My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 121

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Subduing the Transformation Realm Cultivators within the Territory Without saying anything further, the phone call ended.

Wang Hu had only just placed the cell phone down when Di Baijun couldn’t resist asking, “Why aren’t we attending the conference? If we do, we can also exhibit the tigers’ might.

” “Why should we attend it?” Wang Hu gave her a faint smile and said, “To put it bluntly, those are the humans’ own affairs.

What’s the use even if we attend? We’ll only be able to watch even at best.

“It’s just not appropriate, no matter what.

We’d better not bask in such limelight.

There’s no point to it.

” After a brief pause, he added, “If the tigers’ combat power can reach a point that doesn’t lose out to the humans’ by much or if they hold a real Earth world conference in the future; we can, however, attend it.

“We’re nothing more than a mascot if we attend it at this point in time.

We shan’t stand in such a spotlight.

All talk is pointless if one’s combat power is insufficient.

” Di Baijun frowned and mused over it.

She hadn’t thought that deeply into it in the beginning, but when she thought about it now, that was indeed the case.

Apart from the two of them, the tigers’ current combat power didn’t amount to anything at all.

What was the point of going? Wang Hu smiled again and said meaningfully, “Besides, the humans’ main objective in inviting us over is precisely to build good relations with us, as well as to set a model example for the other animals at the same time.

“They’re the ones begging us now.

Of course, we can’t agree to it so easily.

At the very least, they have to give us sufficient benefits.

“To put it bluntly, we do have to do our part to protect Earth and prevent the alternate worlds from invading us.

If nothing goes wrong, teaming up with the humans is also inevitable.




“However, the humans are the current hegemonic species on Earth.

They, who enjoy nearly the vast majority of benefits and resources, naturally are under more obligations to defend against the alternate worlds.

“They want us to help? Sure, but only if the humans relinquish part of the benefits to us.

Only then would it be a fair and true alliance, only then would our positions be equal.

“We don’t have to personally ask for these benefits either.

When the humans are truly close to reaching their limit, they’ll naturally take the initiative to beg us to accept said benefits.

“Thus, we absolutely mustn’t form too close a relationship with the humans now.

Otherwise, it’ll be hard to negotiate certain things in the future.

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COM “There’s also one more extremely important thing.

Baijun, you must remember this—if nothing goes wrong, the humans and us teaming up is indeed inevitable.

However, we mustn’t ever truly or fully let down our guard or wariness.

“We will be allies with them.

We may also become friends with them.

However, the conflict between the two of us will never ever stop because the amount of benefits is limited.

No matter which species it is, no one will ever think of themselves as having too many benefits.

They will only very greedily find it too little.

This includes us as well.

“Everyone will try their best to strengthen themselves and fight for even greater benefits.

” Wang Hu voiced the thoughts in the deepest recesses of his mind.

By this point, it was necessary that Silly Girl understood his way of thinking and did the same as him.

Di Baijun’s frown deepened further and further as she listened carefully to him.

She was rather impatient yet also somewhat agreed with him.

Toward the end, suddenly, as though she had just realized something; she looked at Wang Hu rather weirdly.

That jerk sure was similar to those old fogeys in the clan in the past.

He had thought this through so thoroughly.

Was he really stupid in certain aspects? Hints of suspicion welled up in her.

When Wang Hu looked over because he hadn’t heard any response from Silly Girl, he immediately felt somewhat of an ominous feeling.

W-what was the matter with her? No matter what, he’d better get her confirmation first, though.

He quickly said, “Baijun, if you don’t have any objections, this will be our strategy when we handle our relations with the humans in the future.

” Di Baijun nodded in agreement.

Then, right on the heels of it, her attractive eyes narrowed slightly, and she asked suspiciously, “Considering how thoroughly you’ve thought this through, you’re pretty clever, aren’t you? Did you lie to me about anything in the past?” Wang Hu’s thoughts paused for a moment—he had been rendered somewhat speechless.

Honestly, to think she was thinking about something like that.

Without panicking at all, he reached out and embraced her around her tender shoulders.

He said confidently and gently, “Aren’t you underestimating your husband too much? I’m very clever, you know.

Of course, this isn’t much to me at all.

However…” He trailed off in the midst of his speech.

Di Baijun asked suspiciously, “However?” Wang Hu gave her the sincerest and gentlest smile he could muster and whispered, “However, the moment I’m facing you, Baijun, for some reason; my mind just becomes stupid.

You’re all that’s inside my mind.

I don’t want to think about anything else at all.

All I think of is how I can show you my sincerest self.

” Di Baijun blushed and pushed Wang Hu away in embarrassment.

That jerk was so shameless.

She persevered and asked, “You really didn’t lie to me?” Wang Hu reached out and embraced her again.

He replied sincerely, “I can swear this to you, Baijun.

Everything that I’ve done is for your sake, as well as our family’s sake.

Neither have I ever lied to you.

With you, I can’t bring myself to lie at all.

“Perhaps I’ve kept some things from you in the past because of some insignificant thoughts, but you must trust me.

