My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 123

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Warning the Two Tigers Various opinions were published in the newspapers and spread around the Internet.

Wang Hu, who had been paying attention to this matter, saw it as well, and he read through the numerous comments.

On this day, they were taking a break from their journey.

Wang Hu instructed Old Third and Jun Yong to hunt, and he looked towards Old Second and Jun Wen.

He spoke calmly, “You have read much about the humans forming allied forces in the past few days.

What thoughts do you have?” Wang Liang and Jun Wen subconsciously looked at each other briefly and turned their heads away.

Wang Liang thought for a while and said, “Jun Wen, you go first.

” Jun Wen nodded and spoke with a grave tone.

“My lord, this shows that the pressure the humans are facing has increased.

Humans and the various species working together to fight against the alternate worlds would be the general trend of development in the future.

“After all, regardless if it’s another species or our tiger species; the stronger we become and the more benefits we enjoy on Earth, the more we don’t want the alternate world to invade.

“I think that this is a good opportunity for our tiger species.

We can use this as an excuse to receive more benefits from humans and use it to strengthen our tiger species.

“As for fighting against the alternate world, our tiger species must not put in too much effort, or else our sacrifice might become too huge.

“In the end, it would be best if the conflict between Earth’s inhabitants and the alternate world can end in an internecine outcome—or if the humans were left with little power.

Then, our tiger species can rise up to unify the world.

” .



Wang Hu’s expression did not change.

He was unsurprised by the speech Jun Wen just gave.

He saw through this rascal: Jun Wen had great aspirations and was determined to strengthen the tiger species, even if it meant using unscrupulous means.

It was normal for him to say something like this.

He only wanted to benefit but refused to put in effort and even schemed to replace the humans’ hegemonic role.

As for what other thoughts this rascal had, Wang Hu was not bothered.

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COM Wang Liang took a closer look at Jun Wen and was surprised: For this rascal to be capable of perceiving all that, he was indeed astute.

No wonder Big Brother specially regarded him.

Moreover, he was unscrupulous.

The more important thing was… he spoke of such unscrupulous means in such a candid and matter-of-fact way, which was even harder to come by.

He probably didn’t think of his thoughts as unscrupulous.

As Wang Liang thought, he became wary of this guy.

This Jun Wen would be very hard to deal with.

Seeing that his Big Brother was not about to speak, Wang Liang pondered and said, “Big Brother, Jun Wen made sense, but it will be tough to execute it.

In a moment of folly, it might result in a huge invasion by the alternate world.

I think that we can only decide after seeing how things go.

” Wang Hu was noncommittal, and he said coolly, “You also read the comments online; what do you think?” Jun Wen was a little disappointed to see that the Tiger King had not agreed readily to what he said.

Upon hearing the question, he immediately answered, “My lord, we can see that this so-called first-ever Human Countries Allied Forces was just an instance of the infighting among humans.

“It may appear that the big countries have put in a lot, but it’s mainly the lives of the humans in smaller countries that are being used to defend against the alternate world.

“This is a huge weakness that humans have—their incessant infighting.

In the future, our tiger species can also make use of this to maximize our interests.

” Again, Wang Hu did not voice his opinions, and his gaze shifted.

It was Wang Liang’s turn to speak.

“Big Brother, I agree with what Jun Wen said.

The big countries have begun to sense the importance of numbers.

“I have been paying attention to the changes in laws and policies of the big countries, and I noticed that in the past, the big countries had tried to control their population… but now, they are encouraging more childbirth.

“A larger population means that the possibility of having more geniuses and strong people increases.

“Today, the Earth continues to expand, and the resources continue to increase.

It is more than enough to sustain human survival.

“Hence, the big countries are getting ready for the imminent war, and the small countries are just being used as scapegoats—the big countries are reserving their population and strength.

“However, the formation of the first human allied forces is also good news for the humans.

This represented a start of further development.

“As long as they continue the momentum, the relationship between the human countries will inevitably grow closer.

” Jun Wen looked calmly at Wang Liang and thought to himself: He’s quite a talent for him to be able to perceive these things.

He’s completely different from that fool Wang Shan.

Wang Hu listened and was quite satisfied.

Regardless if it was Jun Wen or Old Second, they were able to look to the future and had wisdom, which was very hard to come by.

He could continue to discuss such things with them in the future.

It was better than discussing it with Silly Girl.

After all, Silly Girl disliked such things, especially things involving conspiracies and schemes.

