My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 6

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I Have Children Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Amidst the mountains and forests, a low howl from wolves sounded, and a pack of more than a dozen wolves seemed to have obtained instructions.

The team, which was originally just walking, immediately marched off.

Moreover, during the whole process, there was no confusion like a well-trained army.

After a while, the wolves found their target.

A mother wild boar weighing more than 150 kilograms and her two children.

These wolves were a lot smaller compared with the mother wild boar, but the relationship between the two sides was inversely proportional.

The mother wild boar screamed anxiously and quickly fled with her two children.

The wolves followed as if not in a hurry and did not launch an attack, but they just followed closely while salivating.

A few hundred meters later… howl~! A distinctive wolf howl sounded, and the wolves seemed to have received instructions—as if they had awakened from a deep sleep, showing their fangs.




Their speed rose sharply, and soon, the wolves caught up with the two little wild boars.

The two little wild boars made horrified sounds, and the wild boar mother turned back helplessly to stop the wolves.

The wolves did not go head-on, but they took the opportunity to surround the mother and the children.

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COM Afterward, more than a dozen wolves seemed to have obtained a unified command, and several of them cooperated in succession to attack the mother wild boar.

Its huge body and thick skin made the mother wild boar appear to not show any weakness.

It was also majestically repelling the attack of the wolves.

However, it failed to display its best skills to go on a rampage because it wanted to protect its children.

Once it left its children, its children would definitely die immediately under the wolf’s snarl so it could only passively resist and counterattack.

So, in a while, under the continuous attack of the wolves; it began to bleed and pant.

However, there was also good news.

It seemed that the attention of the wolves was on the mother wild boar, and they didn’t do much harm to the little wild boars.

They tried attacking them, probably testing the water, but stopped when the mother wild boar counterattacked.

They continued to attack the mother wild boar.

The wolves came wave after wave, without any signs of stopping like an endless raging tide.

More than twenty minutes later, the mother wild boar was dripping with blood and gasping in its mouth.

Its seemingly indestructible body was showing weakness.

There was also panic in its cries.

Suddenly, it seemed to understand something and rushed in one direction fiercely.

The wolves didn’t stop it head-on.

Most of them chased after her while the rest attacked the little wild boars.

The two little wild boars fell to the ground first and died.

The mother wild boar was enraged upon seeing its children die; it turned around and rushed towards the wolves which dispersed quickly.

The mother wild boar looked sadly at the two little wild boars that had died, wailed, and continued to rush in one direction.

Its babies had died so it should escape to keep itself alive.

However, it was all too late.

It wasted a lot of physical strength and suffered injuries, and it could no longer escape the wolves.

Before long, it fell with fear and never stood up again.

The wolves howled with a sense of joy.

At the downwind, a pair of eyes had been watching this great scene of wolves hunting boars.

The unconscious wolves were getting ready to start eating.

Suddenly, a gust of wind roared, and the next moment, the earth-shaking tiger roar followed.

It fell like the most violent thunder in heaven and earth and swept all the darkness in the world.

The pack of wolves was agitated, and almost all the wolves’ bodies began to tremble visibly to the naked eye.

They were all terrified.

They could not continue caring about the food.

Their eyes looked in the same direction, backing away as the fear became more intense.

They seemed ready to escape at any time.

Wang Hu stopped ten meters away, his eyes were cold, and he swept toward the wolves— domineering and dismissive… As though the wolves were insignificant to him.

He wore an invisible but real might, like a mountain pressing against the wolves.

Various uneasiness and terrified low roars sounded amongst the wolves, and they kept retreating.

They would have escaped if they didn’t care so much about the food and the existence of the wolf king.

Still standing here at the moment was just their last point of resistance.

Wang Hu didn’t care about their persistence, let alone their thoughts.

He didn’t say a word and surged explosively, his huge body rushing directly towards the wolves.

The horrified wolf cries reached their peak, but it did not hinder Wang Hu’s actions at all.

He slapped a trembling wolf in front of him and knocked down another that was running backward in a few steps.

Lock its throat, shake it, pick it up, let it wail, and have its blood flow down… The tiger’s eyes scanned around, and the wolf pack completely collapsed.

They ignored everything else and fled frantically.

Wang Hu didn’t have any intention of letting them go.

He tore the wolf in his mouth, completely cutting off its life, and began to hunt down other wolves.

The fearful wolves howling lasted for a long time in the mountains and forests before slowly subsiding.

