My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 105

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: How to Raise a Tiger Slave Wang Hu naturally didn’t take his words seriously.

The Tiger King replied with calmness and indifference, “I intend to go to the alternate worlds to kill some Third Realm cultivators to lay the groundwork for my children.

“The Hu County alternate world is pretty good.

Make way and open up a path for me.

” Li Aimin and the others’ eyes widened.

Putting aside the front part where he mentioned wanting to kill some Third Realm cultivators to lay the groundwork for his children—although the Tiger King looked incredibly bad-ass and mighty to them; the most important part was still the latter half of his words.

The Tiger King wanted to enter the Hu County alternate world to kill some Third Realm cultivators.

This was no trivial matter.

By right, the Tiger King killing alternate world experts was none of their business.

Making way and opening up a path for him was also something simple.

However, what if the commotion caused by the Tiger King in the alternate world exposed the world passage? They had spent great efforts to conceal the world passage during the last few years because its exposure might mean a large-scale invasion of China by Third Realm experts.

China had recently redefined the spiritual energy density levels to correspond with the Ten Floors’ strength levels scale system.

They were split into eleven levels in total.

The extra eleventh level was the strength that surpassed peak-level Third Realm but was still short of reaching Fourth Realm-level.

Therefore, China’s current spiritual energy density level had been redefined from the third stage of the Third Realm to the fourth stage of the Third Realm.

The highest it could support was experts who possessed strength equivalent to the Fourth Floor of the Third Realm.




Should experts like that launch a large-scale invasion into China, the consequences would be unthinkable.

In their speculations, even the Tiger King likely only possessed combat power equivalent to the Third Floor—combat power, not strength.

The Ten Floors scale system was a scale of Third Realm cultivators’ strength.

It wasn’t a scale of actual combat power or combat strength in practice.

One could consider it a cultivation realm scale.

However, in the vast majority of cases, one’s strength was equivalent to their combat power.

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COM Therefore, the Ten Floors could also be used to sort of describe one’s combat power.

Understandably, the Tiger King wishing to borrow the path to enter the Hu County alternate world was a serious issue, so much so that even Li Aimin couldn’t make the decision.

His expression turned extremely grave.

After quickly weighing the pros and cons, as though put in a spot, he said seriously, “Your Excellency, by right, we shouldn’t stop you if you wish to enter the Hu County alternate world.

“However, because you intend to kill experts from the alternate world, once it leads to the exposure of the world passage; the consequences would be unthinkable.

This concerns the safety of the whole of China… and even Earth itself.

“Therefore, I’m not in the position to make the decision.

I can only say that I’ll immediately apply for a cabinet meeting after I return.

We’ll come to a decision for you in two days at most.

” Wang Hu was unaffected by his response; he naturally knew how far-reaching the involvement of this matter was.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought it up so formally either and could have just gone there directly instead.

He also knew very well—prior to asking—that Li Aimin would say that, and he had also been prepared for the final outcome.

Nevertheless, he frowned anyway, showing a tiny sliver of dissatisfaction yet also an inkling of understanding.

It felt like he didn’t want to say any more because of the conflicting reasons.

“Alright, I’ll wait for your reply.

” A look of rejection that pushed people away and the intention of seeing off guests appeared in his eyes after he spoke.

Then, he turned and flew off directly.

Even though he had already experienced this several times, Li Aimin nevertheless couldn’t help but smile wryly inwardly and feel somewhat resigned.

His personality was honestly so… Almost everyone behind him also felt the same way—a sense of resignation, as well as a wry smile.

There was no dissatisfaction, however.

This was because they were already well aware of the Tiger King’s personality a long time ago.

Icy, arrogant, domineering, and highly wary… he had always maintained an indifferent and distant relationship with China.

His action of leaving right away upon having his request rejected matched their impression and understanding of him very much.

It was very similar to a cat’s personality.

Two to three people even showed their thoughts on their faces, though they immediately quelled and dispelled the thought.

That was the great Tiger King whose individual combat power was invincible in the world and who held influence great enough to impact the world.

How could they compare him to a cat? Should Elder Li get wind of it, they could forget about following him here in the future.

“Let’s go, too.

Return to the capital as soon as possible,” ordered Li Aimin after he reined in his thoughts.

He had already formed a vague idea in his mind.

He intended to discuss it with Old Dong once he got back and then apply to hold a cabinet meeting after that.

The helicopter left.

Upon returning to the valley, Wang Hu thought back to everything that had taken place just now and started to find fault with himself.

In the end, out of a score of 100, he gave himself 99.

8 points.

The shortage of 0.

2 points wasn’t an act of humility but extreme honesty—because there were indeed some parts that hadn’t been handled well enough.

It wasn’t that perfect.

His facial expressions hadn’t been precise enough.

That’s right… while the meeting just now hadn’t seemed like much, in truth, as someone scheming against an unwitting party; everything had gone according to his plan.

