My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 28

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Breakthrough in a Day Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The meaning that he wanted to share joy was clear.

A few seconds later, Di Baijun ran out of the cave, her eyes cold and angry.

“Asshole, why are you shouting? You woke up Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

” Wang Hu was stunned, a little timid, and yelled in embarrassment.

“What can you remember at all then?” Di Baijun’s disgusted tone came.




Wang Hu blinked and didn’t care.

This time, he was really happy and forgot.

He wasn’t fooling the silly girl.

He paused and continued to be honest.

“Baijun, it seems that I have reached the peak of the first realm.

What do you think?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM He basically confirmed it, but he still hoped to have someone experienced to look at it before he could be completely determined.

Di Baijun kept silent.

Her eyes were looking at the bastard’s body when she came out of the cave, and she was still trying to conceal her dissatisfaction and depression.

This bastard… she thought he would take a few more days before reaching it.

She hummed heavily in his heart, raised his head, and roared extremely coldly.

“It is just the peak of the first realm of the ordinary realm.

See how happy you look? Humph.

“Be happy only when you reach the second realm.

” Wang Hu didn’t mind the contempt in her tone.

They had been together for more than a year so how could he still not see it.

Her character was very stubborn, proud, and simple; but in fact, it was impossible to find another tiger better than her.

To put it bluntly, this silly girl had always felt dissatisfied that she was not being able to catch up with him.

She was sour and dissatisfied.

In his opinion, she was just being a proud pussy.

After thinking about it, he asked with some doubt.

“Baijun, is it really that difficult to break through to the second realm? Is there any special method?” Di Baijun glanced at his eyes and continued to ridicule.

“It’s simple for this noble one here, but for you? Hmph.

” The meaning of it had become clear.

“Stupid idiot, the way of cultivation is to advance one step at a time.

Any special quick method is an evil way.

“It is your duty to comprehend the Blood Qi.

With your stupidity, if you can comprehend the Blood Qi to break the limit of your body and enter the second realm of transformation within a year, then this noble one will admit to underestimating you.

” Wang Hu was speechless, and when he caught this opportunity, he desperately ridiculed her.

She clearly wanted to tell him something, and yet she adopted such an attitude.

How much grievance had he accumulated? Di Baijun said the things in her heart and was refreshed.

That was right.

Even if this bastard had good supernatural power, it should take at least a year to comprehend the Blood Qi into the second realm.

It would only take another two or three months for her to reach the peak of the first realm.

Based on her previous realm, it would not be difficult to comprehend Blood Qi.

Even if she was previously born at the peak of the second stage, she didn’t need to comprehend it, so she did not break through the first realm previously.

When she was stable for a while, she would be able to break through immediately and exceed this damn bastard.

From now on, let this bastard never be able to catch up.

Thinking about it this way, the depression and dissatisfaction that had been crushing her for so many days had been relieved a lot after some self-deprecating.

She was the supreme of the tiger clan.

Even if she was reincarnated, how could she be compared with an ordinary tiger? She grunted again in her heart.

With her head held high, she walked into the cave with her domineering side leaking, extremely cold and proud.

Wang Hu looked on, feeling funny and speechless.

Seeing this silly girl’s look, she must have thought of something happy again.

He estimated that she would soon be able to surpass him, and he would be unable to catch up.

He began to ponder on this Blood Qi matter after shaking his head.

Based on all the words that the silly girl had said for so long, it could be concluded that the body of a creature has a limit.

This limit was the first realm, the ordinary realm.

To break this limit, it was necessary—or rather, through the method of the tiger clan—to comprehend the Blood Qi from the body… Thereby breaking the limit and entering the second realm.

If there was no cultivation method, then he could only use time to accumulate.

After a long time, he should be able to understand it naturally.

With the cultivation method, the time could be greatly shortened.

In other words, there were two methods: one should be accumulation.

When it reached the peak, it would happen naturally.

The second was to use the method of cultivation to comprehend it, or it could be said that the method of cultivation accelerated that accumulation.

That was according to his understanding.

After thinking about it, what he could do now was to eat more and cultivate harder, to understand the Blood Qi as soon as possible.

After thinking about it, he ate some dinosaur meat and continued to cultivate.

The spiritual power entering the body and the heat flow of the dinosaur meat no longer strengthened his body, but Wang Hu could also feel that these powers were not completely useless.

He could not discern the reason why, but he knew that it had accumulated.

Cultivation, sleep… it was midnight in no time.

Wang Hu habitually looked at the Map of the Universe, and the number had reached 3.


He had accumulated this number because there was no way to use it.

He turned his gaze to the light spot.

Suddenly, his expression was shaken, and he stared at the spot closely.