Wang Hu, with blood flowing in his mouth, returned with a terrifying aura.

He ate the two little wild boars as though nothing happened and dragged the mother wild boar to the cave.

It was better not to waste this food.

As for wolf meat, it was not delicious so he threw it away.

This wolf pack was the target he had been hunting down for several days.

He had finally found them tonight and watched a good show for free.

The wolves were undoubtedly scary.

They might not pose any threat to adult tigers, but they posed a great threat to young tigers so they had to die.

Speaking of which, the strength of this wolf pack was the only hunting target comparable to that grizzly bear, among all the targets that Wang Hu had hunted for more than a month.

However, killing a pack of wolves was much simpler than that grizzly bear.

An adult tiger could easily drop such prey one by one.

It was useless even if it was a pack of wolves because an adult tiger could easily kill a wolf and was able to search out the wolf king.

The wolf pack was nothing to an adult tiger; kill the wolf king, and the wolf pack would naturally collapse.

What was more, Wang Hu was the invincible tiger king in the mountains and forests; a pack of wolves was nothing to him.

He had already killed about half of them, and the remaining strength was greatly damaged.

They were no longer a concern.

It took nearly a day to drag the mother wild boar to the cave abode without taking a break.

He continued to deliver food.

As always, the result was the same before returning to his cave for a rest.

In a blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.

Wang Hu was no longer going out to clear out possible threats at this time.

He spent most of his time staring at the silly girl, his heart becoming tenser.

Because if he remembered correctly, a tiger’s pregnancy would be about three months.

It was not far from the time of birth.

In addition, most possible threats were almost eliminated.

At this time, he naturally wanted to accompany the silly girl as much as possible, just in case.

Another point made him feel extremely depressed.

This silly girl was still unwilling to eat the food that he had sent even until now.

She hunted alone.

Every time that happened, he couldn’t help but want to hit the silly girl.

What an idiot for not being obedient.

What if you were to hurt yourself? You are about to give birth! Of course, he had to bear with it no matter how depressed he was.

At this time, the tigress was extremely sensitive and cautious.

He could not stimulate her so he could only do his best to help.

Eight days later, Wang Hu delivered meals as usual.

An unearthly beautiful figure and walked to the food.

This time, she didn’t lower her head to bite it but stared blankly.

He saw the silly girl looking up towards where he was immediately.

Wang Hu was nervous.

However, after a full ten seconds, the silly girl lowered her head and began to eat.

Wang Hu was overjoyed at once, this silly girl finally understood! No, she was moved by him.

He felt a surge of emotion in that instant.

How difficult! For the first time, he felt that it was so difficult to be good to someone.

Another thought appeared immediately.

Could she be about to give birth since she had eaten? He felt that was very possible, and his heart was even more surprised and excited.

Wang Hu stayed for quite some time after the silly girl finished her food and went back into the cave.

He sent food again on the second day.

The silly girl ate again.

For the next three days, until the fourth day when Wang Hu saw the silly girl come out to eat again, he keenly discovered something wrong about her.

She seemed to have weakened a bit, and it seemed that her eyes were no longer so cold.

Her stomach, her stomach… well, he couldn’t see any changes in her stomach, let alone be sure.

Suppressing the ups and downs—without stepping forward to make sure, he continued to send food for a few days.

This time, Wang Hu couldn’t help it.

He deliberately hid under the slope a few meters away.

Wang Hu was sure that he smelled a different scent when the silly girl came out to eat.

There were two faint but different scents on the silly girl.

He was entirely sure that the silly girl had given birth.

She gave birth to his children, his little cubs.

He held his breath and froze for a while, in a long daze.

He was an orphan in his previous life and a tiger in his current life.

It seemed that he was a superfluous existence in this world, and he even named himself.

However, he actually had children.

Suddenly, the urge to cry caught him off guard and engulfed him fiercely.

He tried enduring but was unable to fight it in the end.

Tears rolled out of his eyes.

While he was in a daze, the tigress—who was accustomed to being called by Wang Hu as the silly girl—coldly glanced at the small slope that couldn’t hide Wang Hu’s huge body after eating the food.

She turned, as arrogant as ever, towards the cave.

After a long time, Wang Hu barely calmed down his emotions, and he felt unusually strong all over his body.

His thinking was unusually active.

He had children and a wife, and the next step was to look after children and live with his wife and children.

He had to think of a way.

He ran away like the wind while thinking fast.

After running for a few miles, he jumped onto a large rock, and countless emotions burst out in his chest.