My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 114

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Renovating their Home Home… The unfamiliar word echoed in his heart, making him feel bitter.

He took a deep breath.

 From now on, I also have a home.

He tossed aside the unpleasant memories and felt over the moon again.

I also have a home with four tigers; my wife is stunning, and I even have a son and a daughter.

From now on, I will be the object of envy for everyone, regardless if they have a home or not.

My home is the best, and no one can compete with it.

With his heart filled with pride and excitement, he said loudly, “Baijun, you are my wife now! I am your husband.

” Di Baijun looked at him with more exasperation—he kept repeating the same thing, what a fool.

However, his elation and affection were infectious, and it made her unwittingly smile.

This fool did not lie about wanting to marry me; if he did, he wouldn’t be so happy.




She thought and felt even more joyful.

She shrieked, “Stop saying that.

” “No, I want to! I want to tell the whole world that Di Baijun is my wife, my real wife.

” Wang Hu shook his head and said with happiness.

Di Baijun felt exasperated and patted him shyly, “You fool.

” Suddenly, she remembered something, and she said hastily, “Quickly let go of me.

You need to heal your wounds now.

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COM Wang Hu’s gaze flickered, and the joy on his face was replaced with frailness.

He got too overjoyed that he almost forgot he was now a heavily injured person.

He nodded and let go.

While looking at her softly, he said, “Okay, I will listen to you.

I’ll circulate my energy to heal the injury now.

” Di Baijun felt comforted but still looked at him disapprovingly.

She then retrieved a little jade bottle from her pocket.

“Use some pills, and those pieces of meat, too,” she said, feeling peeved.

Wang Hu nodded and said with a smile, “Baijun, don’t worry.

I will be fine.

I will recover in no time.

“The meat is meant for you.

Eat it so you can recover faster.

I can recover without eating those.

” Di Baijun frowned.

She felt happy in her heart, but she did not agree with the arrangement.

She thought for a moment and said, “Now, both you and I are injured, that’s not good.

It would be impossible to hide the news of you getting injured from China.

“To be safe, you should recover first since your injury is less severe.

” Wang Hu looked directly at Silly Girl and finally moved his gaze away after noticing her uneasiness.

He said, “Baijun, you just want me to use the good stuff.

Stop finding excuses.

” Di Baijun’s face turned red after her feelings were exposed.

This jerk realized this, but he still said it out loud… so annoying.

She raised her chin and said determinedly, “Who said that?! Can’t you think of the big picture? We have to recover quickly to protect Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

” Wang Hu smiled without saying a word; his smile made Di Baijun glare at him.

He finally said gently, “Okay, I will listen to you.

” Di Baijun finally put away her exasperation, and she turned her head to the side and said, “You stay here to recover.

I’ll go outside to recuperate.

” As she spoke, she walked out of the cave, and her speed increased until she morphed into a white flash and disappeared.

Wang Hu chuckled to himself.

He knew it was too sudden, and Silly Girl wasn’t fully used to it yet and was still feeling embarrassed.

She went out to calm down by herself.

It was also because the spiritual energy was too little.

If they cultivated close to each other, there wouldn’t be enough spiritual energy for them to absorb.

He did not stop her as what just happened was indeed quite sudden.

Even he felt surreal, much less Silly Girl.

It would be good to let her calm down.

She was already his; there was no point in regretting it.

Also, it was high time he started to heal his injuries.

He looked down at his wounds.

Once he got his intended outcome, he suddenly felt the pain.

Wang Hu gasped from the pain—so painful.

His injury was real; if not, Silly Girl would not have been tricked so easily.

He spent a long time tearing it up with his paw, a little by little.

The pain he went through was unimaginable.

Thinking about it, he took his hat off to himself; he really went hard on himself.

Fortunately, the outcome was good, and he got what he wanted.

Everything that he put in was worthwhile.

Silly Girl was right about one thing: even if his injury was not as severe as it looked, it was better if one of them recovered as soon as possible.