Might as well just leave it out of her hands.

Wang Hu thought briefly and decided to share the general policy of the tiger species for the future with the two tigers.

“Pretty well said.

Collaborating with the humans to defend against the alternate world should be the general trend in the future.

“However, if they want our tiger species to join in, they need to give us the respective benefits that are befitting our status.

Only then can this be a joint effort on equal standing.

“Else, we would just be some muscle that the humans made use of.

“More importantly, we can collaborate with the humans and even befriend them, but our main relationship with them will be of competition.

“Both of you have to remember this and never let your guards down.

“Because we want to be stronger than them, and they want to be stronger than us—this is a point of conflict that has no solution.

” “Yes.

” Jun Wen and Wang Liang nodded and agreed solemnly.

“One more thing—before the strength of our tiger species becomes strong enough, we won’t be in contact with the humans.

“By default, this would be the general policy the tiger species will adopt for our relationship with humans in the future.

“As for how it goes in the end, we shall judge according to the situation.

” Wang Liang and Jun Wen complied again and ingrained this policy into their minds.

“Oh, another thing… since we now have other species joining us, we shall abide by the law of nature: the strong shall come out on top of the rest.

“Of course, I will give a little more benefit to the tiger species, but eventually, it depends on yourselves.

“Remember, I do not want to see anything messy happen.

Understand?” Wang Hu looked at the two tigers—especially Jun Wen, and he added a hint of warning in his tone.

Wang Liang and Jun Wen felt a jolt and lowered their heads in compliance.

“Yes, we understand.

” Wang Hu did not actually believe in their answers.

The smart always loved to think that they could outsmart everything and everyone; they always thought a lot and did a lot.

As the number of Transformation Realms that joined him increased, it was not hard to imagine that various troublesome issues would also arise.

Wang Hu was certain that these troublesome matters were created by the smart.

It was simple.

The subordinates under him would inevitably be fighting for things such as status, profits, dignity, and more.

Wang Hu was unable to stop it from happening; neither could he do anything about it forming.

Because his subordinates were not robots or puppets, they all had their own temper, emotions, and thoughts.

They also abided by the law of the strongest being the most respected; naturally, they would compete instead of live in harmony.

Even Wang Hu made use of the point ‘the strongest were the most respected’ to subdue the subordinates of different species—how was he to stop that from happening? Hence, what Wang Hu could do was to place limits and provide a platform for them to compete.

They were not allowed to injure someone to the point of causing a handicap, and the platform was based on fairness and justice.

Most subordinates would abide, but there would certainly be some who wouldn’t.

For example, the unscrupulous Jun Wen and the smart Old Second.

If they encountered certain things, they would certainly be thinking of ways to work around the rules and regulations—because they were smart.

That was hard to solve.

Hence, the smart often made their superiors love and hate them.

If they really went against certain rules—for example, if Old Second broke a rule, what can Wang Hu do about it? Kill him? Beat him till he was paralyzed? Obviously, that wouldn’t be possible.

The current Wang Hu was definitely unable to cut off his kinship and punish his family.

Therefore, to avoid being in a difficult position in the future, Wang Hu could only give a warning now, remind them occasionally, and prevent it from happening in the future.

He took a deep look at Jun Wen and looked at Wang Liang.

Still, Wang Hu felt it wasn’t foolproof enough.

Never mind.

A warning like this was not impactful at all.

I will look for an opportunity in the future to give either of them a good beating; that should serve as a good enough warning.

After wrapping up his thoughts and finishing what he wanted to say, Wang Hu started circulating his energy to cultivate.

Wang Liang and Jun Wen also began to cultivate, except they were preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Occasionally—either by coincidence or other reasons, their gazes met each other’s, and they would look away calmly as if nothing happened.

Yet, a division that grew stronger and stronger appeared in their hearts at the same time.

For some inexplicable reason, without feuding with each other, they had the same thought in their minds… Their personalities didn’t match, and they didn’t want to become closer to each other.

Seemed like they were destined not to bond with each other and remain incompatible.

At the same time, a sense of mutual distrust took root in their hearts, just waiting to bear fruit one day.

… They continued in their journey to search for Transformation Realm beings.

A few days passed, and Wang Hu finally carefully combed through the huge territory.

Although Wang Hu wasn’t certain if they had missed any being, he felt that he had completed this task.

As long as he felt that way, naturally, there wasn’t anyone who… no, there was one who could stop him, but that person happened to not be around.