He saw a dim image of light appear in the universe scenery where there was nothing except the light spot of the Tiger King Body.

The image showed the appearance of a tiger.

If one looked closely, it was Wang Hu himself.

Even if there was only white light—no other colors, it still felt lifelike.

The light spot representing the Tiger King Body was in the tiger image, staying quietly—quite conspicuously.

After watching it for a few seconds, Wang Hu received a piece of information.

It turned out that the tiger’s light and shadow only appeared when he reached the peak of a realm, and then he could use that number to help him break through.

With the numbers he has accumulated now, he could break through at any time.

The huge surprise could be said to have fallen from the sky.

He was still thinking of a breakthrough when the method came, and it felt a little unreal.

He thought about what the silly girl said immediately after.

‘With your stupidity, if you can comprehend the Blood Qi to break the limit of your body and enter the second realm of transformation within a year, then this noble one will admit to underestimating you.

’ Hehe, you would have to admit you underestimated me if I could break through within a year.

How would this silly girl look up to me if I were to break through in one day? After thinking about it, his eyes narrowed with a smile, and he was suddenly dying to see the silly girl’s expression when she knew that he broke through in a day.

That would be interesting.

In addition, she knew that she could not surpass him, and she had to continue to be severely pressured by him.

The look on her face would be so much fun.

Thinking about it, coupled with the desire for strength, he immediately couldn’t help it.

The number had only two points missing, and at the same time, the tiger’s light and shadow exuded a bright light.

Suddenly, Wang Hu only felt that his consciousness had come to an indescribable place.

His body seemed to be the same and then changed without his control.

His flesh and blood seemed to be agitated… as each had a life of its own and were connected.

In the next moment, the blood-red warm qi was born from these flesh and blood and gathered together like a river, flowing through the flesh, fur, bones, and internal organs.

Wang Hu finally understood what Blood Qi was.

It was the power of the body, which was assembled to form an essence-like existence, thereby breaking the limit of the body and allowing the body to continue to grow and strengthen.

Soon, the scene of another breakthrough began, and Wang Hu contemplated this breakthrough seriously.

After that, it seemed time did not exist here.

Over and over again, Wang Hu didn’t know how many times he had experienced this breakthrough.

He knew it thoroughly and was so familiar that he couldn’t be more familiar.

It was as if he himself had broken through a thousand times.

Finally, his consciousness returned to the real body.

An inexplicable force emerged, and Wang Hu just started to break through after he was stunned.

That inexplicable force was the best helper.

It didn’t take much time for it to happen.

His flesh and blood seemed to be connected together, and the warm air appeared and gathered into a river, breaking a certain limit in the body.

He reached the second realm now! His joy surged and felt so proud.

He wanted to call out the silly girl to let her see with her own eyes.

However, he completely ignored that in the next moment.

He had extreme hunger pangs all over his body.

It seemed that every piece of blood and every cell was exuding hunger.

The hunger made him want to go crazy, and Wang Hu’s eyes were about to glow green.

He immediately rushed to the remaining dinosaur meat and gobbled it up.

Hundreds of kilograms of dinosaur meat were all eaten in a short while.

It only relieved some hunger, but he was too hungry.

“Baijun, I’m going hunting.

” With a hurried roar, Wang Hu ran towards the passage.

He was extremely hungry and didn’t care, his strength and speed were getting stronger, and the speed of getting stronger was very fast.

When the blood flowed to the limbs unintentionally, his speed suddenly increased.

He ran into the passage a few minutes in less than a minute.

Di Baijun appeared outside the cave.

However, it was not the cold and arrogant and domineering of the past.

She was a little sluggish.

Looking at the figure of the bastard who had disappeared, as well as the creepy crawly whose meat had been eaten up and was only left with the skeleton.

Under the dullness, it was a touch of disbelief.

This bastard… impossible… Of course, Wang Hu didn’t care what that silly girl was thinking at this time.

He just had one thought in mind: meat.

He had to eat meat.

He rushed into the world of dinosaurs at the speed of the wind, looking for meat.

Finally, dozens of minutes later, he met a dinosaur who was also looking for prey.

He rushed forward without hesitation and gave the bloodiest bite.

A few minutes later, Wang Hu ate the meat gluttonously.

After eating, he continued to search.

Wang Hu spent most of the day searching for and eating meat.

He actually ate more than 3,000 kilograms of meat, but he still didn’t feel full.

However, that kind of hunger was a lot better now, not so ravishing.

Seeing this, Wang Hu immediately hunted down a dinosaur and brought it home to the silly girl and the children and then continued to enter the dinosaur world to eat meat.

Di Baijun looked at his back again with a dull gaze for a long while.

She then gritted her teeth, and her eyes were full of dissatisfaction and aggrieved.