My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 36

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Three Points of Agreement Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Your Excellency, Tiger King, the Ambassador of China, Li Tong, is paying you a special visit.

Please forgive me for any intrusion.

” The meaning was very clear.

It was not the language of any country, but a kind of conscious communication, similar to that of Wang Hu’s family.

Wang Hu stopped precisely because he heard these polite words.

Listening to his words, it seemed like Tiger King was referring to him, and the other party knew him and didn’t seem to be looking for any trouble.

At the same time, he was also a little surprised that Li Tong was able to achieve this step, obviously and very likely to have reached the Transformation Realm.

Humans were definitely an existence that cheated.

It was very likely that there was more than one person who reached the second realm so soon.

He just didn’t know how many there were.

Let’s watch the changes and take a look.

However, he didn’t reply either, watching coldly and ready to take action at any time.

A few seconds later, Di Baijun walked out of the cave, followed by the two curious little guys.




Wang Hu’s eyes were faint, his tone never so serious in his soft roar.

“Baijun, bring Big Treasure and Little Treasure back into the cave first, be ready to leave at any time.

” Di Baijun’s eyes were also quite solemn, looking at the approaching black spot.

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COM Hearing Wang Hu’s words, she felt a little unhappy instinctively.

Ever since she succeeded the throne as the Supreme Tiger of the Tiger Clan, she was the face for situations like this even though she had the assistance of the elders.

However, she suppressed the impulse, looking at the seriousness of the bastard and thinking of the two little guys who were about to run outside in curiosity.

She did not have to argue with this bastard in front of the enemies.

They could deal with it later.

This bastard might be stupid, but he shouldn’t make a mistake.

She forcibly brought the two little guys back into the cave.

Wang Hu breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the silly girl was not stubborn at this time.

On the other side, Li Tong—who was constantly approaching in a helicopter—was a little nervous even though his face was calm.

As a General and one of the first people in the country to break through to the second realm, he was no doubt one of the strongest.

There was no doubt about his status and character.

However, to become an ambassador to a Tiger King was a strange thing that had never happened before.

Even if the planning team had prepared for several months in advance and simulated various situations, he was still a little uncomfortable.

Simulations were simulations after all.

No one knew what this Northern Tiger King was like without actual contact.

Today, China initiated the same basic national policy for the animal powerhouse as it had for the other world.

The impact was far-reaching, and it was likely to determine the future.

These things were not trivial.

Otherwise, it would not be directly issued by the cabinet, and a planning team formed to go directly to Deputy Leader Chen Jianguo.

It was planned for several months until the first group from China broke through to the second realm before selecting him to officially initiate contact.

Establishing a friendly relationship with the Northern Tiger King was the first step of this basic national policy.

The first official action may become a template for similar situations later on.

They must pay attention and be careful.

The strong howl in advance spread the meaning to be expressed in the voice through spiritual power and expressed intention and sincerity.

They had no ill intention.

Seeing that the Northern Tiger King didn’t answer him but was silent and coldly guarding, Li Tong secretly felt that the tiger was really cautious, and he should pay more attention to some details.

In no time, the helicopter stopped about ten meters in the air two to three hundred meters away from Wang Hu.

The hatch opened, and Li Tong’s figure appeared in Wang Hu’s eyes.

Middle-aged appearance, square-faced, in military uniform, looking quite righteous and capable… “Your Excellency, Tiger King, I am Li Tong, the Ambassador of China.

I am paying you a special visit.

Please forgive me for any intrusion I am making,” Li Tong spoke neither overbearingly nor oppressively.

His voice contained spiritual will, and Wang Hu could understand the meaning within even if he did not understand Chinese.

This was discovered by China after someone broke through to the second realm.

It was speculated that the Tiger King knew it as well, so the communication method they prepared was much simpler.

When Wang Hu was silent, the other party spoke directly in this way, obviously convinced that he possessed wisdom and could use this way to express himself.

Humans always cheated, and it seemed like nothing could be hidden from them, which made them—if anything—unfathomable.

It was useless to hide and not speak since the world was different after all.

Thinking, he roared calmly.

“Human, what do you want from me?” Hearing this response, Li Tong breathed a sigh of relief invisibly.

It would be fine as long as he could communicate.

At the same time, it is also unavoidable that he was curious.

The tiger in front of him was really interesting.

It was the first time he met it so he was naturally curious.

“Your Excellency, Tiger King, I am visiting on behalf of the people of China to express our goodwill and hope to establish a friendly and peaceful relationship with you.

” Li Tong smiled.

Wang Hu was taken aback for a moment and was a little surprised.

To establish a friendly and peaceful relationship? As a person in his previous life, all the things he had experienced, understood, and heard before had all turned into dark thoughts.

He instinctively didn’t believe it.

