I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 116

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Chapter 116: Surprise for the Three Little Crocodiles! With a spirit prepared for death, Sasaki’s team drove the speedboat and slowly moved in the direction of the monsters.

Every nautical mile they progressed increased their pressure.

Especially as they got closer and closer, the sound of the monsters hitting each other became louder and louder.

If this slightly affected their speedboat, they would be directly buried in the sea.

Many of them were scared out of their wits and kept chanting their prayers.

Manpower was extremely insignificant in front of such a situation.

They could only pray for the blessings of the gods.

“We’re not there yet!” Everyone in the team placed their hopes on the technicians, who shouted.

They hoped that they could quickly finish this mission and return to the aircraft carrier.

This mission was too dangerous.

All of their previous missions combined were not as thrilling as this one.

“Soon, soon!” At this time, the technicians were carefully piloting the drone and slowly flew to five nautical miles away.

“Still 100 meters away!” “Still 50 meters away!” “Still 10 meters away!” “Connection successful!” .



The technician’s signal was finally connected to the drone in the best condition.

Under this condition, the drone could be turned on to ultra-clear macro mode.

“Hurry up and take a picture! Don’t waste time!” The surrounding team members quickly asked him to take the picture and get everyone to retreat.

The technicians naturally knew this.

“Activate!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Click!” In an instant, a strong white light flashed, and a picture of a few hundred million pixels was taken.

The picture was transmitted to the technician’s remote control.

He quickly confirmed that there was something wrong with the picture.

“Ah!! My God!” When he saw it, he was almost scared out of his wits! In the picture, the surface of the sea was turbulent.

A creature that looked like a prehistoric giant crocodile was staring at the camera with a pair of brutal and murderous eyes.

They had no idea what kind of creature would make such a pedestrian-like look.

It was like an intelligent creature that no longer relied purely on instinct.

It was over! It had discovered the drone! Everyone only had one thought.

“Run quickly!” At this moment, Captain Sasaki did not have time to say anything.

He immediately turned the speedboat’s horsepower to its maximum and sprinted towards the aircraft carrier.

The white light from the drone’s photo must have been too bright and attracted this monster! Sasaki didn’t blame anyone.

This was the mission.

No one knew what would happen in the middle.

What they needed to do now was to leave quickly.

Otherwise, when the monster came back to its senses, none of them would be able to escape! “Woo Woo!!” The Speedboat’s engine buzzed, and it sped up to its limit.

In a moment, they were more than ten nautical miles away.

When Sasaki saw that the monster didn’t follow them, he immediately relaxed.

It seemed that the monster wasn’t following them.

It only treated them like a fart.

As they relaxed, they suddenly felt as if they had escaped death.

But was that the truth? If Sasaki and the others could look down at them from the sky at this time, they would see a huge black shadow lurking beneath them, suggesting that they were in fact no further away from danger.

Only the occasional yellowish-brown eyes confirmed that the shadow was a living creature.

“Captain, Captain! Are we safe? !” When Sato saw that they had escaped, he immediately raised his hands in celebration, if the mission this time was evaluated according to difficulty, this could be said to be an s-rank mission.

But in the end, they had also completed it perfectly.

Sato was very sure that this time, Sasaki would definitely become famous in the entire Japanese self-defense force! He could even receive an audience with the Emperor and receive praise! However, when he suddenly looked at the expressions of his teammates around him, he did not show any excitement of escaping.

In fact, he did not even look too good.

“What’s wrong, everyone? Did I say that there’s a problem?” Sato was somewhat puzzled.

As he was confused, everyone’s eyes became more and more frightened.

Seeing everyone looking at him in fear, Sato couldn’t help but touch his face.

“What’s there to see?” A member pointed at his back with a finger.

Sato turned around with a puzzled look.

A black figure emerged from the bottom of the water.

A head that looked like a prehistoric giant crocodile was staring at Sato’s back.

The eerie scales were dripping with water from time to time.

A pair of eyes filled with violence was staring at Sasaki and the others on the speedboat.

At this moment, Sato and a pair of snake eyes that looked like a searchlight met.

“Dong!” As a human who had faced an imperial crocodile for the first time, Sato’s performance was especially outstanding.

He was directly frightened by this scene and rolled his eyes.

He opened his legs wide and fainted on the speedboat.

Sasaki and the others were staring at the monster in front of them, not daring to move at all, and were now so close to the monster that they could see the crisscrossing fangs in its mouth.

One could imagine that such fangs would not even require a second bite to swallow them.

They were extremely afraid! … … … … Blake, who was sunbathing on the beach, suddenly received a system notification.

[ Ding! A large amount of fear waves were detected.

Absorbing! ] [ Ding! Congratulations, host.

Obtained: 500 attribute evolution points.

] Needless to say, it must have been done by the three little crocodiles that he had just released.

Blake was a little surprised.

Damn, these three little brats were really capable.

This wave had directly brought him over a thousand evolution points.

One had to know that his efficiency was not that high.

He looked at the evolved version of the Tyrannosaurus rex that was running amok on the Giant Beast Island.

Other monsters were trying their best to bring him evolution points.

Look at those? They only know how to bully these local small animals.

If it weren’t for the fact that they followed Blake back then, it would have already slapped them all to death.

Blake was angry just thinking about it.

Earlier, these tyrannosaurs had beaten up Little King Kong on the island.

If Blake hadn’t remembered that this little gorilla was worth nurturing, he would have been killed on the spot and sent straight to meet his parents.

In order to prevent the Tyrannosaurus from dominating the island, he had just helped the Little King Kong strengthen his body and bones.

This way, both sides could win or lose in a fight.

Seeing that the three little crocodiles were working so hard, he figured they should be awarded the remaining evolution points.

[ Ding! Completing host’s command! ] [ target: Emperor Crocodile ] [ quantity: 3] [ evolution direction: increase skin defense, reduce required oxygen content ] [ required attribute evolution points: 300 points ] [ Ding! Beginning Evolution! ] This amount of evolution points was even more than the 200 tyrannosaurs from before.

However, Blake did not feel any heartache.

Only with investment would there be returns.

Investing in these three little crocodiles that worked hard for him was much better than investing in a few hundred silly dragons.

Blake was looking forward to these three little crocodiles.

When they returned, they would bring him some new surprises.