I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 105

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Chapter 105: Return to the Wormhole at Shocking Speeds! [ Ding! Sensing the terrifying emotions of the surrounding creatures, Congratulations host for obtaining 10 attribute evolution points! ] Blake was stunned for a moment before his expression fell.

What the heck, he had been busying himself for a long time, but he had only obtained 20 attribute evolution points.

What could he use these 20 attribute evolution points for? Blake originally thought that with so many people here, at least one person could give him 1.

2 attribute evolution points, right? If that was really the case, then at least he could obtain a few thousand attribute evolution points at one go! But now? 20 attribute evolution points? What’s the use of that! With no other choice, Blake directly returned to his own mountain peak.

As he ate his radium element, he thought carefully.

Right at this moment, within The Miz Miz aircraft carrier, the crew members who had not fainted from Blake’s shock were all stunned on the spot.

What exactly was going on with Blake just now? Could it be that he had come here to scare him? .



That’s impossible, right? How could the monster be so boring!? “Hey, Hey, Hey, is everyone okay?” “Is anyone hurt? Does anyone need help?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “I don’t think anyone was eaten by the monster, right?” Ueda Cuozhi quickly ran to The Miz Miz aircraft carrier.

After finding the person-in-charge of the team, he quickly asked.

“It should be… no one, right?” The crew member who was questioned by Yamada Cuozhi could not help but be stunned on the spot.

He quickly replied.

“What, none?” Yamada Cuozhi also did not react.

He raised his head and looked in Blake’s direction.

He could not help but be confused.

Then what exactly was Blake planning to do just now? It could not be that he specifically came over to scare them, right? After more than an hour, all the crew members on The Miz Miz aircraft carrier finally returned to normal.

They looked at the cloudless sunshine and could not help but look at each other.

They could see a sense of survival in each other’s eyes.

On the other side of the beach, Will Quake and Galgado were also stunned.

They could not understand why Blake did this just now.

Could it be that he really just wanted to scare the Japanese? “It seems like this is the only explanation, right?” Will Quake scratched his face and thought for a while before saying.

“It should be like this, right?”Galgado nodded.

On the cliff, Blake was extremely depressed.

[ Ding! Feeling a pleasant surprise from the surrounding creatures, beginning to absorb! ] [ Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 200 attribute energy points! ] Blake’s eyes lit up, and he quickly patted his head.

That’s right! Emotions were not just fear.

Shock, surprise, sadness, these were all things that could allow Blake to obtain attribute evolution points! Thinking of this, Blake immediately stood up.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

Now, he already has a total of 220 attribute evolution points.

Now, as long as he returned to the prehistoric era, he should be able to let his underlings evolve! With this thought in mind, Blake walked towards the center of the island.

There, there was an incomparably huge impulse.

“Quickly look! The monster is about to transmigrate back!” “He’s going into the wormhole!” “Galgado, let’s follow him!” After seeing that Blake was about to move, Will Quake quickly grabbed the device in his hand and said to the people around him.

“Okay!” Galgado nodded and immediately picked up the equipment around her and followed behind Blake.

“Hahaha, that, can you also bring me back to the prehistoric era to take a look?” Yamada Cuozhi saw that the two of them were about to leave and quickly came over to say goodbye.

“Look, I’m the captain of an aircraft carrier after all.

” “Now that the core of my aircraft carrier is gone, I reckon that after I go back, all kinds of punishments and punishments will definitely not be able to escape.

I might as well just follow you guys.

Who knows, there might be some new discoveries?” Yamada Cuozhi laughed mischievously.

Galgador frowned.

“No Way, Mr.

Yamada, you’re a major! If you’re discovered to be with us, I’m afraid that your major position will be lost!” Hearing what Galgado said, Yamada Cuozhi shook his head.

“What bullshit major? If I can’t control The Miz Miz aircraft carrier, then I’m nothing! I’m a single commander, do you know that? !” “Sigh!” “I had no choice.

” “My current Miz Miz aircraft carrier is completely useless.

” “Since that’s the case, there’s no problem if you don’t want this major.

From today onwards, you don’t have to be polite with me.

Just call me Yamada.

” The two of them looked at each other.

Only then did they realize that Yamada Cuoco was actually such a guy.

Anyway, Yamada Cuozhi wouldn’t be holding them back now.

They could also keep an eye on him while they were at it.

If that was the case, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with letting Ueda Cuozhi stay behind.

Will Quake nodded.

“Very good, Ueda.

In that case, you can follow us!” “No Problem!” Ueda Cuozhi nodded and followed the two of them into an off-road vehicle.

This was also a helpless choice.

After all, Blake’s current speed was simply too fast.

So fast that if they didn’t drive, they wouldn’t even be able to see Blake’s back.

“Oh my God, I originally thought that the monster could have such a fast speed in the sea, but I didn’t expect it to still be so fast on land!” In the SUV, Ueda Cuozhi quickly grabbed the handrail on the side.

He glanced at the SUV’s speed.

He was instantly shocked! The current speed had already reached nearly 180 kilometers per hour! [ Ding! Feeling the shock in the surroundings, Congratulations host for obtaining 1 attribute Evolution Point! ] Just as Blake was moving forward, the sound of a system notification suddenly appeared in his mind.

The journey lasted for about an hour.

At this moment, Blake had already arrived at the center of the island.

This was the location of the wormhole.

Not far away, a huge and faintly discernible magical impulse appeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, when the American staff saw Blake’s figure, they hurriedly stopped what they were doing and subconsciously looked at Blake.

Blake was not in a hurry at all.

Step by step, under everyone’s gaze, he slowly walked into the wormhole.

After a full half an hour, Will Quake and the others finally felt the scene.

“This is really too shocking.

The Emperor! Is this guy the legendary Super Wormhole?” Ueda Cuozhi looked at the super wormhole in front of him and could not help but feel incomparably shocked.

“Everyone, get ready!” “We are about to pass through the wormhole.

At that time, it is very likely that we will experience a short period of weightlessness!” As Will Quake spoke, he directly stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.

The SUV’s speed reached its limit at this moment and passed through the wormhole!