” Di Baijun dispelled her doubts and suspicions and then said seriously, “In that case, you can’t keep things a secret from me anymore in the future.

” “Don’t worry,” said a comforting Wang Hu.

After a moment’s pause, his voice became serious as well.

“Baijun, no matter what, the fact that the humans intend to form allied forces implies the situation on Earth is becoming increasingly grim and serious.

We mustn’t take our time to grow and develop anymore.

We have to take the initiative to attack instead.

” At the mention of proper business concerning the tigers, Di Baijun immediately adjusted her emotions.

She nodded and said, “I think so, too.

How should we take the initiative to attack?” “Do you remember what I’ve mentioned in the past about subduing all the Transformation Realm animals within our territory? If they refuse to submit, then we’ll drive them out into other animal species’ territories.

“This way, we can also get those that refuse to submit to us to create strife in other animals’ territories, thereby catalyzing the birth of even stronger entities.

This will be beneficial to us when we subdue them in the future,” said Wang Hu seriously.

He had never thought of killing those that refused to submit.

There were several reasons for this, but generally speaking, it was because there were more cons than pros to doing that.

“Okay, that works.

” Di Baijun agreed at once.

She paused for a moment, and then a hint of unusual emotion crept into her voice as she asked, “Are you going to go and personally do it?” A faint hint of emotion as though she didn’t bear to part with him surged up within her.

She wondered: How long is that going to take? When she realized what she was thinking, she became very bashful and embarrassed at once… and could only force herself to suppress the thought.

A frowning Wang Hu contemplated on her question.

To tell the truth, how would he possibly want to do it himself? Wouldn’t it be good if he could stay home and accompany his wife and kids? However, this was no simple matter.

In terms of combat power, Old Second, Old Third, Jun Wen, and Jun Yong could already sufficiently suppress and subdue those Transformation Realm animals.

However, the prerequisite was that these four had to be able to find them first.

Now, that wasn’t their forte.

Additionally, the humans’ idea of setting up a world allied forces had also truly given him a rude wake-up call.

It had brought Wang Hu, who had somewhat lost himself in the comforting warmth of home during the past month or so, back to reality.

The world was becoming more and more dangerous.

He mustn’t slack off like that anymore.

He had to expand and develop the tigers’ combat power as soon as possible.

He bore with his reluctance to part with Di Baijun, nodded, and said, “Searching for those Transformation Realm animals isn’t easy.

Old Second, Old Third, and the others can’t do it yet.

It’s only if I personally do it that we’ll be able to locate them in the shortest time possible.

Stay home and take care of Big Treasure and Little Treasure; wait for my return.

” Di Baijun nodded as though she was unaffected.

After making up his mind, Wang Hu started to make preparations right away.

The first task was getting Old Second and Jun Wen to team up.

Through the information about the animal kings that China had released, they were to pinpoint the general zones where the Transformation Realm animals were within the territory.

To be honest, by this point, China was already no longer able to accurately locate and visit each and every animal that had newly broken through to the Second Realm.

The reason for this was very simple: China was getting bigger and bigger.

The mountains and the rivers were all becoming bigger and bigger, wider and wider, and more and more mysterious.

On top of that, there were a large number of Second Realm animals that were born every day by this point.

China could no longer find them all anymore.

They could only do their best to locate them, but it was inevitable that they would miss a lot.

There were also those whose situations were similar to Old Second’s previously.

China wouldn’t try to befriend them either because it knew that they were under the Tiger King’s jurisdiction.

It wasn’t appropriate to befriend them without permission.

As such, probably even China couldn’t be completely sure how many Second Realm animals there were in Wang Hu’s territory at the moment.

Even so, there was still a lot of useful information among the information that they had announced in the past that they could use and analyze.

Wang Hu entrusted the task to Old Second and Jun Wen.

He was very confident in them.

He had high hopes for those two rare clever and intelligent presences among the tigers.

Two days later, Wang Hu brought Old Second, Old Third, Jun Wen, and Jun Yong with him and set out, leaving behind only Su Ling to Silly Girl.

This was because he wanted to take the opportunity to also train Old Second, Old Third, and the others.

Tigers were ultimately warrior animal species.

Engaging in more battles would allow them to grow and develop better.

Gaining more experience also held immense benefits for them.

Amid golden light, he brought the four of them with him and flew in the air.

At the same time, Wang Hu’s divine senses were also scanning the forests below.

With his current divine senses, if he gave it his all, he could scan through an area with a radius of roughly 3,000-odd meters, with himself as the center.

In other words, this was a diameter of 6,000-odd meters.

This was the reason why he was confident that he could find those Transformation Realm animals.

At the most, he would just need to spend a bit more time doing it.

Before long, upon flying to a certain area, Wang Liang said, “Big Brother, based on the events when China had led Big Brother here previously, barring any accidents; that black bear should be within these forests.

” Wang Hu nodded slightly.

He didn’t advance forward anymore; rather, he flew horizontally left and right and carefully scanned the forests.

