My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 3

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 3

hapter 3: Making Little Cubs Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios This silly tigress might not understand Wang Hu’s words, but she certainly understood that malice and killing intent.

This was also the norm in the animal world.

It was not uncommon for males to fail in courtships and become killers.

Females generally understood.

The harsh roar sounded in Wang Hu’s ears, her teeth baring; the coldness, disgust, and attitude did not diminish at all.

It seemed that the fangs of death on her throat had no effect on her.

The resistance was even fiercer.

Wang Hu was a little taken aback.

This tigress… was she crazy? How would a tigress behave like this? She had no kids, and he was so outstanding.

However, she would rather die than yield! Wang Hu, who had finally made up his mind, couldn’t help but become a little angry.

He was as though a tall, rich, and handsome man who decided to marry an ugly duckling against his will after withstanding all forms of torture and humiliation.

However, he didn’t expect this ugly duckling to reject him and abnormally despise him.




Anyone would lose their mental balance after experiencing this.

What’s more, this was not a human world bound by laws and morals.

This was nature where the strong was respected.

Such behavior was simply against the rules of nature.

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COM He suddenly stopped being angry after he let his imagination run wild.

What was there to be angry with a tigress without intellect? It would be the same as how she was resisting now.

Wouldn’t what was bound to happen still have to happen? The ferocious tiger’s mouth tugged at both corners, revealing a weird smile for the tigress.

Could she struggle free from him even if she wasn’t willing? This was nature; they were tigers.

Here, strength was everything.

There was no acceding to desires.

He had to do it since he had made up his mind.

No tiger could stop it.

He stopped roaring anymore and channeled his steady flow of huge power, calmly suppressing the struggle of resistance with ease.

It didn’t take long before the wave of struggling began to fade obviously.

Wang Hu smiled and began to act.

His forelimbs and head were still suppressing the tigress.

He forced himself to resist the impulse, but he was wise enough not to fail miserably in a very easy task.

After several consecutive trials, a large amount of mist filled the air.

The tigress was extremely low-spirited, weakened, and obviously exhausted.

Wang Hu’s breathing was also heavier.

There might be a big gap between each other’s strength, but it was still not easy to suppress a tigress that was almost going crazy.

He could feel tired.

However, decades of desire during these two lives were completely unleashed.

He sneered.

No more strength, right? Wang Hu didn’t bother to think about the many things wrong with this tigress.

The more it felt wrong, the more extraordinary she was.

The more extraordinary she was, the happier he would be and would feel much better.

He did not take forcing it on her to heart at all.

It did not matter in nature.

Kill the son and get the mother.

That was the normal behavior of a normal tiger, and what he was doing was far from being a big deal.

Moreover, he was not in the mood to think about those at this time.

For the first time in the past ten years, he felt a kind of joy.

For a minute or so, his breathing became heavier again.

The tigress took the opportunity to resist again, and Wang Hu quickly suppressed it, but he was actually embarrassed.

One minute seemed to be a bit too… Forcibly expelling this humiliation and comforting himself that tigers were all like this, he wanted to regard this as normal.

I might be a little quicker, but I could do it more frequently.

He kept striving for self-entertainment.

Half an hour and about a dozen times later, Wang Hu’s arousal was slightly vented.

He relaxed his suppression and left slowly.

An incomparably cold but low roar came from the tigress, but she didn’t get up immediately.

After a few minutes, she got up, still in a fighting posture and looking at Wang Hu coldly as though his wife would come screaming at him at any time.

Wang Hu suddenly felt a headache.

Silly girl… why did she look like she wanted to die? How could there be such an idiotic tigress? Was she mad? Thoughts were turning fast.

 Now what? The tigress still looked like she would rather die, obviously not willing to live with him.

Should he follow her, go to her lair, and then force himself upon her until she grew pregnant? He took a few steps back tentatively after thinking about it.

The tigress roared and moved forward a few steps.

Wang Hu was stunned for a while… and then became a little dumbfounded.

How did this idiot grow up? That was a notion of dying with the enemy, completely ignoring the difference in strength between the two sides and between her own life and death.

How did this madness, this character, come about? It was totally different from a tiger, more like a soldier.

He tried several more times and backed hundreds of meters.

Afterward, Wang Hu confirmed that this silly girl had the character of a soldier, and he followed behind her.

She would have rushed forward and killed him if he hadn’t recovered his physical strength.

It was a miracle that she could live to the present with such a character.

Wang Hu looked at her weirdly.

That was fine as well.

There was no need to think of a way to make this idiot follow him.

Since there was already a given way, then he would not delay and walked in front of her unhurriedly towards his own territory.

Wang Hu guessed right.

About two hours later, she might have recovered a lot of energy and took shots at Wang Hu while following behind him.

The result was self-evident.

She was suppressed again and got her strength consumed severely, Wang Hu soon getting up and walking ahead slowly.

The tigress continued to follow behind him with cold eyes.

A few hours later, Wang Hu caught a deer, ate most of it, and left the rest in place.

Then, he retreated more than two hundred meters and waited, but the next scene made him laugh.

The silly girl didn’t pay attention to the food he had left behind.

She continued to follow him after a glance at it.

Still cold, arrogant, and dismissive… Wang Hu didn’t care and continued to move forward.

The walk lasted for a few days.

During this time, there were no fewer than ten fights; all of which were initiated by the tigress.

She attacked as soon as she recovered her strength.

During this period, she didn’t eat the food left by Wang Hu at all, but she only ate what she had hunted on the way.

Wang Hu was a little worried when the tigress didn’t catch up once.

However, he soon discovered that this idiot had just hunted and followed behind him after a while.

Finally, they were in his territory.

After more than a dozen consecutive happy sessions, Wang Hu got up, let the naive one glare at him, and walked away from the cave house more than tens of meters away.

The tigress growled unwillingly and glared for a long time before heading to another cave tens of meters away.

She needed to rest and regain her strength.

Such a scenario happened many times during the past three days.

Wang Hu deliberately came to such a place with two nearby caves for this silly girl so that she could have a place to live in.

The most important thing was to be close to him.

She might be having his little cubs in her belly after all.

He was not another scumbag tiger, completely irresponsible after creating a child.

He must live with his children and his wife.

The only thing that gave him some headaches was that this silly wife was really silly.

Until now, everything that happened had already happened.

Raw rice was now cooked and could not be uncooked, and yet she still looked unyielding.

She would attack him as soon as she recovered.

While that would not stop him from making cubs, it was a lot of trouble.

Wang Hu was still worried about it after eating two bites of the leftover food and lying down after he returned to his cave.

This was not a simple matter.

What if that silly girl was pregnant while fighting him? Would it harm the unborn cubs? Moreover, she was refusing to eat the food he gave her.

How could he let her hunt by herself when she was pregnant? What if there was an accident? He couldn’t control what the other tigers were like, but he had to consider more aspects, just in case.

After thinking for a long time, there was no good way, and he couldn’t help but slap his tiger paws on the ground.

“This silly girl is totally disobedient.

“You’ll be subdued sooner or later.

“I don’t believe I can’t subdue a tigress.

” He roared a few times and closed his eyes to sleep.

He had been relatively tired in the past few days.

A silly girl kept giving him trouble, and he was creating little cubs.

Of course, he had to rest well.

He would think of a solution when he was awake and full.