My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 20

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Big Treasure and Little Treasure Activate Spiritual Wisdom Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Finding a suitable cave was not difficult yet not easy either, depending on who was looking for it.

For Wang Hu, it was not difficult.

The reason was simple.

Mountains were growing taller every day, and the caves in the mountains were increasing accordingly.

There were many suitable caves even if Wang Hu and his family were getting bigger.

It was enough if it was available.

It didn’t matter whether there was an original owner or not.

It was naturally his if he wanted it.

After spending a day and comparing several caves, he chose one of the best.

It was also a coincidence that the owner of this cave was one of the ten tigers Wang Hu looked for that day.

It didn’t have any intention to fight Wang Hu.

It simply turned its head and ran.

Wang Hu didn’t chase after it either.

He let out a roar that this place was already his territory.

He cleaned it carefully, organized objects inside, took a break, and rushed back.




“Baijun, I’m back.

I found a new home.

” Wang Hu roared softly with joy in front of the cave.

A few seconds later, the beautiful domineering figure rushed out, radiating a sense of coldness.

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COM “Did you not listen to my noble words?” Di Baijun looked suspicious.

Did this bastard really forget? Or was he pretending? Thinking about what this bastard was before, it didn’t look like he faked it.

Thoughts flashed in her mind, and she spoke coldly.

“My noble name is Di Baijun.

Address me by my full name.

” Wang Hu blinked, as if he suddenly realized, he spoke reluctantly.

“Okay, I get it now.

” Di Baijun stared for a moment and then snorted coldly before turning her head and walking into the cave.

“Come in to carry Tianhu.

” Wang Hu pouted and followed behind her.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure were still sleeping in the cave, exuding white light, still the same size.

Compared to the current Wang Hu, he was totally tiny.

After looking at it carefully, he raised his brows, quite surprised.

“Baijun, Big Treasure’s and Little Treasure’s fur seem to have turned white.

” Di Baijun seemed to be beaten all at once, her reaction quite violent.

Wang Hu reacted and immediately admitted his mistake.

Di Baijun took a deep breath and suppressed her anger and depression.

Looking at the two little guys, a trace of satisfaction flashed in her eyes.

She raised his head slightly and roared in disdain.

“Hmph, what do you know?” Wang Hu was pissed off.

 This tiger lady… Naked mocking of him being a bumpkin.

He turned his eyes.

He roared in a sincere and honest voice without any abnormality.

“They are about to become white tigers! Is the white tiger even more powerful? This is all your credit, Baijun, thank you.

” Di Baijun’s head stiffened slightly, gritted her teeth, and stared at him fiercely.

She saw that the bastard picked up Tianhu and walked out.

“Come on, Baijun, it’s better to get to our new home before dark.

” Di Baijun felt like she was going mad, looking at how he seemed like nothing had happened.

Was it really not intentional? “This noble one will say it again: my noble name is Di Baijun! And why do you need to thank me when they are my noble children?” Wang Hu’s voice was a little weird with Big Treasure in his mouth, but the meaning was clear.

His footsteps did not stop.

When Di Baijun heard this answer, she became even angrier.

That bastard obviously didn’t take it to heart.

This bastard, dammit, dammit! Her mouth was bulging as her teeth gritted, making a crisp collision sound as if fighting.

It wasn’t until Wang Hu’s figure disappeared in the corner did she pick up Little Treasure and walk out of the cave.

Out of the cave, Wang Hu led the way, and Di Baijun followed, speeding up.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure were in their mouth so it did not affect them.

Of course, Wang Hu must be accommodating to the silly girl’s speed.

The journey went smoothly.

Nothing happened before they reached the new home.

Di Baijun put down Xiaoxiao, walked into the cave, and took a look.

Her eyes were picky and disgusted.

A melodious roar, like a wind blowing, raged in the cave and sounded like a thunder explosion, shaking and blowing away some invisible things.

After carefully sorting it out for a while, she took Xiaoxiao into the cave.

Wang Hu just watched this silly girl finish her business and followed her into the cave with Big Treasure.

He just put Big Treasure down when a cold voice prickled him.

“Get out; you will not enter this cave in the future.

” It was so natural for her to kick him to the curb when he had outlived his usefulness as if it was justice.

Fortunately, Wang Hu had expected that so he was not surprised.

He would be surprised if this silly girl didn’t do that instead.

He nodded obediently and roared softly.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, Baijun.

” After speaking, his eyes revealed a longing for Big Treasure and Little Treasure as he walked out of the cave, looking back every three steps.