He wanted pills—both he and Silly Girl needed them.

His offer to slay two Divine Body Realm cultivators within China’s borders for them was indeed partially to repay China for giving him the pills.

He didn’t want to take benefits from China for free; it was too risky.

Neither was he lacking that much of a backbone.

Secondly, it was to pull their ties closer and hint to the other party that they could continue with such deals and to send more pills over.

All the Divine Body Realm cultivators that appeared in China, no matter who it was, were no threat to the current Wang Hu anyway.

His objective in wanting to enter the Hu County alternate world was very simple—Silly Girl’s vitality had been badly sapped.

She needed sufficient nutrition to speed up the recovery process.

He didn’t know whether there was currently any on Earth or not, which was becoming bigger and bigger, more and more mysterious, and whose spiritual energy density level was becoming higher and higher.

However, the Hu County alternate world would definitely have some—the Third Realm experts.

Their bodies, flesh, and blood were the best source of nutrition.

He was willing to take a small risk like that.

As for how they could resolve the issue of entering, he already had a solution.

However, he was 60% confident that China would take the initiative to suggest this particular solution instead of him.

One shouldn’t underestimate the significance of who the one to suggest the solution was.

Whoever suggested it would naturally and inadvertently fall into a disadvantage.

It was just like his usual character setting.

In China’s senior officials’ eyes, he was cold, aloof, domineering, and extremely wary.

His attitude toward China was indifferent, distant, and not hostile.

Thus, he could easily do as he pleased.

Moreover, China was the one that took the initiative to befriend him and form an alliance with him.

Thus, despite how he always adopted an aloof, distant, and nonchalant attitude, and had even rudely flown off directly just now; Li Aimin and the others definitely wouldn’t be angry.

In this invisible battle of becoming friends or even allies, China had been at a disadvantage from the very start.

What were they to do? They shouldn’t have taken the initiative.

Moreover, they were rich and influential, and yet their enemies were stronger than them.

With a powerful neighbor around, they naturally had to pay the price and try their best to make friends and even allies, so that they could resist their enemies.

China already knew this a long time ago.

They just couldn’t do anything about it, that was all.

Speaking of which, China’s behavior was a little similar to that of a simp’s.

No, calling them a cat’s slave would be more apt.

Wang Hu would never admit that he had specially taken some time to read a certain book titled How to Raise a Cat’s Slave before their meeting this time.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, he had only managed to read a little.

Neither would he admit that he was currently studying in preparation to write a book titled How to Raise a Tiger’s Slave.

Additionally, he had gained quite a fair insight into it and was currently implementing part of it.

Putting aside these things that didn’t exist on Earth at all, after ensuring that he hadn’t missed out on anything, Wang Hu extricated himself from his scheming thoughts.

His expression turned stern, and he walked toward the cave, with his eyes still showing hints of fatigue.

On the stone chaise lounge in the cave, a somewhat distracted Di Baijun was slowly circulating her energy and quietly recuperating.

She had a slight frown on her countenance, and some irritation had also surfaced.

Why wasn’t that jerk back from his meeting with the Chinese yet? What was there to say to humans? Didn’t he know that he wasn’t in good condition at the moment? What if they detected it? Yet, he wasn’t back! He actually still hadn’t come back yet! Although she knew that the possibility was very, very slim… for some reason, Di Baijun simply felt rather irritated and restless.

She couldn’t calm down at all.

Suddenly, footsteps that made no effort to conceal themselves rang out.

Di Baijun’s eyes brightened.

Then, she immediately shut her eyes and turned into the very picture of someone fully focused on circulating energy and quietly recuperating.

“I’m back,” said Wang Hu in a voice that was neither too soft nor too loud.

He walked right up to Silly Girl, placed a small box in his hands onto the stone chaise lounge, and opened it.

While doing so, he said, “These are pills that China gave us.

They are beneficial to your recovery.

” He opened the box as he spoke.

Inside were ten small bottles as usual, with each bottle containing eight pills just like the previous time.

“I don’t want them.

Giving us pills for no reason? They’re definitely up to no good.

Return them.

” Di Baijun opened her eyes and said coldly.

Wang Hu cast a glance at her calmly and said unhurriedly, “Have you forgotten that you have to listen to what I say now?” “You—!” Di Baijun became mad at once, and she gnashed her teeth in fury inwardly.

You jerk.

All you know is how to make me angry.

All you know is how to make me angry.

Just you wait.

As Wang Hu inspected the pills closely, he also said calmly, “China took the initiative to give them to us during the first time to befriend us.

“This time, it’s because I’ve agreed to slay two Divine Body Realm cultivators in China for them.

That’s why they’ve given us pills again.

Rest assured and use them.

” Di Baijun was taken aback.

However, she was still reluctant to do so.

That jerk.

Why did he agree to something like that for no reason? Even if… even if it’s because of… you know… A barely discernible flush of red blossomed on her face.

