I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 103

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Chapter 103: The Incoming Aircraft Carrier Battle Group The next morning.

“Come, everyone, be careful.

” “Group 1, all of you move aside!” “Where are the people from Group 3? Quickly arrange them! That’s right, idiots, calm down!” “Everyone be careful, this is a nuclear reactor.

If it explodes, we’ll all die!” .


Soon, the four nuclear reactor installations were placed smoothly on the deck of the aircraft carrier.

Ueda Cuozhi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there were no problems with the nuclear reactors.

If there had been a slight collision, the nuclear reactor’s safety could be put in jeopardy.

Anything could have happened from there.

Moreover, he did not dare to say much about its power.

At the very least, it could have blown up their Miz Miz aircraft carrier.

Blake had been waiting since morning.




When he saw that the four nuclear reactors had finally been built, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

This was good stuff! Then, Blake reached out his hand, picked up one of the nuclear reactors, and threw it directly into his mouth.

This scene stunned the crew members who were still on the deck.

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COM “Hiss! ! It’s just eaten alive?” “It’s like eating snacks!” “This is too f * cking scary!” Then, Blake didn’t give these people any chance to breathe.

He picked up another nuclear reactor and threw it into his mouth.

In about ten seconds.

All four nuclear reactors were eaten by Blake into his stomach.

[ Ding! Nuclear reactor detected! Beginning to absorb energy! ] [ Ding! Nuclear reactor detected! Beginning to absorb energy! ] After hearing the notification sound, Blake nodded.

Then, he laid down comfortably on the beach, with his back leaning against the cliff.

No matter how he looked at it, he looked like someone who had just eaten a full meal, lying on the sofa.

“Beep! This is Miz Miz No.

6 Aircraft Carrier Battle Group!” “We have contacted all the destroyers, cruisers, and frigates of No.

5!” “Miz Miz No.

5, please reply if you hear me, please reply if you hear me!” At this moment, before Ueda Cuozhi could recall Blake’s actions in shock.

An ear-piercing sound came from the radio beside his ear.

At this moment, Ueda Cuozhi frowned.

Even though Blake had eaten the nuclear reaction in their aircraft carrier a few minutes ago, Ueda Cuozhi had a feeling that Blake was peaceful.

He wouldn’t attack humans for no reason.

On the contrary, his superior was so strong.

Then, should he tell this news to the Americans? Ueda Cuozhi was caught in a dilemma.

“Beep!” “This is Miz Miz aircraft carrier 6!” “We have contacted all the destroyers, cruisers, and frigates of No.

5!” “Miz Miz No.

5, please reply if you hear me, please reply if you hear me!” Standing on the deck, Ueda Cuozhi frowned when he heard the radio transmission.

Miz Miz No.

6, No.

7, and No.

8 aircraft carrier battle groups were all stronger than No.


More importantly, these three fleets were all under Yamaguchi Yimura’s command.

Additionally, these three fleets were also very pro-eagle.

“Beep!” “This is Miz Miz Miz aircraft carrier No.

6!” “No.

3 fleet, please reply if you hear me, please reply if you hear me! !” Ueda Cuozhi directly took off the static headset beside his ear.


He took a deep breath and got off the aircraft carrier.

He walked towards the American scientific research base.

In the base house.

Galgado and Will Quake were doing research.

When Will Quake saw Ueda Cuozhi enter, he turned around and saw Ueda Cuozhi’s furrowed brows.

He asked, “Mr.

Ueda, what’s Wrong?” “In about a day’s time, The Miz Miz 6,7, and 8 aircraft carrier battle groups will arrive here.

” Ueda Cuozhi gritted his teeth and said, “At that time, the behemoth Blake might be in danger!” “This? ? ?” Will Quake and Galgado were slightly stunned, then they couldn’t help but smile.

“Is that what happened?” “Yes…” Their reactions caused Ueda Cuozhi to be a little surprised.

“Aren’t you worried about Blake’s safety?” “Worried?” Will Quake and Galgado laughed again.

“Why should we be worried?” “UH…” Ueda Cuozhi was dumbfounded and subconsciously scratched his head.

“Why not? Although Blake is very strong and can absorb nuclear energy.

” “But Our Miz Miz 6,7, and 8 aircraft carrier battle groups are also very strong!” “Do you really believe that Blake can withstand it?” Faced with Ueda Cuozhi’s doubts, Will Quake couldn’t help but laugh and explain.

“If it was before, we would definitely be worried about Blake’s danger, but…” After saying this, Will Quake began to debug the computer in front of the device.

A moment later.

The display displayed the scene of Blake confronting the asteroid head-on.

“Now, do you still think that Blake is in danger?” At this moment.

Ueda Cuozhi looked at the display screen with disbelief in the depths of his eyes.

It was too terrifying! The asteroid’s destructive attitude was no joke! Then, a red light flashed on the screen.

Ten seconds later.

At that moment, the asteroid that could cause mass extinction was gone! “F * ck! ! !” “Is Blake so fierce! !” “As expected, I didn’t give the order to attack.

It was the right decision!” Ueda Cuozhi stared at the monitor while trembling.

At this moment, he felt extremely fortunate.

Even an asteroid that could destroy the world was destroyed, nevermind an aircraft carrier! If he had given the order to attack at that time, he would have already died at the bottom of the sea.

“Now, do you think we still need to worry about Blake?” Will Quake asked with a smile.

“No need.

The next thing we need to worry about is whether Miz Miz 6,7, and 8 will be able to withstand Blake’s attack.

” The corner of Ueda Cuozhi’s mouth twitched violently.

They still need to worry? Worrying about their aircraft carrier battle group was more like it! “Oh right, Mr.

Will Quake, Ms.

Galgado, I have another question…” Ueda Cuozhi continued.

“What question?” “Ahem, don’t mind me saying that, but aren’t you worried? These are three aircraft carrier battle groups of the aircraft carrier fleet!” Ueda Cuozhi smiled awkwardly.