I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 55

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Nojima Yuki’s decision Soon, under the watchful eyes of all the researchers, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake picked up the huge container.

Then, he poured all the uranium ore crystals into his mouth.

After chewing for a few times, he was already late.

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for swallowing a large amount of uranium ore crystals, evolution level increased by 0.

1% ! ] [ Ding! Current progress of the King of Monsters Template Unlocked: 17.

65% (when the unlock level reaches 20% , a minor evolution will temporarily unlocking the king of monsters form)] Listening to the voice of the system.

Blake could not help but feel delighted.

In just a short while, his evolution level had increased by 0.

1% ! This thing was still awesome.

After eating these uranium crystals, Blake put them back easily.

Then, he returned to his own valley and continued to sleep.

These uranium crystals had already allowed him to eat his fill, so he did not need to eat any more blood food.




After seeing the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake eat these uranium crystals,.

The researchers finally woke up from their shock.

As expected of the Super Tyrannosaurus, a prehistoric beast that could subvert human understanding.

Eating uranium was as easy as eating anything else.

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COM In the following days, half of the researchers from the United States were sent out to explore the Cretaceous world.

The other half was to purify uranium for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

They even made a huge container for Blake.

Then, they mixed the uranium into fresh water, poured it into the container, and turned it into a uranium drink.

It had to be said that this was a method that even the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake didn’t think of.

As expected, more people were more powerful.

They had more ideas.

As for the entire Japanese people, they were mining uranium day and night.

Around them, there were a dozen tyrannosaurs supervising their work.

Even though the Japanese researchers weren’t satisfied.

However, after the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake killed Choufu Yamada and warned him, they dare not resist.

As for escaping? Even if there weren’t any tyrannosaurs around, they didn’t dare to run.

This was the prehistoric Cretaceous period! Without modern tools, any creature that targeted them would kill them with ease.

Therefore, as long as they could survive here, it was already good enough.

As for the rest, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake didn’t kill them all.

Even if he was just a laborer, there was nothing he could do.

As for scientific research work, they’re just put on halt.

Because all the Japanese scientific researchers were here.

And because all of them had become Blake’s free laborers.

So, their scientific research work hadn’t made any progress up to now.

As for the modern society, the high-level side of Japan and the people’s side were pessimistic.

The Japanese people were wailing, and the high-level officials of Japan hadn’t looked good these days.

However, there was nothing they could do.

Since they chose to bomb the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, they had to bear the responsibility accordingly.

In a secret room in Tokyo.

Nojima Yuki was sitting at the head of the table.

His eyes were extremely malicious.

He looked at the officials sitting on both sides and said, “Everyone, everyone knows the current situation.

Because our research team was targeted by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, they were treated as free labor.

” “As a result, our research work was forcibly interrupted.

In the past few days, there has been no progress at all! “This is a great humiliation for the great Japanese Empire! We absolutely can not accept it, and we definitely can not allow our researchers to serve as free labor for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake during the Cretaceous period! “Every single person in these research teams can be said to be an important figure in the great Japanese Empire.

Even in our country, they enjoyed extremely generous treatment.

However, during the Cretaceous period, they were enslaved by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake! We absolutely can not accept this! “The countries of the world did not lend a helping hand to our researchers during the Cretaceous period.

Instead, they were indifferent.

We are very disappointed about this.

Since they are not helping our researchers, then let the countries step forward to help them! “Therefore, I have decided to send a stealth fighter plane, the kamikazer, to deliver a nuclear bomb to the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Let it disappear forever in that space-time!” “Who’s in favor of it, and who’s against it?” Nojima Yuki said a lot of things.

At this moment, his tone was already incomparably calm.

From the very beginning, when he saw the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake enslave the scientists of his country, he was shocked and furious.

His face was now expressionless.

He had gone through a long struggle in his heart.

In the end, he planned to drop a nuclear bomb on the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake! Because, in the current situation, the people from their own countries who had gone to the Cretaceous period had been enslaved by T.

Rex Blake.

In other words, they no longer had freedom.

Not to mention studying T.

Rex Blake, that is simply not possible.

No amount of studying other creatures or environments of the Cretaceous period can replace the study of T.

Rex Blake.

They were already far behind other countries.

This must end.

Besides, who knew how big the uranium mine in the Cretaceous period was? Who knew how long they would have to dig before they could be done with this tortune? This was completely unpredictable.

Moreover, with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s current ability,.

If they could discover the first uranium mine, they would be able to discover the second uranium mine.

If they were to discover another uranium mine, wouldn’t the scientists in their own country become free labor again? Then would they still do the research? Would then still do the research? Therefore, Nojima Yuki planned to send a bomber with a nuclear bomb to blow up the prehistoric behemoth.

First of all, the people in their own country wouldn’t be able to research it anyway.

After all, they had done something wrong, which made the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake extremely disgusted.

Even though he had some concerns in his heart, they’re meaningless by now.

No matter how regretful he was, the Super Tyrannosaurus wouldn’t change his attitude towards them.

Since that was the case, then let the prehistoric beast die.

As long as it died, all research on it could be stopped.

If Japan couldn’t do research on it, then no others may.

Only then would they be in balance.

Otherwise, all humans but Japanese could do research on it.

That would be unbearable.

Let them watch others research on it and then brag about it to them? That’s obviously impossible.