My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 52

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: I Just Want to Kill It, That’s All Wang Hu was rather lost for words.

He just didn’t explicitly express it, that’s all.

However, he didn’t bother explaining all his thoughts either—there wasn’t any need to.

Silly Girl could afford to act willfully when it came to certain things, but he couldn’t.

There were some things that he wouldn’t easily do even if he wanted to.

In fact, it was possible that he wouldn’t even do it.

There was even less of a need for him to provide a clear explanation about this.

Besides, saying it would only give themselves more of a headache and trouble.

Moreover, Silly Girl didn’t seem like a tiger that would make herself bear such troubled thoughts either.

However, what needed to be said should still be said.

Roar~! “Baijun, of course, I want to kill that monster.

” Di Baijun stared at Wang Hu somewhat dubiously for a couple of seconds before she spoke again in a way that brooked no dispute.

Roar~! “This is part of the natural selection process.

The strong may be revered, but what I hate the most now are things that harm and kill children.

” .



Wang Hu didn’t say anything as his gaze swept across Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

After all, maternal instinct was something hard to explain.

Instead, he suppressed the stirring restlessness in him and continued to look at the cell phone.

Unbeknownst to him, his eyes had narrowed, and a barely-discernible sliver of a cold glint had appeared within them.

Bang! Gunshots continued to be fired but also continued to be of no help to the situation.

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COM A few minutes later, a few jeeps raced all the way to the school at a speed of over 100 kilometers per hour.

Innumerable gazes filled with despair, grief, and fear instantly saw hope—the military troops were finally here! Wang Hu and Di Baijun also vaguely relaxed a little.

Without any unnecessary nonsense, more than twenty people carrying various types of firearms took aim at the monster.

The next moment, an army-green figure seemed to transform into a streak of light.

It moved extremely quickly and gave off a red glow all over.

He crossed the distance of several hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

“Ha!” With a deep shout, the figure threw a punch from mid-air at the back of the monster’s leg.

The punch struck the monster who initially didn’t care about the situation around it at all.

Its enormous hind leg buckled from the impact, and pain assailed its senses.

Roar~! It let out an angry roar and turned toward the lowly ant, upon which its eyes seemingly lit up again at once.

A look of extreme delight came over its eyes as if it had just spotted an exceptional delicacy.

It ignored everything else and pounced straight toward the figure.

In this instant, Dong Pingtao, Chen Jianguo, the people at the research institute, the secretariat, as well as the team of people from the main troops that had just arrived—all of their eyes lit up.

The research institute and the secretariat quickly released a joint report.

“Chen Yong has attracted that monster’s attention.

It seems like he’s more attractive than the children to the monster.

It’s likely because of Chen Yong’s Second Realm-level strength.

It’s more useful to eat him than to eat the children.

” Dong Pingtao immediately ordered, “Send the evaluation report to Division Commander Li at once.

” “Understood!” Among the main troops currently still in a rapid advance toward Hu County, when the middle-aged Division Commander Li received the news, he immediately said into his earphone, “Chen Yong, you hold the highest level of attraction to him.

Try your best to lure him to the city outskirts.

The others are to coordinate their movements and assist accordingly.

Be careful.

” There was no response from Chen Yong.

All he received were responses from the others armed with artillery weapons.

At this point in time, Chen Yong had already completely tensed up all over.

When faced with that enormous creature’s dive attack, he knew right away that he mustn’t try to block the blow; blocking it was equivalent to death itself.

The bastard was much more terrifying than he had imagined.

The two of them were in two completely different leagues.

He had to dodge.

He activated all the True Essence in his body to their limit and pushed off from the ground.

Bam! Broken rock fragments shot everywhere as cracks appeared on the ground, and Chen Yong flashed past at a speed even faster than the one just now.

Bang! The monster landed on the ground, causing the crack measuring dozens of meters long on the ground to tremble lightly and forming an extremely frightening sight.

After letting out a soft roar, it didn’t fly into the air but continued to move its limbs and pounced straight toward Chen Yong.

Although it didn’t take off into the air, it nevertheless moved astonishingly fast.

Together with its enormous body, in the blink of an eye, it had forced Chen Yong into a perilous situation where he could only do his best to retreat—or rather, flee.

Bang! Deafening explosions resulting from the monster’s pursuit rang out without pause.

