I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 112

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Cruiser A1 in Danger! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Although it was 10 o’clock at night in the Pacific Ocean and the entire Pacific Ocean looked calm, it was like the calm before a storm! “Cruiser A1 is being attacked by an unknown creature!” “Bio-radar can not detect the enemy!” “All units, please rush to support! ! !” “All units, please rush to support!” The captain of Miz Miz No.

4 immediately panicked.

He had never seen such a strange situation since he was the captain.

How could there be something that could not be detected by radar? At this moment, his forehead was full of cold sweat.




The Miz Miz 4 aircraft carrier was a collection of all the high-end technology of Japan.

If he could not even figure out what was attacking him, that could only mean that the other party’s technology was completely superior to theirs.

“Quickly find out what the hell is approaching us!” The captain of The Miz Miz IV aircraft carrier yelled at the radar soldier.

Not only him, but the radar soldier was also sweating.

The captain also wanted to know what was attacking him, but the radar sonar was blank, showing no signs of anything.

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COM The scariest thing was that the cruiser was under continuous attack.

This meant that it was not a missile, but something they did not know.

This fear of the unknown was what frightened him.

How could there be such a strange way of attacking in this world? The radar soldier made a bold decision.

“Captain! I request to go on the deck and observe.

” This request couldn’t be said to be not bold.

After all, they were in the state of an enemy attack.

If they went out at this time, they would risk losing their lives.


” The captain would not allow a radar soldier to go out at will because radars are the eyes of an aircraft carrier.

If there was a problem with the eyes, how could they fight this war? “Reporting, Captain! The enemy’s technology is stronger than ours.

The radar on our aircraft carrier can not detect any signal! I have to confirm with my own eyes what the enemy is attacking our cruiser!” When modern technology lost its effect, they could only choose the oldest method to observe with the naked eye.

The captain looked at the radar soldier and pondered for a moment.


” As the captain, he did not have any effective information about this attack.

Since the radar had lost its effect, he had to use the last resort.

“Yes!” The radar soldier saluted the captain.

He knew that his application was against the rules, but in a war, there weren’t so many rules.

People were always more flexible than rules.

The radar soldier who received the order carefully took the military MX150 telescope and quickly came to the deck: he strangely felt no waves.

There was no sign of attack.

The surrounding sea surface was still strangely quiet.

But in the distance, their A-1 Cruiser was unknown attacks, swaying left and right, as if it was being chased by some kind of fierce beast.

This made the radar soldier’s heart suddenly shocked.

This was a steel monster that was created from the pinnacle of human intelligence.

It used to be a sharp weapon to go out and suppress everything.

When did it become so fragile? The radar soldier quickly looked through the telescope, and was shocked: he saw huge monsters biting the thick armor outside the cruiser! The radar soldier swore! He had never seen such creatures in his hometown! In his hometown, Japan, hundreds of millions of marine creatures were captured every year, but the most ridiculous creatures were not as terrifying as the ones he had seen.

These giant beasts lurked below the surface of the water, like a sea snake lying in ambush at the bottom of the sea, ready to bite the lonely cruiser into pieces at any time.

When the radar soldier saw such a scene, his hands even trembled.

Because the bodies of these monsters were all more than 30 meters long according to his estimation! What kind of concept was this! The largest sea king squid on earth was only around 30 meters long.

Moreover, they all lived in the deep sea, requiring high-intensity pressure to allow their bodies to survive in the sea.

There had never been such a huge creature appearing on the surface of the sea! The only one that had such a record was the Loch Ness Monster.

But even if that was true, there was only one.

Three of them appeared at once, instantly causing the a 1 cruiser to be ravaged like a lamb.

The 30mm special armor that was originally hoped could not withstand the terrifying bite force of the giant beast.

Even a cruiser with a steel body could not withstand a round of these monsters’ mouths.

These monsters seemed to be toying with them as they chewed through the cruiser’s railings and turrets.

The cruiser’s outer armor was also torn off.

The power furnace and weapons warehouse inside were exposed.

On the cruiser’s deck, no one dared to come out and exchange fire with these monsters.

They could only call for help from the other cruisers and aircraft carriers around them.

Seeing this scene, the radar soldier sucked in a breath of cold air.

They weren’t filming a movie, right? Even if it was a movie, there wasn’t such a terrifying thing! The radar soldier also immediately returned to the cabin and reported everything he saw and thought.

“What? You said that the ones who attacked the cruiser were three huge monsters!?” The captain looked at the radar soldier with doubt in his eyes.

Before he personally verified it, he would not believe that there were monsters more than 30 meters long that attacked them in this world, especially three of them.

The radar soldier only smiled bitterly.

Everything he said was true.

However, he was helpless because he did not take a photo before returning.

“Captain, no matter what, I suggest that we immediately support the cruiser! A1, they are really not going to be able to hold on much longer!” He had just seen with his own eyes that the entire power furnace armor of the A1 cruiser had been torn off.

If the next collision were to occur, it might even directly explode, destroying the ship and killing people.

“Ethan and the others have already set off.

” The captain had actually ordered the fighter planes to provide support ten minutes ago.

However, the fighter planes that flew to the nearby waters had sent a message saying that they could not see the enemy’s attack clearly, and there were no other aircraft carriers appearing in the surrounding waters.

The captain immediately felt that it was impossible.

If there were no enemies, then who would attack them? The American fleet? Impossible, his speed was far faster than theirs.

Even if he stopped the aircraft carrier, the enemy would take half a day to catch up.

This strange and terrifying news caused the situation to fall into a stalemate.

Could it really be like what the radar soldier said, that three monsters were attacking us? The captain looked at the table of several documents, pinched his eyebrows and muttered.