I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 79

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Chapter 79: The Inexplicable Parallel Universe “Don’t ask me why.

I’ll Ask and you’ll answer.

” Galgado said slowly.

“Tyrannosaurus rex, also known as Tyrannosaurus rex, was a carnivorous dinosaur, a vertebrate subphylum, a Tyrannosaurus, and also had a protected lizard king title.

” “It lived at the end of the Cretaceous period, which was about 68 million years ago, between 65 million years ago.

” Although he didn’t understand why Galgado asked him to say these things, Will Quake still said slowly.

“Very good.

” Galgado said slowly, “Then I’ll ask you again.

Please give a brief description of Allosaurus.

” Will Quake didn’t understand why, but he still said slowly, “Allosaurus is also known as Pyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, Carnivorous Dinosaur, vertebrate subphylum, Allosaurus family.

” “The meaning of the name represents a unique lizard.

” “It lived in the Late Jurassic period, about 155 million years ago, to 135 million years ago.

” After he finished speaking, his expression slowly became a little strange.




All of a sudden, his scalp went numb! Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the Late Cretaceous period, while Allosaurus lived in the Late Jurassic period! ! There was a difference of tens of millions of years between them!!! In an instant, Will Quake felt goosebumps all over his body, and his entire body went numb.

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COM “Hiss! ! What, what is going on? ! !” Will Quake was truly stunned at this moment.

He had actually ignored such an important question.

Because he had observed the Tyrannosaurus rex, he naturally thought that this place was 65 million years ago.

Then they discovered the existence of Blake.

Blake’s took away all their concentration, allowing them to completely ignore this point.

And now, because of Gakgado’s reminder, it suddenly came to Will Quake.

That’s right.

These were two dinosaurs that were completely different from the same period.

One lived in the Jurassic period, and the other lived in the Cretaceous period.

How could they have appeared at the same time? “You must be confused.

” Galgado couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the shocked expression on Will Quake’s face.

“How is this possible? This place is clearly prehistoric.

Could it be that all of our future research is fake? !” Will Quake didn’t know how to explain the strange scene he saw.

“Will, do you know that there’s a famous saying in our physics world?” Galgado smiled and said.

She was a little surprised to see her friend so unsettled.

After all, among the younger generation in the United States, only the two of them were the best in scientific research.

“What’s that? !” Will Quake took a deep breath and looked at Galgado.

“If you can’t decide on something, refer to quantum physics.

If that doesn’t work, refer to parallel universes!” Galgado said calmly.

Although her voice was calm, it was like a few thunderbolts that landed in Will Quake’s ears.

“Isn’t… isn’t this just a joke?!” Will Quake couldn’t help but say.

“So, do you still think that this is a joke?” Galgado looked at Will Quake and asked.

“This…”Will Quake was a little uncertain.

“What do you think?”He looked at Galgado and slowly asked, “Could it be that this space-time is a parallel world of earth?” “Do you think that you have traveled to prehistoric times?”Galgado shook his head and asked.

“Of course.

Otherwise, how would we be able to see Tyrannosaurus Rex?” Will Quake nodded and said with certainty.

There were ancient trees and all kinds of dinosaurs here.

How could it not be prehistoric?! “Time is actually just a concept.

It’s a concept that humans put forward after recording changes.

” “In the world of our quantum domain, time is actually just a change in the courtyard.

” “Humans regard this change as time, but in our eyes, it is just a movement between atoms and molecules.

” Galgado slowly explained, “This is like, I make your atoms of time slow down, and everything around you is running normally.

” “Three days later, you only feel that three minutes have passed.

Is this considered transmigration?” When Will Quake heard these theories from Galgado, he could not help but feel his scalp go numb.

That was because he could not understand the words that Galgado spoke.

Each of them was brought out separately.

He could understand what they meant, but when they were put together, he could not understand the implications.

“Speak some human language!”Will Quake said.

“In our eyes, time is irreversible.

” Galgado’s expression became serious.

“Moreover, even if you can travel through time, it’s just like what I said just now.

It’s the simplest example.

” “I’ll freeze you and revive you after 200 years.

Under such circumstances, won’t I be able to travel through time?” Will Quake rolled his eyes.

This good friend of his was good at everything except when it involved other professional knowledge.

She really just came up with an exceptionally long speech without good rebuttals.

“Half a year ago, we saw it as research.

And when you completed quantum communication with the so-called prehistoric times, I knew that you were very likely in another space-time!” “This is also the second half of the previous sentence.

It doesn’t make sense, parallel space-time.

” When Galgado said this, her eyes were already bursting with intense light.

“As long as I can prove that we’re really not in Earth’s prehistoric space-time, then I can confirm that this universe is multiverse.

” “The theory of parallel space-time is actually real! Will, parallel space-time, parallel space-time!” The corner of Will Quake’s mouth twitched.

“I still can’t believe it.

Why would the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Allosaurus be at the same time?” “Maybe there’s a problem with our research.

Besides, this looks like a prehistoric world no matter how you look at it.

” “That’s why I said I need to prove it.

” Galgado shrugged and said.

At the same time.

Blake had already begun to open the package.

These metals wrapped in uranium-235, Blake naturally didn’t want to eat them in his stomach.

Then, Blake took the package into his hands.

Then, he used his other hand to gently peel off the thick alloy on the package.

The alloy, which could withstand a nuclear attack, was like an orange peel in Blake’s hands.

It was easily removed.

Ten minutes later.

The package had been completely opened.

Inside was a small container to stabilize uranium 235.

Blake chuckled, and then swallowed all 600 kilograms of uranium 235 into his stomach.

“Ding! Extremely strong radiation energy detected, beginning absorption!” “Ding! Extremely strong radiation energy detected, beginning absorption!” After the system notification sounded in his ear, Blake began to wait quietly.