I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 113

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Chapter 113: When Underlinings are Better at Things than the Boss On the other side of Behemoth Island, Blake was sitting on the beach, sunbathing.

“Ah, although the benefits of sunbathing are minimal, I have to say, the feeling of being warm all over is really comfortable.

” Blake leaned against the cliff next to him, his eyes slightly narrowed.

This meant that he was in a relaxed state.

He had just finished eating a few nuclear power furnaces, and his body was constantly absorbing the energy from the nuclear reactor.

Although it couldn’t be stored in the system all of a sudden, his attributes were increasing all the time.

He even hoped that a few more nuclear-powered aircraft carriers would come over to deliver food to him.

At least for the time being, he didn’t have to worry about going hungry.

After all, even if he dug up all the resources on Behemoth Island, it wouldn’t be enough for him to use up for a few days.

It was still human-made things that were strong enough, Blake thought as he rubbed his stomach.

Will Quake and Galgado stood at the side, observing Blake.

One had to know that just observing Blair’s behavior alone was enough to publish countless papers and scientific reports.

This would be very valuable data for their future academic career and the follow-up study of the monster in the United States.

They hoped that they could collect the data in detail.

But there was a price to pay.

They had to provide enough uranium and radium on time! The monster only needed these two things, and it would quietly let them observe.




Blake was completely uninterested in these two weak humans.

He knew how fast his evolution speed was, and how he’s an existence that these humans could not believe.

Moreover, his body was also continuously absorbing the energy of the nuclear reactor.

[ Ding! Detecting the fear and shock waves of nearby creatures, beginning to absorb… ] [ Ding! Congratulations host for obtaining: 400 attribute evolution points.

] After receiving the notification from the system, Blake hought for a moment.

It should be the three Crocs that he had evolved.

They were sent by him to scare the other party.

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COM This made Blake a little surprised.

He had performed in front of the aircraft carrier for half a day and only obtained a pitiful few hundred attribute evolution points.

These three ‘Little Fellows’ had given him so many attribute points in one go.

It seems that I still have some shortcomings in some aspects.

Blake, at least, thinks he is not scary enough.

He was a little sleepy at first, but then he saw the numbers on the panel.

A bold idea came to mind.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bunch of them scaring the living daylights out of these waters? When they get back, they’ll grab a few of our boys and evolve.

After making up his mind, Blake’s attention was once again on the energy elemental crystal in front of him.

He grabbed a handful and put it in his mouth as a snack.

He swallowed it without even chewing.

Not long after, the system prompted again.

[ Ding! Host’s evolution has increased by 0.

03% ! ] [ Ding! Host’s evolution has increased by 0.

08% ! ] [ Ding! Congratulations host’s evolution has increased by 0.

1% ! ] [ ding… ] … … At this moment, the captain of Japan’s Miz Miz No.

4 aircraft carrier was thinking of a solution.

Their own A-1 Cruiser was constantly being attacked, but it wasn’t a solution either.

According to the information sent back from the A-1 Cruiser, they felt like they were being hit by huge waves.

If they had not been tied to their positions, they would not have been able to move at all.

They initially suspected that some kind of monster in the ocean was attacking them.

However, they could not think of any creature in the ocean that could cause such great damage? Moreover, the biological radar had completely lost its effectiveness.

These two small probabilities had actually happened at the same time! After listening to the report, the captain was now a little doubtful about life.

Ever since the upper echelons announced that they were going to capture the giant monster, everything had gone wrong for him.

First, he was warned by the US Army not to go to the giant monster island to disturb the other party.

Then, he was attacked by a strange monster on his own cruiser.

Was this some kind of revelation, hinting that he should not go? But the duty of a soldier was to follow orders.

He could not disobey his commanding officer’s orders.

The captain had no way to turn back now.

If he did not successfully bring the giant beast back, he might have to cut open his stomach to commit suicide at any moment.

At this time, the captain kept scratching his head and trying to think of a way.

At the moment, other than physical attacks, there seemed to be other better ways.

If he used an ultra-high-powered machine gun to fire, if the stray bullet hit the A-1 Cruiser’s reactor, it would be a disaster —- or so he thought.

He didn’t even consider the fighter jets and missiles.

Even if he killed that strange thing, there was a high probability that he would sink the cruiser at the same time.

If this kind of mistake really happened, then his name would immediately appear in the study manuals of all the major military academies in the world the next day.

XX year XX Month XX Day, XX Carrier Group was ambushed by Strange Monsters, so the captain ordered to kill the other party and blow up his cruiser.

This was not pure nonsense! Thinking of this result, the captain shook his head violently.

He would never allow such a thing to happen.

It was okay for him to be embarrassed, but if he brought a stain on his own captain, it would be useless even if he were to be cut open.

“Major Sasaki!”The captain immediately shouted.

“Here!”Sasaki immediately answered when he received the captain’s order.

“I order you to take a team of soldiers and film the scene around the cruiser!” “Yes!” Major Sasaki stood at attention and replied.

This is a dangerous mission.

But he was the best of the best in the Japanese Navy.

You can’t say no to a dangerous mission like this.

That’s what they’re for.

In Japan before, this kind of person also called the death soldier.

Seeing that Sasaki confirmed the mission, the captain was slightly relieved.

Until now, he still didn’t think that what the radar soldier said was true Was there really such a monster in this world? He didn’t believe it! He wanted to see the situation at the front line with his own eyes! At this time, after Major Sasaki received the order, he immediately gathered a group of special forces to the interior of the aircraft carrier.

There were many high-end equipment here.

For example, military drones, military spider robots, and so on.

Everyone used their equipment to arm themselves to their teeth.

At this moment, a team of six people came to the bottom of the aircraft carrier and took a military yacht to prepare to set off.

This kind of military yacht had been specially modified, and the roads were ten times stronger than civilian ones.

Even soldiers who had undergone special training had to fix themselves in their positions in advance.

Otherwise, they would be thrown away at any time.

At this time, Captain Sasaki had already activated all the safety procedures.

Later, he would lead his team deep into the battlefield, their mission: to broadcast what happened on the A1 cruiser.