My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 119

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 119

Chapter 119: War Suddenly Strikes However, the Tiger Language that Wang Liang awoke in his bloodline was the same as the Tiger Language from the Great World.

This made Di Baijun immensely curious.

She did a simple search but found no results.

She could only put this question aside and wait for an opportunity in the future.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Hu spoke coldly, still appearing to be upset.

Old Second, Wang Liang, lowered his head and spoke earnestly, “Big Brother, I came to apologize.

” “Oh?” Wang Hu raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “What are you apologizing for?” Wang Liang’s heart trembled, and he immediately spoke respectfully, “Big Brother, I have come to know how wrong I was after being exposed to the world for the past few days.

“In today’s world, only by being united can a species survive.

“Even the both of you—Big Brother and Sister-in-law, who are strong enough to stay away from this principle—are fighting hard for the tiger species, fighting for each and every tiger, trying to create an environment for us.

“My original thoughts were so wrong.

I am only running away cowardly, only thinking about enjoying the peace Big Brother and Sister-in-law created for me yet unwilling to put in any effort.

“I was so heartless… Big Brother and Sister-in-law, please punish me.

I am willing to accept any punishment.

” .



His sincere words made Wang Hu nod to himself.

Old Second had not disappointed him, and he was clever enough to understand many things in such a short time.

There were quite a few messages in what he said.

If it were up to Old Third to figure it out himself, he wouldn’t be able to even if he had a year.

Di Baijun, who listened by his side, was also satisfied.

Pretty well said.

Wang Hu looked at Wang Liang and said coolly, “Easier said than done.

Fine, I’m your Big Brother after all.

I will give you another chance.

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COM “The punishment that you asked for, I will also give it to you.

” Wang Liang was taken aback.

Shouldn’t he be exempt from punishment after seeing that he has realized his mistakes and was sincere in his apology? As expected, this rascal Big Brother wants to beat me so bad.

He grumbled to himself but continued to look sincere as if he was willing to accept any punishment.

“In the following month, you shall be in charge of Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s food.

“At the same time, from today onwards, your Sister-in-law and I will check on your combat power and way of thinking every five days.

If we see that you are not working hard enough, I will not be soft on you anymore,” Wang Hu said without sensing anything out of the ordinary.

Di Baijun was delighted.

She could give Wang Liang a lesson every five days.

As for other matters, she did not think much about it and trusted that the jerk beside her was not going to go soft again.

Wang Liang, on the other hand, grumbled to himself.

 Be soft on me? Ha.

You were never soft on me when you beat me up.

Checking on my combat power and way of thinking every five days? I bet you just want to beat me up… Or I may be wrong… since there was still Sister-in-law around, Sister-in-law wouldn’t beat me for no good reason, right? He voiced his agreement, hesitated for a moment, and pleaded carefully, “Big Brother, can you cancel the sparring with Old Third every seven days?” “No,” Wang Hu denied without a second thought.

He waved his hand and said, “Go and spend your time cultivating if you have nothing better to do.

Do not stop learning about the world and the rules and regulations of tiger species.

” Wang Liang sighed to himself, feeling helpless.

 If I sparred with Old Third now, I would just be asking for a beating.

No way, if Big Brother doesn’t change his mind, then I can only try to think of another way.

Old Third was unintelligent.

I need to think of a way to convince him.

He pondered to himself and answered respectfully before leaving the cave.

After Wang Liang left, Di Baijun asked quizzically, “Let Old Third and Old Second spar with each other every seven days?” Wang Hu nodded and said wryly, “Didn’t I tell you before? Old Second has been mischievous since he was small and was always bullying Old Third.

“Now that Old Third is stronger than him, Old Third wants to pay it back and even wants to be Old Second.

“I was angry, and I agreed to let Old Third spar with Old Second every seven days, so he can release his pent-up anger.

“It’s also good for them.

It will encourage them and spur each other on to become stronger faster.

” Di Baijun understood.

She did not have an opinion about it; rather, she thought that it was a good idea.

Her eyes flickered, and she said excitedly, “We can also extend such sparring to the rest of the tiger species.

Our tiger species was originally a fighting species; it would definitely be beneficial to have more fights.

” Wang Hu smiled and said, “Of course, we can even provide some rewards to the winners.

We can decide on the detailed rules once there are more Transformation Realm tigers.

” Di Baijun nodded and was already thinking about what rewards should be given.

