I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 48

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Chapter 48: Researcher or Menial Worker? “Yeah, it’s too similar.

Sometimes, I even suspect that it’s a giant beast played by a human.

” “But, there’s no such giant human.

” Will Quake shrugged and said.

Even though they had only met for a short while, the shock that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake gave him was nonstop.

He felt that this Tyrannosaurus was too ridiculous.

Some of Blake’s actions were extremely similar to that of a human.

At the very least, it shouldn’t appear on a Tyrannosaurus.


Will Quake, there’s no point in saying all this.

Let’s hurry up and catch up.

” Carol Garcia said.

Not to mention Will Quake, even she sometimes thought that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was a human impersonator.

After all, not only did he know how to eat barbecued meat, but he also knew how to make middle finger gestures, which were commonly used in modern society.

He could almost speak fluent English.

However, Carol Garcia also knew that this was just a Super Tyrannosaurus.

How could it be a human? .



If this Super Tyrannosaurus really evolved from a human, then it would be too shocking and ridiculous.

Such an evolution across species was obviously impossible.

Therefore, this Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was only a Super Tyrannosaurus rex.

Soon, everyone arrived at an empty area.

All the trees within a hundred-meter radius had been cut down by Belinsky and the others.

The area they cut down was sizable.

It was because they were in prehistoric times.

With such a high oxygen content, once a forest fire broke out, they wouldn’t be able to control it in time: any forest fire is bound to spread fast, clearing an area with ease.

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COM So, since they were going to barbecue, they naturally had to take precautions.

The trees that had been cut down were all piled up together.

Without saying a word, Walkley Arnold aimed at the pile of firewood and lit it up with a laser gun.

[Half an hour later] The pile of firewood was about to burn up.

At this time, Blake had already roasted all the pterosaurs’ corpses.

The air was filled with the aroma of roasted meat.

Then, he sat on the ground, holding the skewers in both hands, and began to eat.

“This action is too much like a human.

One of my little nieces loves eating skewers like this.

” Seeing this, Will Quake r couldn’t help but say as he looked at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake in front of him.

He thought of his little niece, a very young little fellow who loved eating skewers.

Every time he ate, he had to eat with both of his hands holding the skewers, his lips covered in oil.

Beside him, Carol Garcia nodded in agreement, but he looked extremely human.

In the live broadcast room.

“Good God, I saw the Super Tyrannosaurus eating skewers again.

” “Look at Blake now.

He’s sitting on the ground with his hands full of skewers.

There’s an inexplicable sense of humor.

” “Humor? Don’t be fooled by his current appearance.

With you, ten of you won’t be enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

” “It’s not that I’m fooled.

It’s really hard to imagine that sitting on the ground and eating skewers would actually happen to a Tyrannosaurus rex.

” “And it’s hard to imagine that a ferocious giant beast and a Super Tyrannosaurus rex would actually sit on the ground and eat skewers.

” “Good guy, where are you putting this doll?” “But it’s really hard on the researchers of these countries.

They went to the Cretaceous period to do scientific research, and now they’ve actually become a part-time worker of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

” “The adjective ‘worker’ is more vivid.

Some people cut wood, some people light fires.

Good guy, all of them are serving this Tyrannosaurus.

” “Don’t talk about people.

Look at those ordinary Tyrannosaurus.

Aren’t they still workers? They make fires and wash the pterosaurs’ bodies.

” “Haha, this is a real big shot, a real big shot who lives in the Cretaceous period.

” “Super Tyrannosaurus Blake: they’re just tool people.

” “I hope the researchers don’t lose themselves in the process of serving Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, and don’t forget their original work.

” “Good God, is the person upstairs going to laugh me to death and inherit my big villa? God F * cking lost himself in the process of serving a Tyrannosaurus.

” “They won’t forget.

Don’t worry about it.

” “To be honest, I also want to travel to the Cretaceous period and have a face-to-face confrontation with the Super t-rex Blake.

” “Oh my God, a face-to-face confrontation, a face-to-face confrontation that is separated by countless eras? It sounds quite romantic, but you can’t step into the folded space.

” “Yeah, we trash don’t have the qualifications to enter the Cretaceous period.

Just watch the live broadcast.

” Through the live broadcast, many viewers saw the Super Tyrannosaurus eating a kebab and couldn’t help but comment on the bullet screen.

Some viewers thought that Blake was very human and his actions were extremely similar to that of a human.

And some viewers felt their hearts ache for the researchers who were heading to the Cretaceous period.

After all, they had gone to the Cretaceous period to conduct research.

Originally, their focus had been on the organisms that lived in the Cretaceous period.

However, after the appearance of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

They had placed the focus of their research on Blake.

Before the appearance of a second creature like Blake, they had always placed Blakeas the focus of their research.

After all, the research value of a Super Tyrannosaurus Blake now seemed to be equal to the research value of half a Cretaceous creature.

But no one had expected that.

After the researchers experienced a spatial collapse and entered the Cretaceous period, they didn’t do much scientific research.

Instead, they became the workers of a Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

They cut wood and lit fires for Tyrannosaurus rex during the Cretaceous period.

They looked very much like the modern society’s workers for capitalists.

However, the modern society’s workers still had some pay.

They could maintain their living expenses.

They wouldn’t starve to death.

But the researchers who went to the Cretaceous period were miserable.

Not only did they work as laborers.

They weren’t paid anything, not even a kebab skewer.

However, even if Blake gave them the kebab skewers, they might not dare to eat them.

That was because they didn’t know much about pterosaurs.

They didn’t know that these flying creatures looked similar to lizards.

How many bacteria did they carry? Therefore, they did not dare to eat it until they had thoroughly studied this creature.

After all, diseases came from the mouth.

In modern society, a lot of viruses come from eating games.

And the creatures of the Cretaceous period were more wild than modern society.

No one knew what they carried on their bodies.

They could not rashly eat their meat!