My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 92

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 92

Chapter 92: I’ve Become the Highest One Now He spoke with sincerity from the bottom of his heart.

There was no hint of phoniness in the least.

Given Wang Hu’s soul power that had already become capable of metamorphosing into his divine senses, identifying something like that in person wasn’t anything difficult for him.

However, Li Aimin’s sincerity-filled words didn’t bring Wang Hu any joy at all.

To his shock, he suddenly realized that this was practically China blatantly presenting an overt scheme! Li Aimin didn’t pause.

Before Wang Hu could completely think it through, Li Aimin smiled again and went on.

He said, “We’ll send the information about those alternate worlds to Your Excellency in a while.

“Apart from this, the other thing is for China to express some of our kindly feelings with regard to the Tiger King breaking through to the Third Realm and becoming the first Third Realm cultivator in the world, thereby boosting the morale of cultivators from every species and greatly showing off Earth’s might.

” As he spoke, someone behind him brought out a sizable box.

Li Aimin received it from him and passed it to Wang Hu.

He said, “These are some things that can benefit cultivators that we’ve developed the last few years after much painstaking efforts.

We shall specially present them to Your Excellency now.

“I hope Your Excellency can continue to become stronger day by day, pave the way ahead for Earth’s cultivators, and boost Earth’s might.

” Wang Hu couldn’t resist looking at it.

However, he managed to suppress his curiosity and spoke, his voice cold and aloof.

Roar~! “It’s not necessary.

You can take it back.

I don’t need these things.

” .



Li Aimin’s smile didn’t disappear.

He said, “It’s just a token of our appreciation to represent the peaceful and friendly coexistence between China and the tigers under Your Excellency’s rule.

I hope the Tiger King can accept it.

” It wasn’t quite appropriate for Wang Hu to decline it anymore.

He could only pause for a moment before he replied to Li Aimin.

Roar~! “I shall accept it, then.

Is anything else the matter?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM As he spoke, a golden glow shone and brought the small box over to himself.

“No, there isn’t.

We shall take our leave.

See you, next time,” said a smiling Li Aimin as sincerely as ever.

The helicopter disappeared from sight very soon.

The silent Wang Hu transformed into the Dao form.

With a slight frown on his face, he brought the small box back to the area in front of the cave.

A heavy feeling formed in his heart.

Less than two minutes later, he received the documents.

Wang Hu’s frown deepened, but he opened the files and looked through them closely nevertheless.

The moment he did, he felt the pressing urge to immediately stop looking and stop caring about everything.

However, he braced himself and finished looking through them.

His heart turned increasingly heavy.

A brief moment later, he let out a soft sigh.

How impressive of China indeed.

This was no different from a blatant, unconcealed scheme.

The alternate worlds appearing throughout Earth were even stronger than what Wang Hu had expected.

Had it not been for the world passages’ restrictions, the entire Earth would already have been invaded and occupied a long time ago.

Even so, he himself could feel the pressure that the various countries around the world were under.

Originally, these had nothing to do with him.

Neither did anyone think that it had anything to do with him, including all the countries in the world.

However, this wasn’t the case anymore.

He had broken through to become the first, as well as the one and only Third Realm expert in this world.

He held influence great enough to affect the world now.

China recognized his strength and his status.

They recognized that he had a share of this world even more.

Generally speaking, Wang Hu’s stance in the past was that, no matter what happened in the world, the mighty humans would be there to stand at the forefront to bear the brunt of it.

He only needed to hide at the back and quietly become stronger.

However, as he hid, he had practically become the mightiest one now.

That meant that he couldn’t hide anymore.

Disregarding the fact that the humans didn’t want to let him hide anymore, the alternate worlds were even less inclined to do so.

Were they to really invade, would they let him—the number-one indigenous expert on Earth—off? One didn’t even need to think to know that they wouldn’t.

His reputation had implicated him, indeed.

He couldn’t hide anymore—this was Wang Hu’s biggest problem now.

Besides, he definitely wouldn’t want the alternate worlds to invade Earth either.

With the humans on Earth, there was still a possibility that he could negotiate and coexist peacefully with them.

With the alternate world invaders, he didn’t need to give those any thought at all.

There were only two options open to him—fight to the death or submit to them.

Li Aimin’s speech had repeatedly grouped all the species on Earth onto the same side and expressed that they were one faction with the same enemy.

Although he hadn’t explicitly stated it, the meaning in his speech was clear.

He was telling Wang Hu: ‘Since you’re so strong, Tiger King, shouldn’t you step forward and fight the alternate worlds together with us?’ This was the blatant overt scheme.

It prevented him from even rebutting.

He couldn’t even get angry about it because this was the truth from the start.

Li Aimin was merely reminding him about it.

Now that he had pretty much become the mightiest on Earth, nobody could stand in front of him and take the blow for him anymore.

In fact, they didn’t even explicitly request for him to make a move but merely gave him a prompt to think about it himself.

Once he understood, he would be trapped in the overt scheme.

The smart always gave themselves trouble.

One could say that he had gotten a deep understanding of the saying now.

He was simply too smart and ended up digging his own grave.

Otherwise, if he didn’t understand what Li Aimin meant and didn’t pay it any heed, at the most; he would just take things as they came when the alternate worlds really invaded Earth.

He wouldn’t have to be so troubled at this point anymore.

He mused for another few minutes before he snorted coldly.

With great power comes great responsibilities.

