I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 86

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Chapter 86: When’s the Next Travel Slot? Following that, Blake silently waited.

Ten minutes later.

Nearly 200 kilograms of radium elements were completely absorbed by Blake.

[ Ding! Absorption complete.

] [ Ding! Absorption complete.

Congratulations to host for increasing evolution rate by 0.

1% ! ] [ Ding! Monster King Template 39.

1% ! ] Blake began to calculate.

Although this element was very strong, it was still slightly inferior when compared to the uranium element that was constantly being purified.

However, after eating this element.

Blake had obtained the radium radiation perception.

The previous one was only the radium radiation perception.

After that, Blake stood up and looked into the distance.




Then, he slowly moved over.

“Follow Blake.

” Although Will Quake did not know what Blake was doing, he just needed to follow him.

“Isn’t that the direction where we discovered the Radium Mine?”Galgado said.

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COM “Yes.

” Will Quaker nodded.

Then, the few of them quickly boarded the American helicopter and followed Blake.

Previously, they could use the exploration vehicle to keep up with Blake’s speed.

But with Blake’s evolution, if they didn’t use the helicopter, they could only see Blake’s back.

Blake moved quickly in front of them, and the helicopter followed behind him quickly.

However, they also confirmed that Blake’s target was the prehistoric No.

1 Radium Mine.



1 Radium Mine.

Blake had already arrived at this piece of brown land.

Feeling the radiation in these rocks, Blake nodded his head in satisfaction.

Then, Blake pointed at the rocks on the ground and pointed at his mouth.

At this moment, Carol Garcia, who was hovering in the sky, immediately understood.

Thunder crystals.

Blake could also be eaten.

Then, she told Will Quake about the idea, and the latter quickly took action.

Next, the United States was divided into three parts.

The first part was to concentrate on enriching uranium ore mined in Japan.

The second part, of course, was to concentrate on mining and refining this prehistoric radium mine.

The third part was to continue exploring the prehistoric era.

Time passed minute by minute.

The Eagle Nation also joined the refining team, which sped up the refining process once again.

Galgado brought a part of the physics researchers and started a series of calculations on the prehistoric era.

His biggest purpose in coming to the prehistoric era was to prove the existence of parallel space-time.

If he really proved the existence of parallel space-time, it would cause a huge wave around the world! At that time, perhaps the human science and technology book review could directly buy into a more advanced civilization! Galgado seemed to have seen the arrival of this day.

Next, he was even crazier in his quantum computing work.


During this period of time, Nojima had almost no contact with prehistoric times, nor had he contacted the United States or other countries.

After all, the previous blow was too great.

As for Yamaguchi-imura, his whereabouts were unknown during this period of time.

As for the specific situation, Nojima did not know either.

All he could do now was to make people do their best to calculate the time and place that the next folded space could pass through.

At the same time.

At the American Science Laboratory.

“That’s not right.

Why Can’t we calculate it?” “Boss, have you managed to calculate it?” “No, our Unit 1 has already activated nine quantum computers.

” “How is that possible?” “Our Unit 2 is also at full power.

This kind of computing ability has already reached the peak of the world!” “What About No.

3? How’s the No.

3 Computer Group?” “If they don’t calculate it, they will.

I don’t know why, but the dynamic values have been changing irregularly.

” “It’s like…” “Like what?” “It’s like the gravitational field of a wormhole is being disturbed by something…” “The researchers of each group are all nervously calculating the opening time of the next folded space.

” Theoretically speaking, after the first three successes, it should be stable after that.

Why did it not work at this time? This phenomenon did not only happen in the United States.

A day later, the eagle country also discovered this phenomenon.

A week later, the major countries of the world discovered it one after another.

“What on Earth is going on?” At the American National Science Laboratory.

Professor Gus Turner’s brows were tightly knitted together.

If the folded space could not be detected and sensed.

Then only one situation would happen.

The scientists of his country would all be trapped in prehistoric space-time! “I have already contacted the people from the top physics research headquarters!” “They will come here a day later, and at the same time, they have also established quantum computing control with this site.

” “Our quantum computer will also start to calculate with all its might immediately!” Bruce Holmes changed his sloppy image from before.

After all, this time, it was of great importance.

Moreover, he still wanted to prove one more thing.

That was, these strange folded spaces that suddenly appeared, were they really transported to prehistoric space-time? As one of the top academicians in physics, he did not agree with this statement.

He just thought that these folded spaces were not transported to prehistoric space-time, but to space-time in a parallel world.

That was to say, the impulse was not to travel through time, but to travel through parallel space! Of course, this idea could only be thought of by Bruce Holmes and other physicists.

Not published.

Because they can not find any favorable evidence at the moment, to prove that what they think is correct.

Now, how to look at it, it is human beings back to prehistoric times.

Prehistoric times.


Will Quake and Galgado just got the news that the folded space can not be detected.

However, there is no worry and fear on the faces of the two.

There was no worry on Carol Garcia’s face either.

After all, they had been prepared long before they came and treated this as a one-way journey! “The value of the folded space can be observed, but its location and time can not be determined.

” “Moreover, the value is constantly fluctuating.

” Galgado frowned and started thinking.

“Ahem, Galgado, how do you calculate the value of folded space?” Will Quake came in front of Galgado and asked.

“Isn’t it simple? We use the magnitude of the gravitational force we detect and bring it into the path sp = Y1K…”