My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 8

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Awakening of Spiritual Power Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Of course, at his age and coupled with the status of an expert, it was naturally impossible to be as casual as those young people on the Internet.

He needed not to fight for superiority and was enough to know in his heart.

While admiring the tiger—as if he suddenly thought of something, Expert Wang in his fifties sighed softly: “The Tiger King is already ten years old this year.

He will be going downhill from here without any surprise.

” There were regrets in his tone.

The young man beside him nodded and sighed as well.

They knew very well how difficult it was for such a Northern Tiger King to appear among the Siberian tigers here, from the perspective of the animal protection research center.

It weighed about 390 kilograms by estimation and was a miracle among wild Siberian tigers.

This bodyweight was the top among the wild Siberian tigers discovered by humans, more than ten kilograms than the second one on the list.

There was no need to talk about the Siberian tigers raised by humans.

Wild Siberian tigers were completely different from them.

Under the cruel training of the natural world, the physical fitness of the reared Siberian tigers lagged greatly behind that of the wild Siberian tigers, not to mention their fighting skills.

Therefore, it had quickly caused large waves across the internet since they discovered this Northern Tiger King and uploaded its hunting processes.




He was directly given the name Northern Tiger King, this domineering name and title, with a regional character.

Everyone agreed.

It had been ranked as one of the ten strongest creatures on the land by netizens since five years ago.

“However, while the Tiger King is going downhill, it is still incredibly powerful.

The grizzly brown bear Lin Shen died in its hands a few months ago.

“Moreover, Lin Shen was killed without it sustaining any injury to itself.

Once this news appeared on the internet, many people—who once wanted to take out the Tiger King from the top five ranking—were silenced,” the young man said with a hint of unwillingness and proud admiration.

Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM There might not be any footage showing that Lin Shen died in the hands of the Northern Tiger King, but they had determined both sides and the results of the battle through much research and analysis of the traces captured.

The ten-year-old Northern Tiger King killed Lin Shen, a grizzly bear weighing about 470 kilograms, without injury.

Expert Wang nodded.

This incident indeed caused a stir in the circle of professionals.

It was certain that the Northern Tiger King was going downhill according to his age.

However, it was precisely because of that that they became like the youngsters on the internet, wanting to know what the peak of this Northern Tiger King’s strength was.

This was very important to these research professionals.

What a pity that no one would be able to know more than this.

That was because, when the Northern Tiger King was at its peak, it had never encountered an opponent that could make it go all out.

Even if it were to meet one now, it was not the peak.

“By the way, have you determined the approximate active range of the Tiger Queen?” Expert Wang pressed down his regret and asked.

The young man shook his head and said helplessly, “No, this Tiger Queen has appeared too few times.

Uncle Li and the others have not found it yet.

” “There is no need to rush let alone disturb the Tiger King and his wife, just quietly set up the camera.

The Tiger King has a high intellect.

Once disturbed, he may leave with his family,” Expert Wang said sternly.

“Uncle Li and the rest understand.

” The young man nodded and said curiously, “Uncle Wang, do you think Tiger King’s behavior is common in the tiger world?” “You don’t know that much? The Tiger King is special, which is why he cares for his family,” Expert Wang said without hesitation.

During this time, they discovered the unusual behavior of the Northern Tiger King.

It seemed like it was the first time it had a partner and had children.

It was simply a model of a good tiger compared to the other scumbags, and it was worth studying.

The young man smiled with embarrassment and anticipation: “I hope the Tiger King’s children will grow up safely.

The Tiger King is so strong, and the Tiger Queen is so beautiful.

Their children must be special, and they may be as strong as the Tiger King in the future.

” Expert Wang also had anticipation.

They discovered for the first time that the Northern Tiger King had found a partner, and the partner was beautiful and amazing.

The children of such two unusual tigers gave them something to look forward to.

At the same time—because it was the first time the Northern Tiger King found a partner, this partner was so beautiful that the netizens crowned her the Tiger Queen once it was posted online.

The Animal Protection Research Center also agreed because, in their eyes, the title of Tiger Queen was well-deserved.

On the other side, Wang Hu naturally didn’t know that people were talking about him this way.

He didn’t know that there were actually some hidden cameras in the mountains and forests.

He didn’t notice that they had photographed more things.

Over the years, he had become famous among mankind, known to them as the Northern Tiger King.

At this time, he had already got his food and was on his way back.

In the following days, Wang Hu discovered some extra cameras, pretending to inadvertently ruin a few, and continued his life.

In a blink of an eye, Big Treasure and Little Treasure were two and a half months old.

If calculated according to the age of a human, it was equivalent to a baby of about a year old.

The two little ones were more energetic and played around every day.

