My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 14

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Way of Cultivation Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios He soon became full of confidence after secretly invigorating himself.

This was a very useful method for Di Zun who had always been alone before.

He had been very clear about this since childhood: if he didn’t even have confidence in himself, then he would not be able to do things right.

He ate even faster with high confidence.

If he wanted this family to work and also to get something from the silly girl, he, Wang Hu—oh no, Di Zun—must eat more and grow stronger.

He frowned.

A name that he had been using for a decade would not be able to be changed in a short time.

Moreover… hesitation appeared in his eyes.

He suddenly felt that this name might be a bit too high-profile… It was not high-profile to others, but to himself, there was always some inexplicable shame.

He, of course, could calmly and forcefully accept it when others called him that way.




He felt a little embarrassed when addressing himself that way in daily life.

There was a moment of silence.

What about having Di Zun as his full name and Wang Hu as his nickname? He would call himself Di Zun when there were others around, but he was Wang Hu when alone? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM He felt that it was a good idea once he thought of it.

There was a lighter feeling in his heart inexplicably.

Immediately, he was shaken as he fully understood that, deep down in his heart, he really couldn’t take on that name.

He could use this name shamelessly with outsiders.

However, he still knew himself and had to admit to himself that he was not worthy of these two words now.

He would only be able to call himself ‘Di Zun’ without any problem when he could be worthy of it, and the words ‘Wang Hu’ could follow his past’s footsteps and remain in his memory.

He finished his food while clearing his thoughts.

He was pretty full.

Thinking about everything that happened tonight and the future once again, Wang Hu moved away from the cave by tens of meters, began to cultivate, and worked harder.

Di Baijun looked at the two little guys gradually falling asleep gently for a while, and her thoughts gradually returned to the main business with a serious look on her face.

Tianhu and Xiaoxiao are now a few months old, but they have not been able to awaken their bloodline after the awakening of spiritual power happened.

Their achievements might be limited if this were to continue.

They could no longer delay.

Her eyes were a little uncertain.

If she wanted to forcibly awaken their bloodline—even a low-level one, it would be difficult for her now that her spiritual power had just returned to her.

She knew some methods which needed many things, but she was not sure if this world had them.

Most would probably be hard to find somewhere.

Even if there was, it might be difficult to find for her to find them alone, not to mention dragging the two little guys along.

Her brows furrowed, very uncomfortable.

She had never experienced such a situation where she had neither strength nor status.

However, she has always had a strong personality, and she forced herself down, thinking about ways.

She sighed after a long time.

There was only such a solution for the time being.

Her killing intent appeared; doubt and hesitation flashed in her eyes as she looked out of the cave.

After a long while, her eyes moved to the two sleeping little guys and softened.

 For your sakes, I would spare the bastard for a while.

She was still angry when she thought of it, but she could not help but stretch out her paw to tap the two little guys on their noses.

She started to cultivate after she watched them for a little while more.

The peculiar posture, coupled with the unique breathing method… Half an hour later, she was done.

She frowned and walked out of the cave after looking at them again.

Wang Hu, who was exercising, gave her a glance when she exited the cave.

She gave him a cold look and ignored him as her graceful body slipped into the forest.

Cultivation required food.

She was already hungry and needed to hunt.

She would certainly not eat that venison meat not far from the cave.

Wang Hu watched her disappear and nodded secretly in a good mood.

The other party could leave with confidence, entrusting Big Treasure and Little Treasure to him to protect.

To a certain extent, it showed some compromise to their problems.

He continued to work on himself without delay.

He only lay on the ground to sleep when he was tired.

The place was a bit crude, but he naturally didn’t dare to enter the cave to rest.

Otherwise, who would know what that silly girl would do? Not long after, he heard movement and watched as the silly girl went into the cave and continued to sleep.

The next ten days happened in the same fashion.

Wang Hu trained, hunted, and then slept.

That silly girl was still not willing to eat what he hunted and insisted on hunting herself.

The only good news was that, while she ignored him, she did not attack him again and didn’t stop Big Treasure and Little Treasure from getting close to him.

Another thing that made him feel unbearable was that in just over ten days, the silly girl’s body became visibly stronger.

Her height at the shoulders was about 1.

3 meters, and her length was about 2.

23 meters.

This growth rate was obviously abnormal; it was too fast.

He understood that this silly girl must have a real cultivation method.

Of course, he was interested.

He thought about stealing her ways, but there was no chance at all.

She was always in the cave, and he couldn’t enter it.

