My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 101

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 101

Chapter 101: You can’t Beat Me, You Have to Listen to Me She openly glared daggers at him again and again.

Other emotions also occasionally surfaced on her perpetually icy and snooty countenance.

Every time that happened, it was as though the world had lit up.

It was just a shame that nobody was around to witness it, including Wang Hu.

He was currently immersed in his new special ability.

He had two major special abilities that had already reached their third stages while he himself had also attained the Divine Body Realm.

Thus, he managed to gain a more well-rounded comprehension of the special ability that he’d awakened this time.

Dao! Mysterious and profound, it was something that words couldn’t possibly explain.

It seemed like he had understood it while getting confused about it as well.

Yet, in spite of that, he did indeed feel something different.

On top of that, it even made him lose himself in it.

It made him want to stay in it forever and never get out.

Of course, a feeling was ultimately nothing more than just a feeling.

Wang Hu was still able to control himself and prevent himself from drifting further away.




However, he also came to deeply understand something—the Dao truly held too great an allure to living beings.

Disregarding the effect it had on cultivators for now, just the influence that the Dao form had on every species’ sense of aesthetics alone was already enough indication.

Gradually, Wang Hu formed a clear idea of what the special ability this time was—power! While it was wonderful, there was nevertheless a teeny-weeny disparity between it and the special abilities that he currently wanted the most—those related to stamina and the like.

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COM The reason for this was very simple—in comparison, he already had enough power on Earth at the moment.

His biggest shortcoming was that his two major special abilities drained too much energy from him.

There was a limit to his stamina.

He put away all his unnecessary thoughts.

If power it was, then power it would be.

Besides, it could even enhance his actual combat power further.

He wasn’t picky.

Another short while later, the mysterious changes drew to a close.

The special ability was close to fully taking shape.

It was at this point that Wang Hu was suddenly alarmed—a wave of extremely ancient and exceptionally deep and profound power of soul origin was surging into his body from his mouth.

Instantly, his special ability that was about to form, including all the blood in him, showed an unusual reaction.

What the heck.

What has Silly Girl done? … Time rewound to over ten minutes ago.

After Di Baijun vented her frustrations a little, the more she looked at the mysterious aura around the jerk, the more extraordinary it seemed to her.

It didn’t lose out to the first two awakened special abilities in the least.

Extremely mysterious and profound, it even gave her the feeling that it contained limitless potential.

It was just like the seed of an exceedingly top-class bloodline that laid and established an exceptionally solid and stable foundation.

Although it sounded awfully inconceivable, that was exactly the feeling that Di Baijun had.

However, gradually, when that mysterious and profound aura reached a certain level, just as Di Baijun thought that it would reach even greater heights; it instead began to rein in itself and started to fully take shape.

At once, her brows locked into a deep frown—this was the same situation as the first two times.

Could it be that the jerk’s foundation was insufficient, leading to such a situation happening again and again? That must be it.

Excluding bloodlines, the jerk’s aptitude could be said to be peerless in the world.

However, no matter how strong one’s aptitude was, if they wanted to awaken powerful special abilities; then a certain level of foundation in their body was necessary.

All three special abilities that the jerk had awakened were very extraordinary and needed an even more powerful body as a foundation.

During the first two times, it was only after the jerk had become stronger that those two special abilities started to evolve and level up one after the other.

It must be because of his body’s foundation.

A divine body forged from nine rounds of metamorphosis should be sufficient as a foundation, though.

Has something happened that I’m unaware of? Or has that jerk’s first two special abilities leveled up again? No, that’s not right.

How can special abilities possibly level up so easily? That’s something that only happens by chance.

What exactly can it be? Di Baijun’s frown deepened further and further.

She couldn’t understand, let alone be sure of anything.

A few seconds later, at the sight of the special ability’s aura reining in further and further, indicating that it would fully take shape very soon; Di Baijun couldn’t help but panic somewhat.