After settling the important matters, Wang Hu thought about something else and said nonchalantly, “Let’s go back to our room to cultivate and try out the Spirit-Gathering Formation.

” Di Baijun’s thoughts were interrupted.

She heard ‘go back to our room’ and felt embarrassed and nervous; her gaze wandered.

Wang Hu understood.

Since she was shy, under such circumstances, he had to give her a push.

He took her hand in his and walked towards their room.

He said, “Baijun, how long will it take for you to recover if the situation continues?” “Maybe a few years,” Di Baijun said with uncertainty as she tried slightly to wiggle her hand away but failed.

Wang Hu frowned.

The remaining Third Realm meat had been digested by Silly Girl and there were many pills left, yet she still needed a few years.

He felt emotional.

This Silly Girl… the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was not worthwhile.

Seemed like there was a need to travel to the alternate world again.

He guided Silly Girl back into the room.

Wang Hu sat on the bed and started to circulate his energy without saying a word.

Di Baijun’s gaze hovered.

However, they were already back in their room.

If she left, she would lose face.

Eventually, she decided to bite her tongue, went up to the bed, sat a few meters away from the jerk, and started to circulate energy.

A smile formed at the corners of Wang Hu’s lips.

He paid no attention to the few meters of distance.

It was already a good start for Silly Girl to take the initiative to be on the same bed as him.

The few meters of distance meant nothing.

They were on the same bed.

The significance behind it was huge.

He believed that it wouldn’t be for long before the few meters of distance would disappear.

In a blink of an eye, another four days passed.

It was the day to test Wang Liang.

On the large quadrangle, Wang Hu and an eager Di Baijun looked at Wang Liang.

He sensed a bad omen, and it made his hairs stand.

His sixth sense was proved to be true very soon.

“Not bad, your way of thinking has improved a lot.

” Wang Hu nodded his head in approval after he asked a few questions.

Wang Liang breathed a sigh of relief.

He did not dare to slack off for the past few days and worked his ass off to understand the changes of today’s world.

He was afraid he might not live up to the expectations that Big Brother set and might get beaten.

“Next, we shall see how much your combat power has improved.

Your Sister-in-law will be testing you personally,” Wang Hu said again.

Wang Liang was delighted.

He hadn’t expected Big Brother to not do it himself.

Was Big Brother satisfied with his performance and grew willing to let him go this time? Hahaha! Awesome, how awesome.

He laughed to himself but continued to keep a straight face and looked at his Sister-in-law.

Di Baijun clenched her fists, and her dissatisfaction completely erupted.

“…” “Ahhh!” Bam! … The cries lasted for more than 10 minutes.

Wang Liang’s body went limp as he lay on the ground with bruises all over his face.

On the other hand, Di Baijun felt energetic and refreshed as she walked over to Wang Hu.

Wang Hu tried to hold in his urge to smile and said disapprovingly, “Old Second, your combat power is so weak now.

You can’t even hold a candle to your Sister-in-law’s casual attacks.

You need to buck up.

” “Yes… Big Brother…” Wang Liang said with a trembling voice as he questioned his life choices.

“Hurry up and thank your Sister-in-law for giving you pointers,” Wang Hu said sternly.

Wang Liang held in his pain and said compliantly, “Thank… thank you… Sister-in-law.

” Di Baijun nodded her head seriously as her eyes twinkled.

“Alright, go and rest now.

” Wang Hu said dismissively and walked into the cave with Silly Girl.

Wang Liang watched on as their figures disappeared, and he could no longer hold in his pain and low spirits.

He even felt like crying.

Why? He had only met Sister-in-law once.

Why did she beat him so heavily? Did the rascal Big Brother make her do it? Yes, that must be it.

Hmph, you rascal.

I was right, you have never given up the thought of wanting to beat me.

You are a rascal through and through—nothing has changed.

… In the cave, Wang Hu held Silly Girl’s hand naturally and said dotingly, “How did it feel? Do you feel better?” Di Baijun was embarrassed to answer since the person she just beat up was his brother.

She thought for a moment and said magnanimously, “I shall forgive him and won’t beat him anymore in the future.

” “No way,” Wang Hu refuted without hesitation and said, “He made my Baijun unhappy; how can I let him go so easily? “Also, Baijun, don’t think too much.

I won’t go soft on him anymore.

Moreover, he can receive pointers from you.

