My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 98

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The Second Cheat Disbelieving voices rang throughout the ranks of senior officials among all the major countries.

There was an upsurge of immense envy among them.

It wasn’t just directed at the couple that seemed to be endowed with cheats but also at China.

One must know that disregarding everything else for now, having the opportunity to make friends with powerhouses like that was the beginning of everything.

Yet, they didn’t even have such a beginning.

How could they possibly not be green with envy? In no time, the world conference suggested by China—whose position was becoming increasingly important—began without any obstructions.

Yet, another war of words with invisible gunpowder smoke commenced.

“Everyone already knows this, but the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen have both broken through to the Third Realm.

As the only two Third Realm cultivators on Earth, I’m sure I don’t need to expound on the amount of influence they hold.

“Most importantly, they don’t hold any animosity toward us humans at all.

In that case, why can’t we see them as friends and as future allies?” “How laughable.

Your views are a complete joke.

Just like how China has a saying that goes like ‘those not of our clan must share differing sentiments’, how can we possibly trust two tiger powerhouses? “Who can guarantee their true intentions? And who can guarantee that they won’t harm us humans? .



“Everyone, please don’t be so naive.

We humans have hogged Earth for too many years, made too many enemies, and taken over too many resources.

How can the animals possibly work as one with us and coexist peacefully with us?” “Indeed, Mr.

India Representative, what you said is completely correct.

We Chinese do have such a saying, and the other circumstances that you mentioned are also correct.

“But what I’d like to say is that all of those circumstances that you’ve mentioned are things that would happen only if animals and humans are the only beings on Earth.

“However, there are countless alternate worlds and innumerable wicked and strong beings hanging over our heads now.

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COM “Don’t you find discussing the so-called ‘those not of our clan must share differing sentiments’ very laughable at a point like this? “In the eyes of our evil foes, there’s no difference between the humans, tigers, or bears on Earth.

They will only see all of us as Earth’s indigenous beings.

“It is exactly at times like this that we should band together and assemble all of Earth’s power to fight against those evil foes from the alternate worlds.

“Yet, you’re thinking of segregating ourselves from our strongest allies.

Do you know what you’re doing? You’re betraying Earth and the whole of humanity.

“Also, the animals aren’t one whole clan.

Don’t mislead others with your shallow understanding.

Tigers are tigers, and bears are bears.

“Tigers being friendly with us humans doesn’t mean that all other animals will also be friendly to humans.

“Similarly, if bears are hostile toward humans, it also doesn’t mean that all the other animal species are hostile toward humans.

“Besides, Mr.

India Representative, do you understand anything about the Tiger King and his wife? Do you really think you can take out the Tiger King and his wife? Even if you can, how huge of a price would humanity have to pay? “Lastly, what I also want to say is that the Tiger King and his wife, as well as the tigers under their rule, are China’s friends.

“We would never attack our friends.

Those that attack our friends will be seen as attacking China.

” “No, that won’t do.

China is being too bossy.

You can’t do that.

That’s the behavior of a hoodlum.

It goes against morals.

” The Chinese representative gave an unhurried smile the moment he heard what the other person said, and a look of extreme contempt appeared in the depths of his eyes.


As if no one’s a hoodlum here! … Wang Hu wasn’t aware of the showdown in the world conference.

Neither did he have much of an interest to know about it.

His mood had been fantastic the last two days after making Silly Girl dizzy from going around in circles and leaving behind a deep influence on her heart.

It was especially so when he saw how Silly Girl had avoided him somewhat during the last two days.

That arrogant and haughty attitude that she had adopted when she confronted him right after breaking through and coming out of seclusion in the beginning… was completely gone.

This made him even happier.

Were it not for his strong self-control, he would have laughed out loud a long time ago.

However, he could also sense that Silly Girl was in the midst of rapidly adjusting her emotions during the last two days.

She could already face him in her usual cool and outwardly stuck-up manner.

Wang Hu took pleasure in it.

Every time he saw that perfect, flawless, and stunningly beautiful visage and figure of Silly Girl’s, happiness would overcome him.

Strength filled his whole body, and he felt like he could battle heaven and earth itself.

This is my wife, and all other tigers and humans can die of envy.

On this day, it was mealtime again.

After two days of awkwardness, the whole family of tigers was finally eating together again.

Old Third and Su Ling had caught a large amount of food.

Wang Hu turned them into the cleanest and purest essence of meat before distributing them to everyone.

His wife was the first.

She received 30% of the meat while Big Treasure, Little Treasure, Old Third, and Su Ling each received 10%.

The remaining 30% was his.

No one voiced any objections, and they quietly started to eat.

It was mainly because neither Wang Shan nor Su Ling dared to speak in front of Wang Hu and Di Baijun.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure were busy with their delicious food while Di Baijun would never take the initiative to talk to the person whom she viewed as a jerk.

In other words, as long as Wang Hu didn’t talk, mealtimes were basically a silent affair.

“Cough, Baijun,” Wang Hu spoke right after taking a bite.

He said, “We can start planning to move back now.

” Di Baijun was taken aback.

She had almost forgotten all about it.

They had only come to this place for the sake of breaking through and going into seclusion.

Now that it was over, it was naturally time that they should move back.

Of course, she would never show that she had forgotten about the matter.

With a light wave of her jade-like hand, she refined the whole piece of meat.

Using divine power to envelop it and taking it back into the body—this was her way of eating.

Elegant and composed, every action of hers was accompanied by a sense of domineeringness and cold haughtiness.

After doing all these, she said in an aloof tone, “Tomorrow, then.