A dozen or so seconds later, when they saw that the monster was closing in further and further on Chen Yong and that he was close to becoming unable to get away, the people coordinating with him fired the artillery weapons.

As two bazookas were fired, projectiles carrying visible sparks struck the monster’s hind leg that landed next on the ground as though they had foreseen the future.

Boom! Roar~! At the sight of the burst of flames mixed together with hair-raising furious roars, almost everyone found their spirits roused and stimulated.

However, when the fire died out, all of them fell silent as they stared at the practically unscathed monster.

“Perhaps peak-level Second Realm strength is stronger than even what we have imagined.

So far, it looks like its defenses are tough enough to take head-on most of our artillery weapons.

“The vanguard unit’s weapons are not capable of damaging it at all.

The weapons that the reinforcement troops are carrying may be able to, but it’s capable of flight, so they may not be able to exterminate it.

” The secretariat put together a report right away.

As an expressionless Dong Pingtao sent the report to the reinforcement troops, he also gave the order to mobilize more military manpower at the same time.

Division Commander Li didn’t say much when he saw the report.

Inside the school, the monster flew into a rage.

Chen Yong and the others coordinated their efforts with great rapport.

One side had already rushed out of the school at the fastest speed they could muster while the other side had dispersed into the surroundings and were coordinating their movements with the former from afar in their cars.

The monster let out another furious roar.

With a flap of its wings, it flew into the air and left the school in pursuit of Chen Yong.

Innumerable people were overjoyed at the sight.

Rescue workers immediately launched a large-scale operation to rescue the children first.

However, the monster had only flown about a thousand meters away when it paused in its tracks.

A smile full of mockery appeared on its ugly, grotesque face, and then it altered the direction it was going in and returned to the school and dispersed the rescue workers.

An even chillier silence descended.

That bastard! Helpless, Chen Yong and the others could only grit their teeth and return.

However, the monster didn’t pay Chen Yong any heed even when he came back.

As a result, he could only go on the offensive and attack again.

This time, the monster reacted and pursued him fiercely.

Another perilous chase ensued.

Together with the other people’s artillery assistance, he managed to escape from the school.

The monster pursued him for a thousand meters a second time before stopping a second time.

Then, with the same mocking smile, it returned to the school.

Chen Jianguo, Division Commander Li, and the others’ hearts sank rock-bottom.

That bastard was simply too clever.

“That monster is waiting for Chen Yong to suffer from excessive stamina loss.

More importantly, I’m afraid it has realized how important the children are so it’s refusing to leave the school.

Otherwise, it can totally choose to kill Chen Yong first before going back to the school.

“Our preliminary judgment of its objectives is that… firstly, it can’t bear to give up on the children, and secondly, it wants to use the children to attract more existences like Chen Yong.

“It’ll be difficult to deal with if it continues to insist on staying in the school.

We suggest mobilizing and sending Second Realm experts there to tackle it head-on together.

” The secretariat submitted another report at this point.

When Division Commander Li finished reading the report, he gritted his teeth and said, “Chen Yong, buy us time and wait for the main troops to arrive.

” There was nothing else he could do now.

“Understood!” Chen Yong, who was charging into the school for the third time, responded.

What followed was the third pursuit and the third return.

In front of the cell phone, Di Baijun’s eyes were already full of impatience.

Roar~! “Trash!” Beside her, Wang Hu’s brows were locked into an even deeper frown.

He didn’t have any better of an expression on his face either.

Like what he had guessed, the reinforcement troops had arrived very soon.

But little did he expect… The monster was very intelligent.

The Chinese were stalling for time whereas it remained calmly in its position and stayed true to its intentions no matter what happened.

Before long, the Chinese expert would exhaust himself and be captured sooner or later.

Additionally, he was also suspecting that the monster had already realized the children’s importance, which was why it didn’t stray far from them at all.

If that was really the case, given the situation where the Chinese experts couldn’t fight the monster head-on, how was China going to deal with that flying monster which required large-scale artillery bombing to kill? Surely… they wouldn’t be unable to deal with it, right? Wang Hu dismissed the thought the moment it occurred to him.

China was unfathomably strong; they definitely had ways to deal with it if they really wanted to.

However, what if? In the event where the main reinforcement troops found it hard to deal with it, the consequences… Wang Hu’s brows locked together into a deep frown, and he tensed up all over as he suppressed all the superfluous emotions in his heart.