Di Baijun watched this scene angrily and wanted to roar a warning, but somehow, it was stuck at her throat.

She could only watch the bastard disappear into the cave.

Her anger became more and more unbearable.

She paced back and forth, her teeth gritting again, extremely depressed.

On the other side, Wang Hu showed a smug smile on his big face while walking out of the cave, outside Di Baijun’s eyeshot.

Let’s see who feels worse now that you are trying to kick me away.

I would admit defeat if you didn’t doubt your life.

Did you really think I’m a pushover? I’m definitely not a pushover even if I’m sucking up to you.

He wanted to laugh, thinking of the depressed and sullen silly girl with nowhere to vent her anger.

He fell asleep very quickly with such a mood.

He had barely rested in these two days, and he was still a little tired.

It was dark when he woke up.

He knew the silly girl was still in the cave, and the tacit understanding was not broken after sniffing.

The tacit understanding between them now was that Wang Hu would go hunting first around midnight, and then the silly girl would go hunting during the latter part of the night.

“Baijun, I’m going hunting.

” The voice was honest.

He roared cheerfully in his heart and walked away quickly.

In the cave, Di Baijun—who was cultivating—trembled, took a deep breath, and endured it.

She would settle the score next time.

Wang Hu was still satisfied, walking around in the mountains and forests.

There was enough food for the couple to eat for a while.

After a short while, he was full, and he brought a lot of them back to his new home for cultivation.

The days of peaceful cultivation always flew by abnormally fast.

In a blink of an eye, more than a month passed.

Wang Hu now had a body height of about 1.

8 meters at the shoulder and a body length of about 3.

2 meters.

His growth rate was still astonishing.

On this day, a joyous occasion for both Wang Hu and Di Baijun happened.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure finally woke up from their deep slumber of two months.

In the cave, the white light on the two little guys disappeared, and the fur all over their bodies turned white with dotted little black streaks, making them even lovelier.

Their pairs of tiger eyes seemed to be shining with spiritual power.

As soon as they woke up, they saw Di Baijun, and they immediately yelled and threw themselves at her with joy.

“Awooo~, awooo~” Their movements were vigorous, and it did not seem that they have been asleep for two months.

Di Baijun had tenderness in her eyes.

She was very satisfied and rubbed her head with the two little guys.

Their White Tiger bloodline initially awakened while the power was not manifested due to the lack of spiritual power… so they were not able to immediately gain strong power and remained the same.

However, as the two little guys grew up, they would naturally become stronger.

As long as the heavens and the earth were full of spiritual power nourishment, they could reach the fifth realm—the normal adult strength of the White Tiger bloodline without any cultivation.

Moreover, judging from the current growth rate of the spiritual power in this world, if this continues; the spiritual power would reach that level in five hundred years.

At that time, it would still be far from reaching adulthood for the two little guys.

Her eyes flashed, shooting straight into the minds of the two little guys.

A few seconds later, the two little guys shook their heads.

The spiritual power in their eyes became more intense, and they screamed with childish voices.

The meaning was extremely clear in their cries, and Di Baijun’s eyes were full of soft smiles.

The next moment, Wang Hu’s huge body ran in though his voice reached first.

“Are Big Treasure and Little Treasure awake? How are they?” Di Baijun’s eyes suddenly became cold, and the two little guys were even more joyful, jumping at Wang Hu.

Wang Hu was overjoyed; he lowered his head and rubbed his face against Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

They had finally woken up.

He was still worried about them sleeping for so long even though he knew everything would be alright.

After a few glances, he was suddenly taken aback.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s eyes seemed to be different.

Moreover, although the cries just now had no clear meaning, they showed the ultimate intimacy, attachment, and—more importantly—the mental power in the cries.

With a little trembling expectation, Wang Hu roared softly.

“Big Treasure, Little Treasure, call me D-Daddy.

” The two little guys tilted their heads and cried out without hesitation.

Hearing the meaning of the immature voice, Wang Hu was in a daze and suddenly had an urge to cry.

He forcibly held back, lowered his head, and rubbed the two little guys hard, making them keep calling him Daddy.

Afterward, he raised his head with surprise and joy and looked at the silly girl with doubts.

The silly girl was very cold and completely ignored it.

“Baijun, Big Treasure and Little Treasure must have activated their spiritual wisdom, right? Why did that happen? There’s no harm in it, right?” Di Baijun looked at the scene in front of her coldly.

Suddenly, there was a sense of powerlessness, and the anger that should have arisen after being offended was unable to come out in the voices of the two little guys.

After a long silence, she turned her head away arrogantly and did not look at Wang Hu, still roaring with disdain.