Once it fully took shape, then there wouldn’t be any way to change it anymore.

As for it evolving and leveling up in the future, how could one possibly expect something like that to happen? The emotions on her exquisite face changed continuously, and she seemed incredibly troubled.

Another few seconds later, she inhaled softly and glared indignantly at the jerk.

On account of Big Treasure and Little Treasure, on account of how we’re both tigers, on account of how another strong and powerful special ability would be born among the tigers, on account of how a jerk like you is still of some use to the tigers, on account of… Innumerable reasons formed in her mind.

She took a couple of steps forward and reached out her slender and delicate left middle finger.

Set off by her red coat, her finger looked even more translucent and crystal-clear, and tender and flawless.

The next instant—with a resolute look on her face, she emitted a white light all over.

A white tiger hologram appeared behind her and let out a soft roar.

As a look of pain and agony came over Di Baijun’s visage, the white tiger hologram let out another soft roar.

However, it was accompanied by a faint sense of sorrow this time.

A few seconds later, she let out a muffled grunt.

A golden drop of blood formed at the tip of her middle finger.

The moment it appeared, it was as if it had come to life and turned into a small white tiger.

It brimmed with an ancient and extremely mysterious and profound aura.

Di Baijun’s complexion turned unusually pale, and she glared fiercely at the jerk.

I’ll never let you off if you don’t seize the opportunity.

Her jade-like palms pushed forward lightly, and the drop of golden blood that seemed to have come to life reluctantly entered Wang Hu’s closed mouth.

At once, his body started to glow with white light.

At the sight, Di Baijun’s arms fell to her sides.

Her usually straight and upright form swayed a little, and she actually became somewhat unsteady on her feet.

A layer of moisture even formed on her clear and smooth forehead.

Her cool, bright, and clear eyes were filled with fatigue, and her breathing was heavy and ragged.

Under the moonlight, her peerlessly beautiful form appeared unusually frail and delicate.

However, she continued to watch the jerk closely, as well as keep her guard up against possible dangers in the surroundings.

Jerk, don’t you dare fail.

Otherwise, hmph… Inside his body, a rather dumbfounded Wang Hu stared at the wave of power that had rushed into his body.

He didn’t need to even think to know that this must be Silly Girl’s handiwork.

Apart from her, no other tiger could possibly do it.

That Silly Girl… While he was speechless and resigned, he wasn’t worried that Silly Girl would harm him.

It was highly likely that some kind of abnormal situation had occurred, leading to her trying to help him out.

However, he didn’t need that help! The sudden and unexpected appearance of the mysterious power actuated the special ability that was about to fully take shape, as well as his blood, in this instant.

Wang Hu hastily tried to take control of the situation.

His blood was fine; it fully obeyed him.

It was just that there was a sort of instinctive desire and a deep sense of reverence in it.

The special ability that was about to take shape wasn’t so obedient, however.

On top of that, its desire seemed to be even stronger.

It pounced toward the wave of power, shocking Wang Hu quite a fair bit.

In the blink of an eye, he saw the special ability that was about to take shape meet with the mysterious power.

One was an inexplicable pattern that seemingly didn’t even exist.

The other was… Shock filled Wang Hu—that mysterious power had actually transformed into a small white tiger.

Vivid and lifelike, it contained astonishing might.

Most importantly, it was identical to Silly Girl’s white tiger hologram that he had seen the other day.

Silly Girl… she… A foreboding feeling surged up in him.

However, he didn’t have the leisure to think too deeply into it.

It was as if the two waves of power were in a showdown.

As though they were sentient, they were sizing up each other.

Suddenly, as though they had discovered something, the two waves of power clashed with each other right away.

The intense collision that he had expected didn’t happen.

Rather, only an unusual situation as though the two had blended together in perfect harmony took place.

It only took a very short time.

The small white tiger disappeared, whereas the pattern that had originally seemed as though it was non-existent turned clear and distinct right away, giving off an even more mysterious and profound aura.

