My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 10

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Map of the Universe, Human Strength Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios With eyes dead, all thought and consciousness had been emptied, looking at the endless and vast universe scene.

The extremely shocking scene and the piece of information that he roughly knew rendered Wang Hu completely lost.

He barely managed to calm down after a while; the complex emotions made him have an urge to vent.

Looking at this vast universe speechlessly for a long time.

He wanted to laugh but couldn’t.

Within a short while, he had established a family, awakened his spiritual power, and also obtained the cheat ability.

He suddenly had everything that he ever wanted being crushed continuously onto him when he felt desperate.

Even the mind and will of his two lives felt too shocked and needed to vent and calm down.

This was not an illusion.

After a while, the happiness that he should be feeling engulfed most of his emotions.




No matter what, it was a good thing to have the cheat ability which would give him more certainty to live better in this world.

He carefully observed the cheat ability he obtained out of nowhere with the piece of information in the dark.

There was no name when it came to his mind.

It did not formally manifest until the awakening of heaven and earth spiritual power nourished everything on earth.

It seemed like an endless and vast universe, but there was not a single star; only a dim light spot appeared in the center.

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COM There was also a number ‘0.

15’ in his consciousness.

There might be no introduction, but he could guess that, unsurprisingly, he could light up the dim spot when the number reached a certain level.

It was of no real use to him as of now.

After exploring for a while and confirming that there was nothing else left out, he gave this cheat ability a simple name, Map of the Universe.

He returned to reality and looked at the sleeping silly girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure.

His confidence suddenly increased.

He didn’t believe he couldn’t protect the family since he even had the cheat ability now.

He went quietly out of the cave because he wanted to hunt and because he wanted to see the situation after the world was nourished.

Thirdly, he could not help his curiosity about what the Map of the Universe could bring to him.

He wanted to find a way to increase that number.

Not long after leaving the cave, he felt that some animals seemed to be more irritable.

With regard to this, he also speculated that it should be because the spiritual power stopped the nourishment and that the enhanced pleasure disappeared, making it unbearable to some animals who wanted more.

That was not difficult to understand—even he was instinctively disappointed, let alone animals without intellect.

However, no matter how irritable they were, all of them escaped with panic when they saw Wang Hu’s terrifying body.

The shoulder height of about 1.

5 meters, the length of about 2.

7 meters without the tail, and the unclear weight of at least 800 kilograms… He still reigned over the mountains even though the sizes of the animals were much larger now.

Wang Hu himself didn’t know how strong he was now.

He only knew that he was very strong.

His speed was also much higher than before, and his hunting ended in no time.

This time, he didn’t bring it back to the cave but directly ate it until he was full.

He glanced at the number and was a little disappointed; there was no change.

In a blink of an eye, another ten days passed.

It was still the most central meeting room.

The seven elderly people sat up, reading the report in their hands.

An old man said solemnly: “The research institute had just determined that since midnight, ten days ago, after similar spiritual power nourishment stopped, the spiritual power in the void had continued to increase over the past ten days.

The speed is very stable, but it is much slower than the first fifteen days.

“The Secretary’s Office has preliminarily determined that this is the awakening of spiritual power.

“According to various speculations, the continuous increase of spiritual power will heighten the power limit that each individual can reach.

“After the nourishment ends, the spiritual power no longer actively enters the body.

At present, animals will not increase so quickly.

If they cannot find a way to quickly absorb and use the spiritual power—that is to cultivate, then they can only grow slowly with time.

“Therefore, the Secretary’s Office believes animals pose little threat to us for the time being.

“But we are not completely certain at present… because myths and legends may not be all illusions, and no one knows whether there are special circumstances in animals or none.

“It is recommended to continue strengthening supervision and removing some domestic animals in a planned and reasonable manner… just in case, prepare in advance.

“The land area of China has indeed increased.

The diameter has increased by about 250 meters so far, an increase of 10 meters a day.

“The area and height of mountains and rivers are increasing.

The area has not been calculated yet.

The height has increased by an average of 2.

5 meters, an increase of 10 centimeters a day.

“We don’t have results on the sea yet.

” After a pause, the others continued to look at the information in their hands, and the old man continued: “According to a general survey, the average physical enhancement of all people in our country is about 30% during the process of spiritual power nourishment.