Who knew what accident would happen? He swallowed two pills and circulated energy to digest it to heal his injury.

After a while, he went on to digest a big piece of meat.

By evening, his injury had recovered significantly.

He also fixed his appearance, and one could not tell that he was injured from the way he looked.

Of course, he certainly could not tell Silly Girl that his injury had more or less recovered.

If not, she might become suspicious.

They had just confirmed their relationship and were at a highly sensitive moment.

Anything that could ruin it must not happen.

After time passed, when everything happened and their relationship was stable, when even Third Treasure or Fourth Treasure were born… Hehe… Hmph… Cough, cough… He coughed away his messy thoughts and walked out of the cave.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure were watching ‘Ultraman Tiga’, a cartoon to which they have been addicted lately.

Silly Girl was… he took a glance around and spotted her beautiful figure at a mountain top a few kilometers away.

In the next moment, he saw that Silly Girl was also looking at him, and Wang Hu immediately smiled.

He felt playful and opened his mouth to say soundlessly: ‘Wife.

’ Di Baijun, who had been in contact with China for a while now, was aware of the word and the meaning it carried.

Her face blushed, and she glared with a warning—don’t be overboard.

Wang Hu understood and gave her a comforting look.

Then, he walked to the two little fellows.

Coincidentally, one episode had just ended, and the familiar soundtrack played.

Big Treasure suddenly straightened his body, his arms crossed together, and he bellowed.

Roar~! “Ultrabeam!” Little Treasure, who was at the receiving end, only responded with a side-eye and paid no more attention.

Suddenly, Little Treasure spotted a figure from the corner of her eye, and her face instantly brightened.

Roar~! “Daddy.

” She lunged at Wang Hu as she hoorayed.

Big Treasure realized who it was and also followed suit.

Wang Hu smiled as he withstood the two little tigers’ attacking hugs and estimated to himself—the two little fellows were already near the peak of the First Realm.

How unfair—the two little fellows only knew how to play, eat, and sleep the whole day.

One could only wonder how many beings would die from envy at how easily they reached the peak of First Realm.

However, since they were his son and daughter, he was filled with joy and pride.

My children are great! Roar~! “Daddy, where did you go these few days? Little Treasure missed you so much.

” Little Treasure said affectionately, making Wang Hu’s heart go soft.

“Daddy went out to do some things.

Now, I’m back!” Wang Hu patted the two little tiger heads and said dotingly.

Roar~! “Daddy, Big Treasure missed Daddy, too.

” Big Treasure spoke obediently.

Wang Hu smiled and caressed his tiger head.

Little Treasure saw and pouted.

Roar~! “Daddy, Big Treasure is a liar! All Big Treasure knows is to watch Tiga; he didn’t miss Daddy at all!” Big Treasure opened his eyes wide and refuted.

Roar~! “Daddy, Big Treasure didn’t lie! Big Treasure watched Tiga and missed Daddy, too.

“Little Treasure lied! Little Treasure said she wanted Daddy to bring presents back; Little Treasure missed Daddy’s presents more than she missed you.

” Roar~! “Big Treasure is a liar! Little Treasure missed Daddy the most, and Daddy loves Little Treasure the most.

” “Little Treasure is a liar! Big Treasure missed Daddy the most, and Daddy loves Big Treasure the most.

” “Big Treasure lied…” “Little Treasure lied…” In the blink of an eye, before Wang Hu knew it, the two little fellows began to quarrel ferociously.

His joyful mood was dampened.

He suspected that the two heartless little fellows had not missed him at all while he was gone for the past two days.

As for what Silly Girl mentioned… that they would ask every now and then… That would be even more unlikely.

Di Baijun arrived at the next moment, emanating a palpable tension.

The two little fellows immediately stopped their fight, became obedient, and pounced at Di Baijun.

Wang Hu’s eye twitched.

How timid these two fellows were—they only dared to make a scene in front of him.

