I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 32

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32: A Small Tsunami Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Not long after, the special forces soldiers began to move.

They unloaded the flour from the fighter planes and placed it not far away from the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Blake looked at the flour and became more and more excited.

Now that they were using flour to make hamburger bread, they would probably be able to eat gourmet hamburgers at noon.

The oxygen concentration in the Cretaceous period was relatively high, so the flour would ferment slightly faster, and he would be able to eat an American hamburger just before noon.

Blake thought to himself, and then he continued to walk toward the sea.

After growing a second arm, Blake was going to capture a large number of Neptune and Mosasaurus in the sea and bring them out of the sea.

These Neptune and Mosasaurus would become Blake’s next meal.

Now, for Blake, beyond gathering food, he also seeks to gain evolution.

Carol Garcia originally wanted to communicate with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake again, but it directly walked to the sea, ignoring everyone.

With a new second arm, Blake naturally wanted to test the effects of them.




Two arms would definitely be more convenient to fight with than one.

Blake walked towards the sea and looked at the surface of the sea in the distance.

Standing close to the shore, Blake could see the black shadows of the Azure Dragon and the Neptune.

He immediately focused his eyes.

On the beach, Will Quake carried a recording machine and aimed at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

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COM Next, he had to record every move of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake! Everyone knew what had happened yesterday.

Everyone knew that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake would also go hunting today.

His target would definitely be the mosasaurs or Neptune Dragons in the sea.

Blake walked into the sea and carefully observed the waves and shadows that appeared on the surface of the sea.

Judging from the size of the shadows, they were definitely the Neptune or mosasaurs.

Blake narrowed his eyes and quickly stretched out his thick arms.

After seeing a black shadow, Blake directly pulled the shadow out of the sea.

When he saw what the black shadow was, Blake was slightly stunned.

He thought it was just a sea dinosaur, but it turned out to be two! It was a Pliosauroidea catching a Plesiosaurus! Plesiosaurus was a sizable dinosaur in the sea.

Pliosauroidea was also a sizable dinosaur from the sea.

It was also very violent.

The Plesiosaurus was biting the neck of the Pliosauroidea.

It was about to bite the Pliosauroidea to death.

The Plesiosaurus definitely wouldn’t be able to survive.

The Plesiosaurus wouldn’t give up at this time either.

Blake frowned.

He felt that he couldn’t use his own strength to catch the two giant sea dinosaurs.

After all, their combined bodies were bigger than his.

After the Pliosauroidea noticed Blake, his eyes revealed a fierce look.

It seemed that the Pliosauroidea actually had the intention to attack Blake! Blake hesitated for a moment and decided to use atomic breath again.

Using atomic breath to kill the giant Pliosauroidea, Blake was able to bring the Pliosauroidea and the Plesiosaurus back to land.

Blake could not stay in the sea for a long time since he had not evolved gills.

The Pliosauroidea saw that Blake had the intention to attack and quickly opened its bloody mouth towards Blake.

The Pliosauroidea ‘s reaction was fast.

It instantly released its bloody mouth that was biting the Plesiosaurus.

On the shore, Will Quake quickly focused on the recording machine.

Will Quake was a paleontologist after all.

He could see what Blake was trying to do.

Blake was definitely going to use the atomic breath! Will Quake’s mind was very clear.

He had to react quickly and record the situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex Blake using the atomic breath.

Narrowing his eyes, Blake roared loudly and immediately used the atomic breath.

The blue and white dazzling light shot out again and attacked the Pliosauroidea.

The intense energy ray penetrated the sea dragon’s huge head.

The Pliosauroidea’s huge head was hit by the atomic breath.

The energy of the atomic breath was very high.

It instantly melted and evaporated the Pliosauroidea’s head.

At the same time, the super high energy shockwave pushed the ocean slightly further away.

Blake’s atomic breath actually caused a small tsunami! The small tsunami was not obvious.

It was just blocked by Blake’s body.

The waves rolled, surging part of the ocean, portions of which having boiled.

Blake quickly pulled the headless Pliosauroidea and the dead Plesiosaurus back to the shore.

These were all Blake’s spoils of war! Because Will Quake had prepared in advance, he had recorded the whole process of Blake’s atomic breath without missing any details.

Will Quake quickly retreated, his usually calm state turning into shock.

The shock of seeing atomic breath for the second time was definitely greater and more intense than the first time.

Will Quake shook his head and could not help but sigh.

“It’s really hard to imagine what kind of creature the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is.

It can actually use atomic breath twice in a row.

” “The energy impact of atomic breath is extremely great, and it must consume a lot of energy.

If I’m not wrong, this giant Tyrannosaurus rex is already tired and needs to eat as soon as possible,”Walkley Arnold raised his hand to support his chin and analyzed.

Walkley Arnold’s main task was to protect the safety of scientific researchers from all countries.

In the field of biology, he was a layman.

But even as a layman, he could tell the atomic breath consumed lots of energy.

After using the atomic breath twice in a day, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex would definitely be very tired.

Colan Lesley looked at the rapidly fermented flour he brought, he said, “It will probably take another hour to make bread.

This giant Tyrannosaurus rex must be very tired.

I’m afraid it won’t be interested in making American hamburgers, right?” Everyone nodded and shook their heads.

No one could be sure about the situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Blake was indeed very hungry, and he could not wait to eat the American hamburgers.

The American hamburgers could be kept for dessert! Now, Blake was not in the mood to barbecue.

He only wanted to fill his stomach and eat the sea dragon as soon as possible.

As soon as he got ashore, Blake began to eat.

Blake squinted his eyes and tore the back legs of the sea dragon.

The torn back legs could be eaten directly.

As long as the skin was removed, it would be the most delicious fresh meat.

Leaving Will Quake to continue recording, Blake began to eat.

In the modern world, the scientific research laboratory of the United States quickly began to study and estimate the energy level of the atomic breath of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake.

Professor Gus Turner personally began to check and calculate, trying to figure out the energy level.

“According to the energy waves, it can cause a large area of seawater to boil.

Its power should be no less than an atomic bomb!” “This kind of statistics is too general.

The power of the atomic bomb varies, so it can only be used as a preliminary assessment.

” “How is the calculation of the energy level? We urgently need it here!” Dozens of research professors and researchers scrambled to quickly calculate the energy level of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake’s atomic breath.