She would obviously not give him a chance even if he forced himself into the cave… so he could only wait.

He knew that the most fundamental reason that he could forcibly stay here was that she didn’t find it easy to kill him.

If he waited for the opponent’s size and strength to catch up with him—coupled with that unique technique, he would have to run away.

He was anxious for a few more days when the silly girl, who had been ignoring him, walked out of the cave to a dozen meters away in front of him.

“Do one thing for this noble one here, and this noble one will spare your life for a while.

” Wang Hu was speechless.

She spoke like she could have killed him if she could a long time ago.

However, he didn’t bother to break it to her and roared softly.

“Pray tell, I’ll listen to everything you say.

” Anger rose in Di Baijun’s heart when she heard that.

Why did she feel ashamed when she heard it? However, she also knew that the other party was just an ordinary tiger.

He might be intelligent, but he didn’t receive any education.

Therefore, what he said was out of instinct, not deliberate.

In addition, now that there were things she had to get him to do, she could only endure it.

“This noble one will give you a set of cultivation methods.

You use it to find other tigers.

This noble wants you to come here with ten tigers from the tiger tribe as soon as possible.

” Her tone was cold.

After she finished speaking—without waiting for Wang Hu’s reaction, a dark light flashed in her eyes; and an abnormal force invaded Wang Hu’s mind.

Since learning to communicate that night, Wang Hu had consciously explored the use of other mental powers and felt it instantly.

However, there was no sense of danger, and he was alert and waiting.

In no time, uncomplicated contents appeared in his mind, and he was overjoyed.

It was true! This silly girl was speaking the truth—she really sent him a cultivation method.

He suddenly obtained something he wanted so badly… so he felt like he won a big prize.

He roared immediately before taking a closer look.

“Okay, but why do you want ten tigers here?” “Don’t ask so much.

” Di Baijun turned and left with a cold rebuke.

She was now only in the realm of the ordinary tiger with too many restrictions, and she couldn’t leave this place… so she could only let this bastard do it.

Wang Hu glared at her secretly before looking at the cultivation method with joy.

The content was not complicated: just nine movements and the corresponding breathing method.

After observing carefully, he started practicing following the movement and breathing methods.

His forefoot touched the ground forward, the hind limbs slightly bent and his chest breathing uniquely.

Naturally, he felt awkward at first, and his breathing was disturbed from time to time.

After ten minutes, he became proficient in the breathing method.

A few minutes later, a rush of enthusiasm appeared in his body, followed by a cold feeling from the outside into his body.

He was exhilarated.

This feeling was naturally no stranger to him; it was the feeling of spiritual power entering the body when it was nourishing him.

This cultivation method was real… and useful.

He did not continue to practice after a while and began to think about this silly girl’s intention.

The other party hated him so much, but she was still willing to give him the cultivation method… so the purpose was definitely not simple and was very important.

Of course, now was not the time to think about this.

He should think about how he would be bringing ten tigers here? What the silly girl gave him was not only the cultivation method but also the trouble of passing this cultivation method to other tigers.

The purpose was simple: with a big stick in one hand and a carrot in the other, the ten tigers would come here obediently.

The big stick was undoubtedly his strength, and the carrot was this cultivation method.

Those tigers might not have intelligence, but they had instincts.

They must know the benefits.

It would not be difficult for him to force one tiger to follow him, but the difficulty was in bringing ten tigers together.

Collect ten tigers one by one and bring them here together while avoiding human cameras as much as possible… Wang Hu felt an impending headache as he thought about it.

The saying that two tigers could not share one mountain was not just for fun.

Of course, he had to achieve it no matter the odds.

He had obtained the benefits, and it was the first request from the mother of his children.

He had to deliver.

He ran in one direction after thinking for a while, not wanting to waste time.

He would get Er Hu and San Hu first.

This time, he naturally didn’t take his own sweet time but rushed with all his strength.

He would rest for a while when he was tired or just take time to practice.

He was very fast.

He had reached Er Hu’s territory by the afternoon of the second day and started searching.

He found him after an hour.

However, this idiot turned and ran immediately upon seeing him.

He sneered and quickly chased after Er Hu.

However, Wang Hu caught up with his brother and slapped him a few hundred meters away.

“You dare to run? What are you running from?” The two tigers looked like the scene where one cat was slapped down and had rolled on the ground a few times, roaring in anger.

Wang Hu didn’t care.

He was used to it.

He rushed forward and slapped Er Hu with his tiger paws.