My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 89

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: I am Invincible on Earth Wang Hu, who possessed information imparted to him by Silly Girl, knew very well just how strong the peak-level Third Realm was.

The level of strength among fellow Third Realm—or Divine Body Realm—cultivators varied greatly.

Take the current Wang Hu that had attained Divine Body Realm after nine rounds of metamorphosis for example.

Excluding his special abilities, his current combat strength was equivalent to a Wang Hu that had undergone eight rounds of metamorphosis and grew to a shoulder height of 15 meters; or seven rounds of metamorphosis and a shoulder height of 20 meters; or six rounds of metamorphosis and a shoulder height of 25 meters; and so on and so forth.

By using a shoulder height of five meters as half a level, even if he didn’t use his special abilities, he would still be able to fight beyond his level against the vast majority of living beings.

Peak-level Third Realm was the extent of how powerful someone that had undergone nine rounds of metamorphosis as a foundation would be after their body had developed to the level of perfection.

In other words, unless one underwent nine rounds of metamorphosis before they attained the Divine Body Realm, it was impossible for them to reach the so-called peak-level Third Realm.

To 99.

99999999…% of Divine Body Realm cultivators in the whole universe, the concept of peak-level Divine Body Realm didn’t exist.

All they could do was try their best to develop their divine body to the level of perfection and attempt to break through to the Fourth Realm thereafter.

Reality was simply this harsh.

If one failed to achieve that one step, then they truly would never be able to attain it.

From this, one could tell just how powerful peak-level Divine Body Realm was.




Right now, only power beyond that realm could break through Tiger King Body’s third stage’s defenses.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Wang Hu was invincible among Divine Body Realm cultivators.

He was well aware of Tiger King Body’s biggest flaw—energy consumption.

Now that he had reached the Divine Body Realm where extremely great differences in strength existed among fellow cultivators of the same cultivation realm, the energy consumption flaw had become even more obvious.

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COM Wang Hu reckoned that if he were to battle peak-level Divine Body Realm experts at this point, two to three punches from the other party would be all that it would take to completely exhaust his divine power and stamina, leading to his death.

Were there any peak-level Third Realm experts on Earth, though? Regretfully, there wasn’t.

There wasn’t even any that was slightly weaker.

Disregarding the humans’ technological power, based on China’s spiritual energy density level classifications, the current spiritual energy density level was at the third stage of the Third Realm.

According to the information that Silly Girl had given him, as well as the things that she said on a day-to-day basis, Wang Hu was certain that the ‘third stage of the Third Realm’ had precisely been classified using nine rounds of metamorphosis as a foundation.

In other words, a spiritual energy density level at the third stage of the Third Realm would allow Wang Hu to grow to a maximum shoulder height of 30-odd meters.

At present, the maximum that China could support were experts of this level.

With the help of his special abilities, would Wang Hu be afraid of experts of that level? Not at all.

As for the humans’ technological weapons, he wasn’t afraid of them either.

Nuclear weapons were no longer capable of killing him.

Even if they might still be able to wear him out and eventually kill him, he had already gained enough that would allow him to resist and fight with his life on the line.

He had a family.

He had things that would make him think twice before acting.

So did the humans.

That was what gave him the confidence that he could handle anything and everything at this point.

He might not go as far as to say that he was invincible on Earth, but he was certainly strong enough to walk on Earth unhindered.

It instantly erased a greater half of the repression and worry that he had been feeling over the years.

An unprecedented sense of lightheartedness welled up in him, and a sense of heroism surged furiously in him as he gazed at the boundless night sky.

The sense of excitement made him want to do something, and yet he didn’t know what he should do.

He simply couldn’t calm down no matter what, and he kept feeling a sense of restlessness flowing through his body.

He wanted to let out a long roar to vent his emotions, and yet he was also concerned that he would disturb Silly Girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure.

Only his eyes continued to shine brighter and brighter.

It was only a brief moment later that he quieted down a little.

He looked at the Map of the Universe again.

The number was left with only 4.

67 now.

Enhancing his Tiger King Body to the third stage had used up four points.

