My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 96

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Wang Hu is Crying? He took another look at the gorgeous Silly Girl.

Then, he looked away a little.

That’s my wife, hehe.

Di Baijun—who was comforting the two little fellows on the surface—panicked again, though she also felt an inexplicable sense of pride.

Then, her embarrassment turned into anger.

That jerk.

How dare he continue to look at me.


I must teach him a good lesson.

A few minutes later, the two grumbling little fellows fell asleep while snuggling against Di Baijun.

Di Baijun gently tried to carry the two little fellows into the cave so that they could sleep in there.

A sharp-eyed and nimble Wang Hu immediately helped out by picking up Big Treasure who was nearer to him.

Di Baijun glared lightly at him, though she didn’t stop him.

With Little Treasure in her arms, she took the lead and started to walk toward a cave.

Her gentle demeanor made Wang Hu, who was following behind her, somewhat dazzled and distracted.

In this instant, all his messy, chaotic thoughts suddenly disappeared.

All that was left was just a faint heartwarming feeling.




With his wife carrying their daughter while he carried their son, the both of them carefully carried them to bed.

Wasn’t a scene like this exactly what he had always dreamed of in the last dozens of years during his two lifetimes? The very last sliver of desire to be human that had been hidden deep in the depths of his heart dissipated.

A gentle smile formed on his countenance that had become calm and tranquil by now.

There was no longer any pretense in his gaze as he looked at the silly tigress from the back.

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COM Gentleness filled his eyes.

It’s wonderful to have known you, my wife.

As Di Baijun—who was walking at the front—walked on, she suddenly felt as though the gaze behind her had morphed into the spring breeze or a hot spring that was about to surround her.

An even stronger sense of panic and loss as to what to do surged up in her, and she wanted to escape.

However, because of Little Treasure who was still in her arms, her pride, and her personality; she held on and tried not to show any unusual reaction.

With her back straight, she continued to walk forward, one step at a time.

It was just that a hint of ire that came from embarrassment had surfaced on her beautiful and exquisite little face.

That jerk is so hateful.

He must be doing it on purpose.

How hateful.

I must… I absolutely must teach him a good lesson.

At last, they entered the cave.

Di Baijun carefully placed Little Treasure on the prepared stone chaise.

Just as Wang Hu was about to place Big Treasure down, Di Baijun immediately stopped him with a severe gaze.

She gently took Big Treasure from him.

After giving Wang Hu a disdainful look, she personally saw to the task herself.

Wang Hu gave her an embarrassed smile.

To be honest, he actually wasn’t that rough and definitely wouldn’t have woken Big Treasure up at all.

However, he didn’t fight her for it either.

He liked this exact behavior of Silly Girl’s, as well as moments like this.

After properly tucking in the two little fellows, Di Baijun took another gentle look at them.

Then, she adjusted her emotions, turned around, and gestured obviously at Wang Hu with a cold look in her eyes and a grumpy look on her face.

Wang Hu understood that she was telling him to get out.

Had it been any other time, he would have done so.

Right now, he had only just seen how Silly Girl looked in her Dao form.

He had only just reunited with his family.

He had only just experienced an incredibly heartwarming moment.

He had only just let go of his last bit of longing to be human.

This was exactly a time when he needed and wanted to be with Silly Girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure the most.

He didn’t want to leave.

He thought about it.

At once, a solution came to him.

With a sincere expression, he secretly sent a telepathic message to Silly Girl with a soft sigh: “Look at how much Big Treasure and Little Treasure miss you, Baijun.

” The look in Di Baijun’s eyes softened a little.

Love filled her as she watched the two little fellows who were soundly asleep.

She would chase that jerk away first.

After that, she would spend some quality time with Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

As she thought about it, the look in her eyes changed and turned again into a hostile iciness that seemed to be telling Wang Hu to hurry up and get out.

Wang Hu acted as though he hadn’t noticed anything.

Without even looking at Silly Girl, he went on emotionally and said, “You don’t know this, but they couldn’t even sleep properly when you were away.