These human beings may have some conspiracy, and he shouldn’t believe it.

Of course, as long as they did not start any fight, he was naturally willing to maintain a peaceful relationship, and he didn’t want these people disturbing him.

He replied quietly.

Li Tong was even more relaxed.

The Northern Tiger King didn’t seem to have much hostility towards humans.

He was just more vigilant.

“Your Excellency, Tiger King, the world today has undergone tremendous changes, and even greater changes may occur.

“Powerful existences like you will appear one after another.

You and our country live on the same land, just like neighbors.

“Since we are neighbors, we naturally have to strengthen contact to avoid some bad misunderstandings.

“Therefore, our country decided to establish a friendly and peaceful relationship between the two sides to eliminate those misunderstandings.

” Li Tong said in the clearest and simplest words.

These were carefully determined by the planning department.

In their eyes, even if the Northern Tiger King possessed adult wisdom, he probably lacked some insights.

If the words are too profound, the other party may not understand them, and the effect would not be good.

When Wang Hu heard that it was not only for him… but also for all the powerful existences, he couldn’t help but relax a little.

He was worried that he was a unique one.

He replied calmly after thinking about it.

“I’m not interested in provoking you humans.

As long as you don’t bother our family, we’ll live our separate lives.

” Li Tong smiled in his heart.

This Northern Tiger King was really straightforward, easier to deal with than he thought.

Moreover, the most important thing was that the other party did not have any intention to hurt humans.

That was great.

He also said bluntly: “Your will, Tiger King, is also China’s will, but there must always be a way of communication.

Otherwise, there will be conflicts sooner or later.

“For example, on another mountain, a passage to another world appeared.

The Tiger King and my people from the country found it.

Who will go in first? “What if they had some items of interest? Who should it belong to? “China is never willing to use force with the Tiger King so we want to negotiate in advance.

” Thoughts flew by quickly in Wang Hu’s mind.

China was really prepared, but this also showed that they were really sincere and wanted to live in peace, which was a good thing.

“What do you propose?” Li Tong didn’t waste time and said directly: “There are three main points.

First, take the position where your Lord Tiger is standing as the center; anywhere within a hundred-mile radius is your home.

“We will not disturb it.

Everything that appears here belongs to you, Your Excellency, Tiger King.

“A hundred miles around is roughly within the range of those hills, and we will strictly determine the location.

” Li Tong indicated a rough range with his hand.

Wang Hu looked at it and said nothing.

Li Tong continued: “Secondly, we have to make an agreement.

If Your Excellency, Tiger King’s family leaves your house, anything your family found that is unclaimed—other than alternate worlds—will belong to whoever finds it first.

No one should ever resort to using force to obtain it.

“If Your Excellency Tiger King discovered an alternate world first and wants the right to enter alone, we have no opinion, but please let me know.

We must be prepared.

After all, we do not know whether the alternate world is good or bad.

We must prevent it from emerging as a detriment to China.

“Thirdly, we will strictly prohibit the whole country from hurting Your Excellency, Tiger King and your family.

We also seek the same from your esteemed family not to harm us humans.

” Wang Hu was silent for a while.

He had to admit that the other party’s words were indeed very sincere, and the three agreements were almost exclusively customized for him.

It was hard to say who was on the losing side.

For example, the second point, where could their family go to in such a big country? The efficiency of looking for a good ownerless thing was definitely not comparable to that of China.

China probably wouldn’t care even if their family was searching for it the entire year-round.

It was the same reasoning for the alternate world.

Only the third point had some problems.

He frowned, his tone heavy.

“What if humans offended my family first? Can’t I attack them then?” Li Tong said calmly and frankly: “Naturally not, Your Excellency, Tiger King.

China has always treated our friends sincerely.

“To be honest, our satellite in the sky is monitoring the entire territory of the country, and everything is under surveillance.

“If someone violates the law and offended Your Excellency, Tiger King’s family, then Your Excellency can take action, but China will definitely investigate and get to the bottom of the truth.

“Therefore, at that time, I hope Your Excellency, Tiger King will think carefully not to destroy the friendly relationship between you and our country.

” Wang Hu suddenly realized that his family was discovered by the humans probably because of the satellite.

He couldn’t help but feel a little irritable.

After all, the feeling of being under the supervision of others at all times was not good.

“You humans are monitoring me the entire time?” Li Tong still replied calmly: “Your Excellency, Tiger King, forgive me.

We are monitoring the entire territory of China and not deliberately monitoring Your Excellency.

“We can make a promise that, if nothing happens, we will not take the initiative to watch the content under monitoring but will only let it stay with the machine.

“Maybe Your Excellency, Tiger King doesn’t understand some of my words and meanings.

We are prepared to let Your Excellency understand some of our human affairs as soon as possible.