As the number-one expert on Earth, I definitely won’t shirk my responsibilities.

But you should give me the treatment that I deserve first before we talk about anything else.

The current resources are far from being sufficient.

He exhaled lightly.

One could say that he had thought things through now.

Indeed, he and the humans certainly had a powerful enemy in common, the kind where mitigation was impossible.

At his current stage, he indeed couldn’t hide behind the humans anymore either.

However, it was also impossible for him to immediately step forward and team up with the humans.

Since the humans occupied the most resources on Earth, then they should block more hits.

How much of Earth’s resources did he, Wang Hu, only occupy? They were dreaming if they thought they could get him to immediately step forward and fight with his life on the line with just that bit of resources.

This wasn’t to say that he cared that much about the resources—alright, he did indeed care.

However, what mattered just as much and just as crucial here… was status and prestige.

As the saying went, ‘one’s behavior must match one’s status’.

Making a move just like that would only serve to undermine his worth.

The humans might even treat him as their fighter.

Only people that respected themselves would be valued by others.

Teaming up to resist the alternate worlds and protect Earth, their common home? Sure, but they had to let him feel that he was also one of Earth’s masters first.

This was the simplest and most essential logic at its core.

Expecting him to make a move without giving him the corresponding treatment, status, and benefits? Dream on.

Besides, the humans could still persevere at the moment anyway.

They could talk about it again when the alternate worlds invaded, and they really couldn’t persevere anymore.

After making up his mind, Wang Hu took his mind off the topic.

This wasn’t something that would happen overnight.

He would just wait and decide again after observing the humans’ future actions.

After he calmed down, he opened the box.

He was indeed rather curious about what China had gifted him.

He opened the box to see ten bottles inside.

The bottles’ openings were all tightly plugged.

His expression changed slightly when he removed the little plug.

A light fragrance suffused the air.

Inside the bottle were eight small brown pills.

When he scanned the contents with his divine senses, he realized that every pill contained very gentle yet powerful energy.

The energy was very strange and peculiar.

It was unlike meat yet also unlike spiritual energy.

Had China already become capable of refining pills? As expected of those with cheats, indeed.

Wang Hu sighed somewhat emotionally.

Then, he spread his divine power and used it to externally digest a tiny bit of the pill.

Upon sensing the increase in his divine power, he experimented with it another few times.

It was only when he was completely sure that it was safe that he consumed one of the pills.

The moment he digested it with his divine power, it was as if the pill had transformed into warm spring water that extremely gently strengthened his body and his divine power.

A few minutes later when he finished digesting it, all Wang Hu felt was joy—he discovered that the tiny little pill had saved him two to three days’ worth of cultivation.

There were a total of 80 pills.

Didn’t that mean that they would save him more than 200 days of cultivation? This was a considerable improvement for him.

As he rejoiced, he also couldn’t help but sigh emotionally in envy.

As expected, humans were existences with cheats.

How shameless.

… Elsewhere, by the time Li Aimin returned to China’s capital, the various major countries in the world had already launched discussion after discussion centered on Wang Hu.

All sorts of different views were raised, though they didn’t make any sort of final decision in the end either.

They could only wait and see for now.

Wang Hu wasn’t aware of any of this.

Neither was he that interested to know.

With enough power and confidence, he could afford to disregard the countries’ stances, with the exception of China.

At the same time, news about Wang Hu’s breakthrough to the Third Realm also started to spread throughout the world on the Internet.

There were commotions everywhere.

There were all sorts of speculations overseas, and people debated over it continuously.

China’s online space was surprisingly fairly clean, however.

Praises and idolizing comments were everywhere.

Toward this, Wang Hu merely took a look occasionally.

He didn’t take it too seriously.

This outcome was definitely the product of China’s high-ranking officials’ intervention.

What Wang Hu cared about the most at the moment was still Silly Girl’s breakthrough.

What he spent most of his time doing was cultivation.

What gave him the biggest headache was the two little fellows testing his patience.

Roar~! “Daddy, Little Treasure still wants to fly.

Up, up, and away.

” “Big Treasure also wants to fly.

Big Treasure wants to fly even higher than that.

” “Alright, we’ll all fly.

Daddy will bring both of you to fly.

Don’t make a fuss anymore.

” … Roar~! “Sob! Little Treasure wants Mommy.

Little Treasure doesn’t want Daddy.

Little Treasure wants Mommy.

” “Sob! Big Treasure also wants Mommy.

Big Treasure doesn’t want Daddy.

” “Don’t cry.

Daddy will bring you guys to fly.

If you don’t want to fly, then we can go hunting.

” … “Sigh! Don’t cry.

Daddy will teach you how to play games.

C’mon, games are so fun.

” “Yes, yes.

See, that’s how you play it.

It’s so much fun.

Remember, don’t tell Mommy that Daddy was the one that taught you.

Just say that you discovered it yourselves.

Otherwise, Daddy won’t bring you out to play anymore.

” … “Why aren’t you playing games anymore? Why isn’t it fun anymore? Mommy will be back soon.

Don’t cry.

” “Daddy will play something exciting with you this time.

Daddy will toss you guys up into the sky and catch you only when you’re almost landing.

You’ll go so high into the sky.

How does that sound? Fun, right? C’mon, let’s give it a go.

Alright, Big Treasure goes first.

” “Remember, don’t tell Mommy that we played this.

Otherwise, we won’t be able to play this anymore in the future.