My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 107

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Shocking and Grand Aspirations, Great Ambitions Di Baijun was stunned, as were Wang Shan and Su Ling.

Even Wang Hu also blinked.

There must be something wrong with Jun Wen’s mind! Wang Shan’s face spasmed, and he revealed a sinister smile as he forced himself not to burst into laughter.

Hahaha! Jun Wen must have gone daft.

To think he actually dared to ignore what Sister-in-law said… what’s the use of looking at Big Brother? If Sister-in-law wants to beat you up, do you think Big Brother can even stop her? Wang Hu didn’t think too deeply into it.

Hints of satisfaction, as well as some surprise and delight, surfaced in his eyes.

Good, very good.

As expected of the talent that he had discovered… That was exactly what Jun Wen should be doing.

He looked at Silly Girl out of the corner of his eye.

She had a frosty look on her face, and her power was starting to surge.

She was close to becoming unable to stop herself from forcibly attacking.

Alarmed, he hastily said with a stern look, “Jun Wen, did anything unusual happen during the two-odd months I was away?” “No, nothing unusual happened, my lord,” replied Jun Wen at once.

He mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected, the Tiger King had protected him.




To be honest, the choice didn’t exist at all.

There was completely no need to even consider.

Between the king and the queen, of course, he was picking the king.

The king was the most important.

It was only when there was a king that a queen would exist.

Moreover, he had done further in-depth research on the human dynasties’ history and secrets during the last two-odd months.

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COM He was certain that he would only be able to achieve more if the king trusted him.

Conversely, having the queen trust him might instead trigger murderous intents from the king.

Of course, he wouldn’t be so foolish to do that.

As long as the Tiger King was willing to guarantee his safety, the Tiger Queen wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

In fact, it would even trigger a positive effect where the more the Tiger Queen nitpicked on him, the more the Tiger King trusted him.

There was also one other very important reason.

He had come to deeply understand something after studying the human dynasties: women were trouble.

To a dynasty and a force, the imperial women were absolutely forbidden from interfering with politics.

Otherwise, it would become a source of calamity and chaos.

They might be tigers, but he had already thought about it in detail and decided that the same logic applied to both.

What he wanted was a tiger dynasty with a complete political system.

He had to start the preparations right from this point onward.

He mustn’t allow the imperial women to interfere with politics.

He had to suppress the Tiger Queen.

“Not bad.

The three of them can go hunting first.

Mealtime will be changed to the evening in the future,” said Wang Hu with a wave immediately when he saw that Silly Girl next to him was really close to losing control.


” Jun Wen was the first to answer.

Then, he ran toward the world passage without any hesitation.

Wang Shan and Su Ling were currently having fun watching the show so they naturally didn’t want to leave just like that.

However, Big Brother (the demon lord) had already spoken.

Not daring to defy his orders, they could only give an affirmative response while filled with regrets.

Before he left, Wang Shan had been staring at his sister-in-law with an incredibly regretful and puzzled look in his eyes.

The underlying meaning was incredibly clear: ‘Sister-in-law, you’ve put up with it just like that? Why didn’t you teach Jun Wen a good lesson?’ However, when his eldest brother’s cold and sharp gaze flickered over to him, he didn’t dare to dawdle anymore, and he quickly left with disappointment.

When they disappeared from sight, Di Baijun walked straight into the cave without even sparing a glance at Wang Hu.

The sense of cold detachment around her was even stronger than it had been in the past.

Wang Hu frowned lightly.

Jun Wen had openly and blatantly disrespected Silly Girl, and on top of that, he had still stepped forward to protect Jun Wen.

It was likely that he had really made Silly Girl angry this time.

After quickly settling down Big Treasure and Little Treasure, Wang Hu entered the cave to see that Silly Girl was in the midst of circulating her energy.

She didn’t show any reaction even when he entered.

His gaze flickered slightly.

Then, he walked behind her and, in a practiced manner, started to help her with her recuperation.