Everything else aside, just the favor alone would already make things much more convenient for him in China in the future.

At the very least, even if anything untoward happened to him in the future, China would help to take care of Silly Girl and the children.

As he stared at the grotesque monster, his sense of loathing toward it and killing intent suddenly intensified even further.

How about he headed over to take a look first and then decide again after that? The thought had only just formed in his mind, and he hadn’t even totally decided yet when Silly Girl’s annoyed and impatient voice rang out beside him.

Roar~! “This is annoying me.

To think they actually can’t even deal with a mere evil beast.

It disgusts me so much.

“Look after Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

I’ll go and kill it.

” Alarmed, Wang Hu immediately made the decision that he hadn’t yet made prior to this.

Roar~! “Look after Big Treasure and Little Treasure, Baijun.

I’ll go instead.

” Taken aback, Di Baijun glared at the jerk who was overestimating his own abilities.

Roar~! “Although taking down that evil beast is a piece of cake for me, it is nevertheless a peak-level Transformation Realm existence.

You’re still far ways off.

” As she spoke, she got ready to leave right away.

Wang Hu’s heart was slightly warmed.

No matter what, Silly Girl’s actions were nevertheless a result of her not wanting him to put his life at risk.

With a thought, he activated the second stage of Extreme Agility Time and touched Silly Girl on her head with his paw.

Right away, a stunned Di Baijun widened her eyes.

She had let her guard down—no, it was more like she hadn’t been in time to react at all.

That jerk… Although Wang Hu still wanted to touch her a little more, he was afraid that Silly Girl would get mad so he could only retract his paw.

Roar~! “Rest assured, Baijun.

You don’t need to worry about me.

As Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s father, although I’m not as strong as you, dealing with that monster isn’t a problem for me yet,” said Wang Hu gently.

Then, without waiting for Silly Girl to react, under the effects of Extreme Agility Time’s second stage and with a flash of his form, he seemed to turn into a streak of light that shot into the distance, disappearing from sight in the twinkling of an eye.

The two little fellows were rather lost and confused.

Where was Daddy? Di Baijun snapped back to reality with a startle.

Her eyes widened big and round as she stared at the direction in which Wang Hu had disappeared before she then began to gnash her teeth in fury.

That damned jerk… had been letting her win the whole time! Damn it, how hateful! No, wait, no matter how fast that jerk was, he still might not necessarily be that evil beast’s match! A hint of panic took over her, and she subconsciously wanted to follow after him.

However, she suppressed the urge when her gaze landed on Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

She blinked a couple of times and calmed herself down.

That jerk had such high speed so he would be fine.

Besides, he was such an awful guy.

How would anything untoward possibly happen to him so easily? … “Whew!” A golden-yellow light picked up more and more speed in the forests, so much so that it was as if even the wind couldn’t catch up with it anymore.

Wang Hu, who was running faster and faster as he ran at full speed, enjoyed the sensation very much.

It was as if everything around him was within his control.

A sense of heroism welled up naturally within him.

As he ran, enlightenment suddenly dawned upon him like a streak of inspiration flashing across his mind.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

His laugh was somewhat self-mocking and somewhat wild and uninhibited.

He had understood all of a sudden.

He indeed wasn’t bothered about whether or not he should take any action when the monster first appeared and hadn’t yet killed the children.

Because of his caution, he had given up the idea of attacking.

However, after that monster killed the children, all the reasons that he had thought of to attack—such as thinking that China might not be able to deal with that monster—were all just excuses that he had deliberately come up with.

They made up only a small part of the reason at the most.

There was only one true reason, and it was the same as that one-track-minded Silly Girl’s—that ugly thing had disgusted him so he wanted to kill it.

That was all there was to it.

He had persuaded Silly Girl against attacking, as well as thought all those thoughts about how China could deal with it because… firstly, he didn’t want Silly Girl to be in any sort of danger.

Secondly, it was ultimately still because he wanted to kill it.

He wanted to kill it with his own hands.

He was just deliberately and habitually concealing his own true motives.


Wang Hu, oh, Wang Hu.

You’re still so goddamn used to being such a hypocrite.

Never mind.

Who cares whether I’m a hypocrite or not? This time, I’ll just kill that ugly thing first and think about it again later.

Does it think it can still live after it has disgusted me? Do you really think I’ve lost my edge after being a simp for so long? F*ck you.