Roughly three minutes later, Wang Hu’s gaze shifted—he had found it.

With a flash of golden light, they flew for another 1,000 meters or so.

Wang Liang, Wang Shan, and the others also spotted their target at the bottom, upon which their eyes seemed to light up.

Roar~! “Big Brother, you can leave it to me.

I’ll definitely beat him up and make him as docile as a lamb,” said Wang Shan immediately.

He looked fairly excited.

Beside him, Jun Yong—who was only slightly over 4.

1-meter-tall—also spoke up.

Roar~! “You can leave this to me, my lord.

” As for Wang Liang and Jun Wen, neither of them spoke or had any intentions of attacking.

Instead, they waited quietly.

“I’ll leave the first battle to Jun Yong.

The others are to act according to the plan,” said Wang Hu.

Then, with a wave, the golden light brought the others along and flew down.

Jun Yong gave a reverent response, whereas Old Third was rather disappointed.

However, he didn’t dare to say anything else either.

Instead, he answered together with Wang Liang and Jun Wen.

In the forests below, an enormous, hill-like black bear was currently taking step after step forward in a fairly tyrannical manner.

Suddenly, a flash of golden light appeared, and the black bear couldn’t help but close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he started to shake all over at once and was terribly alarmed and fearful… because a tiger had appeared in each of the four cardinal directions around him, and they were currently watching him coldly.

They were all at least over four-meter-tall.

Evidently, all of them were in the Transformation Realm.

Extreme fear surged up within him, and he lost all will to fight.

As he trembled all over, he let out a growl that wasn’t very loud and sounded somewhat simple and honest.

Growl~! “What do all of you want?” Wang Liang and the others could naturally clearly see his obvious fear.

Wang Shan sneered.

His face looked somewhat sinister as though itching to do something.

Unfortunately, Big Brother had already spoken.

Left with no other choice, he could only endure his stirrings.

Wang Liang glanced subtly at Jun Wen and said, “We want to fight with you.

” He spoke in Mandarin.

The black bear, who understood what he meant, stared blankly at him for a moment.

Fight with him?! As he glanced at the four tigers, he couldn’t help but feel as though the other party was joking with him.

However, he was also rather relieved, and he carefully asked a question.

Growl~! “Is fighting all you want? Can I admit defeat?” Wang Liang gave him a faint smile and looked at Jun Yong.

Jun Yong got it right away.

Without saying anything, he immediately rushed over.

Thanks to the explosive Blood Qi, he moved at extremely high speed.

It was as though he had left behind afterimages.

Shocked, the black bear instinctively raised its paw and smacked at him in defense.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were also grappling with each other—or rather, Jun Yong was constantly attacking while the black bear was constantly retreating.

He was also shouting while he retreated.

Growl~! “I don’t want to fight with all of you.

I can’t beat all of you.

I admit defeat.

” Unfortunately, none of the tigers paid him any heed.

Wang Liang and the other two stood right there and applied pressure on him out of thin air while they watched Jun Yong battle the black bear.

Although the amount of time that had passed since Jun Yong’s breakthrough to the Transformation Realm was obviously shorter than the black bear’s, they believed that the black bear wouldn’t be Jun Yong’s match.

True enough, in a matter of mere minutes, several bloody gashes had formed on the black bear.

They infuriated him, causing him to fight back with everything that he had.

However, the gap in species aptitude was right there for all to see.

Even though he had broken through to the Transformation Realm earlier and even possessed a special bloodline, he was nonetheless no match for Jun Yong.

Of course, this was partly also because his bloodline didn’t provide any bonus to his combat power at the moment.

Before long, blood covered the black bear, and it lay on the ground as it panted heavily.

It didn’t have much strength to put up any resistance anymore.

Opposite him, Jun Yong—who was also panting heavily—had also suffered some injuries.

However, they weren’t serious, and neither did he care about them.

Wang Liang walked forward at this point and said coldly to the black bear that was already despairing, “Join the tigers and serve the Tiger King, and we’ll spare your life.

” The moment the black bear heard what he said, the desire to live filled his dim, dull eyes again.

In fact, the desire was even stronger than before.

Without any hesitation, he nodded repeatedly and let out a weak growl.

Growl~! “Okay, I’ll join the tigers.

” Wang Liang and the other three tigers didn’t find this strange.

For Wang Liang and Jun Wen, it was because they knew that, to existences like the black bear, staying alive was what they desired the most.

They would definitely join after getting beaten up until they were half-dead and threatened.

As for Wang Shan and Jun Yong, their thoughts were even simpler.

He was just a mere black bear; it was his honor to be able to join the tigers and serve Big Brother (the lord).

Joining the tigers was the normal choice.

If he didn’t, then they could just kill him.

Of course, Wang Hu had also forbidden them from killing him.

Thus, the idea was just a thought in their minds.

In midair, Wang Hu—who had watched the whole thing from start to finish—secretly nodded.

Not bad.

This was precisely his method of subjugation.

It was simple, direct, and crude.

Most importantly, it was effective.