There was still no reaction from her.

As though nothing had happened at all, Di Baijun ignored Wang Hu and treated him like thin air.

Wang Hu couldn’t help but feel rather guilty.

There was something off about her behavior! It was completely different from before and made his skin crawl a little.

She had really gotten angry! A thousand thoughts went through his mind as he blinked, and he immediately thought of a story.

He maintained calmness and serenity in his voice as he said, “Something isn’t quite right with Jun Wen, Baijun.

Have you realized it?” Di Baijun secretly sneered.

 Of course, there’s something wrong with that damn Jun Wen.

How dare he actually disobey and even ignore this Noble One… And a jerk like you actually even covered up for him and bullied me.

Good, very good.

Isn’t it just because you know that I’m weak right now so you’re bullying me as much as you want? Just you wait.

If Wang Hu knew that Silly Girl felt that he was bullying her, he would definitely feel very sad and aggrieved.

All he did was just not take her side for once, wasn’t it? How did it turn into him bullying her? At the sight of Silly Girl’s lack of response, his voice turned grave, and he went on.

“It seems like he’s deliberately sowing discord between the two of us.

” Di Baijun was stunned for a moment.

His words had shocked her.

Sowing discord between the two of them? Why hadn’t she realized that? Also, how could that Jun Wen, or whatever his name was, possibly be this audacious? No, that wasn’t right.

He had dared to even defy her so what would he not have the guts to do? Her fury and cold, detached attitude mellowed a little, and she listened carefully.

Wang Hu heaved a mental sigh for Jun Wen.

He thought: Since you’re so loyal to me, then just suffer a little more.

His countenance turned even more serious as he said, “Think about it, Baijun.

Would Jun Wen not know what our relationship is like? “The tigers are under our rule, and yet he dares to openly defy your command… and actually even ignore your questioning.

“He even expressed it in front of you, that he would listen only to me and obey only my commands.

“Think about it.

Isn’t he trying to sow discord between the two of us by doing that?” The more he spoke, the more things came to Wang Hu’s mind.

He said confidently, “Jun Wen is no fool.

On the contrary, he’s very skilled at learning.

When he speaks to us, he speaks in Mandarin.

“You can tell from this that he’s very smart.

He clearly knows that doing that will affect our relationship and that offending you for no reason brings him no good.

So, why did he do that anyway?” Suddenly, alarm bells rang in Wang Hu’s mind.

That’s right! Why did he do that anyway? Didn’t he know that offending Silly Girl brought him no good either? He was a smart guy so why exactly had he done that? Was it really to sow discord between him and Silly Girl? It didn’t really seem like it to him, though.

As he hadn’t had his guard up at that time, he had only felt that Jun Wen was willing to obey only his orders.

Thinking deeply about it now, however, that probably wasn’t the case.

It looked like he really should keep a closer eye on that fellow.

Although that didn’t really seem like the case to Wang Hu, it sure seemed like it to Di Baijun who was currently in front of him.

As though clutching at straws, she clung on tightly to the idea right away.

That must be it.

Jun Wen was a smart guy so why did he do that? The most likely answer was that he was trying to sow discord between her and the jerk behind her.


He really should go to hell for that.

The feeling that made Wang Hu’s skin crawl disappeared.

Relieved, he struck while the iron was hot and said, “To try so hard to sow discord between us, Jun Wen must be plotting something.

I intend to play the long game so I let him off just now.

You won’t be mad at me, right, Baijun?” “Hmph.

Why didn’t you smack him dead?” At last, Di Baijun spoke, a murderous aura sprouting all around her as she did.

She wasn’t that angry about the jerk behind her covering up for that guy anymore.

She directed all her anger toward Jun Wen instead.

To her, there wasn’t any need to play the long game with a nobody like Jun Wen.

They could just smack him dead right away instead.

Even if they spared his life on account of how he was a fellow tiger, they should also teach him a lesson and drive him far, far away.