“They slept very lightly and frequently woke up in tears crying for Mommy.

” As he spoke, he let out another soft sigh.

His gaze, as he watched the two little fellows, was unusually loving and tender… even indescribably doting.

Di Baijun’s expression softened.

Although the thought of listening to him had formed, she nevertheless continued to resolutely look at him as though silently telling him to go out.

Wang Hu acted as if he was lost in his own emotions and completely hadn’t noticed.

He went on and said, “Left with no other choice, I could only stay by their side every moment while they were asleep.

“When they woke up in tears, I would coax them by saying that Mommy’s coming back soon and that Mommy didn’t like Big Treasure and Little Treasure who cried.

“When they were awake, they would also suddenly ask for you sometimes while they were playing.

I tried everything I could think of to coax them and stop their tears.

“I’m not afraid even if you laugh at me for this, but I panicked the moment they cried.

I didn’t even want to do anything else anymore.

The only thing on my mind was stopping them from crying.

” Di Baijun silently turned to look at Big Treasure and Little Treasure with both heartache and pride.

They had only wanted Mommy.

They really were Mommy’s best babies.

Her desire to chase the jerk out wasn’t that firm anymore.

That jerk had surprisingly taken pretty good care of Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

Wang Hu cast a lightning-quick glance at Silly Girl out of the corner of his eye before immediately retracting it.

Then, he hardened his heart.

If he didn’t go all the way and move even himself, how was he going to move Silly Girl? He clenched his fists.

He didn’t even need to slowly get into the mood for a small wry and self-mocking smile to surface on his face.

He shook his head and said in resignation, “Sigh, what a shame! “Maybe it’s because I really am a very incompetent father.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure don’t want me at all.

All they want is you.

They even said I’m Stinky Daddy.

They don’t like me at all.

In fact, they even… they even wanted to beat me up.

“Hah, Baijun, tell me, am I really that incompetent of a father?” His gaze shifted, and he looked at Silly Girl with a look of puzzlement in his eyes.

Di Baijun subconsciously met his gaze, though she didn’t quite know how she should answer.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure, too.

How could they say such a thing? Although the jerk was shameless, despicable, and worthy of death and the need to be taught a good lesson; they shouldn’t have said that either.

He was ultimately still their father.

Just as she was about to reply to him, the jerk suddenly turned away.

In that instant, his eyes seemed to have reddened somewhat.

Di Baijun was shocked.

W-Was that jerk crying? Surely, it wouldn’t go to that extent? He was a man.

However, he really did care about Big Treasure and Little Treasure a lot, and yet they had hurt him.

Perhaps… he really was crying? When she thought about it that way, she found that it made a lot of sense.

Should Big Treasure and Little Treasure treat her that way, she wouldn’t be happy either.

However, she definitely wouldn’t cry.

For some reason, for someone that hated seeing other tigers cry the most, she didn’t feel any disgust or loathing right now.

All she felt was a kind of understanding.

Honestly, Big Treasure and Little Treasure? She mustn’t go soft on them in the future.

They must be properly educated.

I’ve coddled them too much in the past.

A light frown formed on her white jade-like forehead.

As for Wang Hu who had turned away, his eyes really had reddened, and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

Using divine power to irritate the eyes really did hurt.

Sigh, he was ultimately still not shameless enough yet.

He had actually felt shy at the very last moment and didn’t want Silly Girl to see him with his eyes red.

He really shouldn’t have done that.

He should have faced Silly Girl directly instead.

It would have achieved the strongest effect that way.

Never mind.

Cultivating shamelessness took time, too.

He would leave it for the next time instead.

It should be more or less enough this time.

The way he valued his family, a tough man’s gentleness—together with Big Treasure, Little Treasure, and their current relationship; even with Silly Girl’s personality that absolutely disliked tigers that cried, she likely wouldn’t feel any loathing.

She would only feel a sense of understanding and perhaps even sympathy.

He sneaked a glance at the soundly asleep Big Treasure and Little Treasure and sincerely apologized.

Sorry, my son and daughter.