At once, she suppressed the thought and continued to be reluctant to take the pills.

She could just slowly recuperate.

It didn’t matter even if she didn’t take those pills.

Moreover, he was even acting as if he thought nothing of other Divine Body Realm cultivators at all.

How arrogant and pompous of him.

She naturally didn’t know that the jerk currently in front of her hadn’t been clear with his words and had adjusted the order of events during the second pill-gifting.

From China taking the initiative to give them pills and him subsequently suggesting reciprocation, he had changed it to sound as though he took the initiative to make the offer, upon which China agreed and sent them a second round of pills.

While it didn’t seem like much, the underlying meaning had changed.

It changed so that he could make a harebrained Silly Girl like her believe that the jerk in front of her had only done so to treat her sapped vitality.

Everything was for her sake.

Additionally, she didn’t even know that China had sent the second round of pills to congratulate her on her breakthrough in the first place.

To put it bluntly, they were gifts for her.

The jerk in front of her had made use of it and took all the credit for himself.

He was just short of blatantly saying, “Be touched.

I did all this for your sake.

” Wang Hu was unconcerned by the sight of the angry Silly Girl who still looked reluctant yet also not saying anything.

He didn’t think anything of taking all the credit for himself along the way.

That harebrained Silly Girl was so stupid anyway; she would never know otherwise for her whole life.

If he didn’t do it, he would definitely regret it and would reprimand himself for being so stupid.

He gave the pills a close inspection and didn’t talk about anything else.

Then, with a calmness that also brooked no dispute, he said, “Alright, I’ll continue to help you with your recuperation.

We’ll move back after another two days.

” Di Baijun wanted to resist with all her heart, but after the last few days, she already knew that resistance was futile and would only bring her even greater ‘disgrace’.

Thus, she pretended not to have heard him and also closed her eyes and pretended that she didn’t see anything.

She neither cooperated nor resisted, looking exactly like a diehard that remained stubborn no matter what the other party did.

Even though he had already seen her like this many times, Wang Hu still found it funny.

He held back his laughter and continued with the recuperation process.

It was only until almost dawn the next day when the food was all prepared that Wang Hu finally stopped.

As usual, he refined large amounts of meat for Silly Girl.

Just as he was about to continue with the recuperation, at last, Di Baijun couldn’t stand it anymore.

She got to her feet and glared haughtily at Wang Hu from above.

With her chin raised and her eyes directed somewhere, she said coldly, “Alright, I don’t need your help anymore.

” Wang Hu was a little confused.

Why had Silly Girl, who had already resigned herself to her ‘fate’ during the last couple of days, suddenly become so tough? He asked unhurriedly, “Are you forcing me again, Baijun?” Di Baijun’s gaze panicked for a moment.

She didn’t want to ever again experience that awfully panic-stricken feeling where she was at a loss as to what to do after the jerk took control of her.

She barely managed to calm herself down.

Then, in a tone as icy and haughty as ever and as though she was justified to do so, she went according to the script that she had drafted and snapped, “How foolish.

” Wang Hu’s gaze flickered, and he gained some interest.

She was being so tough… What kind of tricks did she have up her sleeve this time? Calm and collected, he kept quiet as he looked at her as though silently telling her to go on.

Di Baijun secretly grumbled to herself, Why isn’t that jerk curious about why I had called him foolish? No, although his expression hadn’t changed, he hadn’t spoken either.

He had likely become curious, just that her aura had suppressed him.


She would go on, then.

She let out another icy snort and said harshly, “The humans already know that we’ve broken through to the Divine Body Realm.

In their eyes, we must be threats.

“One can never be too careful.

Now that I’m in weak condition and unable to attack, of course, a jerk like you has to keep yourself in peak condition to guard against unexpected accidents.

Otherwise, what are Big Treasure and Little Treasure supposed to do? “But look at you.

How much strength do you even have left?” After lashing out at him, Di Baijun—who had been terribly pent-up during the last few days—felt wonderful and carefree at once.


That’s exactly the way.

When I’ve recovered, I’ll beat up that jerk so badly that he can’t move and has to lie in bed.

Then, I’ll scold him every day.

As she thought to herself, she also secretly stared at the jerk to see how the effect was.

A complex look flashed across Wang Hu’s countenance at this point.

He was both amused and touched at the same time.

That harebrained Silly Girl had finally noticed all the pains he had put in for her.

Upon noticing that he was tired, she couldn’t help but care for him.

But that explanation of yours is really, really very stupid.

Do you think your husband’s IQ is on the same level as yours? And then, you can use your rich experience to defeat me after that? He inhaled lightly.

His voice was as calm and tranquil as always.

In addition, it was also so forceful that it brooked absolutely no refusal.

“Take a seat.

I’ll help you with your recuperation.

” Di Baijun was stupefied.

Did that jerk not hear what I was saying?