He will be benefiting from it, and it will make him improve even faster.

” Di Baijun felt that he was still trying to let her pay back.

She felt comforted and did not continue to oppose.

Yet, she failed to consider that… the person who eventually benefited the most was the guy in front of her.

The hardships were borne by Old Second alone.

Suddenly, she thought of something.

She felt awkward and embarrassed and yet braved herself to ask, “Umm… what should I call you now?” She finished her sentence and felt her toe curl from the awkwardness.

She had already promised this jerk, but she realized that she didn’t know how to refer to him.

There was no way she could continue to call him a jerk openly, right? As for something like ‘Di Zun’… she could not bring herself to say that now.

Wang Hu blinked his eyes and realized the problem.

Silly Girl did not know about his name ‘Wang Hu’.

He pondered for a while and joked.

“Since I call you Baijun, you can call me Fujun[1].

” Di Baijun raised her hand to hit Wang Hu’s chest.

“No way, we haven’t done that yet.

” “Do what?” Wang Hu’s eyes twinkled, and his interest piqued.

“Hmph, we haven’t held a wedding openly yet! Forget about making me call you husband.

” Di Baijun huffed and said bossily.

Wang Hu felt a little disappointed; he thought it was ‘that’.

Then, he was at a loss for words.

They already had two kids; was a wedding necessary? Did this Silly Girl really take his promises that day for real? Of course, regardless if she took it seriously or not, he would not ask about it right now.

He joked again and said, “How about Hubby? I think this term that humans use is good.

” “Go away.

” Di Baijun rolled her eyes at him.

There’s no way she’ll call him Hubby, how embarrassing.

Wang Hu smiled and turned serious.

This issue needed to be fixed.

He couldn’t mention the term ‘Di Zun’ as he was not on that level yet.

“How about this? Baijun, my surname shall be Di, our family’s surname will all be Di.

“As the Tiger King, I used Wang for Old Second and Old Third’s surname.

You can call me Wang Hu.

“In this world, only you know my name,” Wang Hu said lovingly.

Di Baijun repeated the name to herself—Di Wanghu.

She felt good.

She thought about the last sentence and felt even more satisfied, so she nodded in approval.

She wouldn’t call this jerk ‘jerk’ anymore in the future—it’s Wang Hu.

“Let’s go cultivate now.

” Wang Hu held Silly Girl’s hand and walked to their room.

… In a blink of an eye, another 10 days passed, and Wang Shan and Jun Wen who toured around the territory were back.

Everything went smoothly, and nothing unusual happened in the territory.

Wang Hu’s mind was put at ease, and he spent another comfortable month with his wife and children.

During the month, another good thing happened.

The last tiger of the four tigers that Wang Hu released in the past had broken through successfully to reach the Transformation Realm and came seeking for Wang Hu.

Wang Hu had another subordinate now.

He was named Jun Yong.

On this day, while Wang Hu was spending his day comfortably… At the Russian world passage just tens of kilometers away from his territory, a huge armed conflict suddenly broke out.

“Damn you, humans! We had an agreement, but you secretly sent people into our world and killed members of our species! Today, I shall make you pay back!” A huge number of figures rushed out of the world passage, yelling and groaning; and they pounced at the Russian soldiers stationed in the surrounding area.

Russia was the largest country in terms of area on Earth; many world passages had appeared in the territory.

Naturally, there weren’t many troops stationed here.

There were at most 8,000 soldiers.

The soldiers quickly fought back using the war structures that were built in anticipation of such an event.

Bang! Boom! The bombs flew, sending the terrifying sounds far away.

A large number of creatures were blasted.

However, there were simply too many, and there were countless Second Realms.

Very soon, the bombs were struggling to contain the situation.

After a few minutes, just as a large number of creatures were about to break out of the bomb containment, sounds of ‘zoom-zoom’ could be heard.

Missiles that appeared out of nowhere landed within a three-kilometer radius of the world passage.

Boom! A series of massive explosions broke out, destroying nearly everything; numerous beings were blown up.

Countless beings immediately lost consciousness just as they came out from the world passage.

The terrifying explosions lasted for more than 10 minutes before they finally subsided, and no more beings were seen coming out from the world passage.

Within a three-kilometer radius of the world passage, everything was obliterated.

A fire broke out and was spreading to the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, the Russian soldiers appeared to have been ready for the event and were putting out the fire with special equipment.

[1] Fujun means husband.