Di Baijun looked at the two little fellows and asked gently, “Why did you fight again?” The two little fellows spoke obediently, each blaming the other.

Di Baijun frowned, and they immediately went quiet.

The two little fellows stood obediently and looked apologetic.

Di Baijun did not know whether to be mad or to laugh.

She glared at the jerk who stood by the side—they learned it all from this jerk.

They only knew how to be apologetic after being scolded… Yet still continue to make the same mistake, with no remorse.

“Both of you are not allowed to watch TV again for the rest of today.

After finishing your meals, each of you has to run 10,000 meters.

Then, go to sleep after washing up,” Di Baijun said sternly.

The two little fellows pouted and looked pitifully at their daddy.

Wang Hu pretended not to notice.

You only think of me during times like these, ha.

Roar~! “Mommy.

” Little Treasure whined.

Di Baijun frowned, and Little Treasure did not dare to continue.

The punishment was decided.

Wang Hu immediately switched off the TV, and he smiled at his wife.

Soon after, Old Third, Jun Wen, and Su Ling returned with food from the dinosaur world.

Wang Hu gave Silly Girl a look, sending a signal to her: ‘Let me do it.

’ Di Baijun hesitated for a moment and did not refuse.

Compared to him, her condition was still much more severe.

Wang Hu started to purify the meat and divided the meat among the three of them, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure.

Since they had the meat of Third Realms, Wang Hu and Di Baijun did not consume the dinosaur meat.

Wang Hu watched them enjoy their meals and hesitated for a moment to finally say, “Old Third, Su Ling, Jun Wen…” The two tigers and the fox immediately raised their heads to look at the Tiger King.

Even Di Baijun glanced over nervously and gave him a warning—don’t speak nonsense.

Wang Hu gave her a comforting look and continued to speak with dominance, “Both my Queen and I have reached the Third Realm, and our tiger species have started to rise, so I have decided to refurbish our home.

” After hearing the first part of the sentence—apart from Wang Shan who had no reaction, Di Baijun immediately glared at the jerk.

Su Ling and Jun Wen were surprised and immediately looked at Di Baijun.

By this time, Di Baijun was pretending that nothing happened and was listening quietly.

Su Ling and Jun Wen were shocked—what happened? Why did the vicious tigress accept the term ‘Queen’ so readily? Could it be…? Su Ling wanted to cry; did the demon lord and the vicious tigress make peace with each other? If that happened, would the demon lord still defend her? Jun Wen’s heart felt heavy; did the Tiger King and Tiger Queen reconcile? That might be good for the tiger species, but it was not good for him.

Wang Hu could not be bothered with what Su Ling and Jun Wen thought.

He just felt good, so good.

He was finally able to introduce Silly Girl as his Queen openly and publicly, in front of outsiders and Silly Girl herself.

A part of him was also showing off; he was dying to show off to the world how outstanding his wife was.

Even though the whole world already knew… The Tiger King and the Tiger Queen were a match made in heaven.

Yet, he still wanted to show off.

Wang Hu calmed his emotions and continued.

“You guys don’t have to care about the refurbishment.

Old Third and Jun Wen, the both of you shall set off tomorrow and make a tour around the territory on my behalf to check if anything unusual happened after such a long time.

” Wang Shan and Jun Wen found it a shame that they couldn’t consume purified food for a while, however, they did not dare to refute and nodded to say yes.

“Su Ling, while Old Third and Jun Wen are gone, you shall be in charge of Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s food.

” “Yes, my lord.

” Su Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily, she did not have to be responsible for the food of the demon lord and the vicious tigress.

Otherwise, she may die from exhaustion.

“I have nothing else to say.

” Wang Hu concluded, paused for a second, and seemed to recall something.

He spoke coolly, “One more thing.

Su Ling, Jun Wen, next time, just use ‘Queen’.

Do you understand?” Di Baijun resisted the urge to give him a death glare.

She easily sensed that the jerk was showing off and was expressing his uncontrollable joy.

So shameless.