I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 66

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Blake, the Absolute King of Prehistoric Times! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Even if this group of tyrannosaurs faced nearly a thousand dinosaurs, they would not hesitate to go forward! After listening to Blake’s words, these dinosaurs began to whisper to each other in their unique ways.

Not long after, these Spinosaurus and Allosaurus, all chose to submit to the feet of Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

They had to submit: a single stomp by Blake can turn these dinosaurs into meat pies.

Moreover, the strongest creature in prehistoric times, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, had all submitted under Blake’s feet.

How could they not submit? However, following Blake wasn’t something they would reject.

After all, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was so powerful.

Just by looking at its size, one could know that no one in the entire world would dare to provoke it.

After seeing the dinosaurs submit, Blake’s mouth slowly opened.

In the live broadcast room.

“Oh my god, Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, what is he doing?” “Can’t you tell from upstairs? Is the pixel too low or is your eyesight not good? This is clearly Blaketaking in underlings!” “Taking in underlings? That’s true.

However, just by relying on Blake’s roar, can he make these Spinosaurus and Allosaurus submit?” “After all, they are all dinosaurs.

They are all prehistoric creatures.

After living in prehistoric times for so long, they must have some knowledge of the languages of other dinosaurs.

” “That’s right.

Just like in our human society, we have English, Chinese, French, German, and so on.

” .



“However, just a single roar from Blake was enough to make this group of nearly 1,000 dinosaurs submit to him.

This is too cool!” “Hehe, being cool naturally requires one to have the ability to be cool.

On the surface, it looks like it was just a single roar from Black, but in reality, its strength is already there, so they had no choice but to submit.

” “I will happily submit to such a powerful behemoth as the boss.

” “I have the same thoughts as the person above.

If I have the qualifications to enter the Cretaceous period, I will definitely acknowledge barrack as the boss.

When that time comes, with such a boss taking care of me, I will be able to do whatever I want in the entire prehistoric era.


” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “To be honest, I also want to be the underling of the Super Tyrannosaurus Black.

” “Eh? Is the person upstairs actually Japanese? I’m sorry, the Tyrannosaurus doesn’t accept Japanese as underlings.

Please go back to where you came from.

” “Don’t say that.

The Japanese can still be the underling.

After all, didn’t Blake open a mine? Why Don’t you just let them go and mine?” “F * CK, Super Tyrannosaurus Blake opened a mine.

Are you trying to make me laugh to death upstairs so that you can inherit my big villa?” “Baka, how dare you ridiculing the people of Japan!” “Ridiculing? No, no, we’re not ridiculing.

Now, everyone knows how stupid your country is.

” “Haha, that’s right.

After all, I really can’t think of another country that would be able to make an enemy of such a prehistoric giant beast.

” “But to be honest, when I see the Super Tyrannosaurus rex on patrol with a bunch of underlings behind it, just thinking about it makes me feel cool.

” “Actually, what’s even cooler is Blake.

With such a huge body and such powerful strength, he’s practically the absolute king of prehistoric times!” In the live broadcast room.

After the audience saw the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake taking in the group of Spinosaurus and Allosaurus as his underlings.

Audiences around the world were somewhat shocked.

Because, once the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was ready to take in his underlings, he would be the king of prehistoric times.

When that time came, he would rule over billions of dinosaurs in prehistoric times.

Just thinking about it was cool.

After the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had taken in this group of Spinosaurus and Allosaurus, Blake continued to take in his underlings.

Meanwhile, the American researchers, Will Quake, Carol Garcia, and the others, recorded all of this.

While they admired Blake’s wisdom, they were also shocked by His Majesty.

In the following days, the shock continued.

“Explorer No.

3’s log.

Today, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake has completely informed all the Spinosaurus and Allosaurus in this area.

” “The Spinosaurus and Allosaurus species have displayed extremely friendly behavior towards Blake.

” “Explorer # 3’s log.

Blake has tamed the Tyrannosaurus species.

The Tyrannosaurus belongs to the Bolunker family, which is the same family as Tyrannosaurus.

” “Blake has tamed the behemoth dragon species…” “Blake has tamed the shark-tooth dragon species…” In the next month or so, the actions of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex, Blake, shocked all the researchers and the global audience before the live broadcast.

This was because according to statistics, almost all the strongest carnivorous dinosaurs in prehistoric times had submitted to Blake.

Blake’s actions were like sitting in prehistoric times! He had become the absolute king of prehistoric times! “Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, salamander, Colossus…” All sorts of large carnivorous dinosaurs entered and left Blake’s valley day and night.

This made all the researchers feel terrified.

Luckily, these dinosaurs didn’t attack the researchers under Blake’s orders.

Their daily mission was to capture large carnivorous dinosaurs.

For example, Triceratops, brontosaurus, earthquake dragons, and so on.

Especially Brontosaurus and earthquake dragons, each of them could grow to more than 40 meters and close to 50 meters.

At this time, Blake could actually eat uranium to fill his stomach.

However, someone wanted to make a fire for him.

With the taste of the dinosaur meat, it was really good.

After all, although uranium could improve his evolution.

It couldn’t satisfy his appetite.

Naturally, the people who made the fire were from Russia.

However, Blake also found that these Russian researchers weren’t very willing to make a fire for him initially.

But now, he could feel their pleasure in doing so.

Perhaps it was related to his soaring body size.

Now, he was basically a Godzilla! Since these Russian researchers wanted to start a fire, then let them do it.

He couldn’t let them be idle.

They were responsible for starting the fire for him, while the Japanese were responsible for mining for him.

The arrangements were clear and very reasonable! “Seismic wave detected, 400 kilometers away from current location!” “Second seismic wave detected, 380 kilometers away from the current location!” On this day, early in the morning, Will Quake was woken up by the sound of an alarm.

When he heard the sound of the alarm.

He immediately lost all sleepiness! This was the first time an earthquake wave had been detected in prehistoric times!