If nothing went wrong, enhancing Extreme Agility Time to the third stage would also cost the same.

Apart from that, the new dim and dull little light dot was the only other thing there.

Without much hesitation, he mentally tapped on it.

The 4.

67 number became 0.


All along, he had always believed in one thing: it was better to be a master of something than to be a jack of all trades.

If he could only pick one, then he would pick the former.

He stayed conscious again this time and experienced the mysterious and profound change for himself.

The originally vague patterns fully took shape.

They shone a pale gold, giving Wang Hu the feeling as though something was extremely fast and agile, so much so that it was about to tear through space and time and race away.

When everything quieted down and he got an understanding of Extreme Agility Time’s third stage’s functions, he let out a long breath of air and firmly suppressed his agitation.

I’m invincible on Earth… Four ridiculous words formed in his mind.

His agitation intensified.

The third stage of Extreme Agility Time had increased his original speed by two times again.

In other words, apart from that aspect, he could increase his speed in every other aspect by a total of four times.

He couldn’t stop himself from activating it right away.

A warm and comfortable current instantly flowed through his entire body.

An incredibly light sensation came over him, and he felt as though he could fly without even using his divine power.

At the same time, thanks to his quadrupled speed, everything around him became quiet and slow.

He was the only one that seemed to be able to take control of everything around him.

His form vanished from sight the moment he moved, and his speed was unimaginably fast.

More than ten seconds later, he reappeared soundlessly at the same spot.

Hints of a bold and heroic smile surfaced.

That speed was simply too fast, so much so that it astonished even himself.

Also, he was becoming increasingly sure, by now, that the truly terrifying part about Extreme Agility Time wasn’t actually the fact that it enhanced his running and movement speed… but the fact that it enhanced his reflexes, speed of awareness, level of body sensitivity, and so on.

Those were the biggest factors that led to the great increase in his combat power.

Even if he were to grow to a shoulder height of 80 to 90 meters, he still might not be able to achieve the same results as these aspects that had been enhanced by four times their original values.

From this, one could tell just how terrifying these enhancements were.

With his quadrupled speed and Tiger King Body, he didn’t fear the strongest cultivators that China could currently support—in other words, those as strong as Wang Hu at a shoulder height of 30-odd meters—at all.

In fact, he even had the confidence to fight and kill them.

After a moment’s thought, he sent a golden wind blade flying out with a wave.

The wind blade moved at a speed faster than its original by four times and disappeared into the distance like a bolt of lightning.

Wang Hu was overjoyed.

As expected, everything was different at the Divine Body Realm.

Before one attained the Divine Body Realm—because Blood Qi could only be contained within the body, Extreme Agility Time had only been able to enhance his own speed.

Upon attaining Divine Body Realm, however, the enhancements were now all-rounded—including the divine power attacks that he launched as well.

As for speed enhancements, it was also four times the speed that he reached after enhancing it using his divine power.

When he learned a few speed abilities from Silly Girl and enhanced it further by four times, the effect would be even more fearsome.

I’m invincible on Earth.

Those four words popped up in his mind again.

After musing for a while, he added a second line to it.

Who’s supposed to enjoy this, if not me? He thought confidently and domineeringly to himself as ardor and zeal coursed through his blood.

All he needed to do now was just to wait for Silly Girl to succeed.

When she succeeded in her breakthrough and gained the ability to transform into the Dao form, he would launch an attack combo and conquer her in one go.

Then, when that happened… A wide smile came over his face.

Suddenly, as though something had occurred to him, he shook his head and took a deep breath.

No, he mustn’t get carried away.

He had to act steadily.

He had to.

You’re not unbeatable yet, and neither have you conquered Silly Girl.

You mustn’t get carried away.

You have to act with caution.

Only with caution can you support the household and get everything you want.

After a long while, he finally calmed his emotions.

The expression on his perfect, flawless visage also turned peaceful once more, and he resumed his strong and domineering god-like mighty aura.

He sat cross-legged in the air and began to circulate it within his body, the Divine Body Realm cultivation technique that Silly Girl had imparted to him.

