I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 46

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Chapter 46: A Brand-New Path of Research   While Super Tyrannosaurus Blair was killing its way through the air… [Modern society] It’s not just American researchers who have noticed something unusual about Super Tyrannosaurus Blair.

Other countries have noticed it as well.

After all, the fact that it can fly without using anything is shocking.

And as the camera zoomed in… Some parts of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair’s skin were glowing blue.

This was something that no one could miss.

At this moment, all the researchers were guessing how the Super Tyrannosaurus could fly.

Everyone was in disbelief.




The famous paleontologist in the United States, Professor Wegenus, posted this on Twitter.

“As everyone knows, in our world, no creature that can fly can fly without the help of wings.

“However, the appearance of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake broke our understanding and overturned our understanding.

“In fact, I have observed this so-called flight carefully, and came to the conclusion that this kind of flight is not really flight.

Although it can fly freely in the air or even fight, it should be with the help of something or power.

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COM “Here, please allow me to give an inappropriate example: rockets.

Of course, rockets are not biological, but human-made things, this kind of thing, depends on the propeller to decide that it can fly.

” “However, a rocket flying in this sense was not really flying.

This kind of situation was extremely similar in some aspects.

” “Therefore, on the body of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blair, there must be something that could act as a propeller.

It could support its huge body and allow it to reach a height of more than 100 meters.

” “The existence of such a propeller should be the glowing part of its body.

” “However, it was well known that it was impossible for a propeller to propel a rocket without fuel.

” “A rocket’s propeller needed raw materials.

Therefore, even if Super Blair had such a propeller, it would be impossible for him to fly without such fuel.

” “Therefore, Super Tyrannosaurus rex must have used something like propellant to fly.

” “From my observation, I felt that the magnetic field was more likely.

” “In other words, the reason Super Tyrannosaurus Blair could fly was that he used magnetic force to react with the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing his body to fly high in the sky.

” “Just like the modern maglev train.

Of course, the flying ability of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair was much more advanced than the principle of the maglev train.

” “The direction of our research was to study why the magnetic field between the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair and the earth would react like this.

Once we were able to study this thing, I believe.


, “Humans might also be able to realize their dream of flying.

” “After all, we are all creatures that live on the same Earth.

” Once such a tweet was posted,.

It instantly became the top trending topic.

The number of likes and retweets quickly exceeded a million.

The comment section below the ground also became lively instantly.

“I feel that Professor Wegenath’s analysis makes sense.

After all, without wings, magnetic levitation can be said to be the only way to fly.

” “Is it really magnetic levitation? Just like the magnetic levitation train?” “But the magnetic levitation train is a machine built by humans after all.

It has countless magnetic field structures that allow it to levitate.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blair is just a body of flesh and blood.

How can it still react with the magnetic field?” “Yeah, wouldn’t a creature with such a huge magnetic field affect its survival? This is simply unscientific!” “Good God, scientific? The Super Tyrannosaurus Blair has such a huge body, is that scientific?” “The Super Tyrannosaurus Blair not only has a huge body, but its body is covered with sword-like scales.

Is this scientific?” “A creature with some meat can withstand the bombardment of a bomber, and it can even breathe atoms.

Is this scientific?” “A creature that is not a primate can actually eat kebabs and hamburgers.

Is this F * cking science?” “Therefore, the word ‘science can not be used to describe the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair.

” “Since the appearance of the Super Tyrannosaurus is extremely inconsistent with science, why do we still want to study it? What is the meaning of such research?” “This is because, after the appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Blair, our current science has already had a lot of limitations.

” “The point of research is to try to fill in the gaps in the science and give a reasonable explanation for what happened to the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s body.

” “Moreover, once scientific research is done, I believe that human society will definitely make significant scientific and technological progress.

” “It is even possible that it will lead to a wave of technological explosion.

” “Therefore, I believe that every major country should be setting up research on the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair now.

” “After all, it is destined to be a very unusual discovery to be able to research the principle or ability to control magnetic forces.

” Netizens left comments under this professor Wegenath’s Twitter.

Soon, the number of comments on this Twitter reached nearly a million.

People were now very shocked because the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair could actually fly without the help of wings.

Moreover, under Wegenas’ explanation, the humans were even more shocked when they learned that Blair could actually control magnetic fields.

After all, in modern society, other than maglev trains, there was no force that could touch magnetic fields to fly.

And the outside world, as the netizens guessed, had already begun to study it.

It wasn’t just the United States.

Russia, China, France, Britain, and other world powers had already begun to set it up.

However, the countries and Blair were located in two different dimensions, so it was impossible to make a detailed study of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair.

What should they do? Some countries made the same choice as Gus Turner.

They contacted their own people who had entered the Cretaceous period and asked them to find a way to extract some of the blood of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair.

They started with the blood.

However, this was destined to be an impossible thing.

This was because the Super Tyrannosaurus Blair’s entire body was covered in sword-blade scales, and not even a bomber can pierce it!