Wang Hu said calmly, “A mere Jun Wen is no threat.

However, the fact that he’s actually this audacious makes me rather curious.

“So I decided that I might as well let him stay and see what kind of tricks he has up his sleeve.

We can just take it as some entertainment.

” Although Di Baijun was still rather mad, she wasn’t that angry anymore.

She let out an icy snort and kept quiet after that.

Wang Hu breathed a small sigh of relief.

He had managed to clear this round.

That Jun Wen, though… His brows drew together slightly, and some frostiness came over him.

They continued with the recuperation after that.

When evening came, and it was time for their meal, Wang Hu purified all the food and distributed them to everyone, including even Jun Wen.

Then, he brought a large half of it back into the cave and refined it for Silly Girl.

After a moment’s thought, he decided not to continue with the recuperation.

Rather, he went to Jun Wen’s place of residence by himself a while later.

By then, the sky had already darkened.

Jun Wen had returned to his place of residence after his meal and was diligently cultivating.

He knew very well that combat power was the most important factor if he wanted to become the Tiger King.

Therefore, apart from watching dynasty television dramas and doing some other things that he needed to do, he was constantly cultivating every other moment.

He made very rapid progress and was faster than even Wang Shan who was always with Wang Hu.

His shoulder height had already reached five meters at this point.

After taking a look at him from afar, Wang Hu walked over directly.

He didn’t have any expression on his face; neither did he deliberately conceal his icy and forceful momentum.

Jun Wen felt a strong sense of inhibition the moment he saw Wang Hu.

At once, he bowed and said in Mandarin, “Greetings, my lord.

” Wang Hu didn’t react.

Neither did he show him any civility.

In a slightly cold and detached manner, he asked, “Were you deliberately making the Queen angry today, Jun Wen?” Jun Wen understood what was happening right away.

He replied calmly, “My lord, I didn’t do it on purpose.

” “You didn’t do it on purpose? What were you thinking, then? Would you not know that your actions have caused a conflict between me and the Queen?” asked Wang Hu calmly and coldly.

He didn’t conceal anything at all and spoke straightforwardly.

The reason for this was very simple.

In front of Silly Girl, for the sake of finding an excuse, he was willing to say that he was playing the long game and just looking for entertainment.

However, that was ultimately nothing more than just an excuse.

In truth, what was the use of playing the long game with a puny little Jun Wen? He had even less interest in using Jun Wen as entertainment.

He could just ask Jun Wen directly.

If Jun Wen’s answer didn’t satisfy him or if Jun Wen dared to keep things a secret from him, then he could try Jun Wen and see how things would go.

That harebrained Silly Girl might be a sharp-tongued softy, but he wasn’t.

To put it bluntly, everything ultimately depended on one’s combat power.

No matter how great of a talent Jun Wen was, once Jun Wen had raised his suspicions, he would never hold Jun Wen in high regard anymore and would do as he pleased to this tiger.

“I am aware, my lord.

” Jun Wen didn’t panic.

Instead, he admitted to it right away.

His admittance made even Wang Hu’s eyes flash.

To think Jun Wen actually dared to admit to it… Interesting.

His voice turned a few notches even frostier.

“You were aware, and yet you did it anyway.

Is that not doing it on purpose?” As though fearless, a composed Jun Wen replied, “It was unintentional in the beginning.

Later on, it was only because I wanted to achieve something.

” “I’ll give you a chance.

Tell me,” said Wang Hu with detachment in his voice.

“I just wanted to tell the King and the Queen something: imperial women are not to interfere with politics,” said Jun Wen resolutely.

Surprise came over Wang Hu’s eyes.

What was this guy saying? A hint of incredulity appeared in Wang Hu’s voice.

As though he was looking at a fool, he asked, “Imperial women are not to interfere with politics?” “Exactly,” as though everything was right and justified, Jun Wen repeated, “Imperial women are not to interfere with politics.

” “Hah.

” Wang Hu was so amused that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Go on.