” “Alright.

” Wang Hu agreed right away.

Once they got back, he would be able to officially launch his combo attacks.

Wang Shan and Su Ling didn’t have any objections.

As they looked at their eldest brother and sister-in-law (the vicious tigress) in human form, they both thought that it would be best if they could hurry up and finish their food before getting away from them as soon as possible.

Suddenly, in a tone seemingly indifferent yet also brooking no dispute, Di Baijun said, “Old Third, go back and scout the area after mealtime tomorrow.

Su Ling, you’re in charge of tomorrow’s meal.

We’ll set off and go back after we’ve eaten.

” Wang Shan didn’t think much about the order.

He immediately nodded and gave an obedient reply.

Roar~! “Understood, Sister-in-law.

” Di Baijun’s brow twitched right away.

However, after experiencing Wang Shan addressing her as such several times during the last two days, she could already tolerate it.

She would wait.

When the time came, she would settle the scores with the jerk all at once.

Su Ling, on the other hand, was stunned.

She was supposed to take care of all the tigers’ food all by herself! Was there a need to? Going back took no more than just a few hours.

What kind of scouting was there to be done? However, while she was grumbling inwardly, she didn’t dare to resist on the surface, of course.

She glanced at the demon lord with a sad and aggrieved look in her eyes before she softly replied, “Understood.

” However, what she didn’t know was that Di Baijun—who was constantly watching her—had caught a clear view of her sad and aggrieved glance.

At the same time, she also watched the jerk’s reaction closely.

It was only when she saw that he hadn’t looked at Su Ling at all did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Nevertheless, her brow twitched, and her beautiful eyes that looked as though the bright and clear moon narrowed a smidgen.

Well done, well done indeed.

How dare she bewitch that jerk in front of me.

As expected of a fox! Just you wait.

I’ll definitely make you behave.

An intangible frostiness and might spread into the surroundings.

Apart from Big Treasure and Little Treasure who were happily eating, Wang Hu and the other two all felt it.

Wang Shan and Su Ling lowered their heads and began to eat even more quickly, whereas Wang Hu acted as though nothing had happened.

He was terribly satisfied.

The combo attack had actually already started.

The tool-fox was exhibiting her usefulness very well.

Sparing her life back then and even providing her with such a wonderful environment to live in and cultivate hadn’t been in vain.

Please be sure to resist Silly Girl’s imposing might.

After silently cheering for Su Ling, he finished the meat in front of him in a few bites.

He looked at Big Treasure and Little Treasure and said genially, “Big Treasure, Little Treasure.

Don’t be in such a hurry.

Take your time to eat.

” The two little fellows nodded in response while also not slowing down at all.

They continued to scoff down their food.

The sight made Wang Hu’s smile even wider.

A hint of a gentle look also flashed across Di Baijun’s eyes.

Wang Hu turned to Silly Girl and asked naturally, “How’s the stabilizing of your cultivation after the breakthrough, Baijun?” Di Baijun was, instead, still rather awkward.

Fortunately, because Old Third and the fox didn’t understand Tiger Language, it alleviated some of her awkwardness and embarrassment.

She replied with aloofness, “I don’t need to stabilize it at all.

” Wang Hu nodded and continued to act as though nothing had happened.

In fact, as if he were talking to himself and as though everything was right and justified, he said, “Just as well.

I just so happen to have a few more questions that I’d like to ask you.

” Instantly, Di Baijun’s exquisite chin lifted higher a little, and she felt her anger defused.


It’s time for you to beg me now, isn’t it? That’s for making me angry all the time.

As though he hadn’t realized anything, Wang Hu officially activated his second cheat and said seriously, “Baijun, the information about the Divine Body Realm that you’ve given me back then was very detailed, but can one officially start to cultivate special abilities in the Divine Body Realm? “Is there a huge difference in combat strength between those that cultivate special abilities and those that don’t?” Di Baijun looked up and replied aloofly, “Of course.

Divine Body Realm cultivators have divine power.

Thus, they can be considered mysterious and profound entities.

“It’s only by cultivating special abilities that one can utilize their divine power’s might more perfectly.

Powerful special abilities are enough to thoroughly reverse a battle between two Divine Body Realm cultivators.

” Wang Hu became amused as he watched Silly Girl become more and more stuck-up.

She was just short of writing ‘I have a powerful special ability.

Hurry and beg me for it.

’ on her indescribably beautiful visage.

It was impossible for him to beg her.

That Silly Girl would obediently give it to him anyway.

He said directly, “As expected, special abilities are great.

Baijun, what kind of special abilities do you think are suitable for me to cultivate? Do you have any?” Di Baijun snorted lightly.

A cold and haughty aura suffused the air as she raised her chin and replied, “I know innumerable special abilities.

” As though each word of hers was as precious as gold itself, she stopped after saying just that one line.

The underlying meaning in her words—”Of course, I have special abilities that are suitable for a jerk like you”—became even clearer.

“That’s great.

Quick, pick a few suitable ones and let me cultivate them, Baijun.

” Without showing any unusual reaction, Wang Hu spoke naturally as though everything was a matter of course again.

Upon hearing what he said, Di Baijun paused and blinked.

Then, she glared daggers at him right away.

She snorted inwardly.

Why should I? Why should this noble one give you any special abilities? You’re even acting as though it’s a matter of course that I give them to you.

Her lips parted slightly, and she got ready to chide him.

The words were already on the tip of her tongue when she suddenly realized something.

No, if I don’t give it to him, it wouldn’t be fair when I beat that jerk in a fight.

That jerk definitely won’t admit defeat either.