At the same time, they also started to eat meat.

On this day, when the silly girl was sleeping and he was playing with the two little guys, he suddenly felt a cold shiver down his spine.

The forest in the distance suddenly seemed to be distorted.

When he blinked and looked again, it disappeared and returned to normal.

He frowned suspiciously; did he see wrongly? He put it aside after thinking for a few seconds.

It was probably nothing.

However, a few seconds later, he suddenly got up and swayed his body, feeling even more uncertain in his heart.

That was because, for some reason, he felt something like a cold thread was digging into his body from the void like rain.

Moreover, these inexplicable things that were still flowing continuously and incomprehensible to him made him fearful.

He looked at the two little guys immediately, and after close inspection, he found that they should also be experiencing the same situation.

From time to time, they turned their heads and looked at their bodies curiously, and they kept twisting around.

He was getting even more startled and nervous.

He carefully observed the two little guys once again and found that there was no major problem for the time being and started observing that feeling calmly.

He was taken aback immediately.

His body seemed to be a little different.

A long-lost vigor surged into his heart, and it was a feeling he no longer had since he stopped growing a few years ago.

Now, however, it felt unusually clear.

He seemed to have returned to the time when he grew fastest, and the feeling was even clearer.

He moved my body and looked shocked.

What was this? The world he had abandoned for several years came to mind.

Awakening of spiritual power? As soon as the four words appeared, his heartbeat began to accelerate uncontrollably, his breathing was heavy, and his blood seemed to start boiling all over his body.

Countless, chaotic, and disorderly thoughts appeared one by one in his mind.

It took a long time and the cries of Big Treasure and Little Treasure to make Wang Hu sober.

He forcibly suppressed his emotions and wild imagination, looking at them.

No matter what, this family was the most important now.

He brought Big Treasure and Little Treasure back to the cave to see how the silly girl was doing.

She was still asleep.

He did not disturb her.

He stood guard while the two little ones played in the cave.

That situation continued.

Before long, the two little ones were also asleep.

Wang Hu endured his curiosity and complicated emotions and continued to watch.

He could only be relieved by watching them with his own eyes now that something unknown was happening.

At the same time—in the endless mountains and forests, countless animals started to exhibit a kind of restlessness as if they had taken some big tonic or stimulant.

Endless roars of excitement, fright, etc….

The same scene appeared in their minds.

Some people also felt abnormalities in the human world.

The dozens of figures were more surprised and uncertain.

Within ten minutes, a huge undercurrent in the human world began to surge, and the powers of the countries began to move.

Wang Hu did not know all that for the time being.

He could not fall asleep under the flux of emotions so he could only wait patiently.

It wasn’t until the evening when the silly girl did not wake up, even when Big Treasure and Little Treasure had already woken up, that Wang Hu felt that something was wrong.

He was very anxious and quickly tried to wake her up with greater force.

Wang Hu stiffened all over the moment her eyes flickered open.

He only felt an incomparable domineering and nobility rushing toward his face.

It rendered him immobile.

However, in the next moment, that feeling disappeared.

It was still his silly girl, shaking her head and standing up.

Wang Hu’s heart jumped wildly; was it an illusion? However… how could that be an illusion? Too many questions and weird things came crashing in a short time, making him feel like a small boat in the wind and waves, panicking.

The silly girl roared.

Wang Hu recovered his senses and understood that she was going out to hunt.

He quickly replied, meaning that he would go instead.

He did not wait for her to reply before he turned around and headed out.

On the one hand, he wanted to calm down; on the other hand, the situation was unknown so it was safest for him to go out hunting.

He ran out.

It did not take him very long to stop.

He stared at the vegetation in front of him.

He was sure after looking around at the many plants and trees that they had become bigger.

In just a few hours, all the vegetation grew abnormally.

Could this be the awakening of spiritual power? That was Wang Hu’s only explanation within his limited knowledge.

He immediately realized that he seemed to be more powerful than before.

After a quick test, he was shocked to find that his height and body length had increased by a few centimeters, which was incredible.

Not to mention the corresponding increase in power and speed.

After a period of emotional ups and downs, he started hunting.

On the way, while he could not be completely sure… but in his eyes, the animals were a little bigger, more excited, or irritable.

He grabbed a roe deer without much effort and returned to the cave.

He also discovered that the bodies of Big Treasure and Little Treasure had also grown bigger in a short while.

At this time, the complex emotions were cleared.

Other than a little joy, all that was left was seriousness.

Joy because what he once thought about was already possible, and their family might be together for a longer time.

Serious because he had realized that… if it was really the awakening of spiritual power, then the world would undergo earth-shaking changes.

There was no telling what would happen in this change.