I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 50

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Chapter 50: Towards Radiation Source, Advance! As his roar fell, the outer area of the valley shook.

Needless to say, this group of ordinary tyrannosaurs had already begun to move! Following that, Blake took a step forward and walked towards the outer area of the valley.

When he arrived at the outer area of the valley, he just happened to meet that group of humans.

He said hello to Carol Garcia.

Then he asked the group of people to help him cut wood, and then he began to lazily bask in the Sun.

He waited for the tyrannosaurs to bring back the prey, and then he asked the group of people to make a fire for him.

Then he ate a barbecue.

After ten minutes or so, dozens of tyrannosaurs brought the prey back to the outer part of the valley.

The prey was a group of herbivorous dinosaurs.

This time, there was a gigantic vibrosaurus that was about 30 meters long.

“HMM?” When he saw this Vibrosaurus, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s pupils contracted slightly.

That was because he could feel radiation emitting from the Vibrosaurus’ abdomen.

However weak the radiation is, it was enough to prove that the Vibrosaurus must have eaten something with radiation! And this radiation was uranium! This meant that there was uranium nearby! .



Could it be that there was a uranium mine? And now, what he needed the most was this radiation! Yesterday, he was still worried that his evolution was a little slow.

He wanted these researchers to inform modern humans to transport a nuclear bomb over.

But he didn’t expect to be able to come into contact with uranium today! Blake was a little excited.

He stood up and walked towards the Vibrosaurus.

He roared at the Tyrannosaurus behind the Vibrosaurus.

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COM He was asking him who found this Tyrannosaurus and where he found this Vibrosaurus.

He wanted to find the Tyrannosaurus that found the Vibrosaurus to bring him over.

With this roar, dozens of ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex began to communicate in low voices.

“Are they communicating? Just like how we humans talk?” A researcher couldn’t help but ask when he saw this.

Dozens of Tyrannosaurus rex were communicating together, and their roars rose and fell.

They looked really surprised.

Soon, a Tyrannosaurus rex that was obviously larger than the other ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex arrived in front of Blake.

This Tyrannosaurus rex was the largest of this group of Tyrannosaurus rex, so its ability was naturally the strongest.

That was why it was able to drive the 30-meter long Vibrosaurus.

“Bring Me There!” Blake conveyed his meaning to it.

Then, following the t-rex, Blake left the outer area of the valley.


WIll Quake, let’s follow him.

” Seeing this, Carol Garcia quickly said.

Although she didn’t know what the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had discovered and where the ordinary T-rex was going to lead it.

However, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was the focus of their research.

Therefore, no matter what it discovered or what it wanted to do, they had to follow it.

“Okay, Ms.

Carol Garcia.

” Will Quake looked at the back of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and nodded in response.

As the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake seemed to have something to do, he let the leading Tyrannosaurus run.

They were very fast.

So, in order not to lose them, Vellek and the others activated a helicopter to follow.

So, in the prehistoric jungle, there was a scene like this.

A Little Tyrannosaurus rex was running in front, and an incredibly big Tyrannosaurus rex was following behind.

And behind them… There was a helicopter following.


Blake followed the Tyrannosaurus rex to a basin.

Then, the Tyrannosaurus rex started to roar.

Blake’s gaze followed the roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex and looked at a part of the basin.

The ground there was bare, and it was very eye-catching in the green basin.

There were originally many vibrosaurs in the basin.

However, because of Blake’s arrival, this prehistoric behemoth gave him enough of a shock.

When the vivosaurs in the basin noticed him, they immediately fled in all directions in fear, afraid that Blake would eat them.

Naturally, Blake ignored these vibrosaurs.

His eyes were fixed on the bare ground.

He slowly walked closer.

[ ding, radiation source detected! ] At this moment, the system’s voice sounded in Blake’s mind.

This made Blake’s eyes light up.

As expected, he had discovered something amazing! At the same time, the helicopter had also arrived here and landed at the edge of the basin.

The group of people got off the helicopter and looked at the place where Blake was heading.


Will Quake, this basin is full of verdant vegetation, but the place where the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake is heading has a piece of exposed surface.

” “The black surface, there’s no vegetation covering it!” Carol Garcia looked at the direction Blake was heading towards and could not help but say.

Will Quake also looked there and quickly made an analysis.

“There are only two reasons for this situation.

First, this land is polluted and the vegetation can not survive.

” “Second, this place has very strong radiation.

It has reached a level where plants can not survive!” At this point, Will Quake and Carol Garcia looked at each other.

Then, they quickly returned to the helicopter.

They took out a set of radiation monitors.

He deduced two reasons.

But he was more inclined to the second reason.

If it was really the high radiation that affected the land, then it meant that there was a natural high-radiation mine here! “Mr.

Belinsky, it’s time for you to show off.

” “I deduced that this place is likely affected by the radiation, so I need you to bring someone to check it with a radiation detector.

” After that, Will Quake handed the radiation monitor to Belinsky.

If there was really radiation in the place where the Behemoth went, Will Quake wasn’t sure if the radiation was within the range that humans could withstand.

If it exceeded the amount that humans could withstand.

Then, the damage to the human body from the radiation would be very strong.

Therefore, under such circumstances, he naturally wouldn’t go by himself, or rather, let his own country’s scientists go.

Instead, he let Belinsky and the others bring people over.

This way, even if the radiation caused harm to the human body, it wouldn’t cause harm to his own country’s people.

It would also be able to detect the truth of this piece of land being bare.

Looking at the set of radiation monitors that Will Quake handed over, Belinsky’s expression was extremely ugly!