I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 90

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Chapter 90: Laser Weapons Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “The signal is starting to fluctuate on a large scale.

No, I can’t hold on to the signal!” Carol Garcia suddenly said.

In the next second, the communication with the original space-time was cut off! Will Quake took a deep breath and said, “Let’s get to work!” The mining team expanded.

All the personnel of the United States, as well as the eagle country and the defenders, all joined the mining and refining team.

It was now a race against time! Galgado stared at the dark circles under her eyes and found Will Quake.

“Last night, I had successfully modified our detector.

This morning, we have already tracked that planet; however, the data we have observed is far from what we have predicted in the future!” Galgado said in a low voice, “The data that we have predicted is the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs.

It has a diameter of 10 kilometers!” .



“And the signal that our detector just sent back shows that this is not a diameter of 10 kilometers! Just the radius alone has reached 15 kilometers!” “According to our preliminary estimation, this is an asteroid with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers!” “30 kilometers? ?” Will Quake was shocked! Ten kilometers of meteorites could cause 75% of the extinction of life on prehistoric Earth.

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COM Wouldn’t this 30-kilometer asteroid directly exterminate 100% of life on earth? Then, he thought of a possibility and hurriedly looked at Galgado.

“Galgado, if your calculation is correct, then there is probably only one answer…” Although Will Quake did not want to admit this possibility, the current situation was far beyond their understanding.

Only Galgado’s previous theory could explain it.

“This might really be a parallel space-time!” Will Quake said with a grave expression.

Galgado nodded.

She had already made a deduction in her heart after getting the data of the asteroid! “I’m not sure if it’s really parallel space-time, but there’s one thing.

This asteroid is accelerating towards us at a crazy speed!” “Moreover, its speed has already reached 80,000 kilometers per hour!” “It’s already 80,000 kilometers per hour before it even gets close to us? !” The corner of Will Quake’s mouth twitched violently.

“This isn’t the fastest speed.

The asteroid is still accelerating.

” Galgado said with a bitter smile.

“What’s the estimated time of Impact?” Asked Will Quake.

Galgador said slowly.

The location was in the forest at the bottom of the basin, and the range was huge! “It seems that our luck is really F * cking good!” “Galgado, do your best to calculate impulsively.

Don’t give up until the last moment!” Will Quake said solemnly.

In the next three days, the researchers refined extremely strong radium and uranium elements, all of which naturally entered Blake’s stomach.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for increasing the evolution rate by 0.

2% ! ] [ Ding! Monster King template progress 40% ! ] This speed was already very fast in the past.

But now, it was simply too slow! The current Blake was sensing danger in the sky every day.

And now, that huge asteroid could be seen with the naked eye.

Especially at night, it was extremely clear! If it were to smash down, even his own dinosaur underlings would be exterminated! At this moment, he needed a large amount of energy! ! As long as it was energy, he could absorb it all! Blake narrowed his eyes.

He still remembered that when the United States of America sent the supplies over for the second time, they were driving rows of camouflage armored vehicles! It was impossible for those armored vehicles not to transport anything, right? ! However, at that time, Blake did not feel any radiation.

Blake only thought that those were very ordinary weapons.

If he thought carefully at the moment, Blake found the problem.

The United States of America! From Will Quake, Blake is aware of the United States’ power; how could the United States send useless weapons over? ! Those weapons were definitely good stuff! Thinking of this, Blake couldn’t help but give himself a thumbs up! ! Although he had become a giant beast, his brain was still very smart! Blake grunted twice and then slowly walked in front of the American scientific research team! “Blake, What’s Wrong?” Will Quake quickly put down the work in his hands.

He brought Carol Garcia and Galgado together.

They came to the outside of the basin.

Blake nodded and then pointed at the rows of camouflage armored vehicles parked neatly outside the jungle not far behind them.

Will Quake looked over and said after seeing the armored vehicles, “It’s a laser particle weapon.

It’s non-radioactive and harmless.

It can produce a very high temperature in an instant.

” As he said that, Will Quake’s pupils could not help but tremble.

High temperature was also a type of energy!! Moreover, after Blake jumped into the volcano to take a bath last time.

Will Quake also knew that Blake could absorb high temperatures.

“Yes! Yes! Why didn’t I think of that!” “It turns out that we have been walking into a misunderstanding!” “We always thought that Blake could only grow by absorbing uranium and radium radiation!” “But actually, Blake can absorb any energy, including heat energy!” After listening to Will Quake’s words, Galgado muttered, “If he absorbs heat energy, that’s simple.

I can use the equipment I brought to raise the power of those laser particle weapons again!” “Finally, it will become a one-time use, just like using up the limit of these weapons in one go!” Will Quake’s eyes had already revealed a glimmer of brilliance.

He hurriedly asked his men to stop all their work.

He asked Carol Garcia to contact the Science Laboratory.

The connection of the American National Science Laboratory was once again connected! “How is it? Did you find anything?” On the screen, the figures of Professor Gus Turner and Bruce Combs were instantly transmitted over.

If one looked carefully, the sideburns of the two old men had become visibly whiter in the past few days.