Hence, Wang Hu eagerly decided that they should return home.

He activated his four-times speed.

The golden flash was incredibly fast, and it appeared almost like a strike of lightning.

Wang Liang and the other tigers were unable to react at all.

They could not see a thing in their surroundings and might even get dizzy if they tried to look closely.

Just like that, they reached home, feeling uncomfortable throughout the journey.

At this point, in a short span of a month, the surroundings of Wang Hu’s home had undergone significant changes.

First of all, it was much livelier.

Many figures could be seen dashing through the forest.

They belonged to different species, yet they had not fought with each other.

There were two most eye-catching areas; both of them were at the wide quadrangle.

One area was where 11 little fellows of different species had gathered.

They played together and chased after one another.

Out of them, the ones in the center were certainly Big Treasure and Little Treasure as the other nine joined forces in fighting the two of them.

However, the outcome was the same.

They were knocked down to the ground one by one by Big Treasure and Little Treasure, and then their cheers could be heard all over the quadrangle, appearing to be incredibly happy.

Luckily, they knew that they must not use all their force since it was just playing.

Moreover, they also cherished their playmates that were hard to come by, so they were very careful.

Otherwise, the other nine little fellows would have already been smacked to death.

On the other side of the quadrangle, Su Ling stood at the front, and 12 well-built figures stood before her.

“… I swear allegiance to the Tiger King, I shall listen to the instructions of the Tiger King… firstly, do not fight my partners; secondly…” “… I swear allegiance to the Tiger King, I shall listen to the instructions of the Tiger King… firstly, do not fight my partners; secondly…” Su Ling shouted loudly—though she had lacked some conviction, it was sufficient.

After every line she shouted, the 12 figures that stood before her would repeat after her sentence.

Even Ling Shuang, who was radiating an icy aura, was not exempted.

It was because there was a presence that emanated dominance and authority standing atop a cliff hundreds of meters above them.

Even Ling Shuang had to be compliant and had to recite the Tiger King rules and regulations.

The Tiger King rules and regulations were different from the tiger species rules and regulations.

It was created especially for these strong creatures of other species.

The main point of it was to swear allegiance to the Tiger King and included rules about what could be done and what could not be done.

When Wang Hu returned home with the four tigers, he saw such a vibrant and lively scene.

He took a look at Silly Girl and then at the two little fellows who were having fun, and he could not stop himself from smiling as well.

This scene looked pretty good.

He dropped the four tigers at the quadrangle and flew towards Silly Girl by himself.

Di Baijun already noticed that Wang Hu had returned a long time ago.

She saw that he was with the four tigers, and she became delighted.

This meant that the matter of subduing all the Transformation Realms of the different species within the territory was completed.

Also, the jerk needed not to go out anymore.

However, as Wang Hu flew to her side, her eyes shot daggers of warning at him.

Don’t you dare mess around.

She was very clear about how thick-skinned this jerk was.

What if he hugged her in public? She would be so embarrassed… how would she be able to face the other tigers and the subordinates? That was absolutely not allowed, and she had to warn him and take precautions in advance.

Wang Hu understood what Silly Girl meant.

In his eyes, her silly look was so adorable.

He really wanted to hug her and give her a kiss.

However, there were so many figures present below them.

He had to be careful about the way others regarded him and his authority.

Sometimes, he really wanted to tell Silly Girl: ‘Yes, I am a little shameless towards you, but I behave like this only towards you.

’ Towards other people, he was always concerned about how they saw him.

He put aside his thoughts and smiled as he said gently, “I am back.

” Di Baijun’s face remained the same, maintaining her usual cold demeanor.

She responded with an ‘okay’, and only her eyes could be seen bending slightly.

“Greetings, my lord!” Suddenly, Su Ling’s voice was heard from below.

It was followed by a messy echo of greetings.

In Mandarin and even beastly growls.

Wang Hu found it hard on his ears and decided to standardize it in the future.

He said to Silly Girl, “Let’s go down.

” Di Baijun nodded, and the both of them landed on the quadrangle.

At this point, the quadrangle was fully silent.

Even the group of the little fellows stopped playing, and they looked curiously at Su Ling and the rest.

When Wang Hu and Di Baijun appeared together, Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s eyes brightened, and they were ready to shout and lunge at them.

Wang Hu smiled at himself—he saw it coming.

He could not allow these two little fellows to interrupt such a serious moment.

He did not move his lips, but the two little fellows seemed to hear something.

They then quieted themselves.