag things out with Tiger King.

We need to settle on it in one go.

Only if I personally met him can we show our biggest sincerity.

” No other Cabinet Elders had anything to add.

They just nodded silently and solemnly.

Dong Pingtao continued to speak about urgent matters.

“I will set off later after making arrangements.

I will leave all the matters of the rear in your hands.

“Hurry up and settle the matters of evacuation.

Make sure everyone evacuates.

Once a war breaks out, they would be of no use if they stayed in the Hu County alternate world—only death awaits.

“We can’t use the children’s lives for meaningless things.

Old Chen, you shall oversee it personally, and no one must obstruct you.

” Chen Jianguo, who oversaw the matters of the alternate world, nodded.

He already sent out the order for everyone to retreat.

However, Dong Pingtao emphasized it again now.

It was simple, as there would certainly be people who did not want to leave because of various reasons.

What reasons exactly? Everyone knew.

“As for other alternate worlds, we need to be even more alert.

We must not put our guards down.

“If there is nothing else, the meeting ends here.

” Dong Pingtao concluded.

After the meeting ended, Dong Pingtao made further arrangements and flew to the North in a private plane.

A night passed by quickly.

Next morning at 09:20… Wang Hu opened his eyes, stopped the circulation of his energy, nodded his head at Silly Girl, and left the bed to walk out of the room.

Di Baijun opened her eyes and sent him off.

After his figure could not be seen, she suppressed her worry and continued to recuperate.

Once he exited from the cave, he saw Su Ling leading the beasts in reciting the Tiger King rules and regulations and the five tigers beside them who were reciting the tiger species rules and regulations.

Both parties’ voices were loud as if competing to drown out each other’s voices.

He did not interrupt them.

He morphed into a golden flash and disappeared into the southwest direction.

At 09:50… The highway that led from Ming County towards the suburbs near Tiger King’s Cave was blockaded, and powerful men in black suits were standing guard, observing the surroundings.

In the center, a few figures stood and appeared to be waiting for something.

“Leader, we only have 10 minutes left until the agreed timing, but the Tiger King has not yet arrived.

You have not slept for the whole night; please sit and rest while you wait,” A middle-aged man standing behind Dong Pingtao said, feeling concerned.

The other men, including Li Tong who was specially deployed over, were silent, but they showed the same message on their faces.

The chair was just two meters away.

Dong Pingtao smiled slightly but shook his head.

His voice was not stern, but it did not lack in power.

“It’s alright.

To think of it, this is my first time meeting the Tiger King.

Of course, I have to show sincerity.

“Besides, I am actually feeling quite nervous now.

I’m very awake.

” The friendly words made the people around him smile.

Li Tong joked, “Leader, the meeting between you and the Tiger King is definitely a monumental one.

This will be in the history books.

” “Hahaha.

” Dong Pingtao laughed lightly and did not say anything more.

Soon, another two minutes passed.

The quiet atmosphere was interrupted by a golden flash.

By the time the lightning-like golden flash was noticed by people, this golden light had traveled across the sky and landed in front of Dong Pingtao before they could even react.

An imposing and huge figure appeared in front of everyone.

A palpable dominance swept across the scene.

At this moment, almost everyone’s body was tight with tension—especially the men in black who stood in the surrounding.

They looked on with death glares and were ready to take action.

However, it was clear that they had received prior instructions.

Although they were on high alert, they did not panic nor did they take action.

The few men who stood beside Dong Pingtao could not hide their grave faces, as they felt almost like a mountain weighed down on them.

Only Dong Pingtao’s face turned slightly earnest, and he turned to look at the figure a few meters away with a smile.

It appeared that he was the only one who was unaffected.

Wang Hu looked on with a hint of interest.

He might have never seen Dong Pingtao before, but he was not unfamiliar with this man.

For the first time, he believed in a saying… Some people might lack physical power, but they were by no means weak.

For example, Dong Pingtao who he was facing.

Dong Pingtao only had a bit of True Qi cultivation.

Compared to Wang Hu, his power was nothing.

Yet, out of all the people present who were affected by his dominating aura, this elderly man was the least affected.

An invisible yet strong power coming from the elderly made Wang Hu feel that this elderly was not weaker than him.

It made Wang Hu unable to be indifferent towards him at all; rather, it made him feel that this was a very important man.

This feeling was not felt from Chen Jianguo or even Li Aimin.

“Haha, Your Excellency, we finally meet,” Dong Pingtao spoke expectantly and with a bright smile that everyone present had not seen on his face before.

Wang Hu nodded briefly as a greeting, and he said coolly, “Yes, we finally meet.

” “I’m just an old man.

I may have disappointed Your Excellency,” Dong Pingtao said in a self-deprecating manner.

The few men who stood beside him were surprised by what their Leader said.

They would not have believed it if they had not seen it with their own eyes.

Wang Hu was also a little surprised.

He continued to say coolly, “I am not disappointed.

In fact, I am a little surprised.

” His cold attitude did not make the people who heard it think that it was fake.

They even felt that this imposing and cold figure disdained lying.

“Oh?” Dong Pingtao’s curiosity piqued.

“What part of me made you surprised?” “You are the first person below the Third Realm that made me feel that you are very strong.

” Wang Hu did not exaggerate.

He simply spoke his mind with coldness.

At this moment, he did not feel much emotion after meeting Dong Pingtao.

Regardless of how many thoughts went through his mind yesterday, he was feeling calm now.

He even felt that he could speak freely with this man, which came from a sense of meeting someone on the same level as him.

This feeling was different from speaking to Silly Girl and was also different from speaking with Li Aimin or Chen Jianguo.

It felt light-hearted.

Since it was just a few words, he just said frankly.

“Hahaha, I am so honored,” Dong Pingtao said joyfully.

Wang Hu did not react.

Dong Pingtao pondered for a while and said to the people by his side, “Move to one side first.

I would like to speak with the Tiger King in private.

” The few men did not hesitate.

They agreed and moved to one side.

Dong Pingtao took a new look at Wang Hu.

He extended his hand in an invitation and said while smiling, “Your Excellency, would you walk with me? We can talk while we walk.

” Wang Hu nodded his head.

They walked side by side slowly along the highway.

A few men followed after them about a hundred meters away.

They dare not eavesdrop on the conversation between the two, but they were able to take a look.

As they looked, they suddenly realized that they were witnessing history.

The world’s most powerful man and the world’s strongest being were walking together.

As they thought, they felt an inexplicable joy, anticipation, and seriousness.

… “To be honest, I have wanted to walk and talk like this with Your Excellency for a long time.

” Dong Pingtao initiated the conversation sincerely.

Wang Hu did not sense any untruth and felt curious.

“Why?” “There are work-related reasons and private reasons.

Would Your Excellency be willing to listen?” Dong Pingtao took a glance at Wang Hu and said with a smile.

“Speak,” replied Wang Hu.

“Then, let me share about my private reasons first.

” Dong Pingtao nodded and exhaled.

He spoke with a slight excitement, “Come to think of it, Your Excellency should be around my age if we counted in human years, am I right?” Wang Hu had not seen that coming.

He did not expect that the world’s most powerful man would talk about a matter like this.

However, he did a little calculation and felt a little sentimental.

That seemed to be right.