Show me what else you can say.

” With a stern expression on his face and an even sterner tone, Jun Wen went on and talked about the shocking and great aspirations that he had been planning for a long time ago.

“My lord, in this era on Earth right now, these are times when a thousand flowers are flourishing and blooming, and every species is fighting for dominance.

The humans’ position as the hegemonic species on Earth is teetering.

“On the outside, alternate world experts were invading Earth.

“On the inside, they are facing every animal species’ imminent emergence.

“Blessed by the heavens, an astonishing existence like my lord has appeared among the tigers.

This is a great opportunity for the tigers to emerge and become the new rulers of Earth.

” Passionate and fervent, his speech was filled with great ambitions.

Astonished, even Wang Hu couldn’t help but become serious.

Even he hadn’t imagined that Jun Wen had such great aspirations and grand ambitions.

His views were also indeed extraordinary.

Without interrupting, he continued to listen.

This delighted Jun Wen.

The fact that the Tiger King was willing to listen to him go on was a positive sign.

Despite his great ambitions and superbly strong talent, he was well aware of one thing: the current world was developing very quickly.

Once something sped up, everything else also sped up along with it.

It was imperative that the tigers become stronger as soon as possible, and yet he still needed time to grow.

The only one who could achieve that right now was the number-one expert on Earth, the Tiger King.

Thus, he could only do all these through the Tiger King.

The fact that the Tiger King was willing to listen to him was a positive sign.

“My lord, you’re the most important factor if the tigers wish to make an emergence.

It’s only with you around that everything else would be possible.

“What we need next is great numbers of tigers and experts among the tigers.

“However, these are not enough.

A perfect and improved system is essential.

“Only then will the tigers truly rally together to seize the humans’ position as the overlord on Earth.

“What kind of system is the most suitable and the best? I’ve been thinking about this the whole time, my lord.

In the end, I’ve determined that, with some changes, China’s ancient dynasty system suits the tigers the best, and there’s one extremely important aspect in there—imperial women are not to interfere with politics.

“There’s only one sun in the sky.

Similarly, there can only be one king ruling over everyone else among the tigers.

We cannot have any other voice present at the same time.

“Every major achievement starts small.

Thus, I think that this is exactly the best time to change some rules while our tiger dynasty hasn’t begun yet, my lord.

“I implore my lord to restrict the Queen’s authority from this point onward.

” After speaking with utmost sincerity and wholeheartedness, Jun Wen lowered his head to express full deference.

Wang Hu stood with his hands held behind his back.

While he still maintained a calm and indifferent expression, a look had appeared in his eyes as if Jun Wen had weirded him out.

This guy… He ordered aloofly, “Show me your cell phone.

” Without any hesitation, Jun Wen immediately offered up his cell phone to Wang Hu.

There were no secrets in his cell phone; neither was there anything that he couldn’t show anyone.

Wang Hu turned it on and checked the browsing history and records on a few apps.

‘This Great Emperor’… ‘That Dynasty’… ‘Unifying the World’… … Wang Hu secretly shook his head after taking a few looks.

That guy had been brainwashed by China’s period dynasty television dramas.

For a moment, he lost interest in talking about the future with the fellow who had been brainwashed.

In fact, he had lost all interest in saying anything else.

He put the cell phone down and strode off.

Jun Wen frowned.

What was that supposed to mean? “My lord!” He called out but to no avail.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Hu had disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Jun Wen didn’t understand.

What was the matter with the Tiger King? That night, even he wasn’t in much of a mood to cultivate anymore.

He spent all the time thinking about the meaning behind the Tiger King’s actions instead.

On the other side… As he walked back to the cave, Wang Hu couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head.

He really didn’t expect a tiger with such great aspirations and grand ambitions like Jun Wen to emerge among the tigers so quickly.

He found it somewhat funny yet also felt a mild sense of talent appreciation.

After all, he was the Tiger King.

Tigers like that were capable tigers.