“Among them, the highest is 95%, and the highest group is all people with strong physical fitness.

“The weakest are the infants.

“Foreign countries are still uncertain, but the figures for whites and blacks should be higher than ours.

“In terms of the absorption and utilization of the spiritual power, we have roughly determined three directions.

One is to use all aspects of technology to see if we can solve problems that we could not solve before and to research new projects.

“Second would be to train up the body.

After the current test, the effect of physical exercise is much better than before.

The reason is the emergence of spiritual power.

“When the individual breathes, he will inhale spiritual power, but the amount is too small.

Training the body will increase the inflow of spiritual power.

“The third one is the cultivation of ancient martial arts.

“Some people have already achieved some remarkable results through the second direction, physical exercise.

“The research institute has collected many ancient martial arts cultivation methods and is refining a better cultivation method through scientific and reasonable methods.

“There are also people with superpowers.

Our government has tabs on 2,836 people with various abilities.

“There should be a lot of people with superpowers that we have yet to find.

“Preliminary research shows that superpowers should be personal talents, like the magical powers of talents in mythology, which are directly activated due to the awakening of spiritual power and nourishment.

“The might of these superpowers is determined by the strength of the body’s physical fitness.

“The source of power is mainly the physical strength of the human body.

The research institute speculates that if the power of these abilities is getting stronger and stronger and would reach a certain level, it will not lack spiritual power such as mana in the myths and legends.

” After saying so much in one breath, the old man slowed down and finally concluded: “These are the most important aspects.

For the time being, it is speculated that the awakening of spiritual power will have a huge impact and a long-term change.

We must do a good job preparing for the long-term.

” His voice stopped, and after a while, the other old people had successively put down the information in their hands.

“Do you have any comments? If not, let’s do it this way for now,” the old man sitting in the center said.

After a few seconds of silence, another old man solemnly said: “It can be speculated that, if the spiritual power continues to increase, the individual’s strength may sooner or later reach an unimaginable level.

“Not to mention if we are a little lax with regard to animals in our country…” The old man who gave the brief replied: “The statement given by the Secretary’s Office is that stability is now the most important thing.

It will take an extremely long time for individual power to reach unimaginable levels in the future even with the awakening of spiritual power.

“Because no matter how talented you are, you will be trapped with the amount of spiritual power.

“Of course, this kind of individual strength enhancement, which is faster than the speed of awakening of spiritual power, should be difficult to appear.

“In the early stage, whether it is to use spiritual power to increase individual strength or forge weapons… “All these are enough to allow us to maintain an absolute advantage over animals.

“Therefore, it is not recommended to kill animals wildly now; otherwise, it may cause many disputes at home and abroad.

“However, for this reason, they suggested that there are too many unknowns in the sea, which hold more powerful and mysterious than the animals on land… so they suggest that, just in case, the next step of economic construction is to shift coastal cities to inland.

” After listening, the old man—who offered the opinion—pondered, nodded, and did not say more; apparently agreeing.

“How about the exploration before the Era of Severance?” another old man suddenly said.

As soon as this sentence came out, the eyes of the other old people were obviously more serious.

The Era of Severance had always been a mysterious existence for humans with more than three thousand years of history.

Now that the spiritual power had awakened, people had linked the two together.

After the awakening of spiritual power, the country immediately increased its power to explore and investigate.

The old man sighed and said helplessly: “It’s still the same.

There is no substantial result.

Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Ming… there are no results from these short stories about the country, only speculation that our Han tribe is probably related to that Han era.

” The state might have powerful machinery, but there was too little information about that era as if it did not exist.

The old people sighed lightly and didn’t say much.

Then, there were some more questions.

It was already more than an hour later after the discussions.

“For the time being, let’s set these first.

The awakening of spiritual power is likely to be a new era, and no one can be sure what will happen.

“We must also keep pace with the times and be flexible with changes.

This time, we must never lose to anyone,” the old man sitting in the center spoke slowly, with a calm and powerful tone.

The other old people nodded one after another.

The last time the world changed, China lost, and the loss was terrible.

It took countless lives and sacrifices to catch up.

Absolutely not this time… Within a few days, the core of the country issued a policy, and countless changes occurred in the Chinese people.

Similarly, it also affected nature within China’s territory.