For the sake of Daddy, I believe you guys are also willing to help.

When Daddy’s conquered your Mommy, Daddy will definitely properly bring you guys out to play.

“Um, cough.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure must not have meant it.

You don’t need to feel that way.

” Di Baijun maintained her usual cold and noble demeanor, though she didn’t quite know what to say.

She could only sort of comfort him with a few words.

After saying that, she felt even more awkward, and she turned away uncomfortably.

Wang Hu didn’t feel any awkwardness in the least.

He shook his head and seemingly forced a soft laugh as he said, “Of course.

Children, right? They love spouting nonsense all the time and forget whatever they’ve said right after they say it.

Even they themselves have forgotten what they’ve said, so how could I possibly hold it against them? “It’s just that… just that… it doesn’t really feel that good, that’s all.

” Di Baijun fell silent.

She could understand how he felt.


” Wang Hu let out a light cough.

Then, he said sincerely, “Baijun, I’m sorry you had to see me in such a state.

By the way, you mustn’t blame Big Treasure and Little Treasure just because of this.

They don’t mean it.

They just missed you too much, that’s all.

“They must have already forgotten all about it by now.

Bringing it up again does no good to anyone.

Children also have their own way of thinking.

” Di Baijun thought about it and realized that that was indeed the case so she gave a simple grunt of acknowledgment.

“Alright, we won’t talk about this anymore.

” Wang Hu turned around.

His eyes were no longer red.

He gave her a bright and radiant smile.

As he gazed at Silly Girl’s soul-stirring perfect side profile, he said, “I haven’t told you about how mischievous these two little fellows were when you weren’t around, Baijun.

“When they saw that I could fly, they insisted that I bring them around as I fly.

If I refused, they would cry.

Their tears made me so troubled.

“That wasn’t all.

Sometimes, they wouldn’t even let me carry them as we fly.

Honestly…” He shook his head in a resigned yet also doting manner.

Then, he smiled wryly and went on.

“When you weren’t around, their tempers even got worse and worse.

Not only… never mind, we won’t talk about that.

They even fought each other sometimes and refused to give in to the other.

The moment I stop them, they would start again once I turn around.

“I’m honestly at my wits’ end with them.

We still have to rely on you in the end, Baijun.

” Although Di Baijun remained cold and maintained a distance from Wang Hu on the surface, mirth had already surfaced inwardly.

These two little fellows are simply too mischievous.

And that jerk, too.

How can he coddle the children so much? He doesn’t know how to bring up children at all.

At times like this, you should educate them severely instead.

The moment she thought of that, she wanted to toss a disdainful eye roll at him.

However, when she thought of what had happened just now, she resisted the urge to.

She still felt rather disdainful at the bottom of her heart, though.

He was a grown man, and yet he couldn’t even take care of children properly.

What was the use of having him around? As expected, I’ll have to educate Big Treasure and Little Treasure myself.

I can’t count on that jerk at all.

I must also step up my education of Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

I mustn’t let them learn all the wrong things from that jerk.

Wang Hu felt rather smug as he carefully observed Silly Girl’s emotions.

Even if you’re a shrew, aren’t you still unable to escape from my clutches all the same? He quickly suppressed his smugness.

Then, as though he was just talking about everyday household affairs, he smiled and said, “And Old Third, too.

I don’t know whether it’s because you weren’t around or not and coupled with how I overly pampered him and didn’t bear to hit him, he started to become half-hearted and refused to take his lessons properly.

He even intimidated Su Ling all the time.

“I was really mad during those couple of days.

Coincidentally, I was also in a bad mood because of Big Treasure and Little Treasure at that time.

“Sigh! In the end, I steeled my heart and gave him a good beating.

” He paused for a moment.

Then, something occurred to him, and he said without batting an eyelid, “Speaking of Su Ling, she’s become more and more hardworking recently.

She also treats Big Treasure and Little Treasure sincerely and cares for them very much.

“She does her best in both her chores and her lessons for Old Third.

Looks like she might really have already pledged her allegiance.