My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 80

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: I’ll Pluck Off All the Fur on Your Leg In the blink of an eye, another month had gone by.

At last, after much hectic running about, several hundred adult tigers and over 300 adolescent tigers had all been properly deployed.

They were assigned to different places based on their strength and the actual conditions there.

They seemingly connected this wide expanse of land together into an air-tight and inseparably close network.

Wang Hu had also met all the animal kings by now.

Five were carnivores, and one was an herbivore.

With no exceptions whatsoever, every one of them adopted an awfully obedient and docile stance on the surface after he pressured them with his might and dished out verbal threats.

None of them had dared to oppose him.

To be honest, their behavior wasn’t just a show on the surface either.

These animal kings did indeed also feel the same way.

As long as the tigers didn’t go too far, they wouldn’t harm them for no reason.

This was a blatant show of nature’s law of the strong.

Of course, there were always exceptions to the rule.

There would definitely also be some animals that sought revenge for even the smallest grievances.

They acted submissive and docile on the surface after being threatened, but they immediately secretly sought revenge the very same night.

However, none of the animal kings that Wang Hu met had given him such an impression.




Should there really be any among them, then he could only count himself unlucky before seeking revenge and trying to kill them after that.

After getting all these things done, even Wang Hu himself couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

These recent couple of months had simply been too hectic, causing him to become exceptionally irritable.

Things would become a lot easier and more relaxed from this point on.

The tigers would also welcome a period of rapid development.

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COM “Alright, everything is done.

You may return and report the completion of your mission now,” said Wang Hu coldly and aloofly to Wang Ming and the other two humans the moment the matters at the northern borders were finished.

Wang Ming and the other two humans had already become fairly familiar with the Tiger King, the number-one expert on Earth, during the last two months.

They knew that he was cold, aloof, domineering, and straightforward; and he disliked beating about the bush.

He also had a very strong sense of wariness and was hard to get along with.

However, even so, they couldn’t help but be startled by what he said.

A complex feeling arose within them.

Chasing them away after he was done using them as if they were just toilet paper—this really didn’t feel good.

A sense of grievance even welled up within the woman.

However, none of them dared to express it.

They swiftly readjusted their emotions.

Then, Wang Ming nodded and said with some reverence, “Alright, in that case, we’ll bid farewell to Your Excellency here.

I hope we can meet again in the future.

” He sounded sincere when he said that, and in truth, he really also did feel the same way.

Although being in the presence of the Tiger King put great pressure on him—just a look from the Tiger King was enough to make one freeze up as though death had set its eyes on them and was descending upon them; he also felt that the last two months had greatly tempered and steeled his resolve.

He felt as though he had been thoroughly knocked into shape and had matured.

Besides, he was just talking about a meet.

It wasn’t like he was talking about working with him again.

How many people on Earth weren’t curious about the Tiger King, the number-one expert on Earth? How many didn’t wish to meet him? The other two also thought the same way, and they nodded sincerely.

It was just a shame that the Tiger King completely didn’t respond as if he hadn’t heard them at all.

The expression on his face remained emotionless and aloof.

Wang Ming and the other two smiled somewhat wryly in resignation, but there was nothing they could do about it.

They could only bid their farewells and leave.

Wang Hu merely cast a dispassionate glance at them before retracting his gaze.

They were just tools that were destined to never cross paths with him ever again in the future.

He couldn’t be bothered to waste any time or effort to do anything more.

Even if he were to disregard the character setting that he had set for himself when dealing with China, his current personality alone already made him disinclined to do so.

He had never thought of making friends or harbored any similar ideas.

If he had the time to do that, wasn’t it better spent accompanying the two little fellows and teasing Silly Girl instead? Where would he have the time to make friends? It was too troublesome.

Alright, to be honest, he was starting to become homesick and was starting to miss Silly Girl and the two little fellows.

He hadn’t seen them for almost two months.

The video calls they had once every few days hadn’t helped at all.

Roar~! “Big Brother, the Chinese humans are gone.

Let’s go and kill those animals that have attained Transformation Realm.

” At this point, Wang Shan, the only tiger that was still with Wang Hu, spoke up with anticipation.

Wang Shan had more or less confirmed something during the last month or so: it was precisely because those people from China were around that Big Brother wasn’t killing those pieces of food and that they were also forbidding him from killing the other animals.

Wang Hu was just about to bring up the matter about going home when his homesick thoughts were interrupted.

He glanced at the idiot and gave him a somewhat disdainful reply.

Roar~! “Can you even find them, you idiot?” Although he was stupid, he was still Wang Hu’s younger brother.

On top of that, he had also started to have the tigers’ interest at heart so quickly.

To be honest, Wang Hu did find this pretty satisfactory.

Thus, he suppressed his annoyance and took the trouble to patiently explain to Wang Shan in detail.

Roar~! “Do you think they have the guts to continue living in the same place after they’ve met your Big Brother? Think about it carefully.

What’s that head on your shoulders for?” Wang Shan automatically ignored the last line and started to think about it with a regrettable expression on his face.

Roar~! “Doesn’t that mean that we can’t eat them anymore?” Wang Hu glared at him.

Eat them? Roar~! “Do you want to kill them because you want to eat them?” asked Wang Hu exceptionally calmly as he looked at Old Third with a meaningful look in his eyes.

