My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 44

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Ambition is Something that Everyone Has He went to Silly Girl and told her his decision.

Di Baijun nodded and agreed without any hesitation.

This was something that they had already discussed and agreed upon.

At once, Wang Hu entered the dinosaur world and began a large-scale hunt.

He needed to prepare a sufficient amount of food that could last Silly Girl and the children for a long time, so that Silly Girl could remain at home the whole time to protect Big Treasure and Little Treasure just in case.

After a day’s work, he left behind roughly ten days’ worth of food.

After he ate and filled his stomach as well, Wang Hu left home by himself.

In the snowy white world that one couldn’t see the end, Wang Hu’s form quickly vanished from sight.

At some point in time, Di Baijun had walked out of the cave.

She stared in the direction in which that figure had vanished.

Suddenly, a thought popped up in her mind.

I wonder when that jerk will be back.

The next moment, she suppressed the thought with embarrassed anger.

Who cares even if that jerk dies? .



He’d best die out there and not come back.

Saves me the trouble of having to kill him myself in the future.

She let out a huge snort and then, with her chin raised, arrogantly walked back into the cave.

In the pure white snow, Wang Hu braved the cold wind and ran in the mountains.

As though evaporating water, mist rose around him as he ran.

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COM Also, wherever he had left his tracks, a large chunk of the snow on the ground melted as if they had been roasted atop a stove.

Actually, given Wang Hu’s current physique, the heat that he produced when he ran with full Blood Qi power really might not be much lower than that of most typical stoves.

A shoulder height of about five meters, a body length of about 8.

8 meters, and a tail length of about 4.

4 to 4.

5 meters—this was his current size.

After four to five months of diligent cultivation and an ample amount of dinosaur meat—even though Wang Hu didn’t think much of his enhanced speed and even found it rather slow, it was—in truth—actually very fast.

Compared to the little stream from when he had first broken through, the Blood Qi in him had already become a small river.

The might contained in every bit of his Blood Qi had also become stronger.

Just like boiling lava, it was masculine and virile, bold and powerful.

He didn’t know exactly how strong he currently was either… because there wasn’t anyone that was his match—including Silly Girl who mistakenly believed that she was frequently beating him up.

Of course, this didn’t include Silly Girl’s trump card during times of life and death.

Moreover, his true strength was about to improve by leaps and bounds again.

He needed only another few days, and the number on the Map of the Universe would reach ‘2’ soon.

When that happened and Extreme Agility Time upgraded to the second stage, his capabilities would inevitably also greatly improve.

However, this was limited to just his capabilities—in other words, his actual combat strength.

In terms of his cultivation realm, he hadn’t gone far in the Second Realm yet.

There was still a great distance between him and the peak.

Cultivation ultimately wasn’t that easy, especially when—according to Silly Girl—there was still insufficient spiritual energy in this world.

Even in China—where the amount of spiritual energy had greatly increased because of Zhang Dingguo’s tomb, thereby making it the place with the highest concentration of spiritual energy in the world; the current amount of spiritual energy there was only enough for living things to develop until the peak of the Second Realm.

From this, one could tell that the cultivation of the Second Realm was actually very difficult at this current period.

According to Silly Girl, if one wanted the concentration level of spiritual energy to reach a point where it was possible for Third Realm experts to form, going by the current rate at which spiritual energy was increasing, they would need to wait for another three years.

Going by what she had said, a total of five-odd years would be enough for the Third Realm to come into existence in this part of the world.

This was an extremely fast spiritual energy recovery rate.

Wang Hu didn’t understand those things.

He only knew one thing—get stronger.

He had to try his best to become strong faster.

He raced through the forests at a high speed.

This particular direction was headed toward where Er Hu’s turf had been in the past.

Two years had gone by.

He didn’t know how Er Hu was currently doing either.

Since he had set out this time, then he would take a look.

He could normally execute his plan—search for signs of tigers and impart them the method of cultivation for the First Realm—on the way there.

