I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 36

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Blake’s deterrence! No one dares to approach! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Blake looked at the Endless Dinosaur Tide happily.

The More Dinosaur Beast Tide, the better! The More Dinosaur Beast Tide, the more vegetarian dinosaurs Blake could catch and use them as reserve food.

Blake looked at the Dinosaur Beast Tide and then roared loudly.

A deafening roar sounded, shocking everyone present.

As expected of Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Just this dragon roar was enough to scare people.

Blake stood at the top of the mountain and stared at the dinosaur tide passing in front of him.




The roar reverberated in the surroundings and also shocked the ordinary dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Beast Tide.

But only a small portion of the dinosaurs were shocked and left the beast tide as soon as possible.

Most of the dinosaurs continued to run into the distance.

This was completely out of Blake’s expectations! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Even his own roar was unable to completely intimidate these ordinary dinosaurs? What kind of special situation was it that caused these ordinary dinosaurs to behave in such chaotic manner? He was still unable to understand the current situation.

Blake watched the Dinosaur Beast Tide in front of him continue to move forward, and the dinosaurs in front of him continued to run.

Could it be that there are highly radioactive meteorites nearby! Perhaps only meteorites can attract these dinosaurs.

Something doesn’t feel right.

At least these dinosaurs shouldn’t be so crazy.

Blake pondered and analyzed along the way.

Blake guessed that the current situation might be related to meteorites! During the Cretaceous period, meteorites often hit the earth.

However, those meteorites were not very big.

At most, they would cause earthquakes and dust in a small area.

They would not have much effect.

These meteorites would be highly radioactive.

If Blake could absorb this radiation, his evolution would continue to increase rapidly! The radiation would be a stronger stimulus to the system that Blake was bound to.

Blake could not help but be slightly pleased.

Instinctively looking at the cargo fighter, Blake continued to walk forward, following the edge of the dinosaur tide.

Blake had the system with him, so he wouldn’t be affected by the meteorite radiation.

And Blake wouldn’t join the Beast Tide! But the scientists in the cargo fighter began to hesitate, not daring to continue following after the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

It wasn’t because they were afraid of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

After negotiating with Blake for a few days, the American researchers knew that.

Blake had never done anything to harm the American researchers.

These researchers were worried about the radiation! The radiation from the meteorite! Blake was not worried about the radiation’s effect on his health.

Instead, he wanted to absorb more of the radiation’s energy.

But the American researchers were different.

They were all ordinary people.

Forcefully being affected by the radiation would seriously harm one’s health! Unless they’re in protective clothing! However, the problem at hand was that there were not enough protective clothing.

Will Quake, Walkley Arnold, Carol Garcia, and the others were the first members of the research team to enter the folded space-time.

As they were unable to confirm the situation after the transmigration, they had brought along the radiation-resistant biochemical clothing in advance.

The special forces such as Colan Lesley did not make sufficient preparations since they had transmigrated later.

After all, it was confirmed that they had transmigrated to the Cretaceous era.

Therefore, members of the special forces such as Colan Lesley did not prepare anti-radiation clothes.

Now, Colan Lesley and the others did not dare to keep up with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

The radiation levels in front of them began to rise! Now that they were encountering difficulties, Will Quake had to quickly contact the modern world.

Will Quake had to contact Professor Gerstner as soon as possible.

The communication device was finally successfully connected.

Will Quake used the communication device on the cargo fighter to contact Professor Gus Turner, and he was able to transmit live voice and video.

“Teacher, we are in trouble now! The current situation is that there is a dinosaur beast tide, and the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is moving toward the area with more radiation.

We lack radiation protection equipment here, so we can not continue to explore and request to transport protective clothing supplies.

” Will Quake spoke to Professor Gus Turner through the communication device.

He nodded immediately after hearing Will Quake’s words.

Turning around, he ordered his assistant to call the president immediately.

The matter of transporting the protective clothing had to be handled by the President himself.

After handling this small matter, Will Quake said, “If it’s not convenient to continue forward, then we’ll rest for a day first.

The exploration mission of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex can not be completed in a short period of time.

Let’s not rush for success.

” Just as he finished speaking, the communication signal was suddenly cut off.

After all, the communication across space-time was not stable, not to mention that the cargo helicopter could not stably complete the communication signal transmission at the same location.

It was very normal for the signal to be cut off.

In the cargo fighter jet, Will Quake nodded seriously.

They could indeed rest for a while now! They had been busy for a few days, but they never had the chance to rest.

Even when the super tyrannosaur Blake returned to the valley to rest, Will Quake, Carol Garcia, and Walkley Arnold, along with other American researchers, had been busy with the follow-up matters.

It was really good to have some time to take a break.

Will Quake let out a long sigh and said, “From now on, we can get a few opportunities to rest.

Everyone, recover your strength as soon as possible and don’t waste a lot of time.

” As Will Quake finished speaking, the cabin instantly cheered.

The cargo fighter plane quickly flew, looking for a place with lower radiation to land.

Blake followed the Dinosaur Beast Tide and continued to move forward, looking for the specific location of the meteorite that emitted radiation.

“If I can use the meteorite radiation this time, I think it will allow me to mutate and evolve into wings.

With wings, I can fly into the sky, but I can’t catch pterosaurs flying in the sky.

” “The original plan was to use atomic breath to attack pterosaurs, but atomic breath consumes too much energy.

It’s better to evolve wings, which consume less energy.

” Blake pondered in his heart, and then moved forward.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s body was too huge.

In the Dinosaur Beast Tide, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was a relatively strange existence.

Its huge size made it so that no dinosaur dared to approach Blake.

It was actually a good thing that no other dinosaur dared to approach him.

At least he wouldn’t be disturbed by other dinosaurs.

Blake casually swung his hand and knocked away the dinosaurs that were accidentally close to him.

Even if the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was big enough, he couldn’t always be hit by those dinosaurs.

One or two hits were still acceptable.

After being hit so many times, he felt very uncomfortable.

It just so happened that Blake had just grown two new arms.

As long as an ordinary dinosaur dared to approach him, Blake could easily push them away and repel them.

He continued to walk forward, and soon it was dark.

The Sun had set, and the surrounding was dim.

Not long after, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had already walked dozens of kilometers when he suddenly noticed a bit of light in the distance.

It was already dark, but there was still light? There was no doubt about it! The light must be from a luminous meteorite!