I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 118

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Chapter 118: Yep, You’re the Target!   At this moment, the crocodile that had been hit had just completed its evolution.

Blak induced their muscles to a qualitative change and their blood flow to become faster.

At the same time that the missile hit them, the armor behind them was quickly raised up.

This action also caused their entire body to become tougher, meaning the missiles couldn’t hurt them at all.

Although they were protected by their scales, it didn’t mean that they weren’t in pain.

They didn’t have as much endurance as Blake.

Facing the impact of the missiles, they immediately cried out in pain.

“Roar!!!” The crocodile dived into the sea on the spot, extinguishing the flames on its back.

This attack completely infuriated the crocodile.

It growled in the water and summoned two other evolved companions.

It hid under the water, waiting for the opportunity to capture the “bird” in the sky.

At this time, the white smoke on the surface of the sea had dispersed.

Only the speedboat of Sasaki’s team was still on it.

“Where’s that monster?” “Could it have been directly blown to death?” The pilot of the fighter jet crew was secretly excited.




The howl just now sounded like the attack should have been effective.

Sure enough, these monsters looked like pretty pillows.

They looked good, but they were useless.

He casually fired a 10th generation battle axe and directly killed them.

He adjusted his position, wanting to observe the situation on the surface of the sea.

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COM “Even if these monsters are dead, there are no corpses floating up?” The pilot felt that something was not right.

Even if there were no corpses floating up, there wasn’t even a trace of blood on the surface of the sea.

This was very strange.

Now, all the electronic radar equipment was useless.

He could only go and take a look personally.

The pilot adjusted his altitude to the minimum, wanting to confirm the situation of the monsters.

He saw a black shadow darting over before he could react.

The pilot’s attention was focused on Sasaki and the others.

The captain could clearly see it on the UAV camera that had not been turned off yet.

It was a monster that was about 30 meters long, covered in black scales, and had the face of a prehistoric giant crocodile.

It suddenly darted out from the bottom of the sea, like a cannonball, and directly flew into the sky.

The target of this monster was a low-flying fighter plane! The captain’s eyes were filled with fear.

He wanted to turn on his earpiece to warn the fighter pilot.

However, it was too late.

The strengthened bones and muscles of the crocodile were able to give him an extremely strong explosive force.

The acceleration during this period of time directly shot up into the sky from the bottom of the sea.

Under the captain’s terrified eyes, he directly bit the fighter plane that was flying at a low altitude into his mouth.

“Bang!” The fighter jet directly exploded into a firework in the air.

This completely dumbfounded the captain.

He had never seen any kind of sea creature on earth that could jump so high.

Was this still the earth that he knew? Not only the captain, everyone who was watching the big screen at this time had shocked expressions on their faces.

They had never thought that this monster would actually be so powerful, it could tear Japanese government’s most advanced fifth-generation fighter jet into pieces from the air.

This was a scene that only appeared in Hollywood movies.

But now it was in front of them.

They could not believe it.

The captain immediately reacted and shouted to the other members of the fighter fleet.

“Everyone, adjust your altitude and fire at the Monster!” Then, he shouted at the other members of the aircraft carrier.

“All weapons lock onto the monster and prepare to attack!” This order immediately woke up everyone who had just been in a daze and began to immerse themselves in the new order.

The captain no longer cared about hiding anything.

He needed to do everything he could to destroy this monster here.

If their aircraft carrier battle group couldn’t even deal with a regular monster, then how were they going to deal with that giant monster? At this time, the battle group also received the command from the captain.

“Everyone! Take Off!” Actually, there was no need for the captain to remind them.

Everyone had witnessed the scene of the explosion just now.

Many pilots immediately adjusted their altitude and started firing wildly in the direction of the monster.

At this time, they had no scruples at all.

They directly used up all the ammunition in their fighter planes.

Immediately, countless flames rose from the surface of the sea.

The scene was comparable to the military exercises of some countries.

Such a grand momentum directly blew up all the signals in this sea area and made them unstable.

The airflow was also erratic.

The fighter jet formation finished all their ammunition in merely five minutes.

At this moment, weapons were flying randomly on the surface of the sea.

Many fish were even blown out and scattered around.

The weather on the sea changed in an instant.

Just when everyone was looking forward to the result, a dark cloud suddenly drifted over from the horizon.

In the blink of an eye, it arrived near the fighter fleet.

“Reporting to the captain, the ammunition has been used up.

Requesting to return to resupply.

” With bad weather and low ammunition, they wanted to return to resupply first.

“Allowed to return.

” The captain had the same idea.

They could come back and resupply.

If there was a situation later, they could still attack and take control of the air.

At least under his observation, these monsters did not have the ability to fly.

As long as these fighter planes flew high enough, these monsters would not be able to do anything.

After thinking this through, the captain let the ground crew quickly turn on the runway signal lights.

The fighter jet fleet followed the aircraft carrier’s signal and prepared to return.

“Zi Zi, prepare to dock.

” The ground crew on the aircraft carrier waved their signal sticks and waited for the fighter jet fleet to land.

But just as the aircraft was about to land on the aircraft carrier, an emperor crocodile quickly drilled out of the water and directly bit the descending fighter jet into pieces.

Then it dived back into the water.

It was as if everything had been planned beforehand.

Under the circumstances that no one had expected, it launched a surprise attack on them! This scared the other fighter jets to death.

They were just about to raise the angle of their descent.

Then two monsters of the same size jumped out of the sea.

In an instant, two more fighter jets became shredded pieces.

This made all the fighter jets panic.

They lost another three fifth-generation fighter jets, each worth more than 500 million.

It was heartbreaking to lose so many at once.

Especially shocked is the captain, as he only found out the presence of the other two monsters now! It was already difficult for one monster, let alone three.

This made the captain want to retreat.

But before he could think further, the aircraft carrier suddenly began to shake.

The entire command room could feel the shaking.

“Report! The aircraft carrier is suffering from an unknown attack, it’s being investigated!” How could the captain not know who the attackers are? This was clearly the three monsters taking revenge on them! Now that all the fighter jets’ weapons had been emptied, they’re prone to attack and have no means of counterattacks, leaving the aircraft carrier vulnerable as well.

The entire carrier fleet is neither advancing nor retreating now.

They don’t know what to do next.