In the blink of an eye, his special ability had thoroughly taken shape.

Wang Hu watched the whole process with alarm and uncertainty.

Everything had gone somewhat beyond his expectations.

When the special ability fully took shape, he immediately gained a thorough and clear understanding of the situation.

At once, he became even more astonished.

That small white tiger had actually allowed this particular special ability of his to go from the first stage to the second stage without using the light dot in the Map of the Universe.

This… He didn’t understand.

With a frown on his face, he decided not to think about it anymore either.

Right now, what he wanted to know more about was Silly Girl’s state.

He immediately reined in his power and opened his eyes.

Half a minute ago, the look in Di Baijun’s eyes had turned into one of mild joy.

True to her expectations, now that the jerk had a drop of her origin blood, it was likely that the deficiencies in his foundation had been made up for.

The special ability was also continuing to develop and strengthen.

Although all of this seemed to have happened somewhat unusually quickly, wasn’t it fine as long as it was successful? She didn’t have the energy to think too deeply about it.

Knowing that the jerk would be done very soon, she bore with her fatigue and hastily ran into a cave in a flash.

She had only just entered the cave when Wang Hu opened his eyes.

In fact, his divine senses had already discovered Silly Girl’s ‘fleeing’ figure a step ahead.

His brows drew together tightly at once.

Worry flickered in his eyes.

He got up and rushed into the cave without any hesitation.

He arrived at the depths of the cave to see that Silly Girl was alone there.

Her back was to him, and she was sitting cross-legged as though she was in the midst of cultivating.

“How audacious.

What are you doing? Get out.

” A rebuke filled with displeasure and sounded as cold, haughty, and domineering as ever rang out.

Wang Hu’s brows were tightly drawn together.

His expression was unusually calm; in fact, it was so calm that it looked rather cold.

Without paying any heed to her words at all, he strode forward and went right next to Silly Girl.

“Hurry up and get out.

” Although Di Baijun had her back to him, she nevertheless sensed his movements.

Shocked, she immediately berated him even more loudly.

Wang Hu didn’t care.

There was a sort of firm and resolute forcefulness and domineeringness around him that repelled people from coming near him.

Without saying anything, he stepped right onto the stone chaise and squatted down to face Silly Girl directly.

He had only just squatted down when a fair hand came smacking toward him.

Without any change in his expression, Wang Hu reached out his left hand and caught the soft, tender arm right away.

Divine power surged from him, rendering all the other party’s struggles useless.

When he got a clear look at Silly Girl, he instantly trembled.

Her petite, palm-sized face was so pale that it looked almost transparent, and she was breaking out in cold sweat.

Her bright, glossy, silky white locks had become somewhat dry.

Only her familiar-looking eyes were still as cold, haughty, and dominant as ever.

However, they were also filled with fatigue.

“Get out.

Who allowed you in here?” Filled with embarrassment and anger, Di Baijun wanted only to look for a hole to crawl into at this moment.

Wang Hu’s expression turned stern.

Both mad and full of heartache at the same time, he blurted a rebuke, “Why did you do something so silly?” Di Baijun glared at him at once, and her other hand flew toward him with some effort.

Without even blinking, Wang Hu caught her arm with his right hand and held it tightly.

The look in his eyes turned increasingly stern.

Together with a sort of domineeringness in them, he gazed at Silly Girl just like that.

His gaze threw Di Baijun into somewhat of a panic.

What did the jerk want? Why did it feel like he had changed into a completely different tiger? Her confidence inexplicably lessened dramatically, and she avoided his gaze.

Nevertheless, she persevered and shouted, “G-Get out.

” Wang Hu exhaled lightly.

With an unprecedentedly serious expression on his face, he applied force in his hands, which hurt Silly Girl and caused her to instinctively look at the jerk.

Wang Hu said seriously, “Di Baijun, remember this.

You can’t beat me in a fight right now… so you have to listen to what I say.