Wang Shan was rather weirded out.

What was the point of killing food if not for the sake of eating it? However, when he looked at his eldest brother, he felt a sense of danger, and he couldn’t help but take a step backward.

Then, he answered Wang Hu carefully.

Roar~! “Is there anything wrong with that, Big Brother?” Hah.

Wang Hu was so mad that he almost found this funny.

As expected, he had expected too much from the idiot.

Ultimately, it still hadn’t been long enough yet, and his education was still far from adequate.

Roar~! “After we return, memorize everything that you’re supposed to learn within ten days.

Otherwise… hmph, I’ll pluck off all the fur on one of your legs.

“Come on, let’s go back.

” Then, Wang Hu gave Wang Shan an even more disdainful look before he started to run in the direction of his home.

A fierce shudder went through Wang Shan.

His legs shook as he felt a formless intense pain and chill run through his body.

Plucking off my fur! The mere thought of it was enough to bring him pain.

Which leg will become bald when the time comes? He couldn’t help but wonder.

Then, an utterly perplexed Wang Shan followed after Wang Hu.

Did he say anything wrong? … Elsewhere, after they had walked a great distance away and put a lot of distance between themselves and the Tiger King, Wang Ming and the other two finally felt themselves relaxing.


I finally feel relaxed now.

Being in the presence of the Tiger King brings too much pressure,” remarked the woman among the trio.

She couldn’t help but grumble as she let out a long breath.

She was only in her twenties so the recent period had nearly bored her to tears.

Wang Ming and the other man chuckled in response.

They also felt the same way.

“You don’t understand because you’ve never had cats as pets.

” Right on the heels of it, the rather intrigued woman said, “In my opinion, the Tiger King’s personality is simply too similar to a cat’s.

Cold, aloof, and disdainful… it’s as if they are always high up above and completely indifferent to everything, and they are hard to get close to.

‘It’s just that he also has an additional sense of domineeringness that’s practically oozing out of him and makes him a true perfect king.

He’s practically too perfect.

” Wang Ming and the other man exchanged a look in silence.

When she put it that way, it did make sense.

However, when they saw the somewhat idolizing look on her face, they really couldn’t quite understand a woman’s thoughts.

Since she liked him so much, then why didn’t she dare to make even a peep in front of the Tiger King? Was this the so-called behavior where the more one liked someone, the more restrained their actions would be? Like a simp? Or rather, a slave to a cat? They didn’t ask so the woman naturally also didn’t know what they were thinking about.

If she did, she would definitely roll her eyes.

As someone with mild symptoms of being a slave to a cat, wasn’t it very normal that her degree of ‘slavery’ would significantly increase when faced with a perfect king like the Tiger King? “Cough, cough.

Alright, stop saying such nonsense.

It’ll be terrible if word gets out.

Let’s hurry and return to submit our report,” said Wang Ming as he reminded them with a light cough.

The other two nodded and said no more, and the three began to quickly hurry on their way.

… Wang Hu returned home with Old Third in less than a day.

His genuine joy made even his eyes look as if they had become a little brighter.

The long tail behind him also subconsciously swung about a few times.

“I’m back, Baijun.

” Wang Hu ditched the baggage known as Old Third and leaped into the air as he raced toward his home.

His roar in Tiger Language rang throughout the mountains.

The next moment— “What are you shouting for? You’ve woken Big Treasure and Little Treasure up.

” An infuriated voice filled with disdain reached him.

Wang Hu blinked.

Unaffected in the least, he quickly ran over.

They were already two to three years old and were already old enough to be whacked.

Being woken up wasn’t a big deal at all.

A few moments later, he saw Silly Girl glaring at him at the entrance to the cave.

Wang Hu outright ignored her glare and naturally went over to her.

With a smile on his face, he said, “I’m back, Baijun.

” Di Baijun rolled her eyes dramatically.

An unusually strong sense of disdain rushed toward Wang Hu—except that behind her, her tail also secretly swung a couple of times in a fairly lively manner.

Then, she turned and entered the cave right away.

Wang Hu wasn’t bothered.

Soon, the two little fellows also ran out and called out to their father in their young, childish voices.

He played with the two little fellows for a while before he started to talk to Di Baijun about proper business.

He started off by telling her that he had already settled all the tigers.

From this point on, they would only need to go over and conduct periodic patrols.

The proper business that Di Baijun brought up was naturally about the tiger that had come over recently.

What astonished Wang Hu the most was that that particular tiger had actually awakened its bloodline.

Even though it—in Silly Girl’s words—wasn’t a high-grade one, he was still the first tiger apart from Silly Girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure to awaken his bloodline.

Thus, Wang Hu naturally attached more importance to him.

After a moment’s thought, a puzzled Wang Hu asked, “Based on what you said, Baijun, since he has awakened his bloodline, then he would naturally also gain cultivation techniques.

Why would he still come here, then?” The tigers’ preference to live solitary lifestyles was a habit that had formed over innumerable years.

It wasn’t something that one could change within a short period.

If it weren’t for the cultivation techniques, Wang Hu even had doubts whether that guy—Old Third—would even come here to look for him or not, let alone that tiger.

Since he already had his own cultivation techniques, then what was his motive in coming here?