Back when Li Tong had first shown up, Wang Hu had already mentioned to Silly Girl his plan to impart the way of cultivation to tigers and let the tigers grow and develop on their own.

When they were strong enough and when a suitable opportunity arose, that would be the moment where they would gather the tigers and dominate a region.

Unlike Silly Girl whose mind was likely more on the clan’s glory and her own sense of responsibility to the clan, thereby leading to her wanting to gather the tigers and make the clan stronger; the bigger reason behind why Wang Hu wanted to do this was because of himself and his family.

The concept of strength in numbers was something that he approved very much of.

For example, if he had a few moderately strong tigers that had already developed human intelligence, he and Silly Girl wouldn’t have had to so painstakingly go hunting by themselves anymore.

China would inevitably also value him more.

The benefits were self-evident.

Another one would be… which man had never once dreamed of ruling the world in sobriety and resting in a beauty’s lap in drunkenness? Wang Hu also wanted to.

In fact, very much so.

Power was no different from poison itself.

When he was human, he’d also seen such poison before and knew just how tasty and delicious it was.

In fact, its tastiness and deliciousness had even surpassed what he had imagined.

It was just that he didn’t have the ability to fight for it and take it back by then.

As a tiger, he now had the ability and the opportunity… so how would he possibly not strive for it? Wang Hu, Tiger King[1]~ Without power or privileges, what kind of king would he be? He didn’t think that there was anything wrong in feeling that way either.

Ambition, right? It was something that everyone had.

The difference lay only in whether it was strong or weak, as well as whether one had the ability and opportunity to realize it or not.

Wang Hu was a man.

He had ambition; he wanted to rule the world and rest in a beauty’s lap.

This was something that couldn’t be any more normal.

He sped the entire way.

Despite how the mountains had become taller by dozens of meters and how the lands had become even vaster compared to the past—with Wang Hu’s speed, he took only a few hours to reach Er Hu’s old turf.

On the way, he even encountered three tigers and imparted them the cultivation method for the First Realm.

A hint of a smile surfaced as he sniffed the air lightly—that guy was still here.

Physical constitution wasn’t the only thing that improved when one’s level of cultivation became higher; one’s sense of smell also improved along with it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to find three tigers right away during his few hours of traveling either.

He identified a direction and ran there.

More than ten minutes later, Wang Hu spotted that familiar yet also somewhat estranged figure outside a cave.

It was Er Hu! Roar~! “Er Hu.

” He called out in a tone that was neither fierce nor casual.

The next moment, Er Hu—who had also spotted Wang Hu—trembled all over a little, and the younger brother immediately took off with a fearful look in his eyes.

The corner of Wang Hu’s eye twitched.

As expected, that fellow was asking for a beating again.

He caught up to that dimwit after just a dozen or so jumps.

With a smack of his paw, he swatted Er Hu onto the ground, causing the latter to roll quite a few times.

At once, the fellow rolled onto his back, exposing his belly and pointing all four limbs at the sky.

He let out several whimpers filled with his pleas for mercy, behaving exactly like how he had when Wang Hu had taught him a lesson or two during his childhood.

Wang Hu immediately felt a sense of intimacy when the sight came to his eyes.

He reached out his front paw in a familiar gesture and gave Er Hu a good rubbing on the head.

Er Hu continued to whimper in a low voice, not daring to put up any resistance in the least.

Wang Hu observed him closely and was pleasantly surprised to see that the fellow’s eyes were reflecting quite a bit more human intelligence.

Er Hu had a shoulder height of roughly 2.

1 meters and a body length of roughly 3.

7 meters.

In the Tiger clan of the past, he would have been considered old at his twelve years of age.

Yet, he didn’t show any sign of old age now and was full of vitality and vigor.

Evidently, it was because he had been practicing the cultivation method that Wang Hu had imparted to him back then during these couple of years that he managed to develop so quickly.

He didn’t let Wang Hu down after all.

Roar~! “Get up.

” Wang Hu retracted his paw after a light roar.