The Eight Tigers Spiritual Energy-Devouring Body-Nurturing Art… Unlike cultivation techniques for the Mortal Realm and the Transformation Realm, the cultivation technique had a name this time.

It was evident that the technique was a very extraordinary one.

Wang Hu didn’t know for sure whether the cultivation technique was good or bad or what class of technique it belonged to, but he believed that Silly Girl would never give him anything sub-par.

This was his confidence as a man.

He attempted to cultivate while comprehending the cultivation technique at the same time, trying to experience and comprehend its profoundness in actual practice.

Old Third and Su Ling returned one after the other from their hunting after midnight.

As though they had a tacit agreement, Big Treasure and Little Treasure also woke up soon after and demanded food.

Wang Hu then stopped his cultivation and came to the cave.

Roar~! “Big Brother, look, these are the food that we brought back.

Is it enough?” Wang Shan asked honestly.

In his opinion, now that his eldest brother had broken through, his appetite definitely would have become even bigger.

Wang Hu was satisfied by his younger brother’s words.

However, as he looked at the four sizable pieces of food in front of him, he would never eat them as they were anymore.

With one in each hand, he held Big Treasure and Little Treasure—who wanted to pounce forward and dig in—back by their heads, causing them to not be able to take even half a step forward despite using their full strength.

Roar~! “Daddy, Big Treasure is hungry.

I wanna eat.

” Roar~! “Little Treasure is also hungry.

I wanna eat meaty meat.

” Wang Hu chuckled softly and said, “Don’t be so hasty.

Daddy will process the food for you first.

” Then, golden divine power gushed out of his body and wrapped around the four pieces of food.

As Wang Shan and the others looked on curiously, the four pieces of food quickly shrank, and all the bones and impurities in them were separated from them.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure weren’t in such a hurry to eat anymore either, and they watched curiously with their eyes widened big and round.

A short 20-odd seconds later, the food—which had originally weighed a few thousand kilograms in total—shrank to a weight of about 1,000 kilograms.

Additionally, all of it had turned into fresh red meat.

Just a glance at it was enough to give one the impression that it was delicious.

A light aroma also pervaded the air.

Wang Shan’s, Su Ling’s, and especially Big Treasure’s and Little Treasure’s eyes were all fixed on the food, and they were close to drooling.

Roar~! “Daddy, Big Treasure wants to eat that.

” “Little Treasure also wants to eat that.

” The two little fellows started to clamor again.

A calm and patient Wang Hu used his divine power to remove all the impurities in the food before he waved lightly, separating the remaining meat into five portions and sending them right up to each of them with his divine power.

About 10% of the food was placed in front of Big Treasure and Little Treasure each while about 70% to 80% of the food was placed in front of Wang Hu.

In front of Wang Shan and Su Ling each was roughly about 1% of the food.

Both of them had already eaten so Wang Hu was just letting them have a taste of something new.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure dug in happily.

Looks of satisfaction adorned their faces as they emitted sounds of happiness from the delicious food.

Wang Shan and Su Ling gobbled down the food eagerly.

A brief moment of satisfaction later, their gazes shifted to Wang Hu and his children before stopping at Wang Hu in the end.

The underlying meaning in their gazes was obvious—they wanted more.

Wang Hu pretended not to notice.

Eating too much wasn’t good for the body.

They’d already had enough.

He felt rather emotional as he tucked leisurely into the food in front of him.

He had never eaten such clean and hygienic food even when he was human.

It also tasted very good—after all, every part of it was the essence of the original food.

Come to think of it, at his current cultivation realm, he didn’t actually need to eat anymore.

He could survive just by absorbing spiritual energy.

However, eating nutritious food that gave one energy could speed up his cultivation.

Moreover, it also provided him with the pleasure of eating.

Thus, he didn’t mind wasting some time on eating.

A few minutes later, after Big Treasure gobbled down a large half of his food, he raised his little head as though something had suddenly occurred to him.

He looked at the food in front of his father and then at the food in front of himself.

After glancing back and forth a few times, he piped up pleadingly in his young, childish voice.

Roar~! “Daddy, can I exchange mine with yours?”