I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 107

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Chapter 107: The Tyrannosaurus Actually Evolved! The 200 tyrannosaurs roared non-stop.

After about 10 minutes, all the tyrannosaurs finally stopped their restlessness.

Now, all the tyrannosaurs were looking in Blake’s direction.

In their eyes, there was an incomparably reverent light: as expected, following their master was the best choice.

Looking at the current appearance of the tyrannosaurs, Blake was extremely satisfied.

Since the transformation of the Tyrannosaurus rex was completed, he could bring this group of Tyrannosaurus rex underlings to the island.

What was the point of traveling to the future by himself? It would definitely be interesting to bring along his underlings.

Now, Blake looked at his system interface.

He only had 20 attribute evolution points left.

Blake looked at the two tyrannosaurs in front of him.

The two tyrannosaurs in front of him were obviously different from the other tyrannosaurs.

One of them had a huge head, especially its bloody mouth.

It could be said that it was like a meat grinder.

The other Tyrannosaurus had the most obvious thigh.

His thigh alone was more than ten meters tall.

“System, help me modify the body structure of the two tyrannosaurs in front of me to make them sturdier.

” [ Ding! Host, would you like to increase the body density of the two tyrannosaurs? ] “That’s right, increase the body density of the tyrannosaurs.

” .



Blake said.

Although Blake could allow the two tyrannosaurs in front of him to have larger bodies, it was not a good thing for them to have stronger bodies.

After all, the larger their bodies were, the larger the area of force they would be subjected to.

If they were hit by rifle bullets or tank aircraft shells, if their bodies were not strong enough, they would probably die even more easily.

This was something Blake did not want to see.

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COM Therefore, the most important thing was to increase the density of their bodies.

Only when their bodies were strong enough would Blake choose to continue strengthening their body sizes.

But now, a Tyrannosaurus rex that was dozens of meters long was enough.

[ Ding! Completing host’s order! ] [ target: Tyrannosaurus Rex ] [ quantity: 2] [ direction of evolution: increase muscle and bone density ] [ required attribute evolution points: 20 points ] [ Ding! Beginning Evolution! ] Soon, the two Tyrannosaurus rex in front of Blake began to roar.

After all, this was to strengthen the bones and muscles.

Compared to modifying the respiratory organs previously, the degree of pain was incomparable.

After a full half an hour, the Tyrannosaurus rex in front of them slowly recovered.

In their eyes, there was a trace of human-like excitement.

After all, they knew that their current strength was much, much stronger than before.

The increase in the density of their muscles and bones allowed the two Tyrannosaurus rex to gain an all-round evolution.

Their bite force, running speed, and resistance to blows were more than dozens of times greater than before! Blake looked at the two tyrannosaurs in front of him, extremely satisfied.

Following that, Blake roared, emitting ear-piercing sound waves.

He made all the tyrannosaurs follow him, immediately heading to the future world! When he thought of the people in the future world seeing a group of tyrannosaurs, Blake was extremely excited.

When that time comes, he might be able to earn another wave of attribute evolution points! Following that, Blake roared loudly again.

“Everyone, get your spirits up!” “Come with me, let’s go and show them!” After saying that, Blake directly led 200 tyrannosaurs and swaggered into the wormhole.

200 tyrannosaurs took a full five minutes.

Not far away, Will Quake finally reacted.

His expression was nothing but pure shock.

What was this situation? Could it be that the monster was bringing its underlings to the future world to rule? “Quick, quick, quick, let’s go back quickly!” “Hurry up and contact the higher-ups!” Will Quake’s heart was incomparably anxious as he hurriedly shouted.

Beside him, Galgado was also frowning.

She obviously understood how important this matter was.

If the monster’s goal was really to rule the world, then what should they do! ? Will Quake directly stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, raising the SUV’s speed to the maximum.

They directly returned to the original world.

At this moment, on the giant Beast Island.

Blake had already begun testing the strength of these tyrannosaurs in front of him.

“Rumble!” “Kids, do you feel any discomfort!” Blake roared at the tyrannosaurs in front of him.

He had to ensure the safety of this group of tyrannosaurs.

After a long while, Blake finally let go of his worries.

This group of tyrannosaurs had completely adapted to the current oxygen level.

Seeing this, Blake couldn’t help but nod in his heart.

This system was able to change the direction of biological evolution at will.

It was indeed overpowered.

“Gulp!” “Listen up.

” “Now you have two hours to move about freely on this giant Beast Island.

When the time is over, come back immediately!” Blake gave his order.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!” The tyrannosaurs responded to Blake one by one.

Then, the 200 tyrannosaurs began to run quickly on the giant Beast Island.

This group of tyrannosaurs was very smart.

They deliberately avoided the American researchers.

Even if they were close, they maintained a safe distance.

This group of Tyrannosaurus rex knew that these humans were on their master’s side.

Since they were all their master’s people, they were naturally not their own enemies.

At this moment, seeing the Tyrannosaurus rex freely running around the giant beast island without any discomfort, Blake was very satisfied.

Not far away, the two dinosaurs that Blake had set his eyes on did not leave.

This was an order from Blake.

Following his “Grunt”, the two modified tyrannosaurs followed behind Blake and walked towards the beach.

At the same time, Will Quake had already made a call to the research headquarters in the United States.


Bruce Holmes, a very magical thing has happened here.

” Will Quake quickly told Bruce Holmes everything that had just happened.

In the American research base.

When Bruce Holmes heard Will Quake’s words, his entire body trembled.

“Are you really sure that the temperature in the bodies of these tyrannosaurs rose sharply just now?” On the other side, Will Quake nodded very seriously.

“Yes, Mr.


Not only that, the giant beast even brought a Tyrannosaurus to the giant Beast Island just now.

” “But it only took a few minutes for the giant beast to bring the Tyrannosaurus back.

We have this speculation regarding this.

” “I’m afraid that the oxygen content in the prehistoric era is completely different from the current oxygen content.

” “During the Cretaceous period, the oxygen content in the air reached a full 29% .

Now, the oxygen content in our air is only 21% .

” “Before, the T-rex clearly couldn’t adapt to the current air, but now, it seems to have completely adapted.

” On the other hand, Bruce Holmes’ voice was a little shaky.

“You mean…” “Evolved!?”