Er Hu cast a somewhat fearful glance at Wang Hu before cautiously getting back up onto his feet.

As Wang Hu watched him, he also thought to himself: “Even though I came here because I missed him for a moment there, I can’t just leave so quickly either.

” Given that fellow’s size, he was still a little too weak.

However, if he coordinated his movements with Old Third—Wang Hu’s youngest brother, he might be still able to survive in the dinosaur world.

The moment the thought came to Wang Hu, he made up his mind after thinking about it a little.

He would start the grooming with Old Second and Old Third—no, if he encountered the eight tigers to whom he’d imparted the cultivation method back then, he could also bring them along with him.

He had already taught them how to cultivate back then.

As long as they had been diligently cultivating during the last two years, their development rate would naturally be faster than other tigers.

If they acted with more caution, they would still be able to survive in the dinosaur world.

As long as they could survive, they would naturally become stronger quickly.

As for possible accidents… Wang Hu wasn’t really bothered.

After all, was there anywhere out there that one could survive without accidents for sure? After he made up his mind, he summoned Old Second over and started to walk toward Old Third’s old turf.

Er Hu glanced at his cave.

It was evident that he was reluctant to go with Wang Hu, but he ultimately still obediently followed him at the back in the end.

A few hours later, they arrived at Old Third’s old turf only to find themselves somewhat disappointed.

There was no sign of Old Third’s scent here anymore.

Evidently, he must have either already moved away or died.

Wang Hu didn’t waste any time.

He continued to search for tigers and impart them the cultivation method while he brought Old Second back home.

He was pretty lucky in the meantime and found another one of the ten tigers from back then.

When he returned home two days later, he immediately sent Old Second and one of the ten tigers from back then together into the dinosaur world.

He also gave them a dinosaur carcass.

When they ate the dinosaur flesh, even the look in their eyes became somewhat different.

Evidently, they had discovered the benefits of the dinosaur flesh.

Wang Hu smiled.

Then, he brought them to an area that had originally been the T-Rex’s turf and left them to survive on their own.

The dinosaur world was one where spiritual energy still existed, though it was only barely enough to sustain them until they reached the Transformation Realm.

Together with the dinosaur flesh, although letting Old Second and the other tiger stay here would never achieve the same effect that Wang Hu and his family had achieved when they were living in the original world, it was still far better than what it was when they had been by themselves.

After leaving Old Second and the other tiger, Wang Hu then brought a freshly-hunted dinosaur back home and updated Silly Girl about the situation.

Silly Girl naturally didn’t have any objections.

When it came to the clan’s glory and her sense of responsibility toward the clan, hers was much stronger than Wang Hu’s.

The two couldn’t be compared at all.

Wang Hu didn’t stay long.

After playing with the two little fellows for a while, he set off once more and continued to carry out his plan.

In the twinkling of an eye, three days had gone by.

On the third evening, Wang Hu returned home and started to level up his Extreme Agility Time ability.

Although Silly Girl—someone that still hated him very much—was here, for some reason, nevertheless; he felt that this was the safest place of all.

He gazed at the number ‘2’ that symbolized that it had already been a whole 800 days since the awakening of spiritual energy.

More than two years had passed.

He controlled it in a practiced manner.

At once, the light spot that represented Extreme Agility Time started to glow and enlarge.

When he arrived at that inexplicable dimension once more, he began to closely observe the changes in his body with his consciousness.

Under the effect of the mysterious power, the path-like patterns representing his Extreme Agility Time special ability started to become even more complex and distinct.

As Wang Hu watched on despite not understanding anything at all, he somehow didn’t find it annoying at all and wanted to just continue watching.

At the mouth of the cave, Di Baijun appeared at midnight once more.

The look in her eyes was as if she was somewhat questioning her life.

His special ability has leveled up again! How is it… that that jerk is so talented? [1] His name is ‘Tiger King’ flipped backward.

It’s made up of the Chinese characters for ‘king